So what is God exactly?

Gosh much confusion this word has caused!  Using the singular word ‘God’ without clear definition, is very misleading and doesn’t quite work – as history and popular culture would show us!

It is actually a misuse of a term that when used as it was originally, denoted different deities for worship and ritual as part of the guidance system used by many different communities.  This made perfect sense, and most all cultures and language groups had such tales, myths, legends or ‘dreamings’ that all worked with this purpose.

It was taken from such a situation, and used in its singular form “God,” more as a creative solution, for persuasion purposes, over those who were now subjects of  ‘ the crown’, necessary to be ruled over, and obedient to a society.

The term God used in this way was so to be a convincing  ‘all superior,’ over the other many gods and goddesses from guiding faiths from anywhere else.   It was a human idea, used for control purposes, at a time historically when there was much fear and invading of other lands, and competition for lands and wealth.

However, when we use God in the singular and as is most commonly used the world over now, we are actually still describing a system, not a single big all-powerful deity.

As intent, or what we mean when we say something, is the magic needed, I am not under any circumstances saying that your meaning when you use the word God, is invalid in any way.

If the word God works for you, as what ever you uphold, that is precisely what it is.  We can only use what ever name we have and know, at the time.  It is ourselves, who attaches with intent, the association.

If we are to use God in this context, I believe it works completely, if the definition for it used, is Governance O’er Dimensions.  Sorry about the ‘o’er’ instead of over, but I did used to sing in choirs and there was always an o’er in something that was so much nicer to sing!  Much of this singing as a child was in churches too, so for me o’er already has a friendly association to the idea.;)

Certainly there is a place we came from, and where we go when we leave the physical dimension, aka planet Earth, and what I mostly choose to call Universal Source.

There is a source of sense and wisdom and all that is- when it isn’t here, though much of it is never here, and what ‘governs’ here.

There is a source of light.  Divine Light. Pure white brightest light that you can actually reach if you are determined enough or if you need to enough, or if you pass over there into it – no matter how briefly.  You can attract more of this light into you, by your own choices and you can source a supply of it as regularly as you feel to, once you know how.

There is a kind of ‘shopping centre complex’ about it to this system;), and one reason why I jokingly think we feel so comfortable in shopping centres!.  Without the shops of course;) but like any large coorporation structure we create here.

There are many rooms and many different folk, and layers and levels and different places to be, and you always know where you next have to be, and who is letting you know that. It is extremely organised.  There are layers and levels within each area and you absolutely are accompanied where ever you go, or are awaited.  That is GOD.

You are energy remember, and when you are there, you are in a returned state of being and knowing, and ‘held’ in a constant frequency or vibration, that we know as love.

Universal source I feel says it better, but again, it does not matter if you have no word at all.  It is where and what you know, inside yourself, whether you know it yet or not!;)

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