A reminder about ‘Ego’.

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Excellent, thank you Einstein. ūüėČ There are aspects of ourselves that remain operating in our ‘default setting’ until we override this, via our conscious development. When we become aware enough we can take command of each part of our self, our ego included.

Ego is an important part of a human being. All ego is, is our identity construct we operate out of, here on earth. ¬†Once we have built our self a framework or foundation out of which we can effectively and confidently operate from, we can let ego ‘go’.

Before this, it is our ego that tells us that our status in a community with other humans matters.  It differs if we are a man or a woman of course, as our needs of it and dependency on it, differ.  And as is our design.

Certainly in this modern time of role flexibility, complicated by our economic invention developments, career focus and so on, ego can have blurrier divide between man and woman. ¬†However, as per our design, we are still different. ūüėČ

Ego will stand in the way of the development of every other aspect of our self.  It is a sign of our own advancement how much we let it control what we do, or how we control it.    Once we have made our self feel secure with our self and our surroundings, we can move past  Рor transition Рfocus on our ego.

Control of ego, is like being able to take the bridge crossing to Self Mastery Island. ūüôā

The Happiest, healthiest or wealthiest? Who should be our guide?

The healthiest, happiest or the wealthiest people?

Which of these should be guiding other humans, influencing how they lead our lives?

Certainly not the most unhappy and most unhealthy ones of us, yet this is precisely what occurred historically, and why we have the problems we do the world over.

Sure, these miserable unhealthy folk had devised an economic structure, but one that was suffering, with mass widespread poverty. Fear induced creativity – from a place of emotional illness – brought forward the thoughts to steal what was required from others.

“They are so much happier than we are” are references I have, as English invaders first observed native/original Australians, and native tribes people of other countries also. ¬† And “how miserable they are except when they drink that fire water” also referenced from the native Aussies observing their pasty English-speaking invaders! ūüėČ

All these sad, ill people wanted was a better life, and here was opportunity to learn, but ‘lost’ and not free to make personal choices but to act under order from others. ¬†Others, who may have had pronounced mental illness.

Every argument was made to be able to lawfully steal and kill. Perhaps declaring “they would die out” are “a lesser species” as even further argument for obtaining for themselves, all that was in front of them.

And so the race was on…as the rest of Western Europe with maritime ability, went on its ‘grabbing spree’ like the first day clearance sale of a bargain basement store!

We are still doing things the world over, not from personal decisions and choice, but because it is the way of our country or language, and maybe we have no choice. WE are each doing what we are told for reasons of a better life, and protection of what we know and believe.

Our religious books have kept all of us – without exception – from harmonious living. They all contain both truths and inaccuracies, and require updating.

So much we still do requires healing, then our new improved creativity can be put in place, with good intent for all.

How perfect it is that we have all the knowledge in the world on how to do this, and that solution-seeking creativity is our Human special skill! ūüôā


Are Your Thoughts Serving You?

That is their job you know. ūüėČ Probably no one has told you or ‘taught you’ in a regularly acceptable place for this, such as a school……yet.

A thought’s purpose is to inform us. Our requirement is that we ‘read’ them, and take action accordingly, so that they can naturally leave us.

A recurring thought is reminding of something that needs attention.

Take your commanding role of your thoughts, as is your birthright.

Self mastery is all that is required, as you learn of yourself and of how to be an effective human, as is your design.

Ask each thought as it arises ‘What can I learn from you?’ or ‘What do I still need to do?’
Then do it, or if it is not appropriate at that time if you are at work/study/in bed/somewhere else, make a note of what you will do.

Then, let the thought go. Be commanding. Be assertive. Be the manager/mistress of all your cells AS IS YOUR DESIGN.
You can say out loud :thank you, and I let you go, as that is all I need. or then just “Let it go” when you become more practiced.

If it recurs one more time, ask your Self again : ¬†“What do I need to learn from this? What do I need to do?” ¬†only because you are learning and may have missed something.

When you use the thought as is its role, when you take command and take action, or note it down for later,  IT CAN LEAVE you.

However, your Self does need to be able to trust your Self. Your human abilities require you to follow through, as they function ‘on automatic’ to best serve you in your current state.

Taking control of all aspects of yourself requires Integrity, or Being Of Your Word.

If you are not able to trust your Self – or haven’t trained yourself, your Guides and the Universe – to be able to rely on you yet, your thoughts are serving you better if they continue to come to you repeatedly when you have a quiet moment to notice them. ¬†This is your default setting.

If there is no change to this in place yet, how do they know if you may – or may not – do anything with them?

Their job is to inform and they can only do their ‘roll along on that conveyor belt of the mind’ thang, ūüėČ until you have mastered it otherwise!

