Brexit, A Backward Step Motivated by Unhealed Ignorance & Fear.

An elected government representative has a duty to reflect the desires of his/her ‘constituents’/ area of people, but what happens when such people have been misguided, un or ill informed, and hold historically imbedded irrational fears, ignorance, and/or emotional and mental illnesses?

Brexit that is what. ūüėČ The UK’s foolish result to leave the European Union.

Britain requires closeness to other languages and cultures for her own healing. Other countries do not suffer the extent of Britain’s pervasive negativity, an emotional illness that causes debilitating mental and physical decline,which is reflected in her ever-growing sociological problems.

And herein lies the problem. People inaccurately look to their elected representative to guide them, but guiding them they are not. They are seeking their own personal continuance as an elected official. Job focus. They cannot actually guide them under this design. The system needs ‘tweaking’ to allow for thorough explanations to be given, as currently it is not happening.

I give the example of my dear cousin Penny Mordaunt who is currently the British MP for The Armed Services. I love Penny dearly, she is genuinely a caring individual, and who was the only one in my family as I grew up who expressed insight and concern for me in the care of my ‘mother’. I know Penny is doing her utmost and believes what she is doing to be the best for her constituents.

But is it? Unfortunately I believe her job restricts her.

Penny represents Portsmouth with its high Navy population and has always been interested in, and enormously committed to, improving quality of life for aging Britains. A defence force such as the Navy rely upon precautionary measures and fear and the over 60 years age group most in favor of Britain leaving the EU to ignorantly “go back to how things were”, so Portsmouth, led by Penny as a ‘leave’ campaigner were a good contribution to the Brexit result.

But under the current system, how can Penny have opportunity to herself to know enough of the EU and implications of leaving it, in order to be able to educate her constituents IF IT IS already against what they want, without fearing her own income security? When can any of our politicians get enough life experience for the larger perspective required also, as they lobby and publicly ‘perform’ their highly competitive route into office?

According to analysis since votes were counted, the decision was driven by fears and inadequate awareness of what the EU was or did. The second biggest google question asked in UK yesterday was “What is the EU” according to the PBS Newshour tv show¬†just earlier SBS Aus time.

Historically we received guidance from Wiseones / Shamans/ Kahunas or similar within our own language, for people who had earned our respect, from committed demonstration of living ‘the way’, who’s interest lay in an outcome the same as our own. Where health, well-being and happiness was seen as the biggest wealth. These times are no longer with us, and it has been a while. ūüėČ but they can be.

Our current systems do not allow for it though…nor can they create it. Not without us recreating them.

Where also is the acknowledged development of us as we evolve? ūüėČ ¬†We are not designed to be born to become an employee, requiring someone to represent us so we never develop an awareness of anything outside of our source of income. ¬†Yet this was a key strategic move by historic Britain, to maintain a public ignorance for easy rule and economic growth.

I say we can fix both. ¬†The two do not cancel out the other, and can happily coincide……certainly more happily than is currently occurring. ūüėČ

We need to tweak our systems and structures anyway to better accommodate ourselves in health and well being to allow for us to grow and develop as individuals, as is our design, so we may as well attend to all our other responsibilities and agendas within it as the same time. ¬†ūüôā

There has never been a way that has worked yet, so no backward step will suffice. ¬†Communication and better relations with other cultures and other languages is what Britain sorely requires. ¬† English speakers miss out on so much that other languages take for granted, and far too many of them don’t know it.

But how can they know, what they do not know….if they never allow opportunity for it now? ¬†This has been an unwise decision made, ¬†only because people hadn’t the wisdom given them to make it. Is fear and ignorance good reason, or something requiring explanation and healing? ¬†ūüôā

Any Reason To Celebrate!


Celebration in any language and culture = Vibe-raising goodness!

“All Hallows’ Evening”, Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve – and now, modern day¬†Halloween – is seemingly everywhere, even in Hungary!

Imagine a pagan ritual of old, ¬†other worldly, and other dimensionally, ūüėČ so much valued by us through the ages, that it has stuck around in a number of disguises.


