The ‘Art’ of Conversation.

Have you heard conversation referred to as ‘Art’?  And it is our creativity at its very best.

To Be human is to create, and our brain is the size it is for our creativity, and particularly our creation of our speech.

It is a true game of skill to enable another’s creativity for their benefit, while enhancing our own verbal time with another, so that we bring into reality, that which we ourselves wish to create. Hence the term, the ‘Art of Conversation.’ To ‘make’ something come to the mind of another, for their sharing. 🙂

I use the term ‘verbal table tennis’ for that all too common question and answer habit, stemming from ignorance, that disables our own creative ability with our words, and distracts us from the very point of speech. But this isn’t conversation…

And Present moment sharing, is putting a voice to what comes to mind ‘to share’.  This can come from a zen state, a thoughtless space, a mindless space, and is not the space we need to enter into to retrieve something from our ‘data files’, via the mind, as when to answer a question.  This isn’t conversation either…

‘Conversation’ on the other hand IS a creation. Removing us from just the Present moment, yes, as need be, for examples and explanation, or as our creativity requires of it, but it is our own creation all the same.

Direct questioning, or direct answering of one another, is not, and is where we are giving our focus, intent and creativity completely away.  In ‘conversation’ – an invention of ours – we are still not designed to be asking questions of one another, unless invited to do so on a topic.

The true art of conversation involves the skill of bringing to the mind of your listener, for their sharing, what it is you wish to hear or learn of, or have them share with you, for their pleasure.  This is a skill.  Or maybe you only wish to keep them near you, for their vibe or pleasure you get from looking at them, but want them to enjoy time spent with you.

Questioning one another directly as though we are encyclopedias, is ‘lost’ behavior, 😉 symptomatic of our creativity gone wrong, from where we enabled those with authority greater power of questioning, so it began to be something desired, to seem to hold a greater respect, or higher position in society.

We are vast and we are magnificent, and we are designed to be completely in the driver seat of where our consciousness is directed, as we direct it.

What we think of or focus on, is where our creative power goes for that moment. To be able to control the attention of another, their consciousness, their entire creative ability, is an honor and privilege.

It is a true game of skill to enable another’s creativity for their benefit, while enhancing our own verbal time with another, so that we bring into reality, that which we ourselves wish to create.
Hence the term, the ‘Art of Conversation.’ 🙂

Sound, Shaped To Give Meaning, Carried On Our Breath = A Word.

Sound waves, shaped to give meaning by the instrument we are, carried on our breath = a spoken word.

When did we decide to waste them?  When did we decide to use them falsely? Obviously without realizing their significance. They are meant to be delivered in truth, the definition for which I prefer in this case being ‘adherence to what is’.

As a child I was struck by words not being used properly, or being used but without people understanding their real meaning.  I mean, what is the point of words if we do not understand them?  They evolved for that purpose.  Words, speech and language, are our special skill as Humans, and our greatest creative tool. Arguably, we require them operatively, to Be Human. 😉

My mother was a baptised catholic but she was evil, in the true sense of the word. (Evil; seeking personal benefit through intentional harm.)   And Catholicism – a dominant religion in England at the time – was popularized as “deliverance from Evil”.

My mother’s traumatizing of me, was pleasurable to her it turned out, so nothing I did in all usual attempts to find resolutions worked, as is the case with psychopathia.

She sought pleasure from creating harm.  She consciously undertook activity to needlessly upset as many people as she could.  This condition was given the name Sadistic paraphilia many years afterwards, as happens when enough people develop something.  Unfortunately naming a condition of ill-health, gives it life energy, permission, by an ‘existence status’ and deters from a faster removal and healing, but more on that, and this condition specifically in other writing.

I was also baptised a Catholic as it was ‘the thing to do’ in England at that time, and in the British family I was born into. There was never any mention in my family of it afterwards, or what it meant to be baptised Catholic.

