Clarity for the Current Transgender Arguments.


Such energised confusion at this time! Gender issues, and people  warring verbally over gender & gender related topics.

My role is to explain, bring clarity and redefine where needed.  Many humans are at this time on the planet feeling lost and it is manifesting in all manner of ways.  Historically we have been living in ignorance of what the human being actually is, but this does not give us license to make it all up. There are rules to this Game called Life. Universal Rules and we operate under Universal Law.

A man & a woman in form are very different aside from genitalia.  A woman is an energy being and a cyclic being by design, among other things not relevant to this topic. Man by design is an energy being and more a day-by day-by day-by day being by design, so he can act on his feet, in the moment focusing to the maximum on what is immediately before him. He is also comprised of many other components not relevant to this topic. And with respect to their subtle energy bodies, a man & woman’s energy wheels or chakras rotate in different directions.

These facts are why some traditional cultures always had the woman make the final decisions, because simply by design women can determine consequence far more easily, given them by their cyclic perspective ( every 21 – 28 days cycles of change).

Traditionally – and remaining in some of our remaining indigenous cultures – distinct differences in our genders were celebrated with rituals and ‘rights of passage.’  In some creative, forward thinking areas currently, new groups have emerged to fill this void with supportive Men’s & Women’s celebratory & guiding meet ups.  I cannot recommend them more strongly.

The Sunshine Coast hinterland of Queensland, Australia had a wonderful variety of such regular meet ups with trainings & insights from traditional wisdom available.  Arizona U. S also has such teachings and groups available, and I am sure ‘googling’ will help anyone find the one closest to them in their country and language.

It takes a smart individual to make it through a transitioning of gender. It takes an individual who has a level of discomfort as their norm, and a familiarity with feeling uncomfortable.

In the current transgender words arguing, I am seeing people directing outwards, inner discomfort. I am seeing intellectual bullying of people around them who are not changing to make them feel better.

Healing to feel comfortable, needs to come from within. Those who have felt discomfort their entire lives need to go inward, and do the inner work, to not be constantly attracting dicomfort.   I feel the projecting outwards, of feelings of discomfort, is responsible for much of the current social media ‘warring’.

The Law of Attraction is a real Universal Law.  Finding the peace inside, and not focussing on changing humanity around you, so that you yourself feel better in your own self identity, needs to occur prior to outward societal change.

The current arguing, confusion and angst I am seeing, is largely about only two things : 1. feelings & 2. vocabulary.

1/   Feelings.    

Anyone who is led by their feelings – and feelings DO govern the Human Being  – and decides to alter themselves so they feel better because they ‘feel ‘ like they were born in the wrong body’   or feel they are really a man in the body of a woman or vice versa, of course can recognise that somebody else may feel ‘like a woman who does not want to share a woman’s space, with somebody who wasn’t born a woman’.

BOTH sets of feelings are equally valid.

It is not “I think therefore I am.’   It is I feel therefore I am.

To ridicule and abuse and otherwise purposefully cause discomfort to anyone, because of how they feel, is historically the path of ignorance.  It is the path of insufficient vocabulary to do anything otherwise, to say anything better.  No one chooses the path of ridicule,abuse or defamation, who has the vocabulary to do better, and to come into an understanding.

I refer specifically to the people expressing their feelings, being called “Transgender phobe”. This is an inaccurate statement.  A phobia is a fear..  It is ‘name-calling’ for want of a better thing to say. Name-calling comes from insufficient vocabulary do to otherwise.  Vocabulary extends our very reasoning ability, within our brain, so it is very possible these ‘name-callers’ have no further insight into there being another route that leads to discussion & understanding. But some do., And this, is just a discussion about everyone having their feelings respected, to ensure decisions are made to reflect this.

We Humans are blessed with language ability and there is nothing that we cannot make better through language use.

I LOVE diversity – anyone who knows me personally or reads me knows this.  I spent much of my childhood/teen/early adult years in all manner of alternativedom 😉 creative dress / hairstyles and I support and love us all – all beings, all Earth’s creatures & elements.

BUT I strongly feel I do not want anyone who was a man at any time in his / now her life, sharing “woman space’ with me.  Just as I respect these men/ transpeople for wanting to live as they perceive & believe a woman feels like, I also am to be respected for my feelings.   I certainly deserve to be able to choose to be in an all woman space, free from men being there.