There is nothing wrong with us celebrating each other’s events, rituals and special days. It is when we devalue them, and inject negativity into each other’s lives that we do harm, and when we place emphasis on their economic meaning rather than on their human life-giving value.

I want to know all the world’s festivals and celebrations. The more celebrations we have, well…the more the merrier! ¬†Raising our vibration is a Being Human Essential! ūüėÄ

English language Alone Is Not Enough.

The English language on its own, is not enough to maintain a human being in health.

I am noticing in agreement now, from various sources, it  being found that being bilingual can make you smarter.  What I am saying with concern, is that English is not adequate for us.

English on its own – as is its habit, like an invasive plant that toxifies the soil driving out competing species – is not adequate to ensure we develop the intellectual reasoning ability that we require just to live a healthy functioning life.

To quote a paper on bilingual development also advertising a method style of language teaching cards:

“…the collective evidence from a number of recent studies suggests that the bilingual experience improves the brain‚Äôs so-called executive function ‚ÄĒ a command system that directs the attention processes that we use for planning, solving problems, and performing various other mentally demanding tasks.*

Yes. ¬†The executive functioning referred to here is precisely what I term our ‘intellectual reasoning ability’. ¬†Or, that which gives us the ability to reason – concur – analyze – determine – think with strategy – so that we may then choose the best decision for the best outcome for our life, and life as we know it – and may know it.

Can it be we are already suffering as a planet large-scale from this inadequate reasoning ability?  Oh yes.

‘Chronic deficiency syndrome’ is apparent where ever English is found in its smallest vocabulary use. I find it to be very common now in Australia, England and the U.S. Only where English speakers develop themselves an extra vocabulary size, in their own time given them by financial freedom and motivation to do so, can they avoid this disorder.

On its own, the English language will not naturally develop a brain that is sufficient for a healthy, top-performance-potential reaching human life, as do the others organically. ¬†It cannot, simply by way of its structure and ad-hoc design. ¬†It is the made-up, artificial, ‘plastic’ of all the human languages.

It is the ‘meant well for the self-gain of the ruling class’, advertising, strength of rule, wealth, people and land amassed & controlled, and for economic growth purposes. ¬†It is part of an entirely artificially creative construct where people were kept divided and restricted into classes and jobs performed, and vocabularies restricted to what was required in tasks performed.

Like cigarette smoking, spraying DDT and many other such examples where we have come to think better of, it was a bad idea for our made up, thrown-together-in-haste ‘English construct’ to become so wide-spread. ūüėČ

Seriously. ¬†It was found in schools in Australia last year – with some concern – how the English-language only Australian children were performing badly compared to the ‘migrant’ or new arrivals from other countries. ¬† I am not surprised, and I expect it.

I remind you I am also British with family there I am very fond of, and I say this in respect of all British people. I believe ‘Chronic deficiency syndrome’, in addition to all the other referenced mental and emotional illnesses in British history, already to have played a starring role in the way much of the world has been made to follow Britain down one of its own industrial drains…

Other western European countries played out some horrific parts in history also, sure enough all us French, Spanish and Portuguese speakers – where ever we are – there is a reason for it! ¬† But, I believe an enormous part of this, was to ‘out-British’ the British! ¬† To keep Britain smaller.

And so that ‘race’ to claim wealth that your neighbors were taking, just for your own survival as otherwise they would take over you too, WAS ON! ¬†“Kill or be killed.” “Steal or be stolen from.” ¬† This, my mother taught me a a child, ¬†had been the way, and what English people had been taught.

Other languages are healthier for us than English, and it is necessary for these other-language developed humans, to play a starring role now, in seeing us to a healthier and better managed planet. ¬†Take enormous well deserved pride in knowing your own country’s health maintenance history. ¬†Especially if you are from a naturally warm/hot country that led us to more of this creative development.

If you do not already have English-only as your language, but still possess your ‘home language’ – excellent! Keep the learning of English as it was designed – a ‘trade’ language – useful to have, but not sufficient on its own.