When we control our thoughts we allow space for all else that we are, and YOU WILL be totally mind blown! ūüėÄ

I cannot emphasize or rave enough about the incredible life improvements that are brought with thought control! ūüôā

On Just Being…I take up the challenge to define it!

  • 1.Just ‘Being’ defined.
  • 2.What is being in a thoughtless space.
  • 3.What else happens when there are no thoughts
  • 4. Why just Being is a goal we want to achieve as Humans

I am taking words maestro Mr Joel Roberts up on his ¬†challenge! ¬†At his seminar ‘The Language Of Impact’ in Los Angeles last February, ¬†he said that ‘Being’ was beyond description. ¬†It is a place I know well, since beginning to seek safety in the higher realms of consciousness as a small child, when the only place I had to run away to, was as far as I could get behind my eyes.

One example of this is when my older brother would come into my bedroom at night. ¬†He was encouraged to hurt me , actually to attempt to kill me, so it would look like a home accident , at my mother’s ‘order’. ¬†She had an escape route this way and was a firm believer in the old British teachings “people have children to do their dirty work”. ¬†She wanted me removed from the picture, and this way she would not be held responsible.

My brother grew frustrated, as what he did to me only injured me, gave me scars and gave him a feeling of inadequacy.  I could sense his annoyance and I did my best to avoid him at all times.

I could not get away when he visited me in bed however, and he would step up onto it, so he was standing on top of me.  He would pin me down with his shoes and hold a foot up over me, then stamp around me, threatening to stamp on my body and head, moving his foot to just miss me and hit the bedclothes.

This is one example of when I would go as far, and as fast, behind my eyes as I could.  There was no other place to go, as my body was being restricted and controlled.

Joel Roberts is a former prime time talk show host on KABC Radio, Los Angeles.  Today, Joel is president of his own media and communications consulting firm, in L.A and New York.

‘Being’ is a feeling state, and a higher, more evolved state, than just thinking. ¬†To achieve a ¬†‘feeling state’, requires a controlled cease, of thought activity, or what I call the thought ‘conveyor belt’.

It is our efficiency of design that sees to it, that thoughts flow along what I call the ‘corridor’ or ‘conveyor-belt’ behind our ‘mind foyer’. ¬†These thoughts are given us, by our subconscious, and are thoughts that connect/attach/associate with,¬†everything, that we experience in any given moment from all of our senses and abilities.

In my Self Mastery course structure, “Human Being Essentials”, I have Thought Mastery at semester 1, with Feeling Mastery at semester 2 or beyond, to demonstrate the higher level and governing influence, of the power of feeling energy.

‘Being’ is a superior, specialized, advanced, higher, more evolved, state, than thinking or doing.¬†It is the ability to hold a state of a feeling regardless of what goes on around you, it is a non-reactionary constant state. ¬†For example:

I can just Be love and restfulness or

Be blissful contentment or

Be pure raw sexual energy or

Be peacefulness or

Be radiant love or

Be Creative energy or

Be righteous guidance or

Be loving compassion or

Be healing sound or

Be Woman energy or

Be Divine light or

Be vital enthusiasm or

Be contagious fun and joy and so on.

When we can hold a thoughtless space, we allow for what else is available to us as Human Beings.

What then happens, is information arrives inside us, without us putting it there.  Without us needing to access it from our memory, our thought space or anywhere else.  We do not need to think it, imagine it, dream it or otherwise.

Information – or an idea – ‘comes to us’. ¬†The words ‘come to mind’ may be used here, and you may have already experienced this happen.

It may be an amusing thought – our spirit guidance loves it when we laugh.

It may be the answer to something you already wanted to know.

It may operate like a commentary, where you get data that corresponds with what your eyes scan.

It may be the answer to a life drama, where you are ‘guided’ –¬†given the idea – of the next moves you need to make for your life.

You may receive this information as thoughts that are similar to ones you create, or you may see it visually as though you are watching a DVD.  It may come to you in a way that is unique to you.

In this space you can trust that you¬†will know what you need to know when you need to know it. ¬†This is the “faith” that is referred to in the Bible and similar of any known religious ‘Faith’.

In this disciplined thoughtless space there is no need at all, to be thinking about anything.

The fantastic consequence of achieving this ability, is Life is magnified exponentially in this state.  Every bit of energy that you usually put into thinking goes into receipt of life.

Every sense is magnified to the extent that you cannot believe, believe me.;)

The universe rewards us with an increase in sensitivity.  ESP or extra-sensory perception, also known as being psychic, is only a natural consequence of spending time in your higher levels of consciousness.

As time goes on, life just gets better and better and makes more and more sense.

I could spend hours absorbing just what my eyes take in, when I look at a tree, the depth of colour, the zoom ability, it is absolutely incredible, and all because I am not thinking.

