Are You Voluntarily Reducing Yourself?

Are you voluntarily reducing yourself?

Are YOU making yourself less than you actually are?

If you know know it.
If you feel something…it is so.

In that moment it is irrelevant “how” you know/feel it, or “from what/which” source, “who else” does it and “what will they think”.

All of this is irrelevant, self-belittling, and requiring disciplining, ‘mind clutter’. ūüėČ It contradicts your inner wisdom, and is only programming absorbed since your birth, from the maintained and current ignorance around you.

It was seen as necessary to ridicule and ignore, to remove or reduce, our natural instincts and intuition, simply because they could not be understood within the ignorance of English.

As there was no means to understand these concepts when establishing society, they needed to be over-ruled, and the handy “nothing exists unless there is a tool by which it can be measured,” proclamation made in Victorian times, to quickly allow focus to be on economic development, served this purpose.

Of course they, and it, were WRONG, and your feelings and knowings are RIGHT for you, and have been all along. ūüôā

War And Peace? Isn’t It War OR Peace?

Assalamu alaikum and Shalom to all of us in the middle east area!

I saw another interesting documentary on events happening in your part of the world. ūüôā

Amazing beings kept ignorant to market weaponry is all I see, whenever I observe warring places now.
People maintained in their ignorance, to create a continued market for weapons.

Also, ridiculous borders that were never designed to work, but designed to allow continued success at further procurement, to add only to economic progress, under the guise of being helpful.

And don’t we all just want respect? ¬† It is a natural part of our design and our human need…of course we do.

Battles are never with each other, but only inside ourselves.

The only ‘battle’ we ever have is our own Self realization.
A completely internal ‘battle’ with our own inner realization of ourselves.

And then it is the realization and acceptance of this fact, that enables the spreading of real peace.
Weaponry only creates the need for weaponry. 

Are we brave enough?

Brave enough to realize and accept that all this fighting has been in ignorance?

And don’t many of us who haven’t compulsory military service, go into armies/war partly attracted by a need for courage, camaraderie, strengthening of sexually energy from segregation, and to do something for our country?
Leaving aside for the moment the attraction of having your children educated, a steady paycheck, guaranteed career advancement, respect gained from a ‘title’, all of which were an enormous draw card for developing Britain. ¬†My own British family all took this route.
Can you see how we were made dependent upon continued military actions being made necessary?

All of us wherever we are?  Our current societies DEPEND upon military involvement.

It takes much greater courage, camaraderie and all the above;) to stand on the edge of the unknown….

It is totally time we do something different, so we can do something appropriate!

We have been doing the same stupid thing for centuries, even though we have advanced our knowings/education/research in all other matters!
Can I remind you again that it is chimpanzees that need to have warring situations, as they do not have language? ¬†ūüėČ

We can now even speak the same language as the people we are in a confrontation with! ūüėÄ It is crazy not to just talk it out! ūüėÄ

No matter what your beliefs or lifestyle, if you are picking up, or holding an invention, created to harm another, all you are reduced to being IS A PAWN ON A CHESS GAME!

I know…..let’s play a better game that suits our design, and allows us to be the amazing creative beings we are!

Blessings ūüôā

We Created Much That Did Not Suit Us. Lets improve it all, by creating better now we know better, as the creative beings we Humans are, and as we are designed to be!


Or just to make you feel foolish, from their tone of voice used, or to use outright ridicule – as made so popular by Britain – to make fun of what you say, so to diminish any possibility of serious receipt of what you say.

Wise words here by the wonderful Mahatma Gandhi, as always it is due to THEIR ignorance, and THEIR want or need to feel comfortable.
People want to feel good. People want to feel good about choices they have made and are making. People do not want to know that they have made choices all their lives that have not been the best.

But hang on….were they not doing the best that they thought they could at the time, with the knowledge that they had? ¬†I am sure this is the case, and as we are designed to do. This makes it Ok/ puts them ‘in the clear’.Even if it was corrupt and totally evil I am sure they thought they were doing somewhere near their best at it and probably it is behavior stemming again from ignorant off path ill health!;)

And then, we are also designed to alter our choices and to do better when we know better, as we do now.
Any personal feelings need to be dealt with, as the manager of our energy, thoughts, and feelings that we are, that are preventing any of us from living as we are intended. And as is the actual design of our species.