In fact religion was a taboo subject for conversation altogether, along with sex and politics. These were the three things you were taught never to speak of, historically in England, and certainly in my mother’s house.   And no wonder there is such a mess and confusion world scale, with regard to these areas and to our lives.  😉

I loved the singing mostly, of what I thought being Catholic meant, and my school had morning assembly where we sang hymns. If we went to church it was only for Christmas or a wedding or another baptism, and again to me it was the singing that was my thing.

The words in these hymns were often concerned with ‘delivering everyone from evil’, ‘preventing evil’, ‘protecting against evil’, all seemingly with the concept that to be a catholic was protection from evil. But how could that be?  My mother WAS evil.

In preschool/ infant school, I decided to get to the bottom of where we all went wrong with our words. 🙂

The common question : “How Are You?” Is it working for us?

It doesn’t make sense for a start! : ) I consider it is a major language error, given the extent of its use, the reason for language, and for what is attainable by us.   This is a thorough exam, with alternative suggestions!

It is  a question, that reduces  or completely separates us, from a state of ‘connection with all that is’.    It does not encourage, assist or enhance personal growth at all. 

It accurately could be called ‘the question of the unconscious’!   It is used as a learned enquiry into someone’s health, but really it is a demand.   It is telling someone what to say next, to explain themselves to you, and directing their consciousness on what to think.

What a developed consciousness feels is a ‘oneness’ with all other matter, and a lack of a vibrational ‘end’ between oneself and anything else, as everything that exists is vibrating.

In this state of oneness everything is felt, you are part of the ‘all’ of matter, and there is no ‘separate’ in existence for you at all. 

It is not possible in this state of heightened awareness – that is attainable by all – to decipher “How you are?”  as in this context, this question loses all relevance, and doesn’t even apply. 

 This state of ‘oneness’ is also where all senses and pleasures are heightened andwhere blissfulness is the reliable norm, so it is not something that you want to leave in a hurry……if at all.

To Be in the Present Moment is not a place from which it is possible to consider the question How Are You?

It may seem or feel like you are doing a kind and considerate thing  – as it is what you have been taught. 

But, to be reduced to need to explain yourself at speed in a grocery queue, to someone you do not know and may never see again, with a long line of people behind you??!    This does not validate you, or  your feelings! : )

To answer it truthfully and meaningfully does not fit this setting at all.   Imagine

“Thank you for asking, I am feeling hurried at the moment when I would really love to feel in a blissful state of oneness with the people in this queue;)” Or “Thank you, I am not feeling like I would most want to be feeling as I have a problem with the neighbours, so it is not as restful for me at home as I would like.  Frank was made redundant at work so finances are a bit of a struggle and Louise needs more textbooks for the seminar special study course which is causing us challenges..  how are you?”   You can see the shop worker’s eyebrows raising as really they have just been told to ask you as part of the continued misunderstanding of the appropriatness of the question to us.  Really they are just wanting to do their job, and wish you would finish so they can serve the next person, or get their lunch break!!

What about  just a change of a couple of words to make a non question:  “I hope you are well!”  Can you feel the difference?

It would be easier all round to give one another a greeting that fit the situation, than to ask them How Are You?

I go as far as say it is detrimental to a developing  consciousness, to be asking this regularly, and counter-productive to an attainment of a better understanding of life, what you are, and of the way your human life works.  All of these are a natural result of being in the present moment.

The state of attainment of serenity and bliss from feeling a ‘oneness’ with ‘all that is’ is the natural state for us.  This is simply the result for us when we learn to ‘drive’ ourselves, or how to Be ourselves.

Historically , I believe it is a question that began from ignorance,(ignorance;without knowledge) within developing society.

I believe it increased in popularity, with the increase in a ‘class’ structure, and when being able to ‘question’ someone at all, was a distinction of where you fit in the ‘ranks’ and how many subordinates (those beneath you) you had. 

Do not question me!” “Who do you think you are to question me?!”   were methods of control used, and who you could, and could not question, a mark of social rank.   To be able to ask questions freely of those in your rank/class – without reprimand – would have felt acceptable, camaraderic and even bonding experiences.