Sexual pleasure takes on whole new height of ecstasy, as we are able to be fully present in this activity – ‘Being Present’ is just being another way of saying ‘Being Conscious’ or ‘holding a thoughtless space’. ¬†Tantra is just another way of ¬†saying ‘Living Consciously’ but it is for sex that it is more widely associated.

No time spent holding Рor attempting to hold Рa thoughtless space, is wasted as  rewards being to occur straight away.  The first of which is thinking is actually easier and sharper, and we tend to notice an increase in our senses as time goes on.

These rewards continue to build and increase until we leave the earth.

It is simply Human to master your thoughts.

Begin with noticing them.  Bring an awareness of them to your consciousness.  Have the intent to begin to notice them.

Notice when they first arrive, do you have a pattern to them? ¬†What thought do you get when? ¬†Are they ‘ad hoc’, appearing to you ‘willy nilly’, or are they associated with what you are looking at?

And very importantly, notice the space between the thoughts.   There is one, no matter how small or inconsequential at first, and this is an essential part of Thought Mastery.

You are alive now….but being able to just Be…is Being¬† A.L.I.V.E !!!! ¬† : )

Replacing Eating Confusion With Eating Clarity!

A reminder to us of why we eat, to bring clarity after years/centuries of confusion.

We in Human form are the kings/queens/managers and caretakers of all our cells, thoughts, emotions, abilities, and energy.   We have a body for the duration of our life here on Earth until it tires out and must cease activity.

We must take care of it, water it, provide it with nutrients our cells require for functioning, so that it can get us about.

As humans we are creativity, and there is no better example of how confused we can become from our own creativity, than that of our confusion with eating.¬†¬† Then there is all the confusing information about ‘dieting’ itself, and how to lose the extra physical substance we add onto ourselves when we ‘mess up’ our eating.¬† So many of us are unhealthy because of what we are putting into our mouths, as food.

But first of all, relax!  There is historical explanation for this widespread confused state that Humanity is experiencing, and how health got left behind.

To make that which is nutritious for us, palatable and digestible.   That is what we are meant to be doing and have all the ability to do.  Making foods that provide us with our energy requirements, tasty to eat, rather than eating something just because it  is tasty!!

Much confusion has arisen simply from historic emphasis on economic growth over health.¬†¬† As people travelled to explore and seek new lands, trade resulted in new foods, new dishes, new potential markets for money-making ideas.¬†¬† The concepts “breakfast, luncheon, dinner” are just words that were not around when we first had meals.¬† They were made popular with economic growth – the difference between ‘the haves’ and ‘the have-nots’ – a fancy word given to describe a meal you knew you were going to have.¬†¬† Other words “tea, supper, brunch”, all words to describe a meal.

Massive popular advertising ensued. ¬†To have these things, to be able to eat these foods ‘made you better’, ‘made your life better’ , and the use of ‘governing by etiquette’ had it that you wanted these things for when you invited people over, so you were ‘seen to be’ doing well/better. ¬†It was an enormous all-consuming continual advertising campaign, as the media grew, and as inventions enabled it more and more coverage for greater distribution and influence.

These days we can look back with the insight that, when there is less choice, and when there is less bombardment of stimuli, we know that life is actually easier.

We have now experienced the disadvantages of many of these new food products, and many of us are going against the popular tide, returning to the healthy reliability of natural foods, ¬†Interestingly the popular tide itself is now turning, and ‘healthy natural organic places are also the ¬†favourite places of the elite and those who can afford more.

It has become so that those without any income at all, and those in the top income tier are eating natural foods! ¬†What does this tell us about food and use of food for economic promotion? ¬†It says “Been there, done that, and now we know better”!!

All of this extra confusing information aside, remember that we are fully capable of nurturing our bodies Рyou are fully capable of it.  The size of our brain potential, our creativity ability, and our hand structure, all make it so that we can all do this.

back to basics

As we are creativity, and competition has led us to focus this with food and selling of food,  much that is available for purchase I do not consider to be food anymore.

What once began as a food, I now consider has been turned into an artwork. What we see, smell, taste and even hear as we bite into it, is all valid and lovely for us to experience.   Is it a taste sensation artwork?  Full of sugar for an instant, overwhelming experience or high  A visual artwork?  To marvel at the colours and construction.   Or is it a textural experience, with a warmth and an icy cold, or a crunch with something soft?

The above pic I chose to share the famous cake stores in Acland Street St Kilda, Melbourne Australia.¬†¬† There are many examples around the world of stores with displays of colourful creativity on display.¬† ¬†The chocolate shops in Edinburgh,¬†the pastry shops in France, delicatessens around the world, showing wonderfully creative inventions, expertly produced and packaged….

I get a high from seeing such craftsmanship and skill.  I enjoy the colour combinations, the combination of textures and ingredients.  I can really appreciate the human skill involved.  I love it when people do their best to bring out an idea.  I feel nurtured by experiencing this and feel energetically lifted and inspired.