It is fact that we have been influenced by humans before us, who made decisions affecting us, that were not appropriate for us/life/our planet.
It is fact that there are some who want to go ignorantly along pretending it was all alright, and it is still alright. It never was! ūüôā

We have never had in place systems and structures that are adequate for us.  We did not know the information at that time.
Now we do, it is necessary for us to do better. This is also just fact, because we are Humans.

Ignorance = without knowledge.
It does not mean foolishness, or being ‘made to look like an idiot or a fool’, which is an enormous societal controlling tool used within the English language. Other language groups are shocked by how this fear keeps many English speakers silent, refraining even from natural curiosity conversing.

To be human is to create, and we cannot stop it.
We/our ancestors created all our inadequate systems and we can so easily create better ones.

It is fact that all our societal structures are not designed for any of us. ¬†We did not know then what a human was, what a man was, what a woman was. ¬†These are all issues affecting all of us still, giving us all ridiculous problems, when they simply needn’t be.

How much ridiculous problem presenting foolishness is everyone content to be living in?

Is this our planet???

Blessings ūüôā

All That Fuss Over The Size Of Our Brain…

To be human is to create, therefore, as humans we MUST create.

We need freedom to create in our everyday life just for health maintenance purposes. Otherwise our solution-seeking creativity comes into play, as our creativity just cannot be stopped. All crime as we know it is solution seeking creativity of a kind.

If we do not allow our individual selves creativity, we are allowing ourselves to decline. The result is a chronic stifling, a depression, a fading, a reducing, a dulling… Our solution-seeking creativity reignites a spark inside us, and really is a health mechanism from a deeper wiser part of ourselves.

Our systems and structures must also allow for a creative, and creatively developing and changing, body of people.
Recognizing that we are fundamentally a creating machine,;) and the answer to why we have the size and structure brain we do, needs to come before we will adjust our systems and structures.

Our brain is large, that it is made up of surplus space FOR creative purposes. The very intent at thought CREATES the neuron synaptic pathway for that thought to travel.

There was an enormous fuss made due to the size brain a human had when it was discovered and made known. Oh how superior some of our ancestors assumed we were, but only used this information to take on other lands at speed, before others of another language did. And also it was contrived that different looking people (the ones with the weapons, ships, poverty, ill-health, misery and chronic relative emotional and mental illness) were more superior still, due to the shape of their head, allowing for a presumed EVEN LARGER brain. ūüėČ
My mother had a thing about my head being all wrong…too Asian she said.
Yet we have still NEVER got our heads around ūüėČ WHY we have this size brain, and incorporated this into our lives!

I repeat : Our brain is large, that it is made up of surplus space FOR creative purposes. The very intent at thought CREATES the neuron synaptic pathway for that thought to travel.

We are still stuck with old books hinging upon the work of fantastic artist/scientist Leonardo de Vinci, who himself was needing to update the inadequate medical books available in his century on the human being. I feel in good company then, as I too am finding such inadequacies in what is known of our species, that I am driven to do something myself.

The English language – the language in which I write and you read, irrespective of where on our planet you may be – was chronically obsessed with their own superiority, and in the establishment of themselves in control of everyone else in order that they could reap the rewards, to add to a struggling economy.
All of this was done at speed and in fear of being ‘overcome’.

There has never been an opportunity – or even a window for opportunity – of anyone saying “O.K folks! Let’s take some time out from the stock exchange, printing press, political, military, defence, domestic and economic interests, while we update our knowledge of ourselves.” And no “OK lets do that, I am sure the other countries will happily give us that time! ”
They have always been living out the familiarity programming of fear, of ‘overcome or be overcome’, ‘kill of be killed’, as the emotionally ill population they largely were.

How can we possibly create systems and structures, around and in support of our lives, IF WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE ARE ENTIRELY? ūüėÄ
We cannot, and why we are engaged in activities better suited to chimps, ants, dogs, robots even…but not yet Humans! ūüôā

‘Might Is Right’? Warring is so beneath us…


It is always illogical for us to voluntarily succumb to any situation that we feel is inferior to our own, or that we do not consider is the best for our own well being.

This is a simple fact of our Human design, as the masters/mistresses of all ourselves, our energy our physical body and all that we are, and of which it is our personal duty to care take.

This is another reason why we are meant to speak to one another to resolve any aggravation to our energy. ¬†Doing anything forceful instead of negotiating is totally unsuitable and ‘beneath’ us, and why warring is ridiculous and ignorant for us, and better suited to other primates without language ability such as chimps.

