Raise That Vibe & BE MERRY! Whoever, Whereever & Whatever We Believe!

Raise that vibe & BE Merry!     The time many of us join together to celebrate life is upon us, and all advertising aside 😉  this is the actually the point of Christmas.

I would love us to all the have a weekly celebration of family and unity such as in the Jewish faith. And also a month of this. as with Muslim faith.
The Christian  &  Christian-derived faiths, I find the most lacking in life celebrations and togetherness.

Other than loving it because many of us are raising our vibration to one of gratitude and are generally being more loving and kind to one another, I don’t celebrate ‘Christmas’.

I will wish folk a Merry Christmas but as a sign of respect for those engaged in this celebration, just as I would for all cultures, and all faiths at times of ritual and celebration.

Celebration is a natural state for us Humans, and a part of our design. When we are in the vibration of joy, love and gratitude, our life is much easier, as we will naturally attract beneficial things to us. Our accumulated life wisdom, enables us to maintain a state of joy. 🙂

The point of Christmas is to remind us to celebrate life, and this I do everyday. I have tokens for peace, joy and love visible always up on the wall. They were actually in a shop as decorations for Christmas one year, but it felt more appropriate to leave them on the wall.

I was raised in a house where it was customary to baptize me a catholic, and customary to have a stern ritual of Christmas decorations, presents and behaviors.
A stunning tree with impressive decorations, colorful crackers, carefully wrapped presents in gorgeous quality paper….a fairy on top.

This all made it easy for me to observe and learn, how this ‘Christmas house’ looked to outside observers, compared to how it actually felt to me.

You see, there was evil present in this same house – in the true definition of the word – ‘evil – seeking personal benefit through intentional harm’. Each morning we sang hymns at my school telling me ‘evil’ was not desired, or was contrary to the point.

My mother never said “thank you” and mean behavior returned almost immediately, so birthdays and Christmas became my most unhappy times. There was no joining together at all to celebrate life, it was cold-hearted, distant and detached and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. But what a stunning tree and lights and tinsel…

So, it is irrelevant if there is a tree, presents, a turkey dinner or not…..ALL THAT MATTERS is that we create the vibe of love.

ALL that matters is how we feel.

ALL that matters is that we all raise our vibration.

I would love it if we joined together in each other’s celebrations, knowing the point of them IS TO CELEBRATE!

And that we also know CELEBRATE = JOY + PEACE + LOVE + GRATITUDE.

Blessings to us all 🙂  who ever and where ever we are, what ever we believe.  Remember they are just alternate same belief systems we are using, to raise our vibration!   🙂

The Point Of Christmas!

So what is it all about this Christmas? Gratitude actually..♥.

What is going on in the thought level, is not nearly so important as what is happening at the feeling level and vibrational level of us. FEELING gratitude, is actually what this celebration is all about!
IT IS all about feeling love and appreciation for one another, for all you have, for what is in front of you…I do not care if you are given gifts ,or not, it is your ability to feel gratitude and to alter your vibrational state to this special state, that becomes the greatest gift, for all humanity and our entire planet! ♥
This is something my mother was never able to feel, or share, even when given a gift in a surrounds of expense. But this is not what it is about at all, and she is was the embodiment of that. She was all about appearances – the ‘best’ tree, the ‘best’ decorations, the best this and that.
But, best is a judgement statement, and put into it’s correct perspective here of Christmas…it is not really the best at all. FAR from it! Enjoy what you have..or have not. To feel gratitude IS THE POINT!! 🙂

Happiest, Festiviest,;) Happenings To You All!

Grab any opportunity of celebrating! Jump on any opportunity of raising vibrations, where ever or whatever! Do not waste a second with thoughts of analyzing why, or whose story is the most accurate. Heaven knows they are all full of misconceptions, given the time, and historical reasons for distribution. The truth is, joining in celebration, ritual and tradition is a human thang! It matters absolutely not, what or which faith / religion / belief system you manifested here under!
Have fun, be merry and safely does it! : )

What’s the point of Christmas? (or be it a ‘culturally different’ equivalent!)

The Point Of The Celebration Called Christmas Is To FEEL GRATITUDE.

Different cultures and faiths may have another story or dreaming or tradition or myth, but the point is the same.  Human Beings gathered together to maximise an energetic vibration that is of benefit to all on earth.  There is absolutely nothing negative about cultivating masses of this frequency.

At its simplest, it is a celebration to join us together in the vibration that raises us the most.

Gratitude is the single most important feeling to raise us, for ease of passage of our consciousness, through the ether. 

Feeling gratitude is the way we can most easily connect with our spirit guides, or anyone beyond the earth plane/3rd dimension. 

So we have it in this century, in Christian tradition, that people give one another gifts, that they place under a decorated tree.  The gift giving is simply to ensure the vibrational frequency of gratitude or thankfulness is reached.  When we join together to feel something we increase and hold more securely its existence.

 The decoration of the tree, is simply to create a sacred space by way of ‘ritual’.  Taking conscious effort to create a space, makes something more powerful in meaning, more powerful in its receptivity, and its strength.  A magnification or reinforcing of intent is achieved.

