Update Education! Human first, career/job second…

With the development of the education system to fulfill societal needs and our ‘career paths’, we forgot we are meant to be developing continually as humans. We forgot our real ‘path’.  Of course we can keep on top of both, us modern-day humans.

Our learning NEVER stops. We have our own lessons one after another., that are perfect for each of us, exactly as we need for that stage of our development.

Our lives may not be so challenged as another’s. Some of us may have relatively uneventful lives while others seem to go through one large event after another. But it is those ones of us who had no escape from realizing this early in our childhood who can see it all so clearly.

Human life path development must come first, then career.
Our ‘work’ can accommodate us. We created these jobs when we were ignorant of our real needs, with some tweaking, additional flexibility, regular job swapping or exchanging of tasks, we can allow for our innate creativity need for change, and personal development.

To Be human is to create, so there is nothing we can not solve or create our way out of, that we created in the beginning.  Moving forward is something we humans innate know how to do, we only need to realize ourselves.  🙂

Is Who We Are The`Same As What We Are?

A big NO!!!

Who we are, is essentially what we make of ourselves, within the What.

Who we are, is everything that we see, do and say.  Our behaviours and our actions are who we are.

What we are, is what we manifest within, ie what it is, that makes up our ability to form a body, and an identity, here on the earth plane or third dimension.

What we are, is given the classification Homo Sapien : 

Named from being formed from a hominid ( a primate standing upright) that is ‘wise’.  I would like to think we could become Homo Sapien sapien, by now!  This is the body that can contain us in such a way as to allow us to do what it is we need to do for our life path.

Who we are, is given the general name Human :

‘HU’ is the frequency given to a higher source, or that which is above our crown chakra.  The frequency ‘OM’ is more familiar, and is related to a lower chakra, here on the earth plane. 

Man is short for ‘Manifestation of the One’.

Who we really are, is who we allow ourselves to become, as we evolve our soul and our being, from the start of our journey, to the very end, when we leave earth.

There are no limits to us. : )

Comment to a comment I heard on The View on t.v.

  • comments to child abuse
  • more challenging lives examined
  • perspective and reasons given

I heard one of the ladies on The View say “child abuse murder’s the soul of the child”, and I lost my breath for a moment and need to share that it doesn’t at all.

Certainly healing is required, and can be non-progressive when falling into institutions that do not understand the larger workings behind things;)

The truth is, it can be exactly what our soul had chosen.

An enormous amount of behind the scenes organisation goes on, for our soul to manifest in this life, as us.

We choose our situation for manifesting.  I was aware of this when living in the abusive situation I was in.  I can clearly recall asking my guides  “why do I have this life again?  Oh yes…”  I was brought comfort from it, when there was none else available.

We do not choose each and every event that may occur, but we certainly choose our parents – our necessity for manifesting in the physical.  We must enter at conception, build our body around us, and be birthed here on Earth.

We choose our parents based upon a number of things, but mainly to enable us the very life path that we are requiring for this round of ‘The Growth Of My Soul Game’ on that glorious green & blue 3 dimensional realm called Earth, where we can touch and sense and get a life and a body.

Rather than a child’s soul being murdered through abuse, the soul aspect of that child, may be the strongest and most developed part.

We do not have a life that we are not ready for.  We deserve the life that we get for ourselves, in so far as we are seeking growth for us.  We are seeking to advance our soul’s development, to attend to healings and experiences that will bring us this growth.

It is the wiser ones, and the more advanced a soul, who is able to achieve for themselves, a more challenging game.

Forget role-playing Dungeons & Dragons…..we are living the game!;))  : )

Top Three Tips to Maximise the Possible!

  • Accepting challenge as the ‘step up’ it is
  • challenge made easier

When things are challenging for us, we know we are ‘raising the bar’ on our lives.

A gymnastic’s term, but applicable to anything, and we relate easily to this for any physical training for a sporting event.

But, absolutely the same thing applies to life.

With challenge, we know we can expect something different, something improved, something more rewarding, and something better. : )

Depending on how much we want to achieve in our lives, we can then create a balance between:

1.   How challenged we are content to feel.

2.   How much joy we replenish ourselves with.

3.   How regularly we release  left over energies from unexpressed feelings and issues.  : )

We are given opportunities in our lives for growth, healing and further development.  Opportunities will come and go, and if we are not ready for them they pass us by.

