What’s Christmas all about really?


It’s all about the vibe. 😉

As the world embraces – or not – ‘christmas’,  whatever you believe to any story,  is actually irrelevant as the point is, to raise our vibration to attain that of joy, love & gratitude frequencies.

The ritual of gift giving, sharing & providing is a fast & sure way of getting folk to get their energy into the higher vibration of these. It can be done consciously by way of an internal emotional gear shift, such as I do to fast track into a meditative state to enable instant connection with source.

It can be done wrong too. I can recall all too clearly being dictated to exactly, and how, and with what perpendicular drape, to every strand of tinsel.  There was no joy there, only a reduction to my vibration and I couldn’t wait for the ordeal to be over so I could get away.  But it did look a stunning tree for the photographs to relatives overseas.  Missing the point… 😉

All atoms are moving right?;)

Our energy, containing and surrounding our body, moves according to that which we are feeling. Higher or lower ie at a faster or slower rate.

The vibe of gratitude is one of our highest, with hate & blame for example, among our lowest on the scale.

Forget historic stories and warring agendas of our ruling parties for now, 😉 Christ Emanuel aka Jesus was only ever about feeling love & joy anyway.

Society’s creativity around something we just cannot let go of, by way of commercial marketing, is because we know ‘something’ to be of value, and we contain it inside our self. It stems nowhere else that inside us.

What we do or how we occupy ourselves for this Christmas time, depends upon where we are on the globe, what we do for work & play, what beliefs we contain around this day, and all the days of our life leading up to this one. Otherwise we are exactly the same, as our needs, wants and vibrating ability of our energy! 😀

There is no judgement, there is no comparison, as there is no need. 😉 It still is only ever about feeling love, joy, and being in a state of gratitude,  however 😉 doing whatever, 😉 where ever. 😉

So please go ahead, share that love, joy & gratitude today, but stay in the energy of it for the every day ahead too. 🙂

Blessings to all of us. ❤

What Is It Like To Be A Human Who Is ‘Present’?

Also ‘fully Present’ / ‘having Presence’ / ‘Being in the Present moment”/ ‘In the here and now’ / ‘in the NOW’.

What is this like? My best description is a list, as I realize it can be difficult to imagine for those who have not yet attained it, and can have little or some idea only of what all the fuss is about! 😉  It sure is the place to Be!

I have put everything I could think of that may help, some word definitions overlap, but some may trigger in some of you that others do not, so I include them. Also I include some maintenance thereof, assisting tips.  I personally like to do zero negativity also, for all the extra benefits that gives Life, the Universe and Everything!

🙂  So, to Be present is :

Being in a state of : ~-

-Joyful acceptance of ‘what is’ and therefore:
*No expectations.
*No ‘judgement’ –  i.e critical analysis and comments
– Being in this moment.  Not entertaining any thoughts from another time – past or future. Having no undisciplined thoughts from a previous event,  guilt & blame from past events,  worry & anxiety about future happenings. Just fully in this NOW moment.

-Knowing everything is happening for a reason.

-Showing up, doing your best.

-Living your best life, as you are now, and in order to become the best version of yourself.

-Altruism /good intent for all.

-Self caretaking – taking responsibility that you are the manager of all your cells, thoughts and feelings, knowing you control them, not vice versa.
-‘Reading’ or observing/monitoring yourself.
-Knowing HOW you receive is your own thing, as everything around you is a reflection of yourself. Knowing your stimulus goes through the filters you have up within you – or not – from your life experience that are cleared – or not – and they will influence how you interpret and receive, according to your state/standard of management.

-Integrity / truth – what you say IS what you attend to, and your Self, your contacts and connections, your spirit guides, and the Universe knows you are reliably so.

-Feeling wide awake, fresh, alive and vibrant.
-Feeling.   Fully switched ‘on’.  Colours become brighter, eyesight has greater depth, hearing is sharper, music appreciation becomes incredible, sexual pleasure ecstatic – all senses are heightened as nothing competes now, as all those extraneous consumers of our energy puling us in every direction are no longer there.  We are literally and very really, putting all we have available to us in our life, solely into that moment.

