The Wisest, Healthiest, & Happiest!

Competing over who has the best lifestyle, isn’t that what we have been pretending we are doing?

Or who is imagined to have the best lifestyle.

Or who has convinced others that their life style was superior.

Or who forced this onto others, til it became second nature, just from a continued its continued presence generation after generation. ūüėČ

I think it was Bertrand Russell who stated something along the lines “if something is around long enough – no matter how inaccurate – a couple of generations is all it takes to be accepted fact.

What we humans need Рand what our healthy traditional ways always ensured Рwas for the wisest, healthiest and happiest people, to be the ones leading the tribe or community.

But these people were not the ones who created reasons to travel to steal the lands and resources of others,and to even steal the very lives of others for their own gain!

For reasons as solutions to ignorance, ill-health, and misery, the exact opposites of our requirements for the makings of real guides and leaders for us!

No wonder we have deterioration in the health and well-being of our species EVERYWHERE ¬†in connection to this history! ūüėČ

Enough of us have learned the lesson now.  The removal of health and well-being as a priority from our lives, as our societies were formed, has given us many adverse consequences, throughout all socioeconomic groups everywhere on Earth.

Some of us may not register the connection consciously yet, or simply not be able to admit to it.

Or, even just be blind to it as they cannot see an alternative, which of course they cannot because they do not know of another way…..yet.

It is fundamental for the health and well-being of ourselves and all life forming our planet, that we create systems with the intent to establish a health motivated structure, with systems across the board that reflect this.   This encompasses the raising of planetary vibration, and as it is a universal requirement and understanding of human need, there are no language, spiritual or religious barriers.

Fortunately, to Be Human Is To Create, therefore this is not something that we cannot do. ¬†ūüôā

War Or Language?

We must leave our ‘comfort zone’ in order to grow and develop ourselves.

For many of us today, continual warring IS our comfort zone.

It is what we are used to.
It is what we were raised in.
It underlay much conversation, life plans, career and concerns.

Maybe, due to our positioning on the earth, our vocabulary has been full of military words and little else, of survival and ‘injustice’ so this became our norm, and what we created for ourselves.

We may depend upon a contract still in place – or even for years ahead – with a warring party, as we provide provisions for service people, such as food, equipment or facilities.

We may have grown dependent upon a career in these warring services to gain our sense of respect and worth and be seeking honor and medals this way.

To remove this respect, so that it may be earned or awarded back this way, was a strategic, motivation-plan, used by our rulers at the time.   We are born deserving of respect.

Or maybe we are following in the footsteps of our parents, grandparents or other role models…

We are however, Human Beings, so we do not need to be warring at all BECAUSE WE CAN TALK. ūüėÄ

Chimpanzees need to war when another invades, simply because they cannot discuss it.

We are not chimpanzees. ūüėČ

Much of our societal structure has foundations in complete ignorance of what it is that we are.   Our ancestors did not then know.

We do what we think is the best thing to do at the time.

There was a time before we could speak each other’s languages, that it was arguable that defensive actions be taken, for our own protection and survival.

The very nature nature of us Humans, with our expanse of intellect and high reasoning ability, is that we require language to be properly understood to one another.
We cannot possible communicate effectively enough through launching or projecting anything at each other, that does not involve human language.

To Be Human IS TO CREATE.  Therefore, we must be able to update our systems and our general knowledge, to reflect our very nature.

Our systems currently, DO NOT reflect or incorporate what it is we actually are, to even encourage our development and well being. ¬†Hence our global deterioration. ūüôā


So If It Isn’t Anything ‘Race’ Or Appearance At All, WHAT Is It That Determines Human Beings?

So if it isn’t about our skin color, face and head shape, hair style or hair color, WHAT is it that determines us?¬†


As humans we ARE our language.

The ‘race’ word was just used for want of a better word, at the time there was a race on, to claim foreign lands and resources.

We are breeds of humans, defined by our language, and our vocabulary IS our ability.

The SIZE of our vocabulary is the size of our ability! ¬† ūüôā

Feeling filled, Speaking sense and Being Human!

