Bliss? What is that really?

Whether we know it or not, it is bliss that we seek…in all things. But what is bliss?

There is no harm in any personal interpretations you give to this word as the highest form of ‘niceness’ yet experienced, as long as you give it an evolving allowance. ūüėČ because it will.

Bliss in its highest form is a feeling of love, warmth, ultimate joy and complete peace ALL AT ONCE. ūüôā

It is as a thick, heavy deep love ‘soup’ we feel we float in, a warmth that is all permeating, as a physical feeling especially to our heart, and a peace that is so powerful it transgresses into exhilaration. I could not believe it at first…I still marvel at it. and I think we are meant to. ūüėČ I mean how can it truly be ‘bliss’ otherwise, if we humans can get bored with it? ūüėČ It is a dumbfounding, overwhelming, optimal feeling, every time. ūüôā

In that space where we are healed from all our ‘shadows’ or past issues or problems or memories, that find us in our space between our thoughts, we will feel bliss.

It is our pinnacle of meditative space, within which we can ask for guidance, assess our lives, or just ‘float’ in it this glorious feeling.

It is the space we can access when we ascend, journeying through all the portals, and there we see as well as feel and float in its warmth.

Bliss is attainable by all of us, and we know it subconsciously and why we go to so many different lengths/ pursuits & mediums to try to feel it through alcohol or other drugs.

The cheapest and most assured way to have it in your kit – available for you at anytime – is to find and make friends with your thought-less space. ¬†Don’t be afraid of it. ¬†It is just you. ūüėČ ¬† It is in this space between our thoughts where we present ourselves with our next inner stuff to be dealt with/healed. ¬†Where else do we have for this inner work-shopping, except the space between our thoughts?

Managing our self by clearing out what is here regularly, provides the ‘parking space’ for bliss. ¬†When we have attained bliss, we can then do our internal ‘housekeeping’ from this place.

The purpose of bliss is to recharge us, rest and reboot us, ūüėČ ¬†It is our natural docking station. ūüėČ ¬†the place we want to Be. ūüôā

Building Sand Castles (ii)

  • my chapter for the book titled ‘In The Spirit Of Success’ April 2012.
  • guidelines to maximize your life success
  • how to use the 30/30/40 ratio of effort

Like building sand castles in the sand, some things we just do because it leads to a better life.  No one is going to pay us, promote us, or perhaps even notice, yet we build them because something inside us gives us the idea, and we teach our children to do it still.

I was born into challenging circumstances.  My safety was jeopardized by members of my immediate family on a regular basis, but to all outside appearances it was a respectable and functioning family that routinely visited church at Christmas.

Not permitted to speak, even for the purpose of learning, and told to keep out of sight because I was intolerable to look at, gave me enormous time for self-contemplation, questioning and analysis.

I relied on, and was arguably raised by, a mystery inner guidance, as one helpful suggestion after another entered my thought space. I depended upon this to keep me safe, as I received instructions on when and where to move about the house unharmed.  I came to realize I was not alone at all.

This sense of knowing also came to my rescue when on more than one occasion, a pillow was placed over my face while I was sleeping.  I held my breath for the longest time and kept very still, as I had trained myself to do in early infant school.  While other children were playing, I was obediently holding my breath for as long as I could, all day, every day, stretching out how long I could last.

I could not see behind closed doors – I only saw them – but my invisible mystery guidance obviously could.

I had given myself to God “if there was one”¬†, with all the soul and intent of¬† a desperate toddler. Meditation, or the light I found behind my eyes became my place of comfort.¬† Time spent behind my eyes and in nature was my greatest source of safety and strength.

In adulthood, a terrible head-on road accident, killed the driver, and left me unconscious and in critical condition.  It required many hours just to cut me from the crushed vehicle, before I was flown to an intensive care unit.  Many simply wrote me off from having any type of quality future life.

Again, I relied on my default way of being, consulting my inner help, and I was guided step by step through a long and complicated process of recovery.

From my wheelchair, the Universe had me spy the dog of my childhood dreams in a pet shop window.  I found her impossible to resist, and my spirit was already running with her.  Physically it took me longer, progressing to crutches, then to walking sticks, then one walking stick, and then how we sprinted together!   These days I even enjoy circus trapeze workshops and dance.

Following another near death experience, (as refining of priorities as they certainly are!), I gained the insight to change myself, to not attract any more of them.¬†¬†Suffering had been my familiarity to this point, where I felt the most “at home” and I was just attracting more of it.¬† Lawsuits for personal damages were also not my number one career choice!

What I have learned from my life experiences has been invaluable and I would not want to change the access to knowledge it has given me for anything in the world.  For me, that would be like turning off the light and returning to darkness.

To be human is to create, and ultimately we become the person we choose to be and who we work towards creating.¬† It is when our thoughts, words, actions, and behavior’s are all aligned that life becomes easier.¬† Way easier!

We, in human form, are the master/mistress, manager, and caretaker of all our cells, our thoughts, and our feelings.  Here is where we do the best job we can at being the best us, with the knowledge that we have, and within the parameters of 21st century planet earth, while creating the future.


No one can visit you if you do not offer them a chair or a place to park their car.  Well, the same applies for allowing you to express your full spiritual presence.  Spirit world is thought world, and it only needs a space to be heard.

Notice all that you can do daily without using your mind.¬† Things such as seeing, listening, tasting, smelling, and feeling.¬† Note that you actually turn the mind on the moment you attempt to access information.¬† It is the “foyer” equivalent to our memory files and elsewhere, to use or not to use.¬† Feel confident to pick the thoughts that best suit your life at the time.¬† Worry is simply an undisciplined thought that is recurring.