We can do the same old thing, as life lessons just repeat themselves until we ‘get it’, and we need to do something different to guarantee a different outcome.

Or we can jump aboard, and trust that nothing really comes our way that we are not ready for really…  : )

Building Sand Castles (ii)

  • my chapter for the book titled ‘In The Spirit Of Success’ April 2012.
  • guidelines to maximize your life success
  • how to use the 30/30/40 ratio of effort

Like building sand castles in the sand, some things we just do because it leads to a better life.  No one is going to pay us, promote us, or perhaps even notice, yet we build them because something inside us gives us the idea, and we teach our children to do it still.

I was born into challenging circumstances.  My safety was jeopardized by members of my immediate family on a regular basis, but to all outside appearances it was a respectable and functioning family that routinely visited church at Christmas.

Not permitted to speak, even for the purpose of learning, and told to keep out of sight because I was intolerable to look at, gave me enormous time for self-contemplation, questioning and analysis.

I relied on, and was arguably raised by, a mystery inner guidance, as one helpful suggestion after another entered my thought space. I depended upon this to keep me safe, as I received instructions on when and where to move about the house unharmed.  I came to realize I was not alone at all.

This sense of knowing also came to my rescue when on more than one occasion, a pillow was placed over my face while I was sleeping.  I held my breath for the longest time and kept very still, as I had trained myself to do in early infant school.  While other children were playing, I was obediently holding my breath for as long as I could, all day, every day, stretching out how long I could last.

I could not see behind closed doors – I only saw them – but my invisible mystery guidance obviously could.

I had given myself to God “if there was one” , with all the soul and intent of  a desperate toddler. Meditation, or the light I found behind my eyes became my place of comfort.  Time spent behind my eyes and in nature was my greatest source of safety and strength.

In adulthood, a terrible head-on road accident, killed the driver, and left me unconscious and in critical condition.  It required many hours just to cut me from the crushed vehicle, before I was flown to an intensive care unit.  Many simply wrote me off from having any type of quality future life.

Again, I relied on my default way of being, consulting my inner help, and I was guided step by step through a long and complicated process of recovery.

From my wheelchair, the Universe had me spy the dog of my childhood dreams in a pet shop window.  I found her impossible to resist, and my spirit was already running with her.  Physically it took me longer, progressing to crutches, then to walking sticks, then one walking stick, and then how we sprinted together!   These days I even enjoy circus trapeze workshops and dance.

Following another near death experience, (as refining of priorities as they certainly are!), I gained the insight to change myself, to not attract any more of them.  Suffering had been my familiarity to this point, where I felt the most “at home” and I was just attracting more of it.  Lawsuits for personal damages were also not my number one career choice!

What I have learned from my life experiences has been invaluable and I would not want to change the access to knowledge it has given me for anything in the world.  For me, that would be like turning off the light and returning to darkness.

To be human is to create, and ultimately we become the person we choose to be and who we work towards creating.  It is when our thoughts, words, actions, and behavior’s are all aligned that life becomes easier.  Way easier!

We, in human form, are the master/mistress, manager, and caretaker of all our cells, our thoughts, and our feelings.  Here is where we do the best job we can at being the best us, with the knowledge that we have, and within the parameters of 21st century planet earth, while creating the future.


No one can visit you if you do not offer them a chair or a place to park their car.  Well, the same applies for allowing you to express your full spiritual presence.  Spirit world is thought world, and it only needs a space to be heard.

Notice all that you can do daily without using your mind.  Things such as seeing, listening, tasting, smelling, and feeling.  Note that you actually turn the mind on the moment you attempt to access information.  It is the “foyer” equivalent to our memory files and elsewhere, to use or not to use.  Feel confident to pick the thoughts that best suit your life at the time.  Worry is simply an undisciplined thought that is recurring.

No time spent finding a space between thoughts is wasted, and makes all thinking easier and more succinct.  rewards are experienced long before you are able to hold that space for any time.

The space we create becomes our lifeline to ethereal dimensions and our easy access route to our spirit guidance.  Once we achieve this entryway, we can then trust that we will know what we need to know, when we need to know it.


