A reminder about ‘Ego’.

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Excellent, thank you Einstein. 😉 There are aspects of ourselves that remain operating in our ‘default setting’ until we override this, via our conscious development. When we become aware enough we can take command of each part of our self, our ego included.

Ego is an important part of a human being. All ego is, is our identity construct we operate out of, here on earth.  Once we have built our self a framework or foundation out of which we can effectively and confidently operate from, we can let ego ‘go’.

Before this, it is our ego that tells us that our status in a community with other humans matters.  It differs if we are a man or a woman of course, as our needs of it and dependency on it, differ.  And as is our design.

Certainly in this modern time of role flexibility, complicated by our economic invention developments, career focus and so on, ego can have blurrier divide between man and woman.  However, as per our design, we are still different. 😉

Ego will stand in the way of the development of every other aspect of our self.  It is a sign of our own advancement how much we let it control what we do, or how we control it.    Once we have made our self feel secure with our self and our surroundings, we can move past  – or transition – focus on our ego.

Control of ego, is like being able to take the bridge crossing to Self Mastery Island. 🙂

Soul In Human Form. :-)


And you know this in side your Self don’t you?.  Maybe you have never said it aloud, or thought of it seriously yet.

But you are different, and you are living according to what ‘rules’ there are put in place by your culture/language/society.   Some of these are healthier for us than others, some of them are more tolerant of others…but they are all inadequate for us, for all our continued health and well-being.   You know this. 😉

We humans who are here on Earth currently need to change them.    But first we need to realize and know our Selves, so that we can bring that change!

Your inside ‘knowings’ and ‘voice’ is REAL-er and more superior, than anything put in place by other humans many years ago! 🙂

We are Soul incarnate.
We do not have a soul, we ARE a soul, and we go to enormous trouble to incarnate inside a body, and ‘inside’ a life we created to occur. Yes, WE created from our own choosing. I can actually remember doing so, though it bewildered me for many years, til I grew wiser.

Our ‘job’ is to get through ‘it’ – our childhood/schooling – as best we can, til we awaken adequately giving our self as much opportunity to live out our purpose as we can within the restrictions of our life construct. Getting a grip along the way that many of these restrictions are also self-imposed. 😉

ALL of which was created with purpose.

Forgetting all of this, IS part of the game!

Many people are saying “the good old days…” “when life was easier…when such and such could happen…” “Life was better when..”
But I say NOW!

What exciting odds this game of life we have going on now. It can seem so dire, we can be so challenged…because we can be. Because WE are we. 😀

All of us here at this time, are here because WE have that special something or other that is required, and because WE can handle it all, every challenge that is ‘thrown’ our way.

And, chances are if you are on a medication of some sort with a fancy medical name with a few double vowels abbreviated or z’s s’s or p’s you are exactly here at the right time!
All you need to do is embrace who you are and that perhaps life is meant to take shape around YOU. Not the old ignorant and inadequate belief that we are meant to fit into something that our less evolved ancestors shaped.

We are the humans, we are the creative ever evolving changing beings. A construct we created that is without a means for an ever evolving, changing and flexing to the last-minute is arguably ‘dead’. It is not something we should be restricting our own lives to fit inside!!!! This is what we are doing!

Life in a body is a joyful privilege. 🙂 Yes it is work, yes it is challenge, but here is the only place we jump, leap, taste, touch and feel. And how we want to do it all to the maximum, and so is our right, and so we should, and so we need be.

The Physical Life Construct – here on where we call Earth – only needs to absorb into its structures, knowledge that is already very well-known and accepted in many areas across the globe. And growing more so every day via our growing publications and internet connectivity.
It is not scary, or ‘Earth shattering’ by any means 😉 on the contrary, it will bring enormous relief and renewed confidence.

Hello Soul 😉  bless you for the part you play in our world waking up to be a better fit for all us living creations. 🙂

Life in a body is not meant to be easy, and whomever said it was, is one of the ignorant ones who still doesn’t have much of a clue on life. 😉
We are not our body, our brain, our mind, or our thoughts or feelings, but the manager/mistress of all of them…and more!
The closest we get to seeing our Self is when we look deep into our own eyes, to catch that glimmer or light reflection…THAT is us!