No time spent finding a space between thoughts is wasted, and makes all thinking easier and more succinct.  rewards are experienced long before you are able to hold that space for any time.

The space we create becomes our lifeline to ethereal dimensions and our easy access route to our spirit guidance.  Once we achieve this entryway, we can then trust that we will know what we need to know, when we need to know it.


When we give sound to a thought, we activate its creative potential bringing it into reality.¬† Having a thought is one thing,¬†putting your sound to it magnifies it exponentially and brings it out ‘virally.’

Feel confident to choose your words carefully against the tide of people chatting and verbalizing every thought.  Minimizing your words, maximizes their creative potential.

Your “I am ” statements are your most creative building blocks.¬† Avoid staying in the common habit of question and answer, as we do not creat when we direct another’s consciousness around.¬† Aim instead on the habit of restful sharing of what comes to mind from another’s sharing.

An Affirmation is a carefully chosen series of words than when spoken aloud, combine your intent, with your essence and your soul.  Feel it is so, and believe.  For example:

“Today I am the strongest creator of success, health, and happiness for myself that I have ever been.”

The “Universal Absolutes” Requirements for Success

1. Truth.

Exist in a state of Truth, or “Adherence to what is”.¬† How can those in other dimensions assist you if they cannot rely on you?

2. Good Intent.

Hold a good intent for all.  A love for self and others that is uncompromising.

3. Gratitude.

Be in a state of gratitude.  This automatically fast tracks us for ease of access to higher dimensions be raising our vibration.

Follow these three = ask, receive, with guarantee!

After many years of following this formula, I calculated that intent accounts for 30% of the work, providing you with opportunity, another 30%, and then the physical doing is actually only 40% of effort.¬† This achieves ‘maximum effect with minimal effort’ and life just makes sense as synchronicites occur around you.

While there is much fascination for what comes before and after life, here on earth is the only place we run, jump, leap, taste, touch, and feel!

Here is our playground, and as with any game there are rules.

See you at the finish line!

Lover of life, love, joy, music¬†,and all that brings clarity and explanation to a planet in need, Amelia Pinter finds a ready challenge in anything seemingly complicated! She is passionate about creating educational curriculums that reflect our needs, Human Being Essentials, an is seeking publication for “Living In Me : The Complete Guide to Being Human” and sharing her Sound Healing vocal frequencies across the world. For more information on Life or Amelia visit,¬†,¬†¬† , ¬†

So what is worry?

  • worry defined
  • how to cease worrying

Worry is simply an undisciplined thought process.¬† When thoughts had become undisciplined in enough people, when ‘how to’ control thinking had¬†been neglected to be taught in enough people, there was a cause for a new term to be invented.¬† A new word, and a new concept, to make believe we all new everything about what was going on, and ¬†“worry” was born.

All it is, is a thought that is recurring.

To cease worrying, it is important to:

a)¬† discern between a concern and ‘worry’.¬† ¬†Begin to recognise when a thought, is also a¬†‘concern’.¬† A thought is still a thought no matter how it causes you to feel, or what messages it brings you, ie happy thought, pleasant thought, troublesome thought.

A¬† ‘concerning’ thought =¬†¬†a¬†thought that requires an action that may be unpleasant, or that may have an unpleasant consequence if the action is not carried out.¬† Or a thought that does not feel good, whether you know why that is, or not yet.¬† (How to analyse feelings to bring forth thoughts, to lead to¬†actions, which serve to remove a troublesome feeling, will be covered in a¬†later post.)

b) Consult your thoughts in time of your choosing.¬† Just deciding to do this kickstarts your subconscious and makes the Universe aware of your intent.¬† Set aside a time each day for ‘careful contemplative thinking time’.¬† I tend to do this in the morning, consulting with myself the actions of the day ahead, and asking if there is anything that needs to be brought to my attention.¬† It speeds up and changes as you get more proficient in it, and are then able to concurrently manage – or read – ¬†feelings, til they themselves give you a thought, allowing them to disappear.

I allow time again later in the evening, when I hold a space for aspects of my Self to assess the day, and ask again if there is anything that needs to be brought to my attention.   Rest assured that you will know, what it is that you need to know, when you are able to hold a thoughtless space.  There is nothing that is going to jump up and get you unawares;))

c) ¬†eliminate the word ‘ worry’ from your vocabulary, your knowledge is greater now. ¬†When you are able to control your thoughts, it is very easy to stop worrying as there just is no place for it.¬† There simply is no context for it.¬† It becomes a completely ridiculous and pointless activity.¬†¬† A self defeating ignorant concept.(ignorance;without knowledge)

d) recognize that you need to start the process of this Self Mastery of thought control, and consultation/asking yourself within, for it to begin to work.   It does not show itself to you before, there is nothing holding up a sign or waving at you to begin.;)   It takes an act of your Self to want to start, and I assure you it is waiting for it to happen, and will meet you in your efforts! : )  Baby steps to begin with, is the sure way of success!

e) during time for contemplative thinking time, i)¬†allow for thoughts to present themselves, ii)consciously decide what action you will take on this thought iii) drop it/let it go/move to the next thought/ask for the next thought, that is the next most important thought to come to you.¬† In the beginning you may feel like someone pretending to conduct an orchestra for the first time, but it will all fall into place.¬†¬† It is your holding of ¬†the intent, and the¬† knowing, that it’s going to work, that will make it work.

Recognize that thought control takes time. It takes practise at getting to know your Self and your individual abilities and ways of working.¬† It takes a usage of the word ‘faith’ in it’s truest sense; a knowing that something will occur….and it will : )

How many songs are there??

“Don’t worry be happy”¬† ” Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile…”

Certainly happiness is a choice.¬† To stop the invention concept called ‘worrying’ is also only a choice!¬† To your self mastery..!!

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