I am reminded of a joke I was told in Edinburgh Scotland that caused me to laugh and laugh ūüėÄ

Q. “What do you call someone who speaks lots of languages?” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† A. “Multi-lingual”

Q. “What do you can someone who can speak two languages?” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†A. ¬†“Bilingual”

Q. “What do you call someone who can only speak one language?” ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† A. “English!”

Keep your home language with pride, and speak it in your home and to your youngsters. ¬†have the courtesies of your language proudly displayed on the wall or over a fire mantelpiece so visitors can comfortably fit in and show respect! ūüôā

Greetings To Everyone Where Ever We Are!


We are united in our humanity and our spirituality, and divided by our religions and all other indoctrinated beliefs only.  Indoctrinated beliefs created centuries ago, ill-advised and inadequate, and without the ability to determine long-term consequence.

But we remain united by our humanity and our spirituality, and¬†our natural sense of what is true and right and just. ūüôā

We only have to give precedence to our knowing NOW, over rules our ancestors made up way back THEN! ¬†Crazy! ūüėÄ

It is vital to us as the creative, evolving beings that we are, that we allow for our flexibility and constantly evolving state, within our own systems.

Evolution formed the basis of much of our understanding and is referenced material upon which we formed our structures.

It is therefore easy for us to name ‘further Human Evolution’, as the reason for the necessity for review, revamp and re-creation! ūüôā

We developed all these systems Рas the creative beings that we are Рand they only need to be tweaked  to make sure they are a good fit for us.

We all have been to the store right? ¬†So we all know the necessity of a good fit? ūüėČ

Same for our lifestyle, and our systems that surround us out of which we live our lives.

Blessings to all. ūüôā

Insights from FIFA World Cup 2014!

Hol√°! bom dia! Zdravo! dobro dan! ‚̧ I loved watching Croatia play Brazil in the Football 2014 World Cup!

Hola! ¬†buen dia! ¬†Hallo! goede dag!¬†¬†I loved the energy and excitement as Spain and Holland played each other in the World Cup Football! ‚̧

Hello to every one of us with teams playing ūüėÄ


I am loving the demonstration of our human skill at such level of excellence. I can relate to it as dancing – with a ball – and needing to spontaneously change position looking and sensing at all times for anyone who may try to take it from you, or motivate a change in footing.

The players must have the flexibility of gymnasts and ballet dancers in their legs and hip sockets!

When we do our best, we are naturally surfing on the top of the wave of our own energy, at our most efficient place, and living as we are designed ūüėÄ

There is every emotion being experienced – and allowed to be experienced – by strong, athletic and proud men. And what a crowd – wow!

As humans we are designed to embrace all that we are, and for too long from ignorance promoted by the English historically, our feelings have been ignored and even ridiculed. We need to be led by our feelings however, as it is just our energy giving us advice.

This world football event, with us free to compete in pride as the languages that we are, in peak physical health, allowing our energy to feel, is such a fabulous example of us all being really real! ¬†ūüėÄ

Human Being Expert. Me? Oh Yes.;)

I have been studying the human being my entire life, at first, for my own very survival. ¬†“I have studied the Human, in order that I might be one”, I heard myself say to a guy in Barcelona, who smiled.

The bookshelf in the family home in Hampshire, England, had the selection of authoritative nonfiction books of the time, such as ‘The Last Two Million Years” and other biology and medical dictionaries that I was reading before I started school. To understand, and make sense of the cruel nonsense around me, was my motivation, and to answer the eternal “Why was I born?” and “How can there be a God?” questions.

I was not permitted to speak as “children are to ¬†be seen and not heard” so I was not given chance to develop normal speech, but then ordered to speak on command and made to alter my voice to one that was approved of. ¬†This was so traumatic for me that I blocked it out, for years, only to be released when another significant trauma allowed it forth. ¬†It explained my vocal difficulties all throughout my life, which has given me tremendous insight of what language is, it’s very point and purpose, and it’s role in determining us.

