What Shape Is Your Energy?

Each of us is like one of these grains of sand. 🙂


What form do we want the shape of the energy of our family/community/society /country /planet to be, as we create our way into the future?

Our energy overlaps with another’s, and together we form a larger energy from the resonance of ours combined.  Psychological and bodily functioning becomes easier, as we are supported by this combined energy.

Or we don’t, because we are not in harmony, and our energy is discordant, and we feel separate or alone or even dis-ease.  I used to feel nausea at times when I came into the energy of my psychopathic, very low vibration mother.

As a species we need for those of us with strength in our loving Self, to help raise the others of us, toward a more loving space.

When we combat, it is the energy of those of us in a lower and less loving vibration, who are dominating the activities of the rest of us.  Maybe it is your national service that is requiring you to be warring, and you do so as it is your family’s way, from a place of  pride.

A victorious or winning-low vibration, will occupy itself with low vibe activities.   If the decision was to go to war, then a decision as to what to do afterward will stem from a lower vibration also, often taking the form of ‘judgement, punishment, and blame’ activities.

Negative vibration is only raised by the presence of confident, unwavering, positive, loving vibration.

Forget fact, this is pure science! 😉 And another reason why low vibe activities such as warring, can never result in the natural creation of a loving and health supportive space, which was the initial argument for it. 😉

War always leads to more war, and the dependency grows with the economic value placed upon it. 🙂

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