Let’s break it down:

“How”    Few fully understand what they are, so that alone is enough to make imagining ‘how’  impossible.;)  ‘How’ is to explain oneself, and to answer that literally, would be to explain the entire process of you manifesting in the physical and I haven’t been able to do that in one blog yet…;)

“are”     The verb “to be”.   ‘Being’ requires knowledge of what one is, in order they might  Be it, so ‘same as above’;)

“you”    Again requiring knowledge of what one is, knowing what is the ‘you’ or ‘me’, and what separates us. Also what joins us, and knowledge of when we are separate, and when are we one again.

The answer to this is a long explanation, and not in any way, shape, or form, ‘a greeting’.  It is a philosophical request, of a very personal nature, literally meaning ‘how did you manifest into this time and space to be before me’.

Do you really mean to ask this?  Do you want really to be questioning anyone when you meet or greet them?  What about a return to a real greeting of a gift of energy?  In most other languages greetings continue to be used.

In Australia I find “How are ya?”or “How ya going?”  has all but replaced a greeting of any kind. 

The “good day/morning/evening” was considered too British and a desire to be more relaxed and casual caused it to be dropped, and to keep just the second part – the enquiry into someone’s wellbeing.  Energetically though, this removed the greeting altogether.

So ‘How are you?’  is not really a greeting at all, but an enquiry. 

I best describe it as ‘a demand’ or a request to ‘explain yourself” to whoever wants to know! 

Suddenly you are expected to give them your full attention, and to have them direct your consciousness to wherever they direct it, like it is a piece of toffee on their stick.;)

Or, that your vastness, memory files, and complete storage of all that you are in your life so far, is no more than a magazine to be flicked through at their leisure!;)

It was never an appropriate enquiry, more an attempt as ‘seeming to care’ as it became more popularized and commercialized.   With loved ones, it still remains appropriate when time and setting allow for truth.

In Australia, common responses to it are ‘”Good.” ; “Good, howsyerself Good?” and “S’all Good” (It is all good). 

Considering a large % of the population is on medication for depression but still responds “Good”, demonstrates  that this verbal expression stays at the ”mind level’ rather than being a truth. 

It is not helpful to a situation of deteriorating/declining happiness to make irrelevant the very creative building blocks that words are, for us, when used as they are intended.

I also feel it is unkind, to use this enquiry so freely in an impersonal, commercial setting. 

There are people commonly now, who are dealing with bad feelings, and coping well, and to have their consciousness brought back suddenly without their choosing, to be reminded that prehaps they are not really the happiest at the moment, but not wanting anyone to know, or not wanting to feel it again for themselves – only leads to further disconnection from their own truth, and thus widens the gap from themselves and the chance to heal it.

Not using words in truth, maintains the status quo, contributes to it, assists your slide downhill, and definitely does nothing to assist it.;)

When words are said from the mind only –  as in mind, mouth, mind, mouth, mind, mouth’  – at no time, does it ever touch or connect with our true self. 

As an energy being, our centre, is located in our heart chakra, and is positioned approximately at the bottom of our ‘sternum’ – end of mid ribcage, for us.

It is the centre, as the chakra above our heads – that can not be seen by most human eyes –  is included, in this division.

When someone slows down their answer, taking a breath,  energetically their own consciousness includes the lower chakras. 

When someone answers more slowly, on their breath, the rest of theirself – without any knowledge of them/their names/the point , needing to be brought to conscious awareness, of the vessel of the forthcoming phrase. – automatically is connected and ‘driven’ right!

A variation of “How is your day?” understandably may have seemed to have been a correction of kinds, to a more caring, more modern approach, a ‘bigger ask’ even.  It does exactly the same removal from ‘the moment’ as the original. 

To leave the moment – where a developed consciousness is – to assess the entire day, though you are still in it, is not actually something that a human being need be doing, is not something that is healthy for a human being to be doing, and I am sure it is not even a natural human behaviour at all!