I personally – and like many women who have made it through all the years of girlhood & puberty and so on, have experienced enough violation, abuse, perving, uncomfortable stares, sexual harassment & abuse, to want, deserve and need to know that any spaces I may occupy in a vulnerable condition deemed safe spaces, are.  

It is not uncommon for many to have received no sex education to speak of, no understanding of behaviours or their own body parts!   My mother gave no further details to me than referring to that place one time only as “Between your legs. ”

It is all too common for a woman to have experienced unwanted harassment / abuse at some earlier point.  All women, needing to undress, or be vulnerable in another way that has a space for them to feel safer in – names aside at this point – need a safe space to remain.  All of us can have our safe spaces. No need to take them from another group of people.

Traditionally a Woman’s Space was Sacred and it needs to remain sacred.  This is a basic human requirement to have these sacred safe spaces. Sacred Men Space. Sacred Women Space. There is no reason these need to be broken down…only the creation of more sacred spaces is needed.

There are many reasons someone may say they do not identify with their birth gender:

~It may be genuinely biological, it may be a passing phase that is a valid stage requiring processing, it may be a passing trend caught up in a community feel, it may be part of a mental illness, it may be part of an emotional illness, it may be blatant deception, it may be – for those readers who have further spiritual awareness – that this is in fact the first life as the birth gender, more familiar to be the other, and it is their soul’s path for greater development, to be that particular gender this life.

I have known numerous people identifying as LBGTQ, in my life.  I always aim to relate to someone as a soul, so I really don’t mind what else is going on in their life, as long as noone & nothing is being harmed.  They include my own gay cousin I met as a small child, a twin sharing a womb with his sister, so seems easily biologically explained to me. I  determined a few chose what they perceived as an easier lifestyle for them, while still carrying emotional burdens from unresolved trauma, very sensitive souls they were too. A couple of others were sexually active with the same sex ‘just because’ seeing no reason not to as it seemed common enough to do in the media.  A bi woman friend was making a clear lifestyle choice when she chose to settledown with her girlfriend.  And one, a drag queen neighbour, was the foulest mouthed woman abuser in his every day, as he was on stage.

It is a road of healing, discovery and challenge when we join with our opposite sex, and the rampart misunderstanding of what the human being is, and what being a man and woman really is, makes identifying with someone of the same sex that more appealing and familiar also.

2/ Vocabulary

“WOMAN” is actually WOMB MAN, made short.     Anyone who did have a womb – can choose to be called a woman / IS a woman.

A man ‘who feels like his idea of what a woman may feel like” Which may be close to what a woman feels like, or extremely distant, given the many aforementioned reasons.    I suggest Fe-man  feman.  This is a word not yet taken by any other meaning.   Under no circumstances- an all the aforementioned reasons, is ‘Woman’ accurate.  Feman is a good word, a nice word, pleasant to express and hear, without any negative connotation I am aware of, and accurate.

FE-MAN  for Female Man

Perhaps someone changing from woman to man would prefer this category also. I am open to suggestions to this also, but ‘Man’ is not accurate in all situations for them. It may be enough in some, but not all.

With regard to toilets :

I think the time of sex-divided. communal toilets may be a thing of the past.  I suggest lovely, new, clean ones with all facilities – alongside the disability single door, a number of  single door ones with every facility – so our privates can be private.  😉  No one need know if you choose the urinal or the porcelain seat.  Or whatever equivalent in different countries/cultures.

There are many advantages to having no more foyer / communal space, for safety reasons, hygiene reasons. in addition to the privacy.  I for one, many times have wished I could use the disabled one, without feeling I may be inconveniencing anyone.  Nearly always it has seemed more appealing to me, when walking passed. glancing in on a vacant one. 😉

I really hope this helps.  After all, we all only want to feel safe, respected, happy and comfortable, as the incredible and diverse Human Beings we are. 🙂

What Makes Some Humans Smarter Than Others?

I find the more complex a ‘home’ language, the more intelligent the people.  It is our language ability that distinguishes us as human beings, and then our opposable thumb, giving us the creative ability with our hands to actualize /bring into reality, what we think of. 

It is language ability that makes some humans more intelligent than others, and the more languages we know the smarter we get.  The more words we know, the larger capacity that we contain within. 

As it is our very intent at thought, that creates the neuron synaptic pathways within our brain, the more we learn,  the larger a framework – or word map  – or’ shelving unit’ for storage;) –  we create inside ourselves.

Our vocabulary becomes the roots of our created reality tree. : )  The more languages we know, we effectively multiply our total neuron capacity.    A language is so much more than words you see…

A language is also the knowing of what to say and when, customs, behaviors, culture, and so on.  Within the ‘shelving unit’ or ‘files’ inside our consciousness, we need make room, for the word of all those things, in another language.