Allowed to read and watch TV, I became an expert observer, as the difference I noticed in a facial expression change, could make the difference between life and death for me. ¬† Considered too ugly and an evolutionary backward step – as I did not look Caucasian enough – with eyes “too chinesey” and a face and body “too negro”, ¬†she instructed my brother to kill me and I survived one attempt after another, and was constantly nursing injuries.

There was a seemingly endless list of ridiculous sayings that were followed to the letter, that I was governed by, such as not being “worth the clothes on my back” and “at the bottom of the pecking order.” I existed in an illusion of a ‘good home’, as my mother – who I knew as ‘monster’ cared enormously, and only, of how others viewed her.

What was really going on, did not matter at all, if nobody knew, she thought. ¬†I learnt of why and how, and the consequences of this, to a life path. ¬† I was told lies by her, with the insistence that it was true, which was just not a situation that was tolerable. It confused me and made no sense, so I learnt easily that truth, or “adherence to what is” as I define it, was vital to me and my development.¬†She told me outright one time, in an attempt to sway me to her thinking, that “It didn’t matter what is, only what people believe, is” ¬† She turned to me once after an event trying “THAT, didn’t happen. ”¬†I knew to distance myself from her even further…

My father left me in very early years, in a place I only knew as ‘the crying room’ of a British childcare facility. Up until that point, he had been my primary care giver, and I was attempting to form speech from his Hungarian singing. ¬†He was instructed to stop singing to me – I can still recall this clearly – and he moved to Australia to live with my mother’s Aunt on her orchard in Batlow,¬† ¬† In Australia, he could earn a higher wage than in England, and while he paid the mortgage, my mother ‘looked after’ the children.

It was a situation where how I held a knife and fork, was more important than the role of food intake. ¬†No free self-expression was allowed me at all, but to ‘follow orders’. ¬†As to an activity undertaken, as to the position I held my body in, to even what expression I was allowed to be holding on my face.
I was forced to sit for long periods of time, on a hard chair, staring into a mirror, until I could hold an approved fake smile, and hold my face, in an unnatural position, that she found the most ‘tolerable’. ¬†So tormented was I from this, that I became very interested in the man known as “elephant man’ and I adopted his technique of covering his face with a cloth, to avoid torment. ¬†The relief was short-lived in my case, with a mean toned “what face are you making under that, take it off!”

It was about ‘making a face’ instead of ‘being a face’. Is not our face to show our true expression? ¬†It was all so obviously wrong to me. There was no idea of what was important, critical, sensible, necessary, unnecessary, ridiculous, trivial or nonsense, to life, at all. ¬† And all of it done with a chronic superiority complex, and with a “you don’t know how lucky you are…” ¬†I ran away at five yrs old but returned myself and unpacked my little case, as there was nowhere else to go.
Only a while after I had started school did the attempts on my life fade out, as her plan changed. My doing well at school, so she would look an even better mother, became the new one, so I would “earn my keep”.

I wanted to find out WHAT ON EARTH WAS GOING ON.   That my mother, or be it any human being, could have become like this, when I was surrounded by a natural world that had animals still exhibiting care and following a natural sense and order.

There was no illness to describe her’s in the Medical book. ¬†She was only doing everything that she thought she should be doing. ¬†And, everything that she thought she could get away with doing, to have the best life that she could have for herself. ¬† I could see easily that she was a product of her teachings, of her time, and of her parents teachings. ¬†I would intuitively know that insults she screamed at me, were ones given her as a child, as she did, obediently to the letter, ‘what she was told’ and ‘told of’.

So, I became an acute reader of the faces of my family, the eyes, tone of voice, of frequency, all behaviors, and of feelings,  in my need to determine truth and safety for me.  My brother had time alone with her, and I would know another idea was coming, and when she had planned his next action.  I grew able to easily determine a lying face from a truthful one.