Humans feeling empty inside, and feeling ignorant of what it is they are, and what they contain inside them, is promoting economic economic growth.  The loss is human growth.

The emptier we are, and the more troubled we feel, the more we need to be constantly distracted buying things, ‘keeping up appearances,’ looking a certain way or behaving a certain way. Being empty and troubled is great for the economy.

I can sit and stare at the same thing .in a blissful serenity BECAUSE I have so much going on inside.
in fact I like to need to do this just so to get a chance to check in with myself.

Keeping ourselves ‘full’ is our responsibility. ¬†We need to be able to do this without touching a thing, or needing to be distracted with another thing at all. ¬†We are designed to be satisfied with the pleasure we can give ourselves and each other. ¬†Pleasure is our birthright after all.

But what happens when we cannot relate with each other, when we forget how, or never knew how?

Then we look for anything to raise ourselves, as it is naturally our solution-seeking creativity to do so. ¬†Then we want to buy and own all the latest plastic junk gadgets that our peers have, or don’t have yet.;)

The English language historically NEVER EVER had the relating and conservation ability of every other language.  I see it as imperative to stabilizing human health and well-being, that we DO NOT look to the English language for examples of this.

I see it as vital to our return to health on our planet, that we assist the English language group to learn higher human relating skills.

People do not know, what they do not know of.

The English, when they were invading historically and seeking to take over as much as they could to build their economy, HAD NO IDEA of how better a human life could be. ¬† They had no idea of the superiority in human relating or joy capacity held, in the different looking humans they wanted to steal from. ¬†They lived a sad, cold, unfair existence, where looking at everyone with ‘suspicion and mistrust’ had become a reliable way of ‘life’ for them. ¬†Or ‘life’ the only way they knew it – more the point.

They had NO IDEA as they had no experience of it, no familiarity of it, to be able to recognize it.

We can only receive – or see to understand or comprehend – that which we allow ourselves to see.

I am half English, and I have English family.  As much as I love and respect them, there is a phenomenal restriction of vocabulary in my English family.  And so there is a great restriction also with what they are able to perceive.

I do not feel it is something that other languages could easily believe, as how would they know?  But it is necessary that we all know.

Humans are designed to speak……if we do not speak for the purpose intended, we decline as a species…..we restrict ourselves and our reality.

If we do not use our language as we are designed – we are not even Being Human!!!!!! ūüôā

Warring Is For Chimps!



War never ‘solves’ anything. It never has. It never will.

All it does is inflict a greater force onto another.
It does not make energies well again.
It does not enable a return to health and well being of those that have been overcome.

Just violence, is chimpanzee behavior. Humans need to talk as we are more complex, and fortunately we have the special human language skill in order to do this.
There is no need ever, for humans to be ‘warring,’ because we have developed speech ability.

Chimpanzees cannot talk and literally cannot discuss their issues, so they have no other choice but to use violence when another tribe comes along.
Humans however can talk, and we can completely create the speech that is required for any situation.

And now, in 2013, we can even speak one another’s language, or even have google translate!;)

The English language historically, was always far inferior in oral tradition than other languages. ¬† And, with their chronic state of emotional ill-health and fear dominance, ‘to kill or be killed’ became their way of life. ¬†This is another example of ignorance that is still in place that requires our correction.

How fortunate it is that solution-seeking creativity is another of our special human skills! ūüėČ

WarringShhhhhmawwing come-on! ūüėÄ


WE Are The Rose.


Being prevented from speech development as a child enabled me acute insight into the purpose of human language.

I use language and words confidently.  I use all words in their precise true meaning, I do not use judgement statements, I do not imply, I do not insinuate, and I do not use sarcasm.

I choose words carefully, with silence in between.
I recognize that silence shapes our sound, magnifies our speech potential, and activates our word power, when we choose consciously to make use of silence.

With my words I create, for I am a Being Human.

Language and speech is our special skill, and I make full use of my specialty. I use my words to grow, and to bring growth of beauty and splendor to our precious earth.
If we speak of such things, do we not create them? ūüôā

I know that most people have not needed to learn of speech as I.