I was very injured on time, which included a head injury resulting in a loss of consciousness.  The neuro-test given me, by a specialist unknown to me, as the one that gave them the best idea of my pre-injury intellect, was one on pronunciation of words. 

I was told it did not matter whether I knew the word – or not – just how I chose to pronounce it.  From this, I also gathered  that language ability is the most accurate determiner of intellect used today scientifically.  They were most likely able to determine how wide my word source was, from this test.

In Australia last  year after school results were known, it was documented how much better ‘immigrant’ – or children with English as a second language – performed in the results.  It was the subject of a tv show also.

It was mistakenly believed that it was due to foreign children being better students, or having greater work ethics instilled in them, as to why they were smarter. 

Certainly these qualities assist, but they are simply smarter anyway because they know more words, their neuron capacity fills a greater space, than their ‘English-derivitive’, (no second language), fellow students. 

Within the same language,  just say two people had the same vocabulary also, it becomes the greater creativity and other learnings undertaken, that then increase brain use and therefore capacity, leading to one being smarter than the other.

Before I studied us, I studied every animal I came across.  I noticed my pets, from mice to dogs, all became smarter the more I trained them.

When I meet someone I like to know their blood lines (heritage) on both side and their ‘home’ language.   I find this the most helpful information to know more of someone, and it has proven reliable and consistent.    I am able to determine how smart/clever they are most likely able to be from their language/no. of languages.

I have known, dated or befriended, all races and many breeds of humans.  It is their vocabulary and language quantity that makes them smarter than the rest.;)

The English language has always been short of words, in comparison with others and has needed to add to its stock of words as it went along through history. 

It needed to adopt words from other languages, as those words simply did not exist, within its own language.  This made the people speaking it, therefore, intellectually, not as capable as those whose languages had a greater – or more extended  -vocabulary.

English is one of the more simplistic of all the languages, and why as a second language it becomes easy, as it is so much easier than a ‘home’ language. It also does not fit in well with the other languages, and I go into more detail in other writings.

My mother’s vocabulary was severely limited.  She operated in a very concrete fashion, fixated on what was in front of her.  She had trouble understanding much that was not obvious to her way of thinking.  She had enormous difficulty with abstract thought, and, or perhaps because, she was so regimented.

By this time language had been strictly controlled in English life.  Hard for other language groups to fathom – in English language society – the topics of sex, religion and politics, were not considered appropriate for social conversing: “There are three things you never talk about…” my mother told me.

Also, “social grooming & etiquette” had men and women, or ‘gentlemen and ladies’ given advice of topics of conversation to learn, for society.  For example, a young woman undertaking ‘social grooming  advancement’, may learn a conversation topic such as flower arranging.

Thanks to the above language control measures, speaking had all but been disconnected from any idea of creating a reality for a human existence…;)

My mother’s social life was practically non-existent, had always been limited, and her life very structured and rigid. Her own creativity was severely and chronically stifled.

By contrast my father would take me as a baby to meet with his Hungarian friend.   Conversation would roll, and was like a lullaby to me, and when he wasn’t speaking his home language or singing, he was whistling while he worked.;)

My mother struggled with her vocabulary.  Her conversation – and that is using the term generously;) – was limited to retelling of events in a listed way, retelling of a simple ‘story’, criticizing, and using learned abusive words.  Some of these, most likely she had said to her as a child, and others were clearly military words and orders.

She absolutely was not able to use language to create her reality as she went along in a day, instead using a learned script, that she needed to fit to suit a circumstance.  This is very common of the habit of the English language in England even today.

Later in adulthood she learned to use the word ‘apparently’ and I noticed that it gave her more to do with a sentence.;)

Sure we are a breed, and we contain the biochemistry from our physical parents, and some may be more generous in ‘the matter’ than others, but we can use what we have and make it more so.

I was told a joke in Edinburgh one year when I was there for the Edinburgh Festival:

What do you call someone who knows many languages?  Multilingual.

What do you call someone who knows a couple of languages?  

What do you call someone who only knows one language?  English! 

I added immediately, due to my familiarity with the shortening/making casual, habit of my birthplace…:

What do you call someone who knows less than one language?  Australian!;)

LOVE your home language, and love your language ability!