It is most likely a ‘construct’, imagined behaviour or ‘culture created from a loungeroom’  which is what  I began to call such behaviours some years ago.;))

I like to be in a nonthinking or Zen state whenever I can, as LIFE IS INCREDIBLE like that.  It is like being on the best drug without any side effects.  Colours are brighter, everything comes so close to my eyes it is like I can touch things that are miles away….all senses are heightened to the max.

Sharing ‘what is brought to mind’ from a zen or non-thinking state is completely possible, but accessing information, requires we turn the mind on, and this is what is necessary to answer a question.  The mind is ‘activated’ or turned ‘on’ ,when we need to access information, from ‘storage’ within us.

When I hear “how are ya?”  I interpret it within, as a greeting, and I lead or respond with a good morning/afternoon/evening or hello/heh etc. 

Greetings as understood as a gift of energy are wonderful.  Why do we wanting to make demands of one another?  Greeting with a gift rather than a demand/drain/requirement of energy, then allows for a restful sharing of what comes to mind for any or either or no one.

It begins a more natural way of relating.

It encourages a natural ‘bringing to mind’ from another’s sharing, that their presence enables you to experience.  You are given opportunity to express this natural verbal sharing, thus creating your reality, as the mirrors for this that you are for oneanother.

I guarantee that you will receive what is uppermost in this other person to share with you, specifically.  If they need to share ‘how they are doing with something’ you will hear it! : )

Gifts of energy greetings  come naturally when we meet friends, lovers. partners and kin, as we have an interest in keeping them vibrationally ‘up’ as that strengthens them and us.  We are strong when they are strong and well.  It is easier to see the relation that we have to oneanothers vibration when we break it done like this.

  So, you are meeting another human/energy being in the street.  The following are examples of ‘greetings’ that are gifts of energy. 

The experience becomes a mutually energizing exchange this way.  None are questions, demands, or reducers of energy.

Try following this method, and notice the changes in your own energy and feelings of those you meet. 

 Smile – the face shows it sees a delight (an ‘energy raiser’)  Nod your head perhaps, what else happens to your body as your energy moves?  Speak what comes to mind for you – a ‘sharing’ – from the presence/energy of this being/other.

 Remember to breathe down inside your solar plexus/diaphragm prior to speech, to assist you in connecting with yourself and what is true for you at that time – otherwise called ‘your Truth”.

Examples of greetings using the English language follow, but if your own comes to you, it does so for a reason.  These are only to give you an idea :

 A joyous day to you Madam!  ; A glorious day to you Sir! ; Good morning/afternoon/evening!  ;   Hello! ;   Hey! ;    Good to see you! ;  You look lovely this sunny morning! ;   Wow you look great! ;    I am so glad to see you! ;  Lovely to see you! ;   Gorgeous day! ;   Meeting you always makes me smile! ;  You put a smile on my face! ;   I feel great to see you! ;   A sunny day to you whatever the weather! ; Feels good to see you! ;   It feels great to be in your energy again! *;   I feel good when I feel you! ;   It feels great to be around you/near you! ;   Heh, here we are again! ;   We are together again! ;  Great to be back in your energy *! ;   Great to reconnect (with you)!*;   This feel great! ;   Wonderful to be with you! ;   etc 

(* personal favourites)

Then share what comes to mind, if something does.  Do not feel the need to ‘talk for the sake of talking’ as this is belittling in the extreme, to what it is that you are. Try “I feel to share…”

1. Two energy beings (human beings) meet in the street, they make vibrational demands on oneanother’s time and energy, then part.

2. Two energy beings (human beings) meet in the street, they strengthen one another form their meeting.

Which do you do?  Which is it going to be? : )

I would love to hear any feedback to any changes you notice!  : ) 

There Is No Such Thing As ‘Race’, We Are ‘Breeds’.

