Insights from FIFA World Cup 2014!

Holá! bom dia! Zdravo! dobro dan! ❤ I loved watching Croatia play Brazil in the Football 2014 World Cup!

Hola!  buen dia!  Hallo! goede dag!  I loved the energy and excitement as Spain and Holland played each other in the World Cup Football! ❤

Hello to every one of us with teams playing 😀


I am loving the demonstration of our human skill at such level of excellence. I can relate to it as dancing – with a ball – and needing to spontaneously change position looking and sensing at all times for anyone who may try to take it from you, or motivate a change in footing.

The players must have the flexibility of gymnasts and ballet dancers in their legs and hip sockets!

When we do our best, we are naturally surfing on the top of the wave of our own energy, at our most efficient place, and living as we are designed 😀

There is every emotion being experienced – and allowed to be experienced – by strong, athletic and proud men. And what a crowd – wow!

As humans we are designed to embrace all that we are, and for too long from ignorance promoted by the English historically, our feelings have been ignored and even ridiculed. We need to be led by our feelings however, as it is just our energy giving us advice.

This world football event, with us free to compete in pride as the languages that we are, in peak physical health, allowing our energy to feel, is such a fabulous example of us all being really real!  😀

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