Update Education! Human first, career/job second…

With the development of the education system to fulfill societal needs and our ‘career paths’, we forgot we are meant to be developing continually as humans. We forgot our real ‘path’.  Of course we can keep on top of both, us modern-day humans.

Our learning NEVER stops. We have our own lessons one after another., that are perfect for each of us, exactly as we need for that stage of our development.

Our lives may not be so challenged as another’s. Some of us may have relatively uneventful lives while others seem to go through one large event after another. But it is those ones of us who had no escape from realizing this early in our childhood who can see it all so clearly.

Human life path development must come first, then career.
Our ‘work’ can accommodate us. We created these jobs when we were ignorant of our real needs, with some tweaking, additional flexibility, regular job swapping or exchanging of tasks, we can allow for our innate creativity need for change, and personal development.

To Be human is to create, so there is nothing we can not solve or create our way out of, that we created in the beginning.  Moving forward is something we humans innate know how to do, we only need to realize ourselves.  🙂

Self Mastery Tip / Lesson : Speech

Our design is to be creating our reality with our thoughts and words, as we go from moment to moment, using our wisdom and our creativity to make the best choices for our life path, and the world at large.

We are not designed to be firing questions at one another as in so doing so we are directing another’s consciousness around.

They are not us, and we are not them, 😉 and it is for each of us to say the next thing that comes to us to say, to create OUR reality.    This is essential to get ourselves ON our path, and to stay ON our path.

A TIP~ If it is challenging to go straight from a habit of questioning another, to a habit of sharing what ‘comes to mind’, try this!

Begin with a question that will start this off, such as:

“Do you have anything you feel to say?”
“Do you want to say anything to me?”
“Is there anything you would like to share?”

These will help break the habit of directing another what to think of, AND develop the new habit of each human present sharing what THEY each want to share.

Historically people developed the questioning ‘skill’ to help in ‘making conversation’, considered a social skill, an ‘art’ and taught in finishing schools.  How many topics a ‘lady’ could speak on, part of schooling in various etiquette schools

If someone did not have something to share, they were asked questions to encourage them.  But a made-up conversation is just that, REMOVED from in the now, and in-the-moment-reality relating. It is off-track, off-path and unnatural and not part of our design.

Some one may not have something to share with very good reason.  This could be that they are ‘in development’ why make comments when they can be better suited to listen, ponder, dream, imagine, learn, create and process within?

Sometimes it is talking just because the silence is a cause of discomfort for us.  In this silence we are face with our selves. This is our time to check in on US, do what healing and clearing we need to do, to sense everything, to feel, to send our consciousness to other aspects of us.

Silence is a natural state for us, and we are not designed to be filling it with words.  Silence shapes our words, and gives them their substance!

I repeat: Our design is to be creating our reality with our thoughts and words, as we go from moment to moment, using our wisdom and our creativity to make the best choices for our life path, and the world at large. 🙂

Are You Voluntarily Reducing Yourself?

Are you voluntarily reducing yourself?

Are YOU making yourself less than you actually are?

If you know something..you know it.
If you feel something…it is so.

In that moment it is irrelevant “how” you know/feel it, or “from what/which” source, “who else” does it and “what will they think”.

All of this is irrelevant, self-belittling, and requiring disciplining, ‘mind clutter’. 😉 It contradicts your inner wisdom, and is only programming absorbed since your birth, from the maintained and current ignorance around you.

It was seen as necessary to ridicule and ignore, to remove or reduce, our natural instincts and intuition, simply because they could not be understood within the ignorance of English.

As there was no means to understand these concepts when establishing society, they needed to be over-ruled, and the handy “nothing exists unless there is a tool by which it can be measured,” proclamation made in Victorian times, to quickly allow focus to be on economic development, served this purpose.

Of course they, and it, were WRONG, and your feelings and knowings are RIGHT for you, and have been all along. 🙂

Dream On, Live On!

It is our dreams and imaginings that make our life bigger and better , so we get bigger and better. They are an essential part of our creative and manifestation process, on our ‘whiteboard behind our eyes.’;)
That is their role for us, as is our design, and this is a simple fact of being Human.

In Victorian England, it was decided that anything that distracted from the first priority being in building Britain’s economy, was to be declared a ‘waste of time’.

As is Britain’s style, social ridicule and derogatory comments were used:
“Don’t just sit there DOING NOTHING…do something!”
“Don’t be idly doing nothing!”
“STOP day dreaming!”
“STOP using your imagination..”
“Oh that’s ONLY in your imagination..”
“Your ONLY imagining that..”
“Oh she’s such a hard worker!”

In vocabulary deprived Britain, words like imagination were teamed with being ‘idle’ ‘doing nothing’ and it came necessary to always ‘look like you are doing something.’ As I write these words I can hear my own mother’s voice saying them.

Even in time off, it was viewed as necessary to be deployed in some action or activity. Preferably something that involved the purchase of something or other. Something that made you look as though you were ‘up with the fashion.’

Appearances mattered most, NOT what a human being was was doing internally or energetically, as they were ignorant of this. Bodies were disguised with fashion that distracted them from their inability to deal with their sexuality or to figure out a way to, or even intend to improve on their quality of life, or quality of rule.

Sex was made so unpopular that marriage needed to be invented to encourage those in the higher classes that they wanted to breed, to actually do so!
What a confused bunch of people,;) who consequently took all their inventions and invaded other countries – who hadn’t made such a mess – and who still had land they could occupy, and people they could control and influence. Focus was put constantly on things OUTSIDE themselves, in their busy ‘doing something’ state and these people as a result had the worst state of health in the world.

The people were unhealthy, unhappy, fear ridden, poverty stricken, the economy was failing and it was thought that the army were in such a poor state that they would not defeat an invasion.
THIS was what was behind the ‘race to take on other countries’…
And so, we have such a scale of world wide confusion now! 😉 😀

The real truth is we need to care-take and house-keep INSIDE US. long before we focus on anything else.
When we are healthy INSIDE, our desires for what is OUTSIDE of us is different.

Also in this economy building focused Victorian England, it was declared that “nothing exists unless their is a tool by which it can be measured,” this made our own subtle energy – that makes up a greater proportion of ourselves than our physical body – not able to exist!!!!!
We know better now….so let’s do better? We’ll still be doing something…;) 😀

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