However, I do not want to eat it.¬† I do not want to put it inside my body as fuel.¬† I do really enjoy staring in the windows.¬† I do go inside the shops to enjoy the creativity…the art, as though I am in a gallery.¬† ¬†It is something that I do not want to clog up my intestines with at all.¬† The most I would do is taste it, but I find I can practically taste it with my imagination as I gaze at the art, to make consuming ¬†it unnecessary.¬† My spinach and rice creations are a far better fuel.

how basic?

As we want our body to be energetically maintained.  We want to eat that which gives us energy, with minimal energetic loss.

This also means eating what makes us feel good….not just what tastes good.

Using your creativity to help you to feel good.  Or do you eat to feel good?  Why are you only feeling good when you eat?  You are distracting yourself from the energy/feelings/thoughts that are ripe to be cleared from you.

I go more into preoccupation with eating in another writing, but for a long time now,(centuries) it has been one of the few acceptable body enjoyments we have been allowed while being in what I call a predominant Mind existence and a Body Denial existence

As a human being you have the ability to know that it is your responsibility to look after your body, and to be able to give your body the food it requires.  You have the potential to look after all of your needs.  The intent of wanting to know this, creates the place in you, to receive it.

As energy beings, we have the responsibility to govern our energy and food mastery plays a bit part in this.

I LOVE having a fit body.¬† The ease it gives me as I live my life.¬† The urge I get to run up a hill…or roll down one.¬† To go quickly from a sitting to a lying position to a dance position. ¬†To be spontaneous, to swing from a vine if I came across one!

All of this I can take for granted that I can do, because I keep my body well.  I feed and water it regularly like it is my favourite pet. I look after it with more care than the concern with which I fuel, oil and air pressure check my car.;)

It was not always this way for me.

I was raised being force-fed a set amount – a ‘child serve’ – and the equivalent size to my brother who was over 3 years older.¬† I was not allowed to leave the table until I had “finished my plate”. ¬†I was pestered and verbally insulted as the norm as my mother and brother sat watching me the entire time they were also at the table. ¬†No other conversation aside from abusing me , ever occurred, as in fact a conversation ability itself ¬†was lacking and limited to critical comments/attack on what was seen, but more on that another time.;)

It was a hard wooden adult’s chair and the food just got colder and colder.¬† I did not often like the meals prepared, that repeated over and over again with no variation. ¬†Though it was too much for me to eat, it was interpreted as “down right disobedience” if I did not “finish” my plate.

A great Aunt once took pity on me.  Seeing me still at the table a long time after everyone else had left, staring at the cold heap on my plate, she silently removed it.  This happened one time, but it was only once she or someone else was around us at this time, or any other!

I was not given opportunity to learn my food intake and individual needs when first relating to food, and it has taken time of healing and discovery. ¬† We each are different and need to learn to respect our body’s process of digestion.

Approaching ourselves in an enquiring way, allowing for our body’s needs to be different from what is on telly, allowing to ‘listen’ to our body, allows a connection to develop that alters our mind-set, and makes it easy to care for our body the way we need to.

I learned early on in the family home, that the only way to be able to leave the table and to get away from these people was to eat the food, then to vomit it back up, when I had got to safety upstairs.  I began doing this perhaps as early as seven years old, and my own creativity had given me this solution-seeking suggestion.

This was such an upside down, backwards, Alice in Wonderland, madness nonsense household, where it was more important Рto the extent of being drilled in a shouting voice Рhow you were holding your knife and fork, than a place to give your body the food you required for health and well being.  And most interestingly of all, this was all done, by an educated British woman, doing what she had been taught.

I feel it is possibly the way people begin bulimia, that they think of it themselves, without¬†needing to be given the idea. ¬†It is actually a clever solution, to bypass a bodily function, and it can be a helpful skill if you consume something harmful to ingest. ¬†It takes a certain amount of thinking ‘outside the box’ and the¬†anorexics and¬†bulimics¬†I came across in various hospitals that I crossed paths with, on my own healing journeys from a range of accidents/injuries, were always the most creative, interesting and intelligent girls.

My experience of my introduction to food and eating, was just another part of the battle for me to be living in this home, aiming on being the best Human Being I could be, while having to live under this ruling nonsense around me.  Beginning with no understanding of it, led me to need to learn from scratch.

I approach eating as providing myself with my nutritional requirements. ¬†I do not eat for any other reason. ¬†I was the manager of a food co-operative¬†in Canberra in the late 80’s, and I learned much from this position. ¬†The enjoyment I get from being fit and healthy and being able to rely on my body, far outweighs for me, any enjoyment I get from a brief sensation when I am consuming something.

To be able to manifest all that we can be, to be able to contain all that we bring down to the earth plane, does require a high level of physical health, posture, and energetic health.