If you need to learn English, do so as another language, you are human after all, so no need to make less of yourself when you can be more!  : )

Living In Me – the complete guide to Being Human

An excerpt from the intro of Living In Me – The Complete Guide to Being Human…and some notes that just came out with them…!

“No degree into the human being and all that it can possibly be exists, so I have studied far and wide to give myself the best possible education on this topic.  This has involved combining different undergraduate learnings, from degrees and diploma courses; many diverse work areas;  from ‘throwing myself’ in at the deep end’ in varied and obscure life experiences; travel discoveries; self-healing and personal growth workshops.

We were at one time threatened with death upon even questioning of this,  as it was interpreted historically, as disobedience by questioning the authority of  the ‘Crown’ in rule.  And more than this, questioning the authority of the Crown’s chosen religious practice for the people ruled over.  To question for greater knowledge was determined to be ‘disobedience’ or ‘argument’.  Yet, it is our very spirit that questions, for guidance, and for seeking familiarity for growth and reassurance.

To Be all I could Be was my plan.  A man at a music festival where I was dancing in the crowd said to me, after observing me for quite a while, “you seem to have the upper hand.”  I am used to staring all the while where ever I go, but I don’t enjoy it.  It reminds me of  my mother’s all too critical daily staring, with a screwed up face and mean eyes, as this is the familiarity and association that my own memory files offer me.  ”

We can heal from all of it, but, to remember is a healthy state for us, and should never be feared, but rather used for the potential healing that all these memories offer us.  Areas that are ’emotion charged’ places to go, can bring about the greatest movement of stuck energy from us, and are the best enablers for this, when managed correctly and with such an intent.  I take the opportunity to release stuck energies, that hold me back from living my lightest freest self whenever I get a spare moment to do so.

I don’t mind being viewed when on as stage for performance, as eyes in that situation are eyes of enjoyment and love.   Eyes emit an energy that  can be felt, and eyes in such a situation are encouraging and strengthening to the activity being undertaken. Even to say, these eyes become  a part of the experience, in the receiving of the performance ‘gift’.

We are Primate in the physical and the most threatening thing you can do to some others such as Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Orang Utans, is to stare at them.   Looking at one another, of course, is a part of the courting behaviour for us, to get the attention of who attracts us, but if we do not impress enough to get it, then we are meant to stop our gaze, and move on.

“I am used to questions all day, if I do not have a number of rehearsed responses now, to give myself space from it.  Space from it that I can allow myself mostly due to my commitment to write this book.  Space from it as we are not actually meant to be questioning one another at all really.

The Meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything.  Monty Python.  The answer is 42.;)   Or is that the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy?  It never struck me a being anything other than a completely achievable quest or question and I decided to learn the answer, and all about it.  I thought it very silly that it was not freely available, like the books that are all about dogs that you need to read before you have one.

It was sensible to me to know the point and purpose of our existence and what we actually were, from what was known so far to our understanding.  I also figured that would give indication of what wasn’t yet known or understood, and also what was completely being avoided in understanding, ie, from being in”the too hard basket”.

Yet I am in that basket.  I was put there by my own mother.  I have lived my entire life from it, and I feel completely at ease sharing of its contents. And here it is.”

So what is ‘the ego’ exactly?

  • the ego defined
  • what the ego isn’t
  • why ego has been so misunderstood
  • the role of ego among men
  • how identity serves us
  • ego disorders

   What is the ego?

I am hearing more frequently the word ‘ego’ used, especially amongst young men, then often with a “but that’s just my ego talking and I need to get it out of the way…”  I am finding it just as important to speak of what the ego is not, to provide a clearer understanding.

As we develop self mastery, we find that much of it comes from recognition, perspective, then understanding, of each aspect of ourselves.

The ego is given as bad a rap as cholesterol, when they both are in fact an essential component of being a Human.

Without cholesterol, we would be a pile of cells on the floor.  They are the ‘name tags’ or coding for a cell, so they know what they are, and where they are meant to be.  This is also why it is not digestible, or easy to break down, as it needs to be permanently in place so we can function as an organism.

All the ego is, is our identity construct while we are here on earth.  The identity that we form, out of which to operate.  The identity that enables us to bring what we bring to the planet; our ‘game piece’ that gives us the greatest ‘play’ out of which we can play our best game with the most opportunities provided for our creativity.

What the ego is not…

The ego is not our social status, or how we view our social standing among others.  Of particular importance if you are in the form Man.  They are related in that the ego can be reinforced/solidified or brought into question by the social status.  The ego can be likened to the toy car on the social status electric track.   

