Clarity for the Current Transgender Arguments.


Such energised confusion at this time! Gender issues, and people  warring verbally over gender & gender related topics.

My role is to explain, bring clarity and redefine where needed.  Many humans are at this time on the planet feeling lost and it is manifesting in all manner of ways.  Historically we have been living in ignorance of what the human being actually is, but this does not give us license to make it all up. There are rules to this Game called Life. Universal Rules and we operate under Universal Law.

A man & a woman in form are very different aside from genitalia.  A woman is an energy being and a cyclic being by design, among other things not relevant to this topic. Man by design is an energy being and more a day-by day-by day-by day being by design, so he can act on his feet, in the moment focusing to the maximum on what is immediately before him. He is also comprised of many other components not relevant to this topic. And with respect to their subtle energy bodies, a man & woman’s energy wheels or chakras rotate in different directions.

These facts are why some traditional cultures always had the woman make the final decisions, because simply by design women can determine consequence far more easily, given them by their cyclic perspective ( every 21 – 28 days cycles of change).

Traditionally – and remaining in some of our remaining indigenous cultures – distinct differences in our genders were celebrated with rituals and ‘rights of passage.’  In some creative, forward thinking areas currently, new groups have emerged to fill this void with supportive Men’s & Women’s celebratory & guiding meet ups.  I cannot recommend them more strongly.

The Sunshine Coast hinterland of Queensland, Australia had a wonderful variety of such regular meet ups with trainings & insights from traditional wisdom available.  Arizona U. S also has such teachings and groups available, and I am sure ‘googling’ will help anyone find the one closest to them in their country and language.

It takes a smart individual to make it through a transitioning of gender. It takes an individual who has a level of discomfort as their norm, and a familiarity with feeling uncomfortable.

In the current transgender words arguing, I am seeing people directing outwards, inner discomfort. I am seeing intellectual bullying of people around them who are not changing to make them feel better.

Healing to feel comfortable, needs to come from within. Those who have felt discomfort their entire lives need to go inward, and do the inner work, to not be constantly attracting dicomfort.   I feel the projecting outwards, of feelings of discomfort, is responsible for much of the current social media ‘warring’.

The Law of Attraction is a real Universal Law.  Finding the peace inside, and not focussing on changing humanity around you, so that you yourself feel better in your own self identity, needs to occur prior to outward societal change.

The current arguing, confusion and angst I am seeing, is largely about only two things : 1. feelings & 2. vocabulary.

1/   Feelings.    

Anyone who is led by their feelings – and feelings DO govern the Human Being  – and decides to alter themselves so they feel better because they ‘feel ‘ like they were born in the wrong body’   or feel they are really a man in the body of a woman or vice versa, of course can recognise that somebody else may feel ‘like a woman who does not want to share a woman’s space, with somebody who wasn’t born a woman’.

BOTH sets of feelings are equally valid.

It is not “I think therefore I am.’   It is I feel therefore I am.

To ridicule and abuse and otherwise purposefully cause discomfort to anyone, because of how they feel, is historically the path of ignorance.  It is the path of insufficient vocabulary to do anything otherwise, to say anything better.  No one chooses the path of ridicule,abuse or defamation, who has the vocabulary to do better, and to come into an understanding.

I refer specifically to the people expressing their feelings, being called “Transgender phobe”. This is an inaccurate statement.  A phobia is a fear..  It is ‘name-calling’ for want of a better thing to say. Name-calling comes from insufficient vocabulary do to otherwise.  Vocabulary extends our very reasoning ability, within our brain, so it is very possible these ‘name-callers’ have no further insight into there being another route that leads to discussion & understanding. But some do., And this, is just a discussion about everyone having their feelings respected, to ensure decisions are made to reflect this.

We Humans are blessed with language ability and there is nothing that we cannot make better through language use.

I LOVE diversity – anyone who knows me personally or reads me knows this.  I spent much of my childhood/teen/early adult years in all manner of alternativedom 😉 creative dress / hairstyles and I support and love us all – all beings, all Earth’s creatures & elements.

BUT I strongly feel I do not want anyone who was a man at any time in his / now her life, sharing “woman space’ with me.  Just as I respect these men/ transpeople for wanting to live as they perceive & believe a woman feels like, I also am to be respected for my feelings.   I certainly deserve to be able to choose to be in an all woman space, free from men being there.