If in doubt don’t eat it. ¬†¬†

Of course enjoy taste sensations, but know them to be that, something for your senses to enjoy.  Your eyesight sense, your taste bud sense, the aroma, for your sense of smell.  However, it is arguably not food as it is not fuel, that is mostly beneficial to intake or consume.  A case of do the benefits outweigh the possible cons! : )

I have been a vegetarian for twenty-five years or more, vegan for some of it, and mostly an eater of fresh food.  For me, the feeling originally was such that I did not want to continue to eat animals, as I felt badly.  Therefore, it was energetically an improvement for me to decide to cease eating animals.  All other animals were more family to me than my own family.;)

I discovered soon after the many benefits of a vegetarian diet.  Many people are being conscious of environmental consequences and eating free range organic produce, including meat.  It is energetically responsible for us, not to cause ourselves energetic discomfort from what we eat.  We want to choose what contains for us the most energy also, choosing the healthiest, most energy filled choice/specimen.

We are meant to know the source of our food, and we contain within ourselves all the potential ability to know this.  If you are caused to feel uncomfortable, when you learn of the source of a food, if it does not feel right or if it feels agitating, know that you are meant to find another food source.

It is all energy, and our responsibility as Human Beings, is to maintain ourselves in energetic health.  Part of this energetic health, is our natural responsibility to the larger energetic organism we live on, Earth! : )

If I cannot feel the energy from a ‘food’ , I do not consider it a food at all. ¬† : )

‘Living In Me – the complete guide to Being Human’ excerpt

    I have been waiting to share this my entire life, or rather it seems that my life has been lived in order to share this.

Born the hybrid of enemies/cultures/language/political, the daughter of Hungarian Resistance fighter athlete choirboy who spoke from a number of languages, had lost both his parents before he was 10 yrs, was a prisoner of war, and who seemed to be ‘undercover’ his entire time with us, and Victorian England raised British military ex-servicewoman (acting Sergent Major)¬† turned teacher-librarian, I was born to write a study into the Human Being.

My parents existed together, and lived by the book, or so it would ‘seem to be’.¬† But which book?¬† They were on the shelves in the house these books.¬† I have many more of them in my collection now.

Born into abject cruelly, my mother made the novels of Dickens pale into insignificance, though they were a strength and companionship to me.  Reading was one of the few things I was allowed to do as a child.

I was born into a ¬†curiosity of¬† “What Is The Point?¬† ¬†How Could This Be?¬†¬† What Is This God Idea Then?¬†¬† There Mustn’t Be One!¬†¬† But I’ve Just Been Born!¬† ¬†Why Am I Alive? and ¬†What Is The Meaning To It All?”

Not permitted to speak or make a sound, and ordered to remain still in uncomfortable sitting positions for extended periods, gave me opportunity to listen and observe everything, and I became very good at it.¬† Not much escaped my notice as I studied closely the members of my own family with the view to interpret.¬†¬†¬†¬† ” : )

The common question : “How Are You?” Is it working for us?

It doesn’t make sense for a start!¬†: )¬†I consider it is a major language error, given the extent of its use, the reason for language, and for what is attainable by us.¬†¬† This is a thorough exam,¬†with alternative suggestions!

It is¬† a question, that¬†reduces¬† or completely separates us,¬†from a state of ‘connection with all that is’.¬†¬†¬† It does not encourage, assist or enhance personal growth at all.¬†

It accurately could be called ‘the question of the unconscious’! ¬† It is used as a learned enquiry into someone’s health, but really it is a demand.¬†¬† It is telling someone what to say next, to explain themselves to you, and directing their consciousness on what to think.

What a developed consciousness feels is a ‘oneness’ with all other matter, and a lack of a vibrational ‘end’ between oneself and anything else, as everything that exists is vibrating.

In this state of oneness everything is felt, you are part of the ‘all’ of matter, and there is no ‘separate’ in existence for you at all.¬†

It is not possible in this state of heightened awareness – that is attainable by all – to decipher “How you are?”¬†¬†as in this context, this question loses all relevance, and doesn’t even apply.¬†

¬†This¬†state of ‘oneness’¬†is also where all senses and pleasures are heightened¬†andwhere¬†blissfulness is the reliable norm, so it is not something that you want to leave in a hurry……if at all.

To Be in the Present Moment is not a place from which it is possible to consider the question How Are You?

It may seem or feel like you are doing a kind and considerate thing  Рas it is what you have been taught. 