Each of our breeds/language groups contain qualities and strengths, and each contain ridiculous outdated ignorances awaiting correction.

Where we have populations living according to books written many years ago, translated and reinterpreted many times, produced with intent to assist in ruling and protecting countries against invasion/intrusions, we have the most confusion going on, no matter how serious, disciplined, and compassionate the individual.

How fortunate we are of the design where we can speak about it all, to clear any misunderstandings, and negotiate to create improvement that we require. ūüôā

“Might is Right”? No, wrong.

This is what was believed in historic England, and is why we have the situations we continue to have, giving us cause for concern on our planet.

Not sense. ¬†Not intelligence. ¬†Not health and well being. ¬†Not whoever has the most logical and best reasoning, with the good intent for all, either. ūüėČ

The usage of the word ‘might’ here, is of a stronger force overcoming a weaker one. ¬† So if you were stronger and could overcome another, that made you ‘right’, and usage of the word ‘right’ here, is used in it’s meaning of the one who wins in a judgement statement.

This to me is proof of intellectual minimalism if anything!

It is this attitude that is behind bullying, invading countries and all historic child abuse. ¬†My mother’s abuse of me was due to the fact that she was bigger and mightier.
We must remind ourselves that Victorian England’s success with becoming the Industrial engine of the world, was largely due to the number of children working long hours in the mines and factories in awful conditions.
My own mother told me that people had children to do their ‘dirty work.’ ¬†It was her perceived ‘might’ over me that convinced her she was right, but she – and England – were wrong.

It is always illogical and unnatural for us to succumb to anything that we feel is less suitable than our own way.  We are humans, and this means that we are complex, and capable of profound complexity to our reasoning.  This does vary, relatively, depending on our language(s), but we have our speech ability, so that we can negotiate all of these complexities.

Our brain can literally create the new thoughts we require, to think our way around, and out of things as we go!

There is nothing that we cannot speak about, and the very reason it was considered necessary historically, to restrict freedom of speech, in order to create the inadequate systems in the first place.

If they weren’t inadequate, and designed without the good intent for all in the first place, do you think we would still be discontent? ¬†Of course not.

Do you think most of us, everywhere around the world, would have needed them to be forced upon us, if they were not inadequate for us?  Of course not.

They needed to be given us, or our ancestors, by force or threats of harm, because we or our ancestors, did not consider them the best for our well being.  Simple fact.  This is regardless of if we could not form a rational argument about it at the time, and whether or not we felt it, thought it, or just knew it deep inside.

We all did the best that we knew how to do, at the time, with the information available to us at the time. ¬†All rulers had the best advisers that they thought they could. ¬†And even if they were insane rulers – which was definitely the case in historic England – they still were doing the best that they could, within their ability. ūüėČ

And now… we have phenomenal technological inventions that enable communication. ¬† And now, we know¬†WE CONTAIN SPEECH EQUIPMENT, LANGUAGE ABILITY, ¬†INTELLECTUAL REASONING ABILITY OF THE MOST COMPLEX POTENTIAL, TO CREATE FOR OURSELVES ANY POSSIBLE CREATIVE OUTCOME. ¬†To be Human is to create. ¬†Our Speech we have, specifically¬†for this purpose.

It is only our systems Рthat we created Рand our reliance on familiarity, that is restricting our creative freedom.   It is an ignorant past that has trained us to need a familiarity that is unreal.  It is knowledge of ourselves to correct this, that will re-enable and awaken our knowing we are meant to be designing and creating our future, as we go.


It is ridiculous that we created systems that do not allow us creative ability, in the first place.  It is understandable given our ignorant histories.  (Definition used: ignorant; without knowledge.)

How fortunate for us that we are humans, because speech and creativity are what are required here to sort this out, and they are precisely our special skills! ūüėČ ūüėÄ


And The Real Truth Is…

All of our ‘different’ religions are actually, and simply, different interpretations, that include purposeful misinterpretations, ¬†of PRECISELY THE SAME THING.

All of them. ¬†Everywhere. ¬†No matter what we look like or how we practice it. ¬†They are our ‘alternate same beliefs’.

A baby arrives in its purest most divine state.

Anything different is ‘false advertising’ only, for control purposes, ease of rule, and to evoke a sense of unity and belief that ‘what really matters is being taken care of’, that I go into in other writings.

You see, I always knew inside that if a baby grew into a child, who grew into an adult, who never had any contact with humans to tell him or her what to believe, then that human was by no way bad or ‘evil’. ¬†Quite the contrary in fact.