The ego is not about feeling a sense of pride or a want to do well, or a want to do your best.  Pride is an essential component of being human.

The ego is not about caring that others view you with a high regard.  Respect within humanity is how we function best and a natural want.

The ego is not about wanting to  have the best life that you can for yourself and your family.  This is a natural drive, and additionally felt if you are in the form Man, as you are naturally the protector and active doer and you naturally lean toward what is best for yourself and your own.

It is inherent in all species to do one’s best.  To choose to not do your best, is a human ability that does not encourage personal growth of any kind, and is in fact disabling. ( I go into this in greater detail with another writing, as it is in epidemic proportions, and the cause of many larger concerns). .

The ego is simply the identity construct that you create, out of which you operate.

You create it, so naturally you can feel prone to an insecurity or have doubts sometimes, as you contemplate yourself.   It is completely personal, and completely up to you, no matter how capable you feel you are.  Or how much life knowledge you have or have not.  This is why it can easily cause confusion, concern and misplaced emphasis.

Choose who you want to be, and work toward creating this. 

Give yourself as many possibilities for opportunities within this identity as you want. 

Then, let it go.  Remove attachment.  Just be that you, as you go about your tasks, projects and activities.

The ego is also not about feeling a need to impress a woman if you are in the form Man.  This is as natural in us, as in many other species proving themselves in some way, by building nests or driving off other males or having the most amazing feathers.  The tales of knights of old who most impressed the queen, winning her affections for a night; the man who’s harvests are the most bountiful being able to choose from more than one girl in the village, all appropriate tales for learning.

When a man does something well that we women cannot do,  it impresses us, is ‘sexy’ and arousing to us.  This means our base chakra inner energy rises/moves and we feel this.  When a man achieves something over other men, our attention goes to him, as the potential greater provider and protector.  Base chakra : core survival sustaining energy, and responsible for the genitalia.

I began life being ordered to “consider yourself last, if at all.”    I felt as worthless as I was told I was, and was so emotionally shut down, that I was numb to even sensing my own wants and needs.   Not having an ego was part of my ill health condition at this time.    I was actually denied forming my own separate identity.

I related completely to feeling ‘kept’ and ‘owned’ in my childhood situation.   I was ‘hers, my mother’s,’ and was expected to move on command.  Like the little hamster I had as a pet, I was the ‘kept child’ in my mother’s cage.   She knew best, and I was to obey.   There was no opportunity given me to form an identity.  I was told what to do and what to think at all times, and feelings  just weren’t considered.  Behaviors, that I was instructed to have, were of her choosing.  It was a completely demoralizing situation.

One such telling example, is when we needed to go somewhere on a coach.  We had arrived late at the bus station, and she ordered me to lie down in front of the coach outside, if it tried to leave without us.  She was serious.   She then disappeared, to attend to something or other.

She had told me many times that “people have children to do their dirty work”.  I can recall the awful feeling, and the very weight of the responsibility, as I watched, frightened at the activity outside.  Metaphorically, my energy felt shoved even further into the ground before being jumped up and down on.  It was a ridiculous responsibility to put onto a small child.

It was of a time when children had to do only as they were told, when children could still be remembered as cheap labour and second class citizens, by those still influenced by the teachings prevalent in Victorian England.  It had not been agreeable to my mother, that I even existed.

I found in time, that making myself malleable around other’s wants and needs, and totally without a sense of personal identity, just not viable or workable, for myself, or, anyone around me.   How could anyone relate to me?  Who was I?    I had to use all my skill and intent to discover who I was, in secret.  I needed to learn of my own personal likes and dislikes, as don’t they guide our natural behaviors, and aren’t they essential?

Forming an identity, then keeping to it in a state of integrity, makes for the most effective and operational manner for our life path.  It makes for our greatest and easiest success.

Ego disorders can occur when…

1. There is not an adequate identity formed yet, out of which to operate.

2.There is not an adequate sense of self, felt.  A lacking of objectivity perhaps. What are your achievements?  Is your view of yourself clouded by unexpressed energies/issues/ ‘depression’?

3. There is not an adequate perspective of self, realized.  Where you end, and where others begin. Where you fit into your community?

A bandaid measure or what I call “solution seeking creativity’ may be that you feel the need to create a false reality around you for the benefit of seeming to be more, or something else, than your identity allows.   This comes when you feel unsatisfied with yourself, and you are not living in integrity, and you feel you could benefit from some illusions or lies, added to your identity.  (Lie; a falsehood told with the intent to deceive).