But, to be reduced to need to explain yourself at speed in a grocery queue, to someone you do not know and may never see again, with a long line of people behind you??!    This does not validate you, or  your feelings! : )

To answer it truthfully and meaningfully does not fit this setting at all.   Imagine

“Thank you for asking, I am feeling hurried at the moment when I would really love to feel in¬†a blissful state of oneness with the people in this queue;)” Or “Thank you, I am not feeling like I would most want to be feeling as I have a problem with the neighbours, so it is not as restful for me at home as I would like.¬† Frank was made redundant at work so finances are a bit of a struggle and Louise needs more textbooks for the seminar special study course which is causing us challenges..¬† how are you?”¬†¬† You can see the shop worker’s eyebrows raising as really they have just been told to ask you as part of the continued misunderstanding of the appropriatness of the question to us.¬† Really they are just wanting to do their job, and wish you would finish so they can serve the next person, or get their lunch break!!

What about ¬†just a change of a couple of words to make a non question:¬† “I hope you are well!”¬† Can you feel the difference?

It would be easier all round to give one another a greeting that fit the situation, than to ask them How Are You?

I go as far as say it is detrimental to a developing  consciousness, to be asking this regularly, and counter-productive to an attainment of a better understanding of life, what you are, and of the way your human life works.  All of these are a natural result of being in the present moment.

The state of attainment of serenity and bliss from feeling a ‘oneness’ with ‘all that is’ is the natural state for us.¬† This is simply the result for us when we learn to ‘drive’ ourselves, or how to Be ourselves.

Historically , I believe it is a question that began from ignorance,(ignorance;without knowledge) within developing society.

I believe it increased in popularity, with the increase in¬†a ‘class’ structure, and when being able to¬†‘question’ someone at all, was a distinction of where you fit in the ‘ranks’ and how many subordinates (those beneath you)¬†you had.¬†

Do not question me!” “Who do you think you are to question me?!”¬† ¬†were methods of control used, and who you could, and could not question, a mark of social rank.¬†¬† To be able to ask questions freely of those in your rank/class – without reprimand – would have felt acceptable, camaraderic and even bonding experiences.

Let’s break it down:

“How”¬†¬†¬† Few fully understand what they are, so that alone is enough to make imagining¬†‘how’¬† impossible.;)¬† ‘How’ is to explain oneself, and to answer that literally, would be to explain the entire process of you manifesting in the physical and I haven’t been able to do that in one blog yet…;)

“are”¬†¬†¬†¬† The verb “to be”.¬†¬† ‘Being’ requires knowledge of what one is, in order they might¬† Be it, so ‘same as above’;)

“you”¬†¬†¬† Again requiring knowledge of what one is, knowing what is the ‘you’ or ‘me’, and what separates us. Also what joins us, and¬†knowledge of when we are separate, and when are we one again.

The answer to this is a long explanation, and not in any way, shape, or form, ‘a greeting’.¬† It is a philosophical request, of a very personal nature, literally meaning ‘how did you manifest into this time and space to be before me’.

Do you really mean to ask this?  Do you want really to be questioning anyone when you meet or greet them?  What about a return to a real greeting of a gift of energy?  In most other languages greetings continue to be used.

In Australia I find “How are ya?”or “How ya going?” ¬†has all but replaced a greeting of any kind.¬†

The “good day/morning/evening” was considered too British and a desire to be more relaxed and casual caused it to be dropped, and to keep just the second part – the enquiry into someone’s wellbeing.¬† Energetically though, this removed the greeting altogether.

So ‘How are you?’¬† is not really a greeting at all, but an enquiry.¬†

I best describe it as ‘a demand’¬†or a request to¬†‘explain yourself” to whoever wants to know!¬†

Suddenly you are expected to give them your full attention, and to have them direct your consciousness to wherever they direct it, like it is a piece of toffee on their stick.;)

Or, that your vastness, memory files, and complete storage of all that you are in your life so far, is no more than a magazine to be flicked through at their leisure!;)

It was never an appropriate enquiry, more an attempt as ‘seeming to care’ as it became more popularized and commercialized.¬†¬† With loved ones, it still remains appropriate when time and setting allow for truth.

In Australia, common responses to it are ‘”Good.” ; “Good, howsyerself¬†Good?” and “S’all Good” (It is¬†all good).¬†

Considering a large % of the population is on medication for depression but still responds “Good”, demonstrates¬† that this verbal expression stays at the ”mind level’ rather than being a truth.¬†

It is not helpful to a situation of deteriorating/declining happiness to make irrelevant the very creative building blocks that words are, for us, when used as they are intended.

I also feel it is unkind, to use this enquiry so freely in an impersonal, commercial setting. 

There are people commonly now, who are dealing with bad feelings, and coping well, and to have their consciousness brought back suddenly without their choosing, to be reminded that prehaps they are not really the happiest at the moment, but not wanting anyone to know, or not wanting to feel it again for themselves Рonly leads to further disconnection from their own truth, and thus widens the gap from themselves and the chance to heal it.