Our Source – or whatever your word – speaks to us, in the form of thoughts given us, when we have a space for them. ¬†This instruction is higher and more pure a GUIDANCE and more personally appropriate for that individual, than ANYTHING from another human’s work.

All written works, bibles – whatever your word – are all interpreted and written by humans, reinterpreted for distribution to the taste and flavor of another human, translated, reinterpreted etc.

They all contain truth.  They all contain stuff that really needs an overhaul as it is just confusing everyone.  There is no need for us to be continuing to use shaky or floppy words of many centuries ago, or doing actions that are irrelevant to us now in this time, now we know better.

There are definitive rules to life as a Human Being on earth.

It is for US, to choose all the best things, from each of our books/religions.  To use our knowings, our love and our commitment for the best we can be.   It is wonderful we have it all in writing so we can sort through it, and pick the most suitable things, change others, and add updated knowings.

We can easily use our human special skill ‘solution-seeking creativity’ to do this and I am keen to continue reading what I love from each of them, as certain celebrations and traditions in some of them, strengthen us and maintain us in health in better ways, and more reliable ways, than others.

The point of all our religions is to be the embodiment of them. ¬†To BE love, and how can we be love and want to take from another or harm another at the same time? ¬†This is proof it is not correctly interpreted, that it is illogical, and being used for the intent for something on this plane/earth. ¬†I give credit and thanks though that we have up until this point fiercely protected our individuality from the take over by others without our best interest. ¬†I give credit and thanks to all those who have followed their own inner knowings in maintaining cultural strengths, as without it, we could all be speaking English now, and our world’s state of health would be in a much worse state!!!!

There is such a thing as the Akashic Records as I like to call ‘The Records Of All Consciousness’. ¬† To obtain ‘access’ requires a committed discipline and uncompromising way of living in truth, love and integrity. ¬†There are those of us who have reached this ability within each religion, as religions are only as strong as the individuals within them, but it is they who have done this, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO with the particular faith or religion followed, led or represented. ¬†They as individuals have chosen this path, and got it right!

All our religions have these human beings within them. ¬†This does not make one religion better than another, it is simply the ‘container’ for them to be in, and they strengthen and hold the energy in return. ¬†I do not follow any religion as I do not find them, as they are, adequate enough to do so. ¬†They ALL – without exception – can be improved upon so that they really guide us and represent us! ¬† I do my own spiritual practice and follow a way that I worked out gives me my best life possible while assisting earth with hers. ¬†I consider I am a spirit being in human form, I live in respect of all life, and I consider myself and my home to be sacred space.

Life guidance should not be selective or secretive or tricky or full of confusing rules! ¬†Ridiculous! ¬†I feel even this in some way stems to the strategy of ‘removal of confidence’ , and there fore the need to make a big song & dance about what you do, to fulfill that need within you of achievement and respect, or as ego fulfillment, that a human should be able to feel aside from any job/career choice.

Life guidance should be easy, loving, supportive and respectful!  Anything else is vibrationally low.  We Human Beings ARE ENERGY beings.  Divine wish and love requires we have a high vibration.  Anything harmful, hate filled, or fear filled IS NOT divine wish at all.  Inside you already know that.

WE all have the same angels, where we have ourselves in a muddle is with our old books, our interpretation of our old books, as the old histories do not apply.  We are wiser now, we are needing to know more, and we are suffering the consequences of keeping ourselves stuck.  We are not letting our energy flow and doing what comes naturally to us.

To Be Human is to create, and the only reason we have the situations we do, is because we have not created another one!

Blessings ūüôā¬†so what do thses guys have in commmon

Violence Makes No Sense For Humans.

Use_6I read it as create!!!!  Be all it is we all are, to add to it all, give all our sprecila skills, strengths and abilities!As Human Beings we are not actually meant to be violent to each other, BECAUSE¬†we have language ability. We speak, there fore we are able to discuss anything, and especially nowadays, when we can literally speak one another’s language or know someone who can. ¬†Even in the very rare occasion that we don’t – such as tribes of natural people’s living in the Amazon – we can easily make do, with all that we now know about each other.

Chimpanzees, a close relative also in the Primate family with a reckoned 98% identical genetics to us, require violence.  Chimpanzees can be invaded by another group, and nothing short of violence sees that them living through an invasion. They may even kill one another, pulling each other apart with bare hands.  They are not able to speak about it.  They do not have brains that can allow this.  