Something to notice is your language or word use.  An indication of where you are with your focus/perception of your Self, may be found in the frequency you use the words “I” , “Me” & “My”.  The frequency you think the words ” I” ,”Me”& “My” also.  Notice the frequency they are used by others, for a private check-in.

It may be common in language for some men to exaggerate, particularly of achievements with women, jobs, machinery or sports, but this is actually a social standing /social status issue, and also not ego.  As we are beings of energy, a group energy is formed when we are together.  It is this energetic pull that can sway and change behaviours of an individual energy.  A group energy will perform much better, if those who are are part of it, think highly of the others around them.  We are ‘raised’ by the energy we are in…or we can be depleted by it.

These examples can be equally said of some women, in some situations now, particularly within the English language, as we have the situation where both sexes are doing economic raising activities, and roles and behaviors have changed to incorporate these.  I expand upon this in other topics.

The natural urge inherent inside Man, as by design, the active doer, protector, and competitive one of our species, is to feel great,proud,larger and stronger even, if other men ‘raise’ his status by what they may ‘perceive to be’ or from ‘how it looks’,or what they ‘imagine to be true’.   If you have not spoken a lie, how is it wrong?

There is not likely to be a situation where a man offers to say “that hot woman wasn’t interested in me, I was just giving her a lift.” or ” We weren’t on a date at all, just standing next to one another in the Movie queue.”  “We went on a date but she said she wasn’t interested in seeing me again, and the evening ended really early.”

Better for him that he says nothing…and let’s others think much.  The pull of group energy in Man is extremely inherently strong, as it is meant to be.  Man is the one who has been required by tradition  to rely upon other men, to bring down the large hunting prey, to protect all that is theirs from possible attack.   To achieve great things together.   You only need to go to a football game to feel the strength o f this energy.

An enormous subconscious attraction to being in the Army services is to feel the group male energy, brotherhood and camaraderie.  These are not so easy to find these days as they once were, aside from sports teams, and certainly a requirement for us.  Men strengthen men, and women strengthen women.  Gang interest can have the same appeal to it.

I completely understand the historic uproar when women were first allowed to join the Army services, as energetically we are completely different.   The presence of a woman’s energy being would completely alter the energy of the nearby surrounding men.  Our chakras or energy segments or ‘wheels’ rotate differently.  As they are meant to do.   Men and women are meant to affect one another energetically, and all of the time.  We do not ‘come into season’ like some other species do.  Some cultures do incorporate this knowledge and have taken their own measures to keep their societies operating.

An unfortunate conflict of interests can occur, between the enormous pull of this social status energy and  very real self growth having the opportunity to occur within a man’s  ego/identity.  One such example is if it is alluded to within a group that a man is already in a more advanced relationship with a woman, than he may actually be. This is risky, and as  a woman I can share that we can find this a complete turn off.

Women find confidence extremely appealing and sexy.  A need to allude that something is already going on, convinces us that there is no confidence for the possibility that it will.  Holding back from hinting or alluding, to advance social status, may have led to a real development with this woman, and to a growth in identity/ego that would have genuinely raised the social standing more so.

It is part of Self Mastery for a Man to use wisdom to negotiate the balance between your ego identity, and your social status within the group energy.  To surf the edge between them to maximize your success from a state of Integrity.  Remember that integrity enables you to fast track to success, so is worth it every time, and it always pays off in ways you don’t ever expect!.;)

These situations between ego and social status and our relating with presumptions, also has allowed for a development of, a perceived messiness, between what is truth, what is alluded to, and what is a lie.

It is completely clear, however, when it is understood in the context of the natural tendency of our species, and of our tendencies from being either in the form Man or Woman, and of the importance of truth/adherence to what is, on our path.

I consider we do an amazing job to be us, since Sages and Wise Ones are no longer here to guide us.  Many women are living more as ‘female men’ , unaware of what else lies waiting for them….if they only knew.  And there are men, who for some reason that they themselves may not know, never feel quite comfortable calling themselves a ‘Man’ .

This is only a consequence of lack of recognition of all that we are, as our society was formed.  We know better now and we have all the knowledge in the world available to us.  The greatest wisdom however, lies in the application of this knowledge, hence my passion to share. : )

Living a carefully constructed reality, here in life’s game, relies upon being inside a functioning identity.  This is the ego, and its wonderful ability to monitor itself.  You may occasionally receive feelings that encourage you to check in on the effectiveness of your game piece, as you play on.;)   

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