Feeling less inclined to occupy yourself with many activities you undertook/enjoyed when you had not achieved Presence.

Noticing all the changes/improvements in your sensitivities, conscious development and body functioning, as you spend more time in Absolute Presence.

Feeling protective of this state of Being for all your experience when in ‘it’. 😉

Feeling an aversion to needing to leave ‘it’ without an important reason, including a disinterest in answering questions of others, if not welcomed or urgent, are unimportant, or nonsensical.   To do so, to need to re-enter your mind for any reason, noticeable affects the quality of what you can receive, through all your senses.

Knowing and anticipating the arrival of messages and knowings into your available ‘thoughtless space’, from all aspects of yourself and all else you have activated.  Remember Spirit World IS thought world, and the place we receive instruction/information from all our available guidance into, nearly always IS our thought space.

Understanding your ‘job’ is to learn lessons, develop your Self, advance your soul and attain wisdom.  As we evolve through our Life and Universe experience, it all just gets better and better!   And, that there is no end to our path of growth. 🙂

Laugh And The World Laughs With You? :-)

More and more often when I laugh in public I hear someone say looking around “What’s funny?”

But laughter comes from inside us, and happy moments come from within.

Our laughter is dependent upon us, upon our interpretation and our receptivity to joy.  Each of these is dependent in turn,  on how much we keep ourselves a free channel, clear of old energetic debris that weighs us down.

The more healed we are of old issues, the lighter our vibe and the greater our ease at laughter.

The more pain and suffering we hold and release, the bigger our container for joy becomes.

And all suffering currently on this planet, if manoeuvred wisely, is enormous joy in the waiting. 🙂

Holding Bad Feelings That Are Spoiling Your Enjoyment Of Life? Tips To Let Them Go!

  • managing our feelings
  • how and why our feelings affect us
  • what we can do to improve how we feel

Some folk wear bad feelings like they are their favourite coat;)  Or have them held tightly around them constantly like a doona/duvet so they are unable to freshly enjoy anything….

Hey I love this “get the attitude of gratitude!” or “the gratitude attitude!”  I saw the two words together on a video and I had never noticed how similar they are.  I think we can really popularize that – sounds kinda cool!   Or just “the attitude;)” when folk ‘get it”;)

Joy and gratitude are our natural state.  It is completely irrelevant how much healing we still feel we need to do, at any stage of our life, by however horrific an incident!

We are not the same thing as our feelings at all, yet too many of us are holding a bad feeling around ourselves like it is our doona/duvet, or wearing it everywhere like our favourite clothing.  Why?  No one has explained feeling management most likely.

People only ‘have problems’ because they are carrying them around with them the whole time.  We don’t need to do this.  We can leave them at home/the office/the garage til we’ve dealt with them, can’t we?

Feelings are ours to give us information.  What am I feeling at this time?  Oh ok.  What do I need to do?  Right. Thanks.

Then, let it go.  Returning to a gratitude state, where joy,wonder and delight are easy to experience.  Where sparking an interest in something is not a chore, but a regularly occurring occasion.

Our feelings reside as part of our energy being – in one of the outer energetic fields that surround our physical body.  When you are done ‘reading’ the feeling that is uppermost for you at that time, visualize it returning to an outer state of you, perhaps a couple of metres outside of you. 

It will sit in an invisible cloud on all sides of you, until it does not need to give you any further information, or until you clear it, if it holds for you unresolved  issues.  It is called our ’emotional body’.

It is completely separate from you.  It is for you.   You are its manager/mistress.  You do not need to be in consultation with it continuously.  Your job is to keep yourself in a self loving state of health and happiness. 

Balance between joyful episodes, achievement episodes, and time spent reading feelings and thoughts will do this.To spend all your time with your feelings, has you neglect other areas of self.

As joy is our natural state, and as the universe does not do ‘spaces’ , it is guaranteed that any bad, miserable, depressive, hurt, or fearful feelings you had stuck, will be replaced with joy/light!  I am able to feel/see it happen.