What we are not doing – as Humans Beings on mass on our earth – is using our speech specialty in a way that enhances our growth, her growth and brings beauty and splendor!

We are just as natural a part of our earth as this rose. A rose is a symbol of exquisite visual beauty and of strength. It has thorns for protection but also the sweetest, gentlest, aromatic essence in the center.
We are not unlike this rose, we only need to recognize, and learn to use, all that we have in our center.

Blessings. ūüôā

Problem Or Challenge?

I don’t actually see anything as a ‘problem’, but only a challenge and opportunity for us to rise and grow.

I overheard the word ‘problem’ used many times today, and I don’t choose to ever use it.
The word itself – to produce and to hear – has the effect of blocking a free flow of energy. It’s clutter of consonants all together, make it a challenge to even say, compared with ‘challenge’ that has open vowels that allow for a free airflow so our breath doesn’t need to do complex gymnastics over our lips teeth and tongue!

We are meant to be faced with opportunities to grow and such is the point of life, so why on earth give ourselves a silly word that almost defeats this purpose!!! ūüėČ Crazy!

Try them both and notice how they feel. ¬†ūüôā

Violence Makes No Sense For Humans.

Use_6I read it as create!!!!  Be all it is we all are, to add to it all, give all our sprecila skills, strengths and abilities!As Human Beings we are not actually meant to be violent to each other, BECAUSE¬†we have language ability. We speak, there fore we are able to discuss anything, and especially nowadays, when we can literally speak one another’s language or know someone who can. ¬†Even in the very rare occasion that we don’t – such as tribes of natural people’s living in the Amazon – we can easily make do, with all that we now know about each other.

Chimpanzees, a close relative also in the Primate family with a reckoned 98% identical genetics to us, require violence.  Chimpanzees can be invaded by another group, and nothing short of violence sees that them living through an invasion. They may even kill one another, pulling each other apart with bare hands.  They are not able to speak about it.  They do not have brains that can allow this.  

It makes no sense for human beings to be engaged in activities more suitable for another species entirely.  Our brains are the size they are, FOR our language ability, FOR our creation of language that we need to use. It is the very intent at thought that creates for us, the necessary neuron pathway. This is the reason it is the size it is,  It is designed to give us adequate ample space for whatever creation, of whatever we will need to say within our lives.  We always have the ability to create just the right thing to say for any situation. 

I honestly feel comfortable with humans of any language, and I prefer to learn of theirs, or do without a spoken one, rather than use any attempts at English. ¬†I do find French to be my natural ‘filler’ language as I learn one, as French is a natural language that can fit with others, English – as it is an intellectual construct rather than a natural language for us – does not fit with others very well at all. ¬†Before we shape anything into a word, we use a tone that carries meaning, and we can read faces/expressions/body language. ¬†Certainly our language does not separate us at all….more our vocabulary…whatever the language. ¬†When I travel, I tend to end up among those who have a similar vocabulary, and therefore a similar sense of priorities and interests. ¬†The language difference may make finding these people a little trickier, but difficult and impossible are not the same thing at all..or even anywhere close!

Our Vocabulary = Our Intellectual Reasoning Ability.  Imagine all the words you know and can use to speak with, in a bag.  Then imagine the size the bag would need to be, taking up space within your head. This, is then what you have available for considering something.

If the bag is little, as it was with my mother Рand I use that term in purely a descriptive sense Р you have room to consider only the basics, or what is in front of you directly.  This smaller size vocabulary is where you will find most root chakra, survival core behaviors of violence, such as gangs, mercenaries, hardcore violence.  Basic survival vocabulary.

The larger the vocabulary, the more complicated the reasons for violence need to be, for those humans to bond with it as an idea.  They need to be able to make elaborate excuses for such a basic survival core base chakra primitive activity, before it makes any sense to partake in at all.   The larger the vocabulary, more complicated ideas, reasons or excuses need to be given to engage people in it, such as is promoted when countries are at war or religions are at war.