My desperate seeking of this clarity, enabled me to learn of the real needs of the Human Being to sustain us in health, of the illusions that have caused these to have become forgotten, and the whys, the causes, and of the consequences of this.  In other words, what had happened historically, and why my family was the way it was.

I learned also, that the place I went to as a child to get away, is the place that people meditate for years to get to.   It is well worth it, as it gives you other information that can only be reached from experience of this.  It enables you to receive the rewards of heightened senses, giving an improvement all round in receptivity to life.
I learned that I read at 450words/min when I was 12, but that was the limit of the test, that was given only to pass time when it was raining one day at a`primary school in Australia.  I started school in England, where my knowledge of the work as the smartest child in the class only determined where I sat in the classroom, at the speedboat or rowboat table.;)

I learned that I can pick up languages faster than most, assisting my studies with my cross cultural ability, from the Hungarian/bilingual beginning I had as a baby. ¬†Hungarian is not like any other language with its full range of sounds, helped also by my sound sensitivity, and my pitch ability as a singer and natural musician. Though I do not consider myself fluent in any language, save that the languages of love, music and dance, I can speak, or ‘pull’ from over twenty of them. ¬†This has allowed me insight into other language groups of human studies, providing me with a broad base of how we differ as ‘breeds’.

I am a ‘sound healer’ also, since my life journey passed through into the meta-physical, and I learnt of how I was helped through so much, by the intuitive sounding I had done since in a cot, until forbidden to do that with a “Stop making that noise child.” ¬†It helps me to realize the point of voice, of languages at their core vibration, and what this means to us. ¬†I learned that I also had other intuitive healing abilities that had enabled me to effectively counteract/reverse/heal, a large number of the misguided ‘non-teachings’ I was ‘taught’.;)

Being an Empath is something I relate to being, and my sensitivities to energy, my being able to read and feel another’s energy, together with all I have studied and experienced, allows me to know what is missing in the education system and general knowledge.

A life that begins with orders to ‘consider yourself last, if at all”, required me to reach a stage of choice, and do a complete turn around, to not attract further events of suffering to me aka The Law of Attraction. ¬†I have been through, & healed through, much. ¬†Attracting another, but very severe car accident, saw me need to heal myself from extensive, severe, multiple injuries and I further learned of what was currently known and unknown of the human being, and more of myself. ¬†This accident took me from University, but I had found tertiary education too limiting of my interests, so I designed my own studies, from my bed, which I included with my full-time physical rehabilitation.

My studies and reading I grouped into three sections; ‘What we know we are”, “Why things are the way they are”, and “What we really are”, to give structure to my task. ¬†I take occasion to define words carefully.
I find many could now benefit from what I know, as it seems that Humanity itself is going through the very thing I had to figure out and sort out, as a young child, only on a much bigger scale!!;)
I continue this study throughout my life, which takes me far and wide, as committed journeys do.  As I am what assesses what I see, as it passes through the files behind my eyes, I find my perspective comes easily.  And, I also absolutely know, that difficult and impossible are not the same thing at all!

It brings me pleasure to share the tales, adventures and discoveries with you.  I would like to prevent anyone from needing to experience what I have, but to be able to share in the wisdom of it, so their own lives can be greater and easier.

‘The answer to the meaning of life, the Universe & everything’ is not 42, as the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy told us;), and we simply cannot caretake¬†of ourselves and our planet, or live as intended, if we do not know what we are.

If we want a dog, we can read a book all about the dog, and different breeds of dog. ¬†Where’s the book on Being Human? ¬†My thought’s exactly;)

Amelia : )

Human Language = Ability To Reason

As we create ourselves, we create our reality to exist in.

We are meant to evolve. But how can we when we are held restricted by our own systems?

Our society is formed by structures put in place by our unconscious, unhappy & unhealthy ancestors. These structures are completely ignorant of basic human needs and knowings.

My studies inform me of intellectual reasoning abilities that are made capable by vocabulary, and enhanced by vocabulary size and language complexity. I find some languages to be deficient.

It is our language that is our particular human skill. Our language development that we experience as a child, is what enables a human being to develop thinking ability internally, or to grow us to be able to ‘intellectually reason’.