We live in this world of our ancestor’s creation. We live according to whatever ‘religion’ is near us at the time, tolerating wishy-washy guidance – or pretence thereof – that contradicts one other….even to the point that is it counter-life-productive!!!!

Yet still we pretend that we are not so much more. Still we PRETEND to pretend, that we do not know we are living within vastly inadequate systems/structures/religions/educations! 😀

So what is this bit of light? A spark of us – our soul essence – carried within our Shen that resides in our heart chakra.
Yes I know standard doctrine hasn’t a clue of this 😉 – but so much fighting and competition was raging historically, that an ‘all-out-intense’, ‘at speed’ society was formed that could CONTROL any opposition.
This was the priority then. NOW IT IS PRIORITY for us to include in our societal system that part of us THAT IS OUR SOUL!

Some of us have a very evolved soul. Some of us are young souls. Some of us have parents whose souls are younger than our own. It is not impossible for us to include within current societal frameworks, ways to embrace ALL aspects of us. THIS is why we have all the anguish and discontent we do, where ever we are in the world.

It is possible for us to correct, improve and disregard any of our own creative constructs. The only thing preventing us from doing so easily is ourselves, and whichever ignorant belief we still cling to.

Fortunately, difficult and impossible are not the same thing, and I am not even sure it will be difficult. 😉
Most of our ‘Religions’ know there is a ‘soul’ involved somewhere, they are just not specific to what it is. ‘Soul’ is a common enough word nowadays, and since being used in popular songs and writings has even become trendy and in fashion.

All of this makes our actually formally recognizing the aspect of ourselves that IS our Soul, rather straightforward.  Clear definitions are in order and then…

Knowing that our Soul needs to be creative from a position of heartfelt worth, is where the excitement and positivity will flow. 🙂

And I guarantee it naturally will see to it – as a group-energy-entity 😉 – that our improved societal structures incorporate us as we truly are! 😀

‘Living In Me – the complete guide to Being Human’ excerpt

    I have been waiting to share this my entire life, or rather it seems that my life has been lived in order to share this.

Born the hybrid of enemies/cultures/language/political, the daughter of Hungarian Resistance fighter athlete choirboy who spoke from a number of languages, had lost both his parents before he was 10 yrs, was a prisoner of war, and who seemed to be ‘undercover’ his entire time with us, and Victorian England raised British military ex-servicewoman (acting Sergent Major)  turned teacher-librarian, I was born to write a study into the Human Being.

My parents existed together, and lived by the book, or so it would ‘seem to be’.  But which book?  They were on the shelves in the house these books.  I have many more of them in my collection now.

Born into abject cruelly, my mother made the novels of Dickens pale into insignificance, though they were a strength and companionship to me.  Reading was one of the few things I was allowed to do as a child.

I was born into a  curiosity of  “What Is The Point?   How Could This Be?   What Is This God Idea Then?   There Mustn’t Be One!   But I’ve Just Been Born!   Why Am I Alive? and  What Is The Meaning To It All?”

Not permitted to speak or make a sound, and ordered to remain still in uncomfortable sitting positions for extended periods, gave me opportunity to listen and observe everything, and I became very good at it.  Not much escaped my notice as I studied closely the members of my own family with the view to interpret.     ” : )

Is Who We Are The`Same As What We Are?

A big NO!!!

Who we are, is essentially what we make of ourselves, within the What.

Who we are, is everything that we see, do and say.  Our behaviours and our actions are who we are.

What we are, is what we manifest within, ie what it is, that makes up our ability to form a body, and an identity, here on the earth plane or third dimension.

What we are, is given the classification Homo Sapien : 

Named from being formed from a hominid ( a primate standing upright) that is ‘wise’.  I would like to think we could become Homo Sapien sapien, by now!  This is the body that can contain us in such a way as to allow us to do what it is we need to do for our life path.

Who we are, is given the general name Human :

‘HU’ is the frequency given to a higher source, or that which is above our crown chakra.  The frequency ‘OM’ is more familiar, and is related to a lower chakra, here on the earth plane. 

