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I heard one of the ladies on The View say “child abuse murder’s the soul of the child”, and I lost my breath for a moment and need to share that it doesn’t at all.

Certainly healing is required, and can be non-progressive when falling into institutions that do not understand the larger workings behind things;)

The truth is, it can be exactly what our soul had chosen.

An enormous amount of behind the scenes organisation goes on, for our soul to manifest in this life, as us.

We choose our situation for manifesting.  I was aware of this when living in the abusive situation I was in.  I can clearly recall asking my guides  “why do I have this life again?  Oh yes…”  I was brought comfort from it, when there was none else available.

We do not choose each and every event that may occur, but we certainly choose our parents – our necessity for manifesting in the physical.  We must enter at conception, build our body around us, and be birthed here on Earth.

We choose our parents based upon a number of things, but mainly to enable us the very life path that we are requiring for this round of ‘The Growth Of My Soul Game’ on that glorious green & blue 3 dimensional realm called Earth, where we can touch and sense and get a life and a body.

Rather than a child’s soul being murdered through abuse, the soul aspect of that child, may be the strongest and most developed part.

We do not have a life that we are not ready for.  We deserve the life that we get for ourselves, in so far as we are seeking growth for us.  We are seeking to advance our soul’s development, to attend to healings and experiences that will bring us this growth.

It is the wiser ones, and the more advanced a soul, who is able to achieve for themselves, a more challenging game.

Forget role-playing Dungeons & Dragons…..we are living the game!;))  : )

How appropriate!

The word ‘auspicious’ came to me, when I noticed with amazement that the photo of the sunset over my place becomes much like the Koori (Native Australian) flag when cropped to size for my blog’s header page!

I feel in good company. Native Australians are amongst the most spiritual and intelligent humans of us and always able to consider much else, as they consult one another and always maintained a balance within their communities.  Much was brought in for analysis from different knowings and wisdoms within a community, encompassing ancestral, historical & traditional, and of course the current figuring from those in the physical!  Much like I am doing here…

As I was born here in Australia, by Aboriginal tradition, that makes me part of the dreaming.  ‘The Dreaming’ is the reference, guidance and wisdom used by Native Australians.

I am honoured to be linked to Minjerriba or Stradbroke Island’s community by way of the respect I have for author Kath Walker who came from that land.  Her son Denis is an Elder there and I am proud to have signed a treaty with him.  I look forward to a visit there again one day.  : ) 

I am so very attached to this beautiful island and its life and colours and flora and fauna after studying to be a wildlife ranger here.  I am enormously aware of the energy lines, that are of known great strength here in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland region – the region of the Gubbi Gubbi people.  If I am told correctly, the original Australians would only pass through or meet up here, as it was considered too powerful an energy to take up residence in!

So how appropriate is it then, that the header for my blog, took on- in its own form – the symbol used by the ancestry of the very land I am writing on!!!  I have shivers down my arms and spine as I type this!  PERFECTION! : ) 

For the moment, it is a header that represents much, and I am looking forward to help from a web design team next week!

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