It is a given.  There is nothing you can do to stop it occurring!   Light will take the place of the dark.  The joy registers universally as white light frequencies, the misery as non light.  Get it?  So doo-oo-oo it!;)        :  )

Fast-track to Joy!

  • A quick tip / ‘how-to’ emotionally detach from what may be bothering you, to refreshen your life experience/day!

Here’s a jo/neat trick I learnt from a near-death experience.

Imagine you are another spirit, that has just landed in your body for the day.  You are gone, you have vacated your life for this day.

Remember that what is imagined by you, is just as real for your psyche/consciousness, as if it were really occurring.

Imagine the other spirit, is taking in’ who’ they need to be – or pass themselves off as – to not arouse suspicion.;)    Take a look around you, look at your hands as though you are looking at them for the first time.

Such as : Ok…so you are in this family, right…..in this house, ok…..in that  job, uh-huh.  Oh and with that responsibility, got it…….that dog is yours….etc

This spirit gets opportunity to be here on Earth, only by taking on you life, and only for a day.

They are super-thrilled for this opportunity!  They do not care whose body or life they have access to, in order to be here!

Nothing that happened before this time exists.

Notice how you feel.

This feeling, is the most similar that I can describe, for what happens in one of the stages we go through, after we experience sudden and/or unexpected death.  Many others, who also have experienced near-death, can report the same thing.

It gives us the ability to look on our own lives with absolute clarity and perspective.  All emotional attachment  leaves us during this time.

I still consider this to be one of the greatest lessons from my near-death experiences, and I am grateful I can enter into this knowing in a second flat.;)

So, go ahead!  Imagine you have just arrived here on earth, borrowing your body for a day!   Feel the difference.  Feel the detachment you may have.  Feel and notice the freshness or gained enthusiasm you may have.

Take advantage of it to the hilt!  You are using wisdom to maximise your life experience…as you are meant to do!  If need be, do it everyday. : )

The cult British comedy Red Dwarf, ( I was a huge fan!)  had an episode called Body Swap, and if you have seen that, you’d be on track and all the easier for your imagining! : )

All About Joy!


“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”

~ Irish Proverb.


I love this!  Here is basic true human wisdom speaking of JOY again!  Eat, sleep, work, play – gives us all we need. Play and pleasuring are serious requirements. 😉


Give yourself a dose of joy, as efficiently as you have a meal or a rest. Find what it is for you, find as many as you want. 🙂

Joy is essential as it refreshes us and energies us. It is a feeling that lifts us and lightens us inside, and we operate at our best and most efficient as an organism, in this state.

It is a feeling that requires no effort, gives us only energetic gain, and we experience it from whatever delights us personally. This could be from any pleasant activity or from something simply perceived or observed that we find beautiful or delightful.

We require joy, to balance that which does take effort during the day, such as that enormous pile of dishes, laundry, paperwork, mowing, building….anything not joyful. 😉

We need joy to counteract the drain on our energy of anything that occurred during the day, be it something hurtful, unpleasant or tedious. We need joy to balance that which may require energy to remove from us, such as grief, anger or any emotional pain release.

Regular joy, enables the activation of healing episodes. Allowing yourself to express stuck energies, brings about the creation for the potential for even further joy to be held within. The space we make, can be then taken by joy. The joy is held within our being, in the form of white light frequencies.

When we are experiencing joy, our eyes open wider, our forehead raise and we open within our central energetic channel, so the energy can all flow, with easier access to and from our heart chakra. So we can maximize our experience and take more of it in.

We may feel lighter physically, we may find moving effortless, or we may move faster. We may experience or ‘see’ joy or light enter us in the form of an internal lightning, particularly if we are in a high meditative state.

Joy only begets joy. Our joy causes joy in everyone around us and experiencing us. Or inspires healing, if they feel fear, and this is their step on the path toward joy.

Remember to eat, drink, rest and to experience ample regular episodes of joy.


What is your joy?

1.  Find it.  2.  Do it!   3.  Administer it in regular doses! 😀


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