  • Why the concept ‘race’ does not suit human being as a classification word
  • Why ‘breed’ works better.
  • Why we are not even divided by language.

There is no such thing as ‘races’ of people.  We are breeds within the human species, and our breed is defined mostly by our Language.

There was never any such thing as ‘Race’ or ‘Human Race’, this was just an overused word that year in Victorian vocabulary deficient English. Seriously.
The only race that was really on was the race for ‘new’ lands, albeit someone else’s;) between Britain and France mostly, as the solution-seeking creativity to assist poverty, misery, and ill-health problems. And it was on this desperate race, the word ‘race’ was then always referred to. : )

The idea of dividing us into four, was a ridiculously simplistic bit of solution-seeking-creativity by a not very bright Britain at the time.;)

We`are still -most of us-largely living from the imagination of 18th century Britain!  There is no where on Earth, that is unaffected by it.

Putting themselves at the top of a list, that ranked Human Beings according to which ‘race’ was ‘superior’, was yet another bit of solution-seeking-creativity, to be able to better their lot at the expense of the ‘inferior’.

We still have not, recognised all of our strengths and all of our qualities.  We are living as a smidgen of ourselves to a life design that was never wise!  What we don’t know though….we don’t know.. : (

This makes as much sense to me, as going along to the R.S.P.C.A, and  regrouping  all of the dogs according to whether they are big, small, spotty or fluffy!;)

“From now on Jess, you are not a labrador, and you are not a chihuahua Sasha, and you over there, Zep, you are not a cattledog.  Francois, you are not a pomeranian either, you are all to be known only as ‘RSPCA dogs, and divided into 4 groups in relation to your size and hair style'”.  Honestly!;)  But who do we choose to guide us across the road, the chihuahua or the labrador?

Language does not divide us…vocabularly does. 

It is our feelings that determine our thoughts.  It is then our thoughts that determine our words.

We are bonded by our healing, and our living from the heart.  All Human Beings living from a state of love, have the same vocabulary,or the same word choice, whatever the language.  Lets do it : )

Building Sand Castles

Hi, this is the chapter I wrote for ‘In The Spirit of Success’ a Hay House America & Inspired Spirit Australia joint publishing.  Other authors include Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer to inspire and uplift!

Like building sandcastles in the sand, some things we just do because it leads to a better life.  No one is going to pay us, promote us, or perhaps even notice, yet we do it because something inside us gives us the idea, and we teach our children to do it still.

I was born into challenging circumstances.

My safety was jeopardized by members of my immediate family on a regular basis, but to all outside appearances it was a respectable and functioning family that visited church at Christmas.

I was pushed downstairs, punched, had rubberbands fired at me, was tormented endlessly, tortured, called “god ugly worthless child” and considered too ugly to be alive.

Not permitted to speak, even for the purpose of learning how, and told to keep out of sight because I was intolerable to look at, gave me enormous time for self contemplation, questioning and analysis.

I relied on – and was arguably raised by – a mystery inner guidance, as one helpful sugestion after another entered my thought space.  I depended upon this guidance to keep me safe, as I received instructions on when and where to move about the house unharmed.  I came to realize I was not alone at all.

Sure enough, when a pillow was placed over my face during the night, I held my breath for the longest time and kept very still, as I had trained myself to do in early infant school.  As I had been instructed to do.

While other children were playing, I was obediently holding my breath for as long as I could, all day, every day, stretching out how long I could last.  I could not see behind closed doors – I only saw them – but my mystery invisible guidance obviously could.

I  ‘gave myself to god –  if there was one’  with all the soul and intent of a desperate toddler.  Meditation or the light I found behind my eyes was my safest place to be.  Time spent behind my eyes, and in  nature, was my greatest source of safety, comfort and strength.

In adulthood,  a terrible head-on collision road accident, killed the driver, and left me unconscious and in critical condition.  It required many hours just to cut me from the crushed vehicle, before flying me to an intensive care unit.  Many simply ‘wrote me off’ from any future life.

