How Would WE Know To Change If Things Didn’t Fall Apart?

WE need upheaval and for things to ‘be a problem’ so we can do what is necessary for change.

WE create it all, so if it isn’t falling apart, how else can we know to change it/what we are doing?

To feel comfortable to stand at, and choose all behaviors, from the ‘edge of the unknown’. This – away from our schedules and mind clutter from past and future moments – is where we are actually creating what we stand in.

We have all the wisdom in the world, that we require, to solve anything of our own creating.
We can easily create better realities. WE are human beings after all…….to Be Human, Is to create! : )

Who Are You Hangin’ With?

I love that saying  “There comes a point when you realize who matters, who never did, and who always will.”

And this is just good, sensible energy management!  Not a reason at all for sadness, regrets ,”whys” or “what ifs”.

Instead celebrate your growth and your awareness, that your associations, are where your thoughts and behaviors are actualized!

Choose your associations carefully, in this day when the word ‘friend; is misused to include someone you may never have even met…

Who you befriend,  plays a real large part in determining who it is that you are…..and become!  : )

We Can Do So Much Better……So Let’s Do Better!

Our societal structure, that relied upon removal of human respect and confidence, is a lousy one.

It was set up without any forethought to consequence.

It was set up without any ability then, to determine consequence…

We can set up a better one now, that reflects our wants and our needs. : )

Why Even Think That You Can’t Do Something…..Just know You Can!

“Procrastination is the nemesis of confidence.”

I do not recall who wrote this statement, but just got a reminder to share it.
It was powerful for me when I first read this, and it worked well….particularly as I am SO into restoring confidence among all humans, to reclaim as our birthright!

Removal of confidence was a societal strategy, as the motivation for action to earn it back. Respect – or removal thereof -was used in the same way… ..

We only need to know confidence is ours for the reclaiming, and our future success does requires that we do! : )

The More We Have Suffered, The More Joy We Can Contain!

I have been doing it for years, but our design, and our intuition, never ceases to amaze me!
Doing energy release via sound, I received a knowing, intuitively via my thought space, that I was about to experience/go through, my deepest ever felt grief/suffering release.
I then felt a build up of tears at my eyes, and a tight, draining exhaustion feeling all around my heart chakra / rib cage. The sound frequencies I released were like no other before, and I was grateful for my own advice to myself, so that I kept strongly fixed in the process.
Immediately I felt a lightening to me as a smile took me over. The next day, the new joy I was aware of that had joined me instead, was such a delight!

Releasing old energies allows us to be fresh in the present moment , sure we contain the wisdom of all our past expereinces but any more than that just isn’t energetically efficient.
WE want to be able to live as fresh and awake, as if we just arrived on the planet in our adult form. Methods to release any old /stagnant/ waste energy from us, are an essential part of human energy management, as in this day / age / culture, we are not often able to release it as we feel it, unfortunately.
The brilliance and perfection of this, is that the Universe does not do ‘spaces’ so every frequency that was ‘old suffering’ gets replaced with white light frequencies aka joy / love! It simply must!

So…find a private space…then with no judgement….scream, shout and GET IT ALL OUT! Take a break, praps do it for 15 mins with an alarm clock…then immediately do something joyful like dance music! It is not scary….it is you…..x

Then feel the difference! : )

To Be Human IS To Create.

To keep healthy, we must keep creatively alive.
If you don’t have this in your job or life already, find a creative outlet, where you can express, create freely, and a chance to do your best… to be human, IS to create.

Though the fashion may be to be like a robot – even to dance like one, 😉 – YOU are not one… are the being who created the robot.

The reason we have the size brain we do IS FOR CREATIVITY, and it is the very intent at thought, that CREATES the neuron synapse pathway….

WE are vast and magnificent. and we are unlimited in our creativity. : )

Forget About It, And Let It Go, Unless It Improves Your Moment!

Before leaving the present moment, via the mind, to bring in information of another event/time/place/fact or detail/historical event etc, ask yourself “Does this improve my moment?”


This is the very point of our vast imagination, and of our ability to have choice of relevance, so we can make these decisions. : )

Can You Feel More Alive?

Take time each day to feel as FRESH, AWAKE and ALIVE as if YOU JUST ARRIVED ON THE PLANET in your adult form. This is how you are designed to feel.

Get used to how this feels, so you can access it every day when ever you need a reminder.
If you do not feel this way – why? What unprocessed issues are you lugging around…or holding close to you like it’s your favorite coat? It’s done with, LET IT GO! : )

And The Answer Is…..Return Respect!

Returning respect is really what it is all about…to ourselves, each other, our home planet…everything else…

(Removal of respect, was a chosen strategy by our own ancestors, to promote income growth, with ways to earn back respect, made an incentive for societal structural stability. It wasn’t a good long term idea at all – it was implemented without any consideration into long term effects – and needs to be changed.) : )

Let It All Out, To Let It All In!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

How true this is. It has been – and continues to be – precisely what I do. With every bit of joy, I am given incentive, motivation and opportunity to release what doesn’t serve me! Naturally we do this, when we listen to our feelings.

When we release old stale emotional debris, the space it leaves, IS AUTOMATICALLY FILLED WITH WHITE LIGHT FREQUENCIES aka love. : )

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