Man is short for ‘Manifestation of the One’.

Who we really are, is who we allow ourselves to become, as we evolve our soul and our being, from the start of our journey, to the very end, when we leave earth.

There are no limits to us. : )

I Think Therefore I Am? No.

  • correction of an historical human error that holds us back.

I feel,  I think,  I speak,  I create, therefore I am.

This is actually far more accurate, than the original ‘I think therefore I am’ if we must condense us down to one sentence at all.;)

So much has been based upon the ‘”I think” therefore I am’ claim,  for me to comment on its correction.

I feel.  We had it only partly right.  It is our feelings – or emotional body – that governs our thought process. We feel first, and what we are feeling, will largely – if not solely – determine what we are going to think of.

I speak.  For me, it was my not producing a sound, that made my mother feel more comfortable with my existence.  It was when I began to make sounds that were starting to be speech, that she made plans for my demise.  For me to speak, made me undeniably exist.

Our sound is our very life essence, and our greatest creative tool.  Our voice is our soul and our life force carried on our breath, as it passes through the unique instrument that we are.  The internals of our face and skull, I liken to the inside of a shell that we can blow into on the beach.

I create.  ‘To be Human is to create’ absolutely.  We do our creating from our feelings, and our feelings determine what we will think of creating.  We create our lives with our speech from our word choice and speech habit.  We create our world around us from our opposable thumb ability enabling us dexterity and productivity with our hands.

We create our world around us, according to how we feel.  It is not what happens to us, but how we feel about it, that will be the determiner on everything that we do.  How we are able to manage our feelings will be the determiner of life events and life on earth. : )

There Is No Such Thing As ‘Race’, We Are ‘Breeds’.

  • Why the concept ‘race’ does not suit human being as a classification word
  • Why ‘breed’ works better.
  • Why we are not even divided by language.

There is no such thing as ‘races’ of people.  We are breeds within the human species, and our breed is defined mostly by our Language.

There was never any such thing as ‘Race’ or ‘Human Race’, this was just an overused word that year in Victorian vocabulary deficient English. Seriously.
The only race that was really on was the race for ‘new’ lands, albeit someone else’s;) between Britain and France mostly, as the solution-seeking creativity to assist poverty, misery, and ill-health problems. And it was on this desperate race, the word ‘race’ was then always referred to. : )

The idea of dividing us into four, was a ridiculously simplistic bit of solution-seeking-creativity by a not very bright Britain at the time.;)

We`are still -most of us-largely living from the imagination of 18th century Britain!  There is no where on Earth, that is unaffected by it.

Putting themselves at the top of a list, that ranked Human Beings according to which ‘race’ was ‘superior’, was yet another bit of solution-seeking-creativity, to be able to better their lot at the expense of the ‘inferior’.

We still have not, recognised all of our strengths and all of our qualities.  We are living as a smidgen of ourselves to a life design that was never wise!  What we don’t know though….we don’t know.. : (

This makes as much sense to me, as going along to the R.S.P.C.A, and  regrouping  all of the dogs according to whether they are big, small, spotty or fluffy!;)

“From now on Jess, you are not a labrador, and you are not a chihuahua Sasha, and you over there, Zep, you are not a cattledog.  Francois, you are not a pomeranian either, you are all to be known only as ‘RSPCA dogs, and divided into 4 groups in relation to your size and hair style'”.  Honestly!;)  But who do we choose to guide us across the road, the chihuahua or the labrador?

Language does not divide us…vocabularly does. 

It is our feelings that determine our thoughts.  It is then our thoughts that determine our words.

We are bonded by our healing, and our living from the heart.  All Human Beings living from a state of love, have the same vocabulary,or the same word choice, whatever the language.  Lets do it : )

Comment to a comment I heard on The View on t.v.

  • comments to child abuse
  • more challenging lives examined
  • perspective and reasons given

I heard one of the ladies on The View say “child abuse murder’s the soul of the child”, and I lost my breath for a moment and need to share that it doesn’t at all.

Certainly healing is required, and can be non-progressive when falling into institutions that do not understand the larger workings behind things;)

The truth is, it can be exactly what our soul had chosen.