Again, I relied on my default way of being, consulting my inner help, and I was guided step by step, through a long and complicated process of recovery.

The Universe had me come across a dog I found impossible to resist from my wheelchair.  A dog I had seen in my dreams as a child.  My spirit was already running with her.   Physically it took me longer, but how we sprinted together!  These days I enjoy circus trapeze workshops and dance.

Another near death experience, as refining of priorities as they are;) required me to change myself so that I did not attract any more of them.  My familiarity to that point was to suffer and I was just attracting it.  Law suits for personal damages were also not my career choice!

What I have learned from my life has been invaluable and I would not want to change the access to knowledge it has given me for anything in the world.  For me, that would be like turning off the light and returning to darkness.

To be Human is to Create, and ultimately, we become the person we choose to be, and who we work towards creating.

It is when our thoughts, words, actions, and behaviour are all aligned, that life is actually way easier.  Way easier!

We in Human form are the master/mistress, manager and caretaker ofall our cells, our thoughts and our feelings.  Here is where we do the best job at being the best us, with all the knowledge that we have, and within the parameters of 21st century planet earth, while creating the future.


No one can visit you if you do not offer them a chair, or a place to park their car, well the same for allowing you, your full spiritual presence.  Spirit world is thought world, and it only needs a space to be heard.

Notice all that you can do without using the mind; looking, listening, tasting, smelling etc.  Notice that you actually turn the mind ON, the moment you attempt to access information.

The mind is the ‘foyer’ equivalent to our memory files and elsewhere.  To use or not to use, like a hand or a foot.    Feel confident to pick and choose the thoughts that best suit your life construct at the time.

No time spent finding a space between thoughts is wasted, but makes all thinking easier and more succinct.  Rewards are experienced before you are able to hold that space for any time.

The space we create becomes our lifeline to ethereal dimensions and our easy access route to our spirit guidance.

We can then trust that we will know what we need to know, when we need to know it.


When we give sound to a thought, we activate it’s creative potential, bringing it into reality.  Having a thought is one thing, putting your sound to it magnifies it exponentially and brings it out ‘virally’.

Feel confident to choose your words carefully against the tide of people chatting and verbalizing every thought.

Your “I am” statements are your most creative building blocks.  Avoid staying in the common habit of question & answer, as we do not create when we direct another’s consciousness around.

Aim instead on the habit of restful sharing of what ‘comes to mind’, from another’s sharing.

An affirmation is a carefully chosen set of words, spoken with intent:

Today I am the strongest creator of success, health and happiness for my Self that I have ever been.

The ‘Universal Absolutes’ requirements for Success.

1.  Truth

Live in a state of Truth, “adherence to what is”.  Also called Integrity.  How can those in other dimensions assist you, if they cannot rely on your reliability, and your follow through?

2. Good Intent

Hold a good intent for all.  A love for Self and others that is uncompromising.

3. Gratitude

A state of gratitude automatically fast tracks us to allow ease of access to higher dimensions, by raising our vibration.

Doing these 3 = ask, receive, with guarantee!!!

The effortlessness of achievements requires our intent and goals to keep going, as though there is limitless possiblity…  And there is.

Many years ago, I worked out that intent then becomes 30%, providing ourselves with opportunity also 30%, and then doing it, is actually only 40% of effort.  Maximum effort with minimal effort.

This way life just makes sense, synchronicites occur, and finding meaning in what happens around us , makes even more sense.

While there is much fascination for what comes before snd after life,here is the only place we run and jump and leap and taste and touch and feel!  Here is our playground, and as with any game there are rules.

See you at the finish line!

Lover of life, love, joy & music and all that brings clarity and explanation to a planet in need, Amelia Pinter finds a ready challenge in anything seemingly complicated!;)  Amelia is passionate about creating education curriculums that reflect our needs; Human Being Essentials, and seeking publication for ‘Living In Me – the complete guide to Being Human’ and sharing her Sound Healing vocal frequencies around the world.

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