Survival of something, is usually required for a reason, and also rewards of payment in some way, albeit a wage, allowance, guaranteed security or ‘career, guaranteed career or allowance for your spouse, guaranteed education for your children, ¬†respect, and or honour. ¬†

But really, there is nothing our language ability cannot solve. And, if respect is naturally returned to all humans – or naturally reclaimed as we do need to give it away – then what appeal do any of the above have for us?

Warring is just habitual. ¬†Warring is just familiarity, and has been going on for so long without reprieve that it is relied on as a mainstay for the economy. ¬†These are the reasons it is still occurring. ¬†It is a regular habit, and no one has looked at alternatives to this. ¬† The English language has relied upon violence – and invasion – in order to spread. ¬†The wives of soldiers were commonly teachers to be able to ‘educate’ new British colony people’s, as was the case in my own British family. ¬†My very brutal mother, was a soldier and a teacher.

The state of the world and countries as we know it, has formed out of a reliance upon violence, violent invasion. and continual warring. ¬†Countries actually engaged in combat are just the tip of the iceberg , or think of the combat as where the waves hit the shore, and the rest of the world is the ocean behind the wave. ¬† Many countries also are involved by benefiting in some way perhaps monetarily from supply and involvement. ¬†We tend to only hear reports about, or see on T.V the ‘front’, hands on part of it. ¬†These people can feel very isolated from the world, as though no one knows or cares.

Many situations we have going on in the world, are from decisions made in haste for assistance with a war. ¬†Entire people’s have been uprooted and placed in the lands of others, as an exchange for another countries assistance in a war. ¬†Then these people are at war against each other, even to this day! ¬†But, it was not even their doing to be moved around like pieces on someone’s game board! ¬†They were both equally disrespected historically and I do not consider their issue is with each other at all. ¬†Yes I am speaking of Palestine and Israel for this example.¬†

It just comes down to the simple reason that it is habit, and put in place by ignorance.  Our ancestors did not know enough about ourselves.  Warring and violence established as a way of life by our ignorant ancestors is still at play.  Ill-health, misery and poverty were the reasons fear-filled, minimal vocabulary human beings, travelled the world in search of more for themselves.  They had no other ideas, of how to better their situation.  They were very undeveloped inwardly, as they used all their available creativity on developing inventions.  Those of us in hotter countries than England, had greater opportunity for inner or self-development, as conditions were more suitable in a climate sense.

Being cold, and needing to constantly be doing something to keep warm, sparked these of us on, to think of more ways to make things better…more ways to improve a hard gruellling situation. ¬† They were desperate, desperately unhappy, and with mentally ill royalty ruling over them!;) ¬†

My Aunt has a saying hanging in her kitchen, that I always covered with a kitchen towel when I was there. ¬†It read “If you want a helping hand, look at the end of your own arm.” ¬†This is still the very real belief underlying much in Britain. ¬†It is the most un-community minded, unhelpful ‘culture’ of people I have experienced. ¬†They did not ever have, in their entire history, an era of no violence. ¬† Countries invaded by Britain, often only needed to become violent in reaction to their experiences of Britain. To ‘out- do the British’ I call it.;) ¬† They have within their history, memories and behavioral practices and even entire philosophies, that are peaceful and healthy. ¬† Britain does not have this.

My Grandma had a large collection of dolls in National costume from all around the world. ¬†It was contained in special cabinets, in pride of place in her living room, and it further sparked my interest in how the history of the world and human development had taken shape. ¬†Britain’s National costume was only military uniforms, but the others showed wonderful designs of color and imagination, and definitely, many various roles and pride-filled activities, aside from warring behaviors.

Instead of relying upon them, relying upon English speakers, we need to be helping THEM. ¬†Instead of acquiescing to a false ‘better way’, we need to be guiding THEM. ¬†Instead of enabling more ignorance to be in place, we need to be knowing of ourselves. ¬†Instead of pandering to them, we need to be giving them direction.

It is just way easier to continue as is now with this warring, though it is not sensible, effective, respectful, knowledgeable or kind.  It takes courage to break away from what is familiar for us.  But this is what we need to do. It is ridiculous that we as a human species are carrying out activities more suitable to chimpanzees and allowing ourselves to decline in ability.