I find some language groups unable to even fathom that there are answers to all problems humanity is facing. Answers that are within easy reach of us, or more accurately within reach of other humans, whose language or vocabulary, allows for a greater intellectual reasoning development.
I find the English language, to be the most limiting in this development. The English language is not actually a natural language but was a creative construct mostly for trade purposes, built from many languages to serve urgent needs, under stress.

Societal structures, put in place by our own ancestors, the past leaders of industrial growth, are preventing us from thriving. These structures were single focused to solve single problems. These leaders were not able to determine better solutions at the time, yet they are still in place. These leaders possibly had no idea or intent for real solutions to all problems, and probably they were not able to reason for this.

We are meant to evolve. But how can we when we are held restricted by our own systems?

There are answers and explanations to them all!

There is no need for fear, we are all in this together, lets bring all our special skills to the forefront. No?

This a general introductory piece only, as this is a very expansive concept.

To have it accepted seriously and wide scale, I am fully aware I will do single issue segments to expand, and to give it the focus it deserves.  I know many Рmy own British family included;) Рwho will be none to happy with my conclusions, if I am not thorough!

BUT, as is, I find the above, important points to share in understanding just how we could have ended up in the mess we are in, as such an intelligent and gifted species!  It is SO easy for me to see from the life I have led, and was born into.  Nothing is personal, it is all observational and after years of studies of many many peoples.

English only speakers themselves are not capable of determining their own reasoning ability, in relation to another of another language with a greater vocabulary either…! ūüôā

Enjoy your day!: )

English On It’s Own Is Unhealthy For Us.

I find the English language on its own, inadequate, for full intellectual reasoning development of the Human Being.

The English language is a creative construct of our own, designed for control and trade purposes mostly.

Those of us restricted to the English language, will need to do other learning/studies/extensions of their own, to extend our mental faculties, IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE the equivalent intellectual reasoning ability naturally created by another language.

Sure English is a common language of trade now. Sure English is a very useful language to bond and share with many around the globe! It is a brilliant invention of ours for a written language and was designed with that strongly in mind at the time of the printing press.

But, for speaking it falls short.

If you are of English origin, learn another language!
Or, make sure it is as a second, third or more language, with pride of place given to your original ‘home language’.

Get your little ones to speak their home language ‘at home’, to keep their brain smart! : )

What Makes Some Humans Smarter Than Others?

I find the more complex a ‘home’ language, the more intelligent the people.¬† It is our language ability that distinguishes us¬†as human beings, and then our opposable thumb, giving us the creative ability with our hands to actualize¬†/bring into reality, what we think of.¬†

It is language ability that makes some humans more intelligent than others, and the more languages we know the smarter we get.  The more words we know, the larger capacity that we contain within. 

As it is our¬†very intent at thought, that creates the neuron¬†synaptic pathways within our brain, the more we learn, ¬†the larger a framework – or word map ¬†– or’ shelving unit’ for storage;) – ¬†we create inside ourselves.

Our vocabulary becomes the roots of our created reality tree. : ) ¬†The more languages we know, we effectively multiply our total neuron capacity. ¬† ¬†A language is so much more than words you see…

A language is also the knowing of what to say and¬†when, customs, behaviors, culture, and so on.¬† Within the ‘shelving unit’ or ‘files’¬†inside our consciousness, we need make room, for the word of all those things, in another language.

I was very injured on time, which included a head injury resulting in a loss of consciousness.  The neuro-test given me, by a specialist unknown to me, as the one that gave them the best idea of my pre-injury intellect, was one on pronunciation of words. 

I was told it did not matter whether I knew the word Рor not Рjust how I chose to pronounce it.  From this, I also gathered  that language ability is the most accurate determiner of intellect used today scientifically.  They were most likely able to determine how wide my word source was, from this test.

In Australia last¬† year after school results were known, it was documented how much better ‘immigrant’ – or children with English as a second language – performed in the results.¬† It was the subject of a¬†tv show also.