Not using words in truth, maintains the status quo, contributes to it, assists your slide downhill, and definitely does nothing to assist it.;)

When words are said from the mind only – ¬†as in mind, mouth, mind, mouth, mind, mouth’¬† – at no time, does it ever touch or connect with our true self.¬†

As an energy being, our centre, is located in our heart chakra, and is positioned approximately at the bottom of our ‘sternum’ – end of mid ribcage, for us.

It is the centre, as the chakra above our heads Рthat can not be seen by most human eyes Р is included, in this division.

When someone slows down their answer, taking a breath,  energetically their own consciousness includes the lower chakras. 

When someone answers more slowly, on their breath,¬†the rest of theirself – without any knowledge of them/their names/the point , needing to be brought to conscious awareness, of the vessel of the forthcoming phrase. – automatically is connected and ‘driven’ right!

A variation of “How is your day?” understandably may have seemed to have been a correction of kinds, to a more caring, more modern approach, a ‘bigger ask’ even.¬† It does exactly the same removal from ‘the moment’ as the original.¬†

To leave the moment – where a developed consciousness is – to assess the entire day, though you are still in it, is not actually something that a human being need be doing, is not something that is healthy for a human being to be doing, and I am sure it is not even a natural human behaviour at all!

It is most likely a ‘construct’,¬†imagined behaviour or ‘culture created from a loungeroom’¬† which is what ¬†I began to call such behaviours some years ago.;))

I like to be in a nonthinking¬†or Zen state whenever I can, as LIFE IS INCREDIBLE like that.¬† It is like being on the best drug without any side effects.¬† Colours are brighter, everything comes so close to my eyes it is like I can touch things that are miles away….all senses are heightened to the max.

Sharing ‘what is brought to mind’ from a zen or non-thinking state is completely possible, but accessing information, requires we turn the mind on, and this is what is necessary to answer a question.¬† The mind is ‘activated’ or turned ‘on’ ,when we need to access information, from ‘storage’ within us.

When I hear “how are ya?”¬† I interpret it within, as a greeting, and I lead or respond with a good morning/afternoon/evening or hello/heh etc.¬†

Greetings as understood as a gift of energy are wonderful.  Why do we wanting to make demands of one another?  Greeting with a gift rather than a demand/drain/requirement of energy, then allows for a restful sharing of what comes to mind for any or either or no one.

It begins a more natural way of relating.

It encourages a natural ‘bringing to mind’ from another’s sharing, that their presence enables you to experience.¬† You are given opportunity to express this natural verbal sharing, thus creating your reality, as the mirrors for this that you are for oneanother.

I guarantee that you will receive what is uppermost in this other person to share with you, specifically.¬† If they need to share ‘how they are doing with something’ you will hear it! : )

Gifts of energy greetings¬† come naturally when we meet friends, lovers. partners and kin, as we have an interest in keeping them vibrationally¬†‘up’ as that strengthens them and us.¬† We are strong when they are strong and well.¬† It is easier to see the relation that we have to oneanothers vibration when we break it done like this.

¬†¬†So, you are meeting another human/energy being in the street.¬† The following are examples of ‘greetings’ that are gifts of energy.¬†

The experience becomes a mutually energizing exchange this way.  None are questions, demands, or reducers of energy.

Try following this method, and notice the changes in your own energy and feelings of those you meet. 

¬†Smile – the face shows it sees a delight (an ‘energy raiser’)¬† Nod your head perhaps, what else happens to your body as your energy moves?¬† Speak what comes to mind for you – a ‘sharing’ – from the presence/energy of this being/other.

¬†Remember to breathe down inside your solar plexus/diaphragm prior to speech, to assist you in connecting with yourself and what is true for you at that time¬†– otherwise called ‘your Truth”.

Examples of greetings using the English language follow, but if your own comes to you, it does so for a reason.  These are only to give you an idea :

 A joyous day to you Madam!  ; A glorious day to you Sir! ; Good morning/afternoon/evening!  ;   Hello! ;   Hey! ;    Good to see you! ;  You look lovely this sunny morning! ;   Wow you look great! ;    I am so glad to see you! ;  Lovely to see you! ;   Gorgeous day! ;   Meeting you always makes me smile! ;  You put a smile on my face! ;   I feel great to see you! ;   A sunny day to you whatever the weather! ; Feels good to see you! ;   It feels great to be in your energy again! *;   I feel good when I feel you! ;   It feels great to be around you/near you! ;   Heh, here we are again! ;   We are together again! ;  Great to be back in your energy *! ;   Great to reconnect (with you)!*;   This feel great! ;   Wonderful to be with you! ;   etc 

(* personal favourites)

Then¬†share what comes to mind, if something does.¬† Do not feel the need to ‘talk for the sake of talking’ as this is belittling in the extreme, to¬†what it is that you are. Try “I feel to share…”

1. Two energy beings (human beings) meet in the street, they make vibrational demands on oneanother’s time and energy, then part.