I personally – and like many women who have made it through all the years of girlhood & puberty and so on, have experienced enough violation, abuse, perving, uncomfortable stares, sexual harassment & abuse, to want, deserve and need to know that any spaces I may occupy in a vulnerable condition deemed safe spaces, are.  

It is not uncommon for many to have received no sex education to speak of, no understanding of behaviours or their own body parts!   My mother gave no further details to me than referring to that place one time only as “Between your legs. ”

It is all too common for a woman to have experienced unwanted harassment / abuse at some earlier point.  All women, needing to undress, or be vulnerable in another way that has a space for them to feel safer in – names aside at this point – need a safe space to remain.  All of us can have our safe spaces. No need to take them from another group of people.

Traditionally a Woman’s Space was Sacred and it needs to remain sacred.  This is a basic human requirement to have these sacred safe spaces. Sacred Men Space. Sacred Women Space. There is no reason these need to be broken down…only the creation of more sacred spaces is needed.

There are many reasons someone may say they do not identify with their birth gender:

~It may be genuinely biological, it may be a passing phase that is a valid stage requiring processing, it may be a passing trend caught up in a community feel, it may be part of a mental illness, it may be part of an emotional illness, it may be blatant deception, it may be – for those readers who have further spiritual awareness – that this is in fact the first life as the birth gender, more familiar to be the other, and it is their soul’s path for greater development, to be that particular gender this life.

I have known numerous people identifying as LBGTQ, in my life.  I always aim to relate to someone as a soul, so I really don’t mind what else is going on in their life, as long as noone & nothing is being harmed.  They include my own gay cousin I met as a small child, a twin sharing a womb with his sister, so seems easily biologically explained to me. I  determined a few chose what they perceived as an easier lifestyle for them, while still carrying emotional burdens from unresolved trauma, very sensitive souls they were too. A couple of others were sexually active with the same sex ‘just because’ seeing no reason not to as it seemed common enough to do in the media.  A bi woman friend was making a clear lifestyle choice when she chose to settledown with her girlfriend.  And one, a drag queen neighbour, was the foulest mouthed woman abuser in his every day, as he was on stage.

It is a road of healing, discovery and challenge when we join with our opposite sex, and the rampart misunderstanding of what the human being is, and what being a man and woman really is, makes identifying with someone of the same sex that more appealing and familiar also.

2/ Vocabulary

“WOMAN” is actually WOMB MAN, made short.     Anyone who did have a womb – can choose to be called a woman / IS a woman.

A man ‘who feels like his idea of what a woman may feel like” Which may be close to what a woman feels like, or extremely distant, given the many aforementioned reasons.    I suggest Fe-man  feman.  This is a word not yet taken by any other meaning.   Under no circumstances- an all the aforementioned reasons, is ‘Woman’ accurate.  Feman is a good word, a nice word, pleasant to express and hear, without any negative connotation I am aware of, and accurate.

FE-MAN  for Female Man

Perhaps someone changing from woman to man would prefer this category also. I am open to suggestions to this also, but ‘Man’ is not accurate in all situations for them. It may be enough in some, but not all.

With regard to toilets :

I think the time of sex-divided. communal toilets may be a thing of the past.  I suggest lovely, new, clean ones with all facilities – alongside the disability single door, a number of  single door ones with every facility – so our privates can be private.  😉  No one need know if you choose the urinal or the porcelain seat.  Or whatever equivalent in different countries/cultures.

There are many advantages to having no more foyer / communal space, for safety reasons, hygiene reasons. in addition to the privacy.  I for one, many times have wished I could use the disabled one, without feeling I may be inconveniencing anyone.  Nearly always it has seemed more appealing to me, when walking passed. glancing in on a vacant one. 😉

I really hope this helps.  After all, we all only want to feel safe, respected, happy and comfortable, as the incredible and diverse Human Beings we are. 🙂

Man And Woman Explained 1. : ‘Female Man’.

  • 1 .Female man defined.
  • 2 .Why a Woman isn’t  a Woman too commonly.
  • 3. Introduction to some of our specific abilities and differences as Man or Woman.
  • 4. Other concepts in history that altered us
  • 5. Introduction to why things have remained unchanged and unimproved.