When we give sound to a thought, we activate its creative potential bringing it into reality.  Having a thought is one thing, putting your sound to it magnifies it exponentially and brings it out ‘virally.’

Feel confident to choose your words carefully against the tide of people chatting and verbalizing every thought.  Minimizing your words, maximizes their creative potential.

Your “I am ” statements are your most creative building blocks.  Avoid staying in the common habit of question and answer, as we do not creat when we direct another’s consciousness around.  Aim instead on the habit of restful sharing of what comes to mind from another’s sharing.

An Affirmation is a carefully chosen series of words than when spoken aloud, combine your intent, with your essence and your soul.  Feel it is so, and believe.  For example:

“Today I am the strongest creator of success, health, and happiness for myself that I have ever been.”

The “Universal Absolutes” Requirements for Success

1. Truth.

Exist in a state of Truth, or “Adherence to what is”.  How can those in other dimensions assist you if they cannot rely on you?

2. Good Intent.

Hold a good intent for all.  A love for self and others that is uncompromising.

3. Gratitude.

Be in a state of gratitude.  This automatically fast tracks us for ease of access to higher dimensions be raising our vibration.

Follow these three = ask, receive, with guarantee!

After many years of following this formula, I calculated that intent accounts for 30% of the work, providing you with opportunity, another 30%, and then the physical doing is actually only 40% of effort.  This achieves ‘maximum effect with minimal effort’ and life just makes sense as synchronicites occur around you.

While there is much fascination for what comes before and after life, here on earth is the only place we run, jump, leap, taste, touch, and feel!

Here is our playground, and as with any game there are rules.

See you at the finish line!

Lover of life, love, joy, music ,and all that brings clarity and explanation to a planet in need, Amelia Pinter finds a ready challenge in anything seemingly complicated! She is passionate about creating educational curriculums that reflect our needs, Human Being Essentials, an is seeking publication for “Living In Me : The Complete Guide to Being Human” and sharing her Sound Healing vocal frequencies across the world. For more information on Life or Amelia visit www.facebook.com/AmeliaPinter, www.amelia-pinter.com ,  www.celebratesingdance.com , www.LanguagesLifeEveryone.com  

So what is ‘the ego’ exactly?

  • the ego defined
  • what the ego isn’t
  • why ego has been so misunderstood
  • the role of ego among men
  • how identity serves us
  • ego disorders

   What is the ego?

I am hearing more frequently the word ‘ego’ used, especially amongst young men, then often with a “but that’s just my ego talking and I need to get it out of the way…”  I am finding it just as important to speak of what the ego is not, to provide a clearer understanding.

As we develop self mastery, we find that much of it comes from recognition, perspective, then understanding, of each aspect of ourselves.

The ego is given as bad a rap as cholesterol, when they both are in fact an essential component of being a Human.

Without cholesterol, we would be a pile of cells on the floor.  They are the ‘name tags’ or coding for a cell, so they know what they are, and where they are meant to be.  This is also why it is not digestible, or easy to break down, as it needs to be permanently in place so we can function as an organism.

All the ego is, is our identity construct while we are here on earth.  The identity that we form, out of which to operate.  The identity that enables us to bring what we bring to the planet; our ‘game piece’ that gives us the greatest ‘play’ out of which we can play our best game with the most opportunities provided for our creativity.

What the ego is not…

The ego is not our social status, or how we view our social standing among others.  Of particular importance if you are in the form Man.  They are related in that the ego can be reinforced/solidified or brought into question by the social status.  The ego can be likened to the toy car on the social status electric track.   

The ego is not about feeling a sense of pride or a want to do well, or a want to do your best.  Pride is an essential component of being human.

The ego is not about caring that others view you with a high regard.  Respect within humanity is how we function best and a natural want.

The ego is not about wanting to  have the best life that you can for yourself and your family.  This is a natural drive, and additionally felt if you are in the form Man, as you are naturally the protector and active doer and you naturally lean toward what is best for yourself and your own.

It is inherent in all species to do one’s best.  To choose to not do your best, is a human ability that does not encourage personal growth of any kind, and is in fact disabling. ( I go into this in greater detail with another writing, as it is in epidemic proportions, and the cause of many larger concerns). .