Everyone needs to consider this, as we all affect one another, our energy all overlaps, our activities all have consequence.  This just was not known of, or understood when the habit of warring was put in place.  It is a bad human habit, that needs to be nail biting or like picking your nose.  It is beneath us, and it is holding us back from what we actually, really came here on earth to do!

Blessings ūüôā

The Power of Words.

wordbrilloiant discussion qWORD ONE!!!!!!  USE SOON

We bring what we say into our lives.

Whether we ‘spend’ our words on the subjects of war, death or control, or on subjects such as love, peace, togetherness, joy and good health.

What we give our breath to, our essence, our energy, our intent and then formulate into a series of words with meaning, ACTIVATES it.  This vibration creates more of the same vibration.

It is all energy, it is all continually vibrating resonance. ¬†It is all teeny weeny particles outside of our human field of vision. ¬†Not yet common knowledge, only due to one of the ignorant rulings of Victorian era Britain “nothing exists unless there is a tool by which it can be measured.” still underlying the framework of all our societal structure.

Either energy raises to a higher more loving vibration: a + vibration, lighter and higher and faster moving, or, it lowers to a more fear, hate, loathing, distress vibration:  a Рvibration, low and dense.

A ‘spell’ that we are more familiar with from tales of witches, is nothing more than a carefully chosen series of words spoken with intent. ¬†Our own words have this affect. ¬†We ourselves activate our ability, ¬†by consistency to speaking our truth. ¬†This is called having integrity with our word. ¬†

As humans we have speech as our special ability.  For too many years from ignorance only, many of us have lost the connection of what this actually means for us.  I am passionately committed to reminding us, I have lived my life to do this and I fully believe we as a species need to learn HOW TO SPEAK all over again!   

It is our speech ability Рor lack thereof Рthat is behind much of the inadequate, or superficial relating, between ourselves.  If we can talk about something, to reach an understanding with honest tone and well chosen words THERE IS NOTHING WE CANNOT SOLVE.  This applies equally to an issue in a nuclear family as it does to one of global consequence between countries of different languages/faiths/cultures. 

Choose your words as though your life depended upon it.  This is the truth in a nutshell!  

Always remember that silence is better than a word not chosen carefully and spoken in truth, and claim for yourself the confidence to do this. ¬†Raised as I was in total lies, with a mother ¬†who advised me that ‘it did not matter what was really happening, but only what you had others believe’, made it easy for me to see how that choice had stunted her development and ability. ¬†I chose a path of total truth and distanced myself from her as much as I could.

Speak as though your words were creating your reality, creating what is going to happen in your life next, and of the quality of that.  

I promise, these efforts only give way to a whole series of more beneficial rewards that await you as you develop self mastery!;)

¬†ūüôā ¬†Blessings.¬†

Crying Is Great!!!

Crying is great as it is a wonderful health tool.  It is when we can release negative/bad/old energy from ourselves, in safety from adverse effects.  My attitude to it is pragmatic and without judgment, in recognition that is a naturally useful human thing to do.

It is excellent when we can feel deeply into our emotion, to express as much ‘junk’ energy as possible. ¬†Our crying action prevents our head from suffering too much pressure and heat, than our brain can tolerate. ¬†Our energy rises so that a reaction is made possible – if not unavoidable! ¬† Our throat chakra is for our personal expression – our true expression of who we are – so it makes sense that our energy aims to involve this area of us. ¬†Our head has openings where we can release this energy through our breath and our sound.

If you feel the need to cry, go as deeply into as you can. What other ‘stuff’ from ‘whenever’ can you clear at the same time? ¬†Our release mechanism does not discriminate you see – grief energy, grief sound, grief sound vibration –¬†everything¬†of the equivalent degree of pain that has built up, will release in that given time.

In fact, you cannot be certain that you have released all that issue, but a little bit of another one, with some of that one remaining.  All the more reason to revisit a cry, to get more of it out of you!

If you feel the need to cry at a time that just is not socially convenient, just take a ‘rain check’ and get back to it at a convenient time. It is nice to have complete privacy, or maybe you prefer to do it with a friend who is also releasing at the same time, or perhaps ¬†is in a supporting role for you.