An enormous amount of behind the scenes organisation goes on, for our soul to manifest in this life, as us.

We choose our situation for manifesting.  I was aware of this when living in the abusive situation I was in.  I can clearly recall asking my guides  “why do I have this life again?  Oh yes…”  I was brought comfort from it, when there was none else available.

We do not choose each and every event that may occur, but we certainly choose our parents – our necessity for manifesting in the physical.  We must enter at conception, build our body around us, and be birthed here on Earth.

We choose our parents based upon a number of things, but mainly to enable us the very life path that we are requiring for this round of ‘The Growth Of My Soul Game’ on that glorious green & blue 3 dimensional realm called Earth, where we can touch and sense and get a life and a body.

Rather than a child’s soul being murdered through abuse, the soul aspect of that child, may be the strongest and most developed part.

We do not have a life that we are not ready for.  We deserve the life that we get for ourselves, in so far as we are seeking growth for us.  We are seeking to advance our soul’s development, to attend to healings and experiences that will bring us this growth.

It is the wiser ones, and the more advanced a soul, who is able to achieve for themselves, a more challenging game.

Forget role-playing Dungeons & Dragons…..we are living the game!;))  : )

Near-Death Insight.

In ‘ Fast-track to joy’, I shared a fab trick I learnt from a near-death experience.  I feel strongly to share some other obvious wisdom from these throughout the next week.

A near-death experience can highlight like no other, the perspective ands insights that we are oblivious to, when we are on the earth plane.

There are many people who have also experienced them, who are led to different paths, from where they focussed their time and energy before.

A ‘near-death experience, or spending time in the ‘after ether’;), can be enormously awakening,and refreshing, and I would like everyone here to be able to share in the insight gained! : )


  • .A reminder life is for LIVING NOW!

Is your body your vehicle or your cage?    Is it in good condition and in tune?    Remember here is where we need it…

Here is the only place we run,  jump, leap, taste, touch, & feel.

Here is the only place we can reap the rewards of our senses.

It is not designed to be easy on Earth, but to be a life long series of challenges.  How can we grow all aspects of ourselves otherwise?  Those of us here now, are meant to be here, and we have all the skills we require, contained within our blueprint.

‘Heaven’ is great, and we feel the love & peace – through every frequency of our Being – but  seriously, we may as well be in a drawer for all the variety of feelings, sensations, and thrills we get.





Building Sand Castles

Hi, this is the chapter I wrote for ‘In The Spirit of Success’ a Hay House America & Inspired Spirit Australia joint publishing.  Other authors include Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer to inspire and uplift!

Like building sandcastles in the sand, some things we just do because it leads to a better life.  No one is going to pay us, promote us, or perhaps even notice, yet we do it because something inside us gives us the idea, and we teach our children to do it still.

I was born into challenging circumstances.

My safety was jeopardized by members of my immediate family on a regular basis, but to all outside appearances it was a respectable and functioning family that visited church at Christmas.

I was pushed downstairs, punched, had rubberbands fired at me, was tormented endlessly, tortured, called “god ugly worthless child” and considered too ugly to be alive.

Not permitted to speak, even for the purpose of learning how, and told to keep out of sight because I was intolerable to look at, gave me enormous time for self contemplation, questioning and analysis.

I relied on – and was arguably raised by – a mystery inner guidance, as one helpful sugestion after another entered my thought space.  I depended upon this guidance to keep me safe, as I received instructions on when and where to move about the house unharmed.  I came to realize I was not alone at all.

Sure enough, when a pillow was placed over my face during the night, I held my breath for the longest time and kept very still, as I had trained myself to do in early infant school.  As I had been instructed to do.

While other children were playing, I was obediently holding my breath for as long as I could, all day, every day, stretching out how long I could last.  I could not see behind closed doors – I only saw them – but my mystery invisible guidance obviously could.

I  ‘gave myself to god –  if there was one’  with all the soul and intent of a desperate toddler.  Meditation or the light I found behind my eyes was my safest place to be.  Time spent behind my eyes, and in  nature, was my greatest source of safety, comfort and strength.