The ego is simply the identity construct that you create, out of which you operate.

You create it, so naturally you can feel prone to an insecurity or have doubts sometimes, as you contemplate yourself.   It is completely personal, and completely up to you, no matter how capable you feel you are.  Or how much life knowledge you have or have not.  This is why it can easily cause confusion, concern and misplaced emphasis.

Choose who you want to be, and work toward creating this. 

Give yourself as many possibilities for opportunities within this identity as you want. 

Then, let it go.  Remove attachment.  Just be that you, as you go about your tasks, projects and activities.

The ego is also not about feeling a need to impress a woman if you are in the form Man.  This is as natural in us, as in many other species proving themselves in some way, by building nests or driving off other males or having the most amazing feathers.  The tales of knights of old who most impressed the queen, winning her affections for a night; the man who’s harvests are the most bountiful being able to choose from more than one girl in the village, all appropriate tales for learning.

When a man does something well that we women cannot do,  it impresses us, is ‘sexy’ and arousing to us.  This means our base chakra inner energy rises/moves and we feel this.  When a man achieves something over other men, our attention goes to him, as the potential greater provider and protector.  Base chakra : core survival sustaining energy, and responsible for the genitalia.

I began life being ordered to “consider yourself last, if at all.”    I felt as worthless as I was told I was, and was so emotionally shut down, that I was numb to even sensing my own wants and needs.   Not having an ego was part of my ill health condition at this time.    I was actually denied forming my own separate identity.

I related completely to feeling ‘kept’ and ‘owned’ in my childhood situation.   I was ‘hers, my mother’s,’ and was expected to move on command.  Like the little hamster I had as a pet, I was the ‘kept child’ in my mother’s cage.   She knew best, and I was to obey.   There was no opportunity given me to form an identity.  I was told what to do and what to think at all times, and feelings  just weren’t considered.  Behaviors, that I was instructed to have, were of her choosing.  It was a completely demoralizing situation.

One such telling example, is when we needed to go somewhere on a coach.  We had arrived late at the bus station, and she ordered me to lie down in front of the coach outside, if it tried to leave without us.  She was serious.   She then disappeared, to attend to something or other.

She had told me many times that “people have children to do their dirty work”.  I can recall the awful feeling, and the very weight of the responsibility, as I watched, frightened at the activity outside.  Metaphorically, my energy felt shoved even further into the ground before being jumped up and down on.  It was a ridiculous responsibility to put onto a small child.

It was of a time when children had to do only as they were told, when children could still be remembered as cheap labour and second class citizens, by those still influenced by the teachings prevalent in Victorian England.  It had not been agreeable to my mother, that I even existed.

I found in time, that making myself malleable around other’s wants and needs, and totally without a sense of personal identity, just not viable or workable, for myself, or, anyone around me.   How could anyone relate to me?  Who was I?    I had to use all my skill and intent to discover who I was, in secret.  I needed to learn of my own personal likes and dislikes, as don’t they guide our natural behaviors, and aren’t they essential?

Forming an identity, then keeping to it in a state of integrity, makes for the most effective and operational manner for our life path.  It makes for our greatest and easiest success.

Ego disorders can occur when…

1. There is not an adequate identity formed yet, out of which to operate.

2.There is not an adequate sense of self, felt.  A lacking of objectivity perhaps. What are your achievements?  Is your view of yourself clouded by unexpressed energies/issues/ ‘depression’?

3. There is not an adequate perspective of self, realized.  Where you end, and where others begin. Where you fit into your community?

A bandaid measure or what I call “solution seeking creativity’ may be that you feel the need to create a false reality around you for the benefit of seeming to be more, or something else, than your identity allows.   This comes when you feel unsatisfied with yourself, and you are not living in integrity, and you feel you could benefit from some illusions or lies, added to your identity.  (Lie; a falsehood told with the intent to deceive).

Something to notice is your language or word use.  An indication of where you are with your focus/perception of your Self, may be found in the frequency you use the words “I” , “Me” & “My”.  The frequency you think the words ” I” ,”Me”& “My” also.  Notice the frequency they are used by others, for a private check-in.