Set aside some time for yourself to cry, and free yourself for this.  Turn off gadgets, put the radio on if you have close neighbors, so you feel less bothered of being overheard.  Set a time frame for your release.  Maybe setting an alarm for your chosen time of 15 minutes, is perfect if kids or partner are due home soon.

Find yourself a comfortable space, and visit within yourself to find the beginnings of that crying feeling.  Remind yourself of the events, go back into the story, as you plan to let it all out.   Feel safe to do so.  Feel empowered to do so.

See if you can reach as deeply into it as before.  Can you make it deeper still, getting a stronger feeling to cry?  Try breathing more deeply, or from a deeper place within you, to allow for a bigger exhale to bring forth more energy from you.

It is old energy needing to leave and we feel for a purpose always. 

Never do we feel the need to cry, that it is irrelevant to our energy/us.  And, never is feeling like crying unimportant or wrong.  It is always when we are reading ourselves correctly, that something has caused an energy reaction in our body, that requires attention.

We take time to toilet, to remove waste. ¬†Taking time to cry also removes waste… ¬†Not ‘waste’ as is in it was a ‘waste of a thing to do’ or a ‘waste of time’ to feel, but that now it is in need of being discarded, or given the respect it needs to leave us.

We are allowed in society to take time to toilet, we are even given special spaces and privacy, not to mention some fancy inventions.;) ¬† Not yet so is crying so commonly recognized and accepted, as people themselves are uncomfortable with the way it causes them to feel, so better it just doesn’t happen near them.

Some people still pride themselves on never crying, others fear people who cry easily and too often.  Really our life is about managing ourselves moment to moment, and living as Present in the moment as you can.  Having judgments of past or future cryings is irrelevant to your life.  What is relevant is knowing how to manage your own energy in every moment.

Sure in this day and age crying it is tricky to do anywhere, but also in this day and age we are finding more to make us want to cry.

We are still human beings however, and in no ‘day and age’ do we ever stop needing to know how to manage ourselves. ¬†In every ‘day and age’ we still need to know¬†how to be Human. ¬†Unfortunately we are needing to be reminded how, and this is why I am so passionate about my Being Human Essentials¬†education series.

Tears cool the face. Our head houses the home base of all our nerves and when we feel energy rising at pressure from emotions being activated, and giving us strong reactions, our tears allow us to transition this energy carefully from ourselves.

Sometimes tears are not required, but an open mouth will allow the energy to be released before pressure reaches the head.  Wailing is a brilliant custom that is common at grief gathering events in some cultures.  What a perfect way for people to commune together, supporting one another, for their joint release.  Their combined energy holds a secure space for the optimal amount of grief energy to be released from each participant, maintaining a community in greater health also.

We must be reminded that the English language group Рthe language I am communicating to you in Рis a culture that frowned upon the expression of human feelings.  It was made socially unacceptable historically to react naturally in anyway, to anything, at anytime!;)  This stemmed from ignorance and fear, and then fear that they would seem ignorant!

The reason the English language has spread across our planet so, is due historically to Britain’s efforts to assist her Human health, poverty, and population problems .

It is also the reason our entire planet is now suffering these same problems.  The problem has spread Рit was never solved Рand it was caused by ignorance of not knowing how to be a Human Being.

Finding time to cry Рor just to release the yelling/screaming energy before it rises to your head extremity, is just effective and responsible energetic management that is essential to being a Human Being.  

After your ‘cry time’ or your ‘release time’ or your ‘grief management time’, do something celebratory that lifts you an brings your energy to a happy place.

Your energy now does need to re-settle and find it’s new equilibrium as you are now altered. ¬†I can feel a very dramatic difference always and a huge smile spreads across my face as I feel my new lightness. ¬† With closed eyes I can see brilliant white – sometimes ¬†a firey yellow edge to it ‘cracking’ down into me like lightning.

And afterwards…change that radio music to your favorite song and then¬†dance, dance, dance!!! ¬†: )

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