Brilliant, Sleek, Soft, Supple Us!

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The brilliance and beauty of our design! The length and strength of limbs, soft skinned, supple musculature and so sleek a design, and how we move…!

How many car and motorbike styles emulate us? 😉

Our color, how superb in diversity, shade, tone, to total color contrast, and, as is perfect, in accordance to what was needed to keep us well in whatever climatic condition we manifested under. 🙂

I think of my golden labrador ‘Uriel’ and his black lab. girlfriend ‘Jet’.  To think there ever was some of us who needed to choose to think one version of our skin was more superior, for reasons their own misery, ill-health and poverty gave them, as their chosen ‘solution-seeking- creativity’ to steal from others. How pitiful, ignorant and desperate it was…  It is ‘evil’ also in the true sense of the word, evil:seeking personal benefit from intentional harm.

How far we have come, but not far enough, as our systems we operate under still, were designed from this ignorant, ‘wanting in wisdom and knowledge’  frame of mind.

Can we not design new systems and make changes, as easily as we design and improve anything else? 😉  Of course we can! 🙂

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