Our Most Natural Human State.

Our Most Natural Human State.

I agree with this wonderful image by Mike Dooley, and I cannot emphasize enough how spending as much time in this state as possible will positively affect EVERYTHING on Earth.

This allows for it to occur you see, and by design, is our natural human state.
We are meant to be able to be present, open and ready to what is happening NOW.

Holding preconceived expectations, judgement, anticipations, worries, are all ‘intellectual reality’ waffle, going on inside your head ONLY.

Many of us have learned to do this as habit, from the ignorance of our history. But of course, that is then what we create, and add energy to creating, on a large populous scale.

Better indeed to be in a state of believing something fabulous is going to happen….and so it can be! ūüôā

What Stress Really Is.

I am noticing how commonly Рand inaccurately Рthe term stress is being used.

In one day I heard two different people say to me, after only a very short conversation, and who didn’t know me at all:

“Don’t stress…”, “I don’t want to stress you…” , ” I can see it is stressing you…” and “I am sorry it has stressed you..” ¬†!!!

When, all I did was to share a thought on something.

I became aware at this point, how frequently the word stress must be being used in every day speech.

Having a thought or a feeling is not ‘stress’ at all. ¬†We are designed to have feeling and thought reactions, however unpleasant we find them. ¬†They remain simply that, a thought or a feeling. ¬†They do not go through a special metamorphosis becoming another term ‘stress’ before we speak of them.;)

‘Stress’ is an ailment, a condition that comes about only from an ‘unmanaged’ thought or feeling. ¬†A thought or feeling that has been neglected and left unprocessed, or ignored and no action taken.

An upsetting thought or feeling is not stress.

‘Stress’ or ‘strain’ of us occurs only when thoughts and feelings are mismanaged.

We are designed to have thoughts and feelings Рhowever, and whatever they are Рgood or bad.  Stress occurs later on, when something goes wrong with the processing of said thought or feeling.

‘Stress’ or ‘strain’ occurs not¬†from¬†an issue, thought or feeling at all, but from a thought or feeling left, undealt with, to stagnate in us.

Our energy gets disturbed, and becomes stuck, and our body will  react,  as it is designed to do, when our energy changes.  We react by breathing differently, and our circulation changes almost instantly.

We are energy. ¬†We are designed to flow…

Leaving¬†anything – any aspect of ourselves – to sit unused, or be neglected, causes the potential for ill-health. ¬†The part of us that is stagnant, unflowing, unclear of ‘junk debris’, neglected or unused IS where an ill-ness will take up residence.

Naming anything at all, and using it’s name, is part of the road to manifesting it.

Using the term stress will make it harder for you to keep it out of your life.  In fact, using the term, makes it a part of your life.

Isn’t it perhaps an ‘agitated feeling’ you feel? ¬†Or ‘angry’ or ‘annoyed’ or ‘fed-up’ or ‘hurt’ by something? ¬†Or a simple “I get a bad feeling.” or ¬†“I have a bad thought about that.”

Maybe you feel your energy ‘rise’ as you think, or share of something that happened to you, to another. ¬†This isn’t stress, it is your energy telling you how it makes you feel.

We react to things.  It is healthy for us to have reactions to things.

If you can used another word – instead of¬†stress –¬†I recommend you do so.

Real stress itself can also be healed, and it begins with not adding more to the knot of old, past, remnant, junk issues/thoughts and feelings in and around ones energy.

Have fun! : )

Crying Is Great!!!

Crying is great as it is a wonderful health tool.  It is when we can release negative/bad/old energy from ourselves, in safety from adverse effects.  My attitude to it is pragmatic and without judgment, in recognition that is a naturally useful human thing to do.

It is excellent when we can feel deeply into our emotion, to express as much ‘junk’ energy as possible. ¬†Our crying action prevents our head from suffering too much pressure and heat, than our brain can tolerate. ¬†Our energy rises so that a reaction is made possible – if not unavoidable! ¬† Our throat chakra is for our personal expression – our true expression of who we are – so it makes sense that our energy aims to involve this area of us. ¬†Our head has openings where we can release this energy through our breath and our sound.

If you feel the need to cry, go as deeply into as you can. What other ‘stuff’ from ‘whenever’ can you clear at the same time? ¬†Our release mechanism does not discriminate you see – grief energy, grief sound, grief sound vibration –¬†everything¬†of the equivalent degree of pain that has built up, will release in that given time.

In fact, you cannot be certain that you have released all that issue, but a little bit of another one, with some of that one remaining.  All the more reason to revisit a cry, to get more of it out of you!

If you feel the need to cry at a time that just is not socially convenient, just take a ‘rain check’ and get back to it at a convenient time. It is nice to have complete privacy, or maybe you prefer to do it with a friend who is also releasing at the same time, or perhaps ¬†is in a supporting role for you.

Set aside some time for yourself to cry, and free yourself for this.  Turn off gadgets, put the radio on if you have close neighbors, so you feel less bothered of being overheard.  Set a time frame for your release.  Maybe setting an alarm for your chosen time of 15 minutes, is perfect if kids or partner are due home soon.

