What’s Christmas all about really?


It’s all about the vibe. 😉

As the world embraces – or not – ‘christmas’,  whatever you believe to any story,  is actually irrelevant as the point is, to raise our vibration to attain that of joy, love & gratitude frequencies.

The ritual of gift giving, sharing & providing is a fast & sure way of getting folk to get their energy into the higher vibration of these. It can be done consciously by way of an internal emotional gear shift, such as I do to fast track into a meditative state to enable instant connection with source.

It can be done wrong too. I can recall all too clearly being dictated to exactly, and how, and with what perpendicular drape, to every strand of tinsel.  There was no joy there, only a reduction to my vibration and I couldn’t wait for the ordeal to be over so I could get away.  But it did look a stunning tree for the photographs to relatives overseas.  Missing the point… 😉

All atoms are moving right?;)

Our energy, containing and surrounding our body, moves according to that which we are feeling. Higher or lower ie at a faster or slower rate.

The vibe of gratitude is one of our highest, with hate & blame for example, among our lowest on the scale.

Forget historic stories and warring agendas of our ruling parties for now, 😉 Christ Emanuel aka Jesus was only ever about feeling love & joy anyway.

Society’s creativity around something we just cannot let go of, by way of commercial marketing, is because we know ‘something’ to be of value, and we contain it inside our self. It stems nowhere else that inside us.

What we do or how we occupy ourselves for this Christmas time, depends upon where we are on the globe, what we do for work & play, what beliefs we contain around this day, and all the days of our life leading up to this one. Otherwise we are exactly the same, as our needs, wants and vibrating ability of our energy! 😀

There is no judgement, there is no comparison, as there is no need. 😉 It still is only ever about feeling love, joy, and being in a state of gratitude,  however 😉 doing whatever, 😉 where ever. 😉

So please go ahead, share that love, joy & gratitude today, but stay in the energy of it for the every day ahead too. 🙂

Blessings to all of us. ❤

The Point Of Christmas!

So what is it all about this Christmas? Gratitude actually..♥.

What is going on in the thought level, is not nearly so important as what is happening at the feeling level and vibrational level of us. FEELING gratitude, is actually what this celebration is all about!
IT IS all about feeling love and appreciation for one another, for all you have, for what is in front of you…I do not care if you are given gifts ,or not, it is your ability to feel gratitude and to alter your vibrational state to this special state, that becomes the greatest gift, for all humanity and our entire planet! ♥
This is something my mother was never able to feel, or share, even when given a gift in a surrounds of expense. But this is not what it is about at all, and she is was the embodiment of that. She was all about appearances – the ‘best’ tree, the ‘best’ decorations, the best this and that.
But, best is a judgement statement, and put into it’s correct perspective here of Christmas…it is not really the best at all. FAR from it! Enjoy what you have..or have not. To feel gratitude IS THE POINT!! 🙂

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