Happy New Year Humans All!

To All Humans Where ever You Are! Celebrate, rejoice, and raise the roof with your enthusiasm!

We are united in our humanity, and with our own energy. There is no end between where one of us ends energetically, and the other begins, and this was the big mistake made. It is time for a new reckoning for all of humanity, and thank you so much for feeling this, and for the part you play!

We do not need to live from, ‘life maps’, created centuries ago, by unconscious, ignorant, unhealthy and chronically miserable people! It is time we rejoice no??! Me feels YES!
We have all the knowledge and all the expertise, to get ourselves through anything we have created.
I see it as straightforward in every way, to introduce into our own already established education systems, REAL education,my Being Human Essentials Series, that can connect with all young people, so they feel a sense of belonging, respect. and trust.

Thank you for supporting my work, my path, and what I am able to share, after such an incredible journey!
Please if you have not already ‘like’ me on http://www.facebook.com/AmeliaPinter as it really is the greatest support and encouragement that I have at this stage, with my continued – but improving – voice problems!!! ENORMOUS thanks to those who already do!


One Power-Packed New Year’s Resolution!

New Year’s resolutions are an accepted time for bringing changes into our life, even among those who otherwise know not of our own responsibility for our growth!

May I suggest, to maximize what you may bring yourself, if you feel ready. :

“I raise the enthusiasm, for myself and my planet, with the knowledge that this is my time.
I choose to heal from all that holds me back and to awaken completely. I am ready for what change this may bring, for the benefit of my life, my family and community, and my planet. Thank you and bring it on!”

Happiest New Year! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul, for your continued support of my path and my work. ♥ : )

New Year’s Resolutions’ Helpful, Tried and Tested tips to Maximize Change!

Consider what it is that you are exceptional at, as there has been no one quite like you before.

1. What can you bring to our earth like no one else?
2. What would you be kicking yourself about, if you had to leave the earth next week, without achieving it, or perhaps even starting it?

THIS is what you must do.
THIS is what you are here to do!
What are ways you can start to bring it into your reality January 2013? : )

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