2. Two energy beings (human beings) meet in the street, they strengthen one another form their meeting.

Which do you do?  Which is it going to be? : )

I would love to hear any feedback to any changes you notice!  : ) 

Life Enhancing Top 3 Tips.

Life enhancing comes from thought control.

When you are in the place between your thoughts, and just ‘being’, all your energy goes into receiving life at that moment.¬† Eyesight, hearing, touch, taste and smell senses, all skyrocket!¬†The more time spent in that place only makes them more sensitive still.¬†

¬†The word ‘bionic’ from the Bionic¬†Man show starring Lee Majors is how I also relate to what has occurred with my vision!¬†¬† The term ‘magical’ describes improvements in other senses that are unexplainable with vocabulary and¬†understanding from my first human¬†anatomy training.

Any touch or sexual pleasure is heightened to an unbelievable degree, as all sensory receptivity allows it to be.

In the place without thoughts, is where you also meet the other senses awaiting you, or rather you find you just have these abilities from then on, and they also only improve from the more time spent in the non thinking space.

1.  I absolutely encourage everyone to spend time locating a space between thoughts.

It is completely irrelevant in the beginning if there is one yet or not, as what you are doing is making your consciousness identify such a place.   What you are doing is laying the ground work of electrical hard wiring, so that you understand Рby association Рyour own new vocabulary for this.

2. Know it is there.  Do it regularly.  It will be worth it I promise!!!!

Notice everything you can do that does not activate the mind, such as listening, seeing, touching and sensing.  Take to conscious awareness that these do not involve thinking, or the mind.

3.  Know that it is in the being, not the thinking that you meet you.

If you feel fear, sadness or other very strong emotions you know you are SPOT ON in the right place!!  Well done!

These are the feelings awaiting clearance from your being.¬† These are the accumulation of uncleared/unprocessed energies from past experiences, waiting in front of, and under,¬†the ‘draw-bridge’ of your real true conscious self!

Imagine a castle with a moat around it from tales of old.  A castle with a drawbridge that can be lowered over the moat to allow for entry into a festive celebration inside. 

Your old remnant unexpressed energies fill the moat.  Your courage, and new-found techniques to clear them, are the drawbridge, and your enhanced and freely cleared being, is the party inside!! : )

We Know Mind, Body, Spirit, But What About The Shen?

The Shen is the aspect of us, the Human Being, that is indicative of what lies beyond.

The Shen is the shine, light or reflection we can see in our eyes.

The Shen resides in the heart chakra, and is visible when we look at something with love, or undertake an activity from a feeling of love. 

The Shen is the source of our greatest creativity.

The Shen is most visible in those of us who regularly do creative tasks from a position of love.  The Shen grows brighter and brighter, as it is regularly used.

When we tell a lie, the Shen is not visible at all, and the eye may appear to have a cloud or a dull veil thrown over it.

No one else in other dimensions will assist lies, so the absence of Shen – the absence of white light –¬†demonstrates that you are operating on your own!

When we do an activity from our Shen, ALL that we are is enabled, so we are easily able to achieve things that may even surprise us – until we know¬†where it comes from and grow accustomed to ‘the way’!

We have spirit guides and more who can enjoy contributing at these times, when we are in an innocence, and a purity about us, that has us holding ourselves in a fixed state of creativity, with an intent that is good for all.

It is at these times when The Shen is strongest in us.

It is at these times, with our Shen engaged,¬†when we can¬†literally¬†achieve the ‘impossible’! : )

Another Way Of Being.

There is a way of being, that has you choose your thoughts when you need them, and has the most useful information contained by you, arise effortlessly, when you need it.

There is a way of being, that enhances all of your senses, to a degree that continues to improve, surprising and delighting you, by becoming more enhanced a you live your life.

Life gets better and better.¬† As it should be, and as is the way.¬† Becoming aware of this, is the way to begin to receive it.¬† Learning tips of self-mastery, is the way to assure it, as you awaken and secure¬†within¬†your body, the¬†reliable ‘hard wiring’ to make it so.

Any other way seems missing of the point really.  Do we not want to be excellent in our design?  Certainly there are reasons many of us can give as to why we do not make the most of our lives.  If we can be so much more than we are being, if we can be so much more capable than we already are, do we not owe it to ourselves Рor at least our children Рto find out how so? 

I was enabled a freshness and a completely unbiased view of life and humanity from my start in life.  There was no where I trusted, no one with whom I felt safe, so all information that came to me from any source, needed to be assessed by me, on its merits alone. 

Over the years I have found what a tremendous advantage this was, as I am drawn naturally to what is good for me, and what brings me joy.  And now, what has me wanting to share guaranteed life maximizing guidelines with the rest of my species!   I am enjoying bringing these writings to you! : )


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