Intent is a very key aspect of much that we do.  Some have said ‘intent is everything’ but I calculate to be at least 40%, with the rest just made up of being there and doing something physical to bring it about.

When we make a space sacred, we put conscious thought there, we put energy there.  The more activities we need to do to ‘prepare’ the space, the stronger the ‘spell’ will be – the stronger our foundational ‘force’ so to speak, as we send it into the ether for creative purposes.

Trees to decorate, napkins, special this, special that, things brought out only for such rituals, incense, feasts, coloured lights, special music ALL to hold an energetic space and for no other reason.

It is irrelevant, what the story behind the creation of the feeling is.  The relevance is in the creation of the feeling.  It matters not at all, what you are celebrating.

As we have historically been separated by seas and languages, it stands to reason that we have different stories.  Some of the stories have intertwined, as travels and invasions and wars have been fought, but it is still  the same vibrational need we are serving, and honouring, and just as we should as good Human Beings!

My pondering on the meaning of Christmas began at a very young age. 

My mother would stand, ordering the placement of everything, to be exactly where she dictated.  Everything had to look ‘perfect’ to her.  She gave orders in very loud and mean toned voice and there were so many rules. 

This was repeated every year.  There was not allowed to be, any variation, from what she saw ‘intellectually’ or with her mind’s eye.  She insisted she knew what it ‘should’ look like, even when others had contributed to it. 

The decorations – the most gorgeous decorations I have seen –  only created a stressful association, as she stood over whoever placed them on the tree.  Orders had to be followed.  She commanded not just where, but even how to position them on the tree, with tinsel strands being counted, so you only had two in your hand at any one time.  

She literally removed any feeling of joy that had motivated me to be near the tree, or in the sacred space.  It felt awful to be a part of the Christmas preparation under my mother’s regime.  And yes, the tree would end up looking splendid, but at what cost? 

The area was barren of joy – even more so than the rest of the house.   It was an area of low vibration, of fear and of negative associations, and there existed the danger of being reprimanded again in some way.  Fear is the absence of love, and the most negative vibrational state we can ‘achieve’. 

Our tree also had to remain ‘perfect’ to my mother’s eyes the entire time it was up, and be taken down in the same regimented style.  I longed to experience a gathering of joy, and I am so grateful I was able to experience this with another family.  who I boarded with in my late teens, after a friend’s mother arranged an alternative for me with her neighbours. 

Christmas was my favourite time of year as I so enjoyed giving.  However, I was becoming increasing disturbed by how I was caused to feel when it involved giving to my own family.  A little girl can only do her very best for so long, at planning and thinking up gifts, doing what she feels she is supposed to do, if it always resulted in disappointment and lowering of her vibration/removal of joy/sad feelings.  

There came a time when I felt the need to stop giving my mother gifts, for my own wellbeing, and as I felt responsible for the part I was playing in her ill-health.  I felt that my going along with her performance each Christmas, was condoning it, and was playing a part/participating, in its creation.

I considered that if I stopped giving her gifts it may cause her to consider a different behaviour, that it would encourage a different behaviour.  I hoped that she would be given cause to reflect,  to heal, and that it would be seen as a consequence of her actions.  It certainly was not doing me any good to be treated in such a manner consistently, and my inner guidance led me to create my own healing options.

I tried all manner of different ideas and things, over many years, for many of my mother’s behaviours.  None with any results that improved the quality of either of our lives, and I had no other alternative but to part ways.

Deprivation is a fabulous teacher, as we get smack in the face, the reasons for things!  It is precisely my deprivation of joy, at times such as Christmas, that ensured that I experienced how relevant it is.  It is in my deprivation of feeling any gratitude or thankfulness directed toward me at Christmas, that enabled me to feel how wrong that was.     

Gratitude.  That is what it is all about!  We can feel gratitude that Human Beings of other faiths/cultures/language groups are doing their bit, in their own style, to raise the vibration on earth.  

Arguing over whose ‘story’ is better than anyone else’s, that brings about the joy, and still remnant while misunderstandings remain, is actually ridiculous, and caused from ignorance (without knowledge).

 Survival against fear fulled ideas, viewed with full focusof what was infront, instead of also involving the larger picture, is the reason that judging one another’s beliefs for superiority began.  I am extremely sensitive to any misfortune caused from righteously and honourably serving one’s beliefs, that may have led to honourable injury or even death.

It is only a bigger perspective that is missing, and actually traditionally it was woman who had the role in this, and why there is movement happening across the globe to bring about a balance, with each of us able to contribute our specialties!

Why we celebrate for joy is universal – bigger even than humans! – and to be arguing over what story, and whom, is also an embarrassment when viewed with a galactic perspective! : )

Blessings to one and all.  Celebrate.  Dance. Sing.  But most important feel gratitude!  For life, the sun, the grass, the birds, the air, each other…

It is not about what you are eating or what you are wearing.  It is not about anything involving any inventions of ours.  It is about core human feelings, and we all have those!!! : ) 

Make Christmas an entire GRATITUDE DAY, if you can’t for twelve days!!  : )

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