It may be common in language for some men to exaggerate, particularly of achievements with women, jobs, machinery or sports, but this is actually a social standing /social status issue, and also not ego.  As we are beings of energy, a group energy is formed when we are together.  It is this energetic pull that can sway and change behaviours of an individual energy.  A group energy will perform much better, if those who are are part of it, think highly of the others around them.  We are ‘raised’ by the energy we are in…or we can be depleted by it.

These examples can be equally said of some women, in some situations now, particularly within the English language, as we have the situation where both sexes are doing economic raising activities, and roles and behaviors have changed to incorporate these.  I expand upon this in other topics.

The natural urge inherent inside Man, as by design, the active doer, protector, and competitive one of our species, is to feel great,proud,larger and stronger even, if other men ‘raise’ his status by what they may ‘perceive to be’ or from ‘how it looks’,or what they ‘imagine to be true’.   If you have not spoken a lie, how is it wrong?

There is not likely to be a situation where a man offers to say “that hot woman wasn’t interested in me, I was just giving her a lift.” or ” We weren’t on a date at all, just standing next to one another in the Movie queue.”  “We went on a date but she said she wasn’t interested in seeing me again, and the evening ended really early.”

Better for him that he says nothing…and let’s others think much.  The pull of group energy in Man is extremely inherently strong, as it is meant to be.  Man is the one who has been required by tradition  to rely upon other men, to bring down the large hunting prey, to protect all that is theirs from possible attack.   To achieve great things together.   You only need to go to a football game to feel the strength o f this energy.

An enormous subconscious attraction to being in the Army services is to feel the group male energy, brotherhood and camaraderie.  These are not so easy to find these days as they once were, aside from sports teams, and certainly a requirement for us.  Men strengthen men, and women strengthen women.  Gang interest can have the same appeal to it.

I completely understand the historic uproar when women were first allowed to join the Army services, as energetically we are completely different.   The presence of a woman’s energy being would completely alter the energy of the nearby surrounding men.  Our chakras or energy segments or ‘wheels’ rotate differently.  As they are meant to do.   Men and women are meant to affect one another energetically, and all of the time.  We do not ‘come into season’ like some other species do.  Some cultures do incorporate this knowledge and have taken their own measures to keep their societies operating.

An unfortunate conflict of interests can occur, between the enormous pull of this social status energy and  very real self growth having the opportunity to occur within a man’s  ego/identity.  One such example is if it is alluded to within a group that a man is already in a more advanced relationship with a woman, than he may actually be. This is risky, and as  a woman I can share that we can find this a complete turn off.

Women find confidence extremely appealing and sexy.  A need to allude that something is already going on, convinces us that there is no confidence for the possibility that it will.  Holding back from hinting or alluding, to advance social status, may have led to a real development with this woman, and to a growth in identity/ego that would have genuinely raised the social standing more so.

It is part of Self Mastery for a Man to use wisdom to negotiate the balance between your ego identity, and your social status within the group energy.  To surf the edge between them to maximize your success from a state of Integrity.  Remember that integrity enables you to fast track to success, so is worth it every time, and it always pays off in ways you don’t ever expect!.;)

These situations between ego and social status and our relating with presumptions, also has allowed for a development of, a perceived messiness, between what is truth, what is alluded to, and what is a lie.

It is completely clear, however, when it is understood in the context of the natural tendency of our species, and of our tendencies from being either in the form Man or Woman, and of the importance of truth/adherence to what is, on our path.

I consider we do an amazing job to be us, since Sages and Wise Ones are no longer here to guide us.  Many women are living more as ‘female men’ , unaware of what else lies waiting for them….if they only knew.  And there are men, who for some reason that they themselves may not know, never feel quite comfortable calling themselves a ‘Man’ .

This is only a consequence of lack of recognition of all that we are, as our society was formed.  We know better now and we have all the knowledge in the world available to us.  The greatest wisdom however, lies in the application of this knowledge, hence my passion to share. : )

Living a carefully constructed reality, here in life’s game, relies upon being inside a functioning identity.  This is the ego, and its wonderful ability to monitor itself.  You may occasionally receive feelings that encourage you to check in on the effectiveness of your game piece, as you play on.;)   

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