In adulthood,  a terrible head-on collision road accident, killed the driver, and left me unconscious and in critical condition.  It required many hours just to cut me from the crushed vehicle, before flying me to an intensive care unit.  Many simply ‘wrote me off’ from any future life.

Again, I relied on my default way of being, consulting my inner help, and I was guided step by step, through a long and complicated process of recovery.

The Universe had me come across a dog I found impossible to resist from my wheelchair.  A dog I had seen in my dreams as a child.  My spirit was already running with her.   Physically it took me longer, but how we sprinted together!  These days I enjoy circus trapeze workshops and dance.

Another near death experience, as refining of priorities as they are;) required me to change myself so that I did not attract any more of them.  My familiarity to that point was to suffer and I was just attracting it.  Law suits for personal damages were also not my career choice!

What I have learned from my life has been invaluable and I would not want to change the access to knowledge it has given me for anything in the world.  For me, that would be like turning off the light and returning to darkness.

To be Human is to Create, and ultimately, we become the person we choose to be, and who we work towards creating.

It is when our thoughts, words, actions, and behaviour are all aligned, that life is actually way easier.  Way easier!

We in Human form are the master/mistress, manager and caretaker ofall our cells, our thoughts and our feelings.  Here is where we do the best job at being the best us, with all the knowledge that we have, and within the parameters of 21st century planet earth, while creating the future.


No one can visit you if you do not offer them a chair, or a place to park their car, well the same for allowing you, your full spiritual presence.  Spirit world is thought world, and it only needs a space to be heard.

Notice all that you can do without using the mind; looking, listening, tasting, smelling etc.  Notice that you actually turn the mind ON, the moment you attempt to access information.

The mind is the ‘foyer’ equivalent to our memory files and elsewhere.  To use or not to use, like a hand or a foot.    Feel confident to pick and choose the thoughts that best suit your life construct at the time.

No time spent finding a space between thoughts is wasted, but makes all thinking easier and more succinct.  Rewards are experienced before you are able to hold that space for any time.

The space we create becomes our lifeline to ethereal dimensions and our easy access route to our spirit guidance.

We can then trust that we will know what we need to know, when we need to know it.


When we give sound to a thought, we activate it’s creative potential, bringing it into reality.  Having a thought is one thing, putting your sound to it magnifies it exponentially and brings it out ‘virally’.

Feel confident to choose your words carefully against the tide of people chatting and verbalizing every thought.

Your “I am” statements are your most creative building blocks.  Avoid staying in the common habit of question & answer, as we do not create when we direct another’s consciousness around.

Aim instead on the habit of restful sharing of what ‘comes to mind’, from another’s sharing.

An affirmation is a carefully chosen set of words, spoken with intent:

Today I am the strongest creator of success, health and happiness for my Self that I have ever been.

The ‘Universal Absolutes’ requirements for Success.

1.  Truth

Live in a state of Truth, “adherence to what is”.  Also called Integrity.  How can those in other dimensions assist you, if they cannot rely on your reliability, and your follow through?

2. Good Intent

Hold a good intent for all.  A love for Self and others that is uncompromising.

3. Gratitude

A state of gratitude automatically fast tracks us to allow ease of access to higher dimensions, by raising our vibration.

Doing these 3 = ask, receive, with guarantee!!!

The effortlessness of achievements requires our intent and goals to keep going, as though there is limitless possiblity…  And there is.

Many years ago, I worked out that intent then becomes 30%, providing ourselves with opportunity also 30%, and then doing it, is actually only 40% of effort.  Maximum effort with minimal effort.

This way life just makes sense, synchronicites occur, and finding meaning in what happens around us , makes even more sense.

While there is much fascination for what comes before snd after life,here is the only place we run and jump and leap and taste and touch and feel!  Here is our playground, and as with any game there are rules.

See you at the finish line!

Lover of life, love, joy & music and all that brings clarity and explanation to a planet in need, Amelia Pinter finds a ready challenge in anything seemingly complicated!;)  Amelia is passionate about creating education curriculums that reflect our needs; Human Being Essentials, and seeking publication for ‘Living In Me – the complete guide to Being Human’ and sharing her Sound Healing vocal frequencies around the world.

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