It was mistakenly believed that it was due to foreign children being better students, or having greater work ethics instilled in them, as to why they were smarter. 

Certainly these qualities assist, but they are simply smarter anyway¬†because they know more words, their neuron capacity fills a greater space, than their ‘English-derivitive’, (no second language),¬†fellow students.¬†

Within the same language,  just say two people had the same vocabulary also, it becomes the greater creativity and other learnings undertaken, that then increase brain use and therefore capacity, leading to one being smarter than the other.

Before I studied us, I studied every animal I came across.  I noticed my pets, from mice to dogs, all became smarter the more I trained them.

When I meet someone I like to know their blood lines (heritage) on both side and their ‘home’ language.¬†¬†¬†I¬†find this the most helpful information to know more of¬†someone,¬†and it has proven reliable and consistent.¬†¬†¬†¬†I am able to determine how smart/clever they are most likely able to be from their language/no. of languages.

I have known, dated or befriended, all races and many breeds of humans.  It is their vocabulary and language quantity that makes them smarter than the rest.;)

The English language has always been short of words, in comparison with others and has needed to add to its stock of words as it went along through history. 

It needed to adopt words from other languages, as those words simply did not exist, within its own¬†language.¬† This made the people speaking it, therefore,¬†intellectually, not as capable as those whose languages¬†had a greater –¬†or more extended¬† -vocabulary.

English is one of the more simplistic of all the languages, and why as a second language it becomes easy, as it is so much easier than a ‘home’¬†language. It also does not fit in well with the other languages, and I go into more detail¬†in other writings.

My mother’s vocabulary was severely limited.¬† She operated in a very concrete fashion, fixated on what was in front of her.¬† She had trouble understanding much¬†that was not obvious to her way of thinking.¬† She had enormous difficulty with abstract thought, and, or perhaps because, she was so regimented.

By¬†this time language had been strictly controlled in English life.¬† Hard for other language groups to fathom – in English language society – the topics of sex, religion and politics, were not considered appropriate for social conversing: “There are three things you never talk about…” my mother told me.

Also, “social grooming & etiquette” had men and women, or ‘gentlemen and ladies’ given¬†advice of topics of conversation to learn, for society.¬† For example, a young woman undertaking ‘social grooming¬† advancement’, may learn a conversation topic such as flower arranging.

Thanks to the above language control measures, speaking had all but been disconnected from any idea of creating a reality for a human existence…;)

My mother’s social life was practically non-existent, had always been limited, and her life very structured and rigid. Her own creativity was severely and chronically stifled.

By contrast my father would take me as a baby to meet with his Hungarian friend.¬†¬† Conversation would roll, and was like a lullaby to me, and when he wasn’t speaking his home language or singing, he was whistling while he worked.;)

My mother struggled with her vocabulary.¬† Her conversation – and that is using the term generously;) – was limited to retelling of events in a listed way, retelling of a simple¬†‘story’, criticizing, and using learned abusive words.¬† Some of these, most likely she had said to her as a child, and others were clearly military words and orders.

She absolutely was not able to use language to create her reality as she went along in a day, instead using a learned script, that she needed to fit to suit a circumstance.  This is very common of the habit of the English language in England even today.

Later in adulthood she learned to use the word ‘apparently’ and I noticed that it¬†gave her more to do with a sentence.;)

Sure we are a breed, and we contain the biochemistry from our physical parents, and some may be more generous in ‘the matter’ than others, but we can use what we have and make it more so.

I was told a joke in Edinburgh one year when I was there for the Edinburgh Festival:

What do you call someone who knows many languages?  Multilingual.

What do you call someone who knows a couple of languages?  

What do you call someone who only knows one language?  English! 

I added immediately, due to my familiarity with the shortening/making casual, habit of my birthplace…:

What do you call someone who knows less than one language?  Australian!;)

LOVE your home language, and love your language ability!

If you need to learn English, do so as another language, you are human after all, so no need to make less of yourself when you can be more!  : )

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