Find yourself a comfortable space, and visit within yourself to find the beginnings of that crying feeling.  Remind yourself of the events, go back into the story, as you plan to let it all out.   Feel safe to do so.  Feel empowered to do so.

See if you can reach as deeply into it as before.  Can you make it deeper still, getting a stronger feeling to cry?  Try breathing more deeply, or from a deeper place within you, to allow for a bigger exhale to bring forth more energy from you.

It is old energy needing to leave and we feel for a purpose always. 

Never do we feel the need to cry, that it is irrelevant to our energy/us.  And, never is feeling like crying unimportant or wrong.  It is always when we are reading ourselves correctly, that something has caused an energy reaction in our body, that requires attention.

We take time to toilet, to remove waste. ¬†Taking time to cry also removes waste… ¬†Not ‘waste’ as is in it was a ‘waste of a thing to do’ or a ‘waste of time’ to feel, but that now it is in need of being discarded, or given the respect it needs to leave us.

We are allowed in society to take time to toilet, we are even given special spaces and privacy, not to mention some fancy inventions.;) ¬† Not yet so is crying so commonly recognized and accepted, as people themselves are uncomfortable with the way it causes them to feel, so better it just doesn’t happen near them.

Some people still pride themselves on never crying, others fear people who cry easily and too often.  Really our life is about managing ourselves moment to moment, and living as Present in the moment as you can.  Having judgments of past or future cryings is irrelevant to your life.  What is relevant is knowing how to manage your own energy in every moment.

Sure in this day and age crying it is tricky to do anywhere, but also in this day and age we are finding more to make us want to cry.

We are still human beings however, and in no ‘day and age’ do we ever stop needing to know how to manage ourselves. ¬†In every ‘day and age’ we still need to know¬†how to be Human. ¬†Unfortunately we are needing to be reminded how, and this is why I am so passionate about my Being Human Essentials¬†education series.

Tears cool the face. Our head houses the home base of all our nerves and when we feel energy rising at pressure from emotions being activated, and giving us strong reactions, our tears allow us to transition this energy carefully from ourselves.

Sometimes tears are not required, but an open mouth will allow the energy to be released before pressure reaches the head.  Wailing is a brilliant custom that is common at grief gathering events in some cultures.  What a perfect way for people to commune together, supporting one another, for their joint release.  Their combined energy holds a secure space for the optimal amount of grief energy to be released from each participant, maintaining a community in greater health also.

We must be reminded that the English language group Рthe language I am communicating to you in Рis a culture that frowned upon the expression of human feelings.  It was made socially unacceptable historically to react naturally in anyway, to anything, at anytime!;)  This stemmed from ignorance and fear, and then fear that they would seem ignorant!

The reason the English language has spread across our planet so, is due historically to Britain’s efforts to assist her Human health, poverty, and population problems .

It is also the reason our entire planet is now suffering these same problems.  The problem has spread Рit was never solved Рand it was caused by ignorance of not knowing how to be a Human Being.

Finding time to cry Рor just to release the yelling/screaming energy before it rises to your head extremity, is just effective and responsible energetic management that is essential to being a Human Being.  

After your ‘cry time’ or your ‘release time’ or your ‘grief management time’, do something celebratory that lifts you an brings your energy to a happy place.

Your energy now does need to re-settle and find it’s new equilibrium as you are now altered. ¬†I can feel a very dramatic difference always and a huge smile spreads across my face as I feel my new lightness. ¬† With closed eyes I can see brilliant white – sometimes ¬†a firey yellow edge to it ‘cracking’ down into me like lightning.

And afterwards…change that radio music to your favorite song and then¬†dance, dance, dance!!! ¬†: )

Human Language = Ability To Reason

As we create ourselves, we create our reality to exist in.

We are meant to evolve. But how can we when we are held restricted by our own systems?

Our society is formed by structures put in place by our unconscious, unhappy & unhealthy ancestors. These structures are completely ignorant of basic human needs and knowings.

My studies inform me of intellectual reasoning abilities that are made capable by vocabulary, and enhanced by vocabulary size and language complexity. I find some languages to be deficient.

It is our language that is our particular human skill. Our language development that we experience as a child, is what enables a human being to develop thinking ability internally, or to grow us to be able to ‘intellectually reason’.

I find some language groups unable to even fathom that there are answers to all problems humanity is facing. Answers that are within easy reach of us, or more accurately within reach of other humans, whose language or vocabulary, allows for a greater intellectual reasoning development.
I find the English language, to be the most limiting in this development. The English language is not actually a natural language but was a creative construct mostly for trade purposes, built from many languages to serve urgent needs, under stress.

Societal structures, put in place by our own ancestors, the past leaders of industrial growth, are preventing us from thriving. These structures were single focused to solve single problems. These leaders were not able to determine better solutions at the time, yet they are still in place. These leaders possibly had no idea or intent for real solutions to all problems, and probably they were not able to reason for this.

We are meant to evolve. But how can we when we are held restricted by our own systems?

There are answers and explanations to them all!

There is no need for fear, we are all in this together, lets bring all our special skills to the forefront. No?

This a general introductory piece only, as this is a very expansive concept.

