We MUST Be Allowed Opportunity For Creative Expression.

We must be allowed opportunity for individual creative expression. Without this, our creativity WILL erupt into other areas, as it will not be stopped. To Be Human IS TO create.

Arguably all extracurricular ‘underhanded’, ‘sneakiness’, ‘bad habits’ even ‘crime,’ are all behaviors caused from misdirected, unexpressed creative expression.

Nail biting, over-eating, bulimia, inner-lip or cheek chewing that we feel no one can tell we are doing it, to cutting up one’s own arms and other even more harmful actions involving the lives of others, ALL stem from creative suppression of a kind. Even smoking cigarettes, though that does involve the desired fulfillment of other aspects also.

It is our creativity that naturally leads to our fulfilled sense of achievement, our ‘doing our best’, our sense of satisfaction, but all beginning with our creativity…

Not allowed ANY personal expression when I was ‘kept’ by my mother in her home for her advantage, I was very aware of going through and healing myself from one ‘problem’ behavior after another, as intuitive coping strategies ‘came’ to me to assist me to do so. 🙂

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