I proudly bring all my insights available to me from being in the form woman. I began my life raised  by a fierce ‘female-man’, and I was an impressive one myself for a time.  I  have activated and awakened Woman abilities and learnings, in numerous and diverse ceremonies, and at great time and money consuming expense!;)  I consciously keep my female man tendencies in restraint and consciously keep activated my Womanly abilites, even though it is sometimes difficult, exhausting and unwelcomed.  I do it because I know it is the way…

In an earlier writing I give reference to what I call ‘female man’ most prominent on Earth at this time in history, rather than ‘Woman’.  I am choosing to begin my series on Man, Woman Explained, with this topic, to free up my use of the term.

We do not have Man and Woman on the planet at this time.   We have male and female humans, and they are living all manner of roles, as there has been no guidance for many centuries.

A female man is found in the body or form of a woman, but is reduced in who she really is, and all that she may be capable of, as she is living only as that which a patriarchal society has determined her to be capable of.

There are reasons this has come about that I will expand on as I go into the series, but they are, in brief: the way political society was organised, with change being brought about only as people wanted- and were able to demonstrate- better treatment, respect, consideration as was being received by another.

Women demonstrated what they could do, that a man can do, and they are still doing it.   We have yet to demonstrate what we do, specifically.

Our own abilities available to us as woman remain inactive, and are actually suppressed by some of our non specialties being drawn upon mostly…

Other cultures know that it is Woman who can determine /perceive consequence far more easily than Man.  Her job is to determine for the future generations.  In traditional native American Indian cultures it was woman who had the deciding vote on such matters, after the men spoke, to ensure future generations were considered, and for the long-term health possibility of the community.  A year is 365 days, one after another, to a man.  To woman it is 12 cycles.

Man’s job is to focus on the here and now.  The problem solver, the protector, the competitor, attracted to the best for himself and his kin.  Woman’s job is to consider all of it, and to then determine its effect, and the appropriate cause of action, provided by the man. She is the connector, the nurturer, the perceiver of consequence.  Our bodies differ, our brains differ, our energy differs…

Such are our roles, such is our achievable balance and our perfect design.

In my life, chock-a-block with so many different experiences and different places, where I have had opportunity to do a range of things, and cross paths with many, I have learnt what I am able to do, because I am in the form of woman.   As I have grown, my observations have always been on building my knowledge about our species.

I have observed and studied a)  What else I can draw upon that the men around me can’t.  b)  What the men around me don’t seem to have available to them.  &  c)   What the men around me do not seem to know exists.  Or much of the current modern human world, for that matter!

A ‘lady’ and a ‘gentleman’ were other created historical constructs or ‘imaginings,’ changing natural behaviours and controlled by ‘etiquette’.  Our society has formed from these British and European constructs.  Other cultures are much less detached from Man and Woman roles, as their particular history has enabled them.

Margaret Thatcher was a superb female man.  In “The Iron Lady’ film starring Meryl Streep, in one scene she plays Margaret Thatcher even saying something like “the problem with society is more people are feeling now instead of thinking.”  She says “Thoughts are where it’s at.  Thoughts turn into words, words turn into actions, actions turn into habits…”

The thing is, that was a HUGE error of the time. It is feelings that govern our thoughts.   Feelings determine our thoughts.  Woman is the feeling specialist, where Man is the thinking specialist.   Sure we can do both these things, but we are better suited for one or the other, as is our design!

When I am needing to go into my mind, in answer to a man’s question perhaps, as he would do to another man, I can feel myself reducing my ability as a woman.  I can feel myself cutting off from what else I have available to me.

When I drive, I am aware I lose 10-15% focus when I am bleeding, as I am a cyclic being and I differ day by day within a month, as is my design.  Man is the day by day by day one of us, so he can do what needs doing, see around corners;) act fast and now.  He cannot make the best decision for everyone on his own, he is not designed to.  He cannot consider many things at once as his brain specialises on focussing, and is compartmentalized in structure.

A woman’s brain has many more connections going on.  Man’s job is to focus, woman’s job is to connect.  Of course we can do both of these things, but we do one better than the other. When we do only one thing…we do it better.  

We each specialise, we each do somethings better than the other, so that when we come together, we are even better than if we were our own.’

History made us need to do what we could, to better our situation then.   Our ancestors did not have another choice.  What was done then, was the best and only thing available at the time.   The problem is only that we  have not  had an opportunity to correct it yet.

tbc…The Man, Woman Explained series…. : ))

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