Near-Death Insight.

In ‘ Fast-track to joy’, I shared a fab trick I learnt from a near-death experience.  I feel strongly to share some other obvious wisdom from these throughout the next week.

A near-death experience can highlight like no other, the perspective ands insights that we are oblivious to, when we are on the earth plane.

There are many people who have also experienced them, who are led to different paths, from where they focussed their time and energy before.

A ‘near-death experience, or spending time in the ‘after ether’;), can be enormously awakening,and refreshing, and I would like everyone here to be able to share in the insight gained! : )

Fast-track to Joy!

  • A quick tip / ‘how-to’ emotionally detach from what may be bothering you, to refreshen your life experience/day!

Here’s a jo/neat trick I learnt from a near-death experience.

Imagine you are another spirit, that has just landed in your body for the day.  You are gone, you have vacated your life for this day.

Remember that what is imagined by you, is just as real for your psyche/consciousness, as if it were really occurring.

Imagine the other spirit, is taking in’ who’ they need to be – or pass themselves off as – to not arouse suspicion.;)    Take a look around you, look at your hands as though you are looking at them for the first time.

Such as : Ok…so you are in this family, right… this house, ok… that  job, uh-huh.  Oh and with that responsibility, got it…….that dog is yours….etc

This spirit gets opportunity to be here on Earth, only by taking on you life, and only for a day.

They are super-thrilled for this opportunity!  They do not care whose body or life they have access to, in order to be here!

Nothing that happened before this time exists.

Notice how you feel.

This feeling, is the most similar that I can describe, for what happens in one of the stages we go through, after we experience sudden and/or unexpected death.  Many others, who also have experienced near-death, can report the same thing.

It gives us the ability to look on our own lives with absolute clarity and perspective.  All emotional attachment  leaves us during this time.

I still consider this to be one of the greatest lessons from my near-death experiences, and I am grateful I can enter into this knowing in a second flat.;)

So, go ahead!  Imagine you have just arrived here on earth, borrowing your body for a day!   Feel the difference.  Feel the detachment you may have.  Feel and notice the freshness or gained enthusiasm you may have.

Take advantage of it to the hilt!  You are using wisdom to maximise your life experience…as you are meant to do!  If need be, do it everyday. : )

The cult British comedy Red Dwarf, ( I was a huge fan!)  had an episode called Body Swap, and if you have seen that, you’d be on track and all the easier for your imagining! : )

How appropriate!

The word ‘auspicious’ came to me, when I noticed with amazement that the photo of the sunset over my place becomes much like the Koori (Native Australian) flag when cropped to size for my blog’s header page!

I feel in good company. Native Australians are amongst the most spiritual and intelligent humans of us and always able to consider much else, as they consult one another and always maintained a balance within their communities.  Much was brought in for analysis from different knowings and wisdoms within a community, encompassing ancestral, historical & traditional, and of course the current figuring from those in the physical!  Much like I am doing here…

As I was born here in Australia, by Aboriginal tradition, that makes me part of the dreaming.  ‘The Dreaming’ is the reference, guidance and wisdom used by Native Australians.

I am honoured to be linked to Minjerriba or Stradbroke Island’s community by way of the respect I have for author Kath Walker who came from that land.  Her son Denis is an Elder there and I am proud to have signed a treaty with him.  I look forward to a visit there again one day.  : ) 

I am so very attached to this beautiful island and its life and colours and flora and fauna after studying to be a wildlife ranger here.  I am enormously aware of the energy lines, that are of known great strength here in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland region – the region of the Gubbi Gubbi people.  If I am told correctly, the original Australians would only pass through or meet up here, as it was considered too powerful an energy to take up residence in!

So how appropriate is it then, that the header for my blog, took on- in its own form – the symbol used by the ancestry of the very land I am writing on!!!  I have shivers down my arms and spine as I type this!  PERFECTION! : ) 

For the moment, it is a header that represents much, and I am looking forward to help from a web design team next week!

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