Have You The Courage?


Exactly! We are humans, and to be human is to create and there is nothing we cannot create our way out of. WE created all the situations that are bothering us. WE can create alternatives, and this is simple fact.
All it takes:

1. Courage. More courage than doing the same thing even if that is going out to face tanks!

2. Understanding it is our INDIVIDUAL responsibility to make a conscious decision to NOT operate out of familiarity. Individuality is our birthright, and a Universal Absolute Truth.

3. Understanding it will feel uncomfortable at first – like you are in a row boat pushing away from the edge without an oar.

4. Understanding it takes raising your own vibration so you are in a state of gratitude, love, faith. Pretend you can do this until you get it right as our actions BECOME our behavior and it will feel very uncomfortable especially if you have been trained to be fearful of others/imminent danger. It is necessary.
Explore your own feelings in a quiet personal space to master this, how does it feel to be the happiest you can be? The most loving? The most kind? Imagine what you need to do, to evoke this feeling inside yourself. It takes courage to do this.

5. Understanding it takes effort at first. Hold the intent of creating happiness consistently, and make it your first choice, and it will get easier as you become more practiced.
There is no divide between our energies, other than the one we create, and we will maintain each other in our raised state.
I look forward to feeling your happiness! 😀

Happiest, Festiviest,;) Happenings To You All!

Grab any opportunity of celebrating! Jump on any opportunity of raising vibrations, where ever or whatever! Do not waste a second with thoughts of analyzing why, or whose story is the most accurate. Heaven knows they are all full of misconceptions, given the time, and historical reasons for distribution. The truth is, joining in celebration, ritual and tradition is a human thang! It matters absolutely not, what or which faith / religion / belief system you manifested here under!
Have fun, be merry and safely does it! : )

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