To have it accepted seriously and wide scale, I am fully aware I will do single issue segments to expand, and to give it the focus it deserves.  I know many Рmy own British family included;) Рwho will be none to happy with my conclusions, if I am not thorough!

BUT, as is, I find the above, important points to share in understanding just how we could have ended up in the mess we are in, as such an intelligent and gifted species!  It is SO easy for me to see from the life I have led, and was born into.  Nothing is personal, it is all observational and after years of studies of many many peoples.

English only speakers themselves are not capable of determining their own reasoning ability, in relation to another of another language with a greater vocabulary either…! ūüôā

Enjoy your day!: )

When What Is Going On inside Of Us = Our Choice Of Words

That OUR words are a true expression of US. 

Not a dream, but real reality.  When our word choice enables us to create our own reality, specific to our own individual needs, our own individual abilities, and our own individual desires to manifest.     

This is the point of our special skill, our particularly human ‘special skill’.

We are our words. ¬†We become our words. ¬†We then live whatever it is, our words create for us….

It feels so unnatural to me when we meet another Human, and for them to tell what is on THEIR mind, for US to speak on.

YET THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT OCCURS with the common Question & Answer habit we have gotten ourselves into. : ) 

For me it was easy to see – as in the case of my own mother – there was no connection at all between what was going on for her personally, and what words came out of her mouth.

It is precisely this, that caused and enabled her, to never be able to connect to functioning in the world as a Human Being.

On the large scale, I see it is also Humanity’s issue.

We can teach us how to speak however,  and I believe it is essential that we learn all about our special skill. : )

Don’t Fit Into Your World, Make The World Fit You.

I came across this Albert Einstein quote again today:

” Few people are capable of expressing opinions with equanimity, opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment.
Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.”

Yet, this is precisely what is required for us to better our situation.

Our own societal structures that we created – before we ever knew what it is we even are – are what is holding us back, and what is harming the health of ourselves, our entire planetary system.

I think therefore I am? No, I create therefore I am.
WE, are born to create, yet are forced to creatively FIT INTO our world, rather than creating our world to FIT US.

We now know better.

We have all the wisdom in the world available to us, and there is nothing of our own creation that we cannot solve, and replace with a better one. We are human beings after all!;)

It is not too hard, and difficult and impossible have never been the same thing! ¬†It just takes an awareness that it IS required. ¬†Humans before us did the best with what they knew at the time, alright already….lets create our future!

Be your amazing self today, as we are incredible, and make your world fit you! . : )


Words Given, Words Received, But What Words Are Heard?


A human being speaks to another and opportunity arises.  Our vocal sound, via our language, gives us a way to exchange energy for energy, to become manifest as something, which will further enable our own healing and creative ability.

What words someone says to you, in response to what you have said, tells of their receptivity to hear you. Your expectations of these words, tell more of what reinforcement you are lacking inside yourself.

I think there fore I am….?


I speak there fore I am.   : )



Is It A Bird Brain…Or Human Brain?

The ultimate thing for us to do as humans, is to be creative with our speech.
We can only do this because we are humans. Our brain size is for this very potential. Our intent at thought, creates our neuron synapse pathway. It is our need, that creates the current in the right place.

Otherwise, we may as well be a parrot;) repeating what another has said, mimicking what someone else chose to create, fitting into our life, the words from another human’s life.
What size difference the brain of a human and parrot…

“Bird brain” was a demeaning term used among some people to tease, yet some humans without realizing, are choosing to only do what a bird can do, and so choosing, ensure bird size development of their own brain. : )

When ‘Express’ Is Better Slow.

As humans we ARE our language. We have the size brain we do, FOR the creation of speech.

The power of language.

The creative power given us by our words, that is, our sound shaped specifically for creating our reality.

I had to stop all contact with my own mother because of her words.

As our words create our reality, why not use the most positive, joy-filled and luscious ones you know…….and learn some more.

Your language is your spell. ¬†Your breath, your essence, your thoughts carefully chosen to give life to, with the opportunity given you by your path….to then express.

And do not hurry and express!

It is a responsibility.

Sure, we think of fast and rushing with the word express, but this kind of express – an expression of ourselves, that in turn creates our very life – benefits from time given it.

You have nothing to lose…‚Ķand only what your words say, to gain!

: )

Words As Treasure Or Weaponry?

Words – treasure or spears?

Rather than us treasuring each others words, for the unique and balance of perspective that they bring us, many men and women are causing one another confusion/suffering/energetic drain with their words!
It is ridiculous for women to be talking to a man as though he were another woman, or men to be talking to woman, like she is a man. Rest assured, that awareness of what we are, leads us to a state where we can treasure what comes out of our mouths for the sharing.

When we know what we are, we can comfortably allow for our differences. When we allow for our differences, we can honor our differences, and we can then enjoy the unique perspective each other can bring to a situation with our words.
Bring it on!

My mother was the biggest bullying meanest female-man ‘nag’ of our time….of all time?;) So I SO know the cruelty of words, how cruel a woman can be, and of human-role stress from a human not knowing any clear guidelines or perspective, on how to behave or deal with another human. But ……times they are a changin’ ūüėČ

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