C’mon Everybody!

One definition of insanity,  is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.  Yet this is precisely what we are all doing, with the inadequate systems and structures within our societies and the manner in which they all interrelate! 🙂

They were all designed in a ‘behind the ball’ manner without forethought to consequence, motivated mainly to raise perceived standards to be better than was seen elsewhere.

Rather than, the best situation possible for long-term good health and well-being, that could be created in the then and now.

And, standards designed centuries ago, with ridiculous inclusions so that changes cannot be readily made.  Now these inclusions were for reasons of security, but are ironic and laughable now, when they are what is preventing our long-term security!!!

Our history did the best that it could with what it knew at the time, however we have evolved since then.  Our societies based an enormous amount upon Charles Darwin’s work, that relied upon evolution.  Do we consider we were never to further evolve? 😉

There were limits to what was known then.  We are still living within these limits, and we and our planet are severely and chronically suffering.

Out of ignorance of what we Human Beings are as creative beings, needing to live within reflective flexibility, we made it so changes could not be made as is required, and we remain imprisoned and restrained by the ignorant creativity of our past.
We as a species need to be ‘reactively creative’, as our wisdom, feelings and intellect dictate.

Fortunately To Be Human IS TO CREATE – and why we have the size brain we do – so theoretically, intellectually, biologically, realistically, and practically we can create solutions to it all! 😉

We can so easily create improved replacement systems, forget about some completely, design fresh new ones entirely….

C’mon Everybody! 😀

The Wisest, Healthiest, & Happiest!

Competing over who has the best lifestyle, isn’t that what we have been pretending we are doing?

Or who is imagined to have the best lifestyle.

Or who has convinced others that their life style was superior.

Or who forced this onto others, til it became second nature, just from a continued its continued presence generation after generation. 😉

I think it was Bertrand Russell who stated something along the lines “if something is around long enough – no matter how inaccurate – a couple of generations is all it takes to be accepted fact.

What we humans need – and what our healthy traditional ways always ensured – was for the wisest, healthiest and happiest people, to be the ones leading the tribe or community.

But these people were not the ones who created reasons to travel to steal the lands and resources of others,and to even steal the very lives of others for their own gain!

For reasons as solutions to ignorance, ill-health, and misery, the exact opposites of our requirements for the makings of real guides and leaders for us!

No wonder we have deterioration in the health and well-being of our species EVERYWHERE  in connection to this history! 😉

Enough of us have learned the lesson now.  The removal of health and well-being as a priority from our lives, as our societies were formed, has given us many adverse consequences, throughout all socioeconomic groups everywhere on Earth.

Some of us may not register the connection consciously yet, or simply not be able to admit to it.

Or, even just be blind to it as they cannot see an alternative, which of course they cannot because they do not know of another way…..yet.

It is fundamental for the health and well-being of ourselves and all life forming our planet, that we create systems with the intent to establish a health motivated structure, with systems across the board that reflect this.   This encompasses the raising of planetary vibration, and as it is a universal requirement and understanding of human need, there are no language, spiritual or religious barriers.

Fortunately, to Be Human Is To Create, therefore this is not something that we cannot do.  🙂

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