Marginalized Humans? YES!

People are living seriously marginalised existences from how we are designed to live.  Particularly in what is called ‘Western society’ and within the English language group, and this is contributing significantly to the global ill-health epidemic.

Work, home, T.V, dinner, bed.

Like the hamster and it’s toilet jar, the mouse and it’s wheel, the  rabbit with it’s hutch and outdoor run, we thought we had it right for us.  We thought we also knew what a human being needed for its life.  WE HAD IT WRONG.

Much of our needs were unrecognised due to reliance totally on findings from people and inventions – scientific equipment –  many centuries old.

Leonardo de Vinci had it only partly right.  Yes, our body is very much in structure as he studied and shared brilliantly, but he knew nothing of what we are, that cannot be seen with our eyes.

Charles Darwin, a master of classification, left room to allow for further information/data to come about, openly saying that it may lead to a change in conclusion to his.

These needs – our own human needs – remain unrecognised still, though we update zoo exhibits when we know better…

We have updated all the equipment we use.  We no longer use any of it, except to put it in museums for display purposes, or for teaching exhibits.  Let’s update our needs!;) 

Let’s update our knowledge of our Human Life Essentials! : )

(In other writings I go further into discussion of the ill-health condition I am calling ‘chronic deficiency syndrome’, and living a marginalized existence is contributory to this, as is a limited vocabulary.)

Hello everyone it is wonderful to be back.;)   I have needed to take time to rest and recover after a very interesting development of seizures in Hungary where I was unconscious for 4 days, and in hospital for 9 days total.   The whole experience was really good with everything I was able to learn…just allowing for my thinking ability to restore has taken patience, but it gives me so much more to be able to share! : )

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