It makes no sense for human beings to be engaged in activities more suitable for another species entirely.  Our brains are the size they are, FOR our language ability, FOR our creation of language that we need to use. It is the very intent at thought that creates for us, the necessary neuron pathway. This is the reason it is the size it is,  It is designed to give us adequate ample space for whatever creation, of whatever we will need to say within our lives.  We always have the ability to create just the right thing to say for any situation. 

I honestly feel comfortable with humans of any language, and I prefer to learn of theirs, or do without a spoken one, rather than use any attempts at English. ¬†I do find French to be my natural ‘filler’ language as I learn one, as French is a natural language that can fit with others, English – as it is an intellectual construct rather than a natural language for us – does not fit with others very well at all. ¬†Before we shape anything into a word, we use a tone that carries meaning, and we can read faces/expressions/body language. ¬†Certainly our language does not separate us at all….more our vocabulary…whatever the language. ¬†When I travel, I tend to end up among those who have a similar vocabulary, and therefore a similar sense of priorities and interests. ¬†The language difference may make finding these people a little trickier, but difficult and impossible are not the same thing at all..or even anywhere close!

Our Vocabulary = Our Intellectual Reasoning Ability.  Imagine all the words you know and can use to speak with, in a bag.  Then imagine the size the bag would need to be, taking up space within your head. This, is then what you have available for considering something.

If the bag is little, as it was with my mother Рand I use that term in purely a descriptive sense Р you have room to consider only the basics, or what is in front of you directly.  This smaller size vocabulary is where you will find most root chakra, survival core behaviors of violence, such as gangs, mercenaries, hardcore violence.  Basic survival vocabulary.

The larger the vocabulary, the more complicated the reasons for violence need to be, for those humans to bond with it as an idea.  They need to be able to make elaborate excuses for such a basic survival core base chakra primitive activity, before it makes any sense to partake in at all.   The larger the vocabulary, more complicated ideas, reasons or excuses need to be given to engage people in it, such as is promoted when countries are at war or religions are at war.

Survival of something, is usually required for a reason, and also rewards of payment in some way, albeit a wage, allowance, guaranteed security or ‘career, guaranteed career or allowance for your spouse, guaranteed education for your children, ¬†respect, and or honour. ¬†

But really, there is nothing our language ability cannot solve. And, if respect is naturally returned to all humans – or naturally reclaimed as we do need to give it away – then what appeal do any of the above have for us?

Warring is just habitual. ¬†Warring is just familiarity, and has been going on for so long without reprieve that it is relied on as a mainstay for the economy. ¬†These are the reasons it is still occurring. ¬†It is a regular habit, and no one has looked at alternatives to this. ¬† The English language has relied upon violence – and invasion – in order to spread. ¬†The wives of soldiers were commonly teachers to be able to ‘educate’ new British colony people’s, as was the case in my own British family. ¬†My very brutal mother, was a soldier and a teacher.

The state of the world and countries as we know it, has formed out of a reliance upon violence, violent invasion. and continual warring. ¬†Countries actually engaged in combat are just the tip of the iceberg , or think of the combat as where the waves hit the shore, and the rest of the world is the ocean behind the wave. ¬† Many countries also are involved by benefiting in some way perhaps monetarily from supply and involvement. ¬†We tend to only hear reports about, or see on T.V the ‘front’, hands on part of it. ¬†These people can feel very isolated from the world, as though no one knows or cares.

Many situations we have going on in the world, are from decisions made in haste for assistance with a war. ¬†Entire people’s have been uprooted and placed in the lands of others, as an exchange for another countries assistance in a war. ¬†Then these people are at war against each other, even to this day! ¬†But, it was not even their doing to be moved around like pieces on someone’s game board! ¬†They were both equally disrespected historically and I do not consider their issue is with each other at all. ¬†Yes I am speaking of Palestine and Israel for this example.¬†

It just comes down to the simple reason that it is habit, and put in place by ignorance.  Our ancestors did not know enough about ourselves.  Warring and violence established as a way of life by our ignorant ancestors is still at play.  Ill-health, misery and poverty were the reasons fear-filled, minimal vocabulary human beings, travelled the world in search of more for themselves.  They had no other ideas, of how to better their situation.  They were very undeveloped inwardly, as they used all their available creativity on developing inventions.  Those of us in hotter countries than England, had greater opportunity for inner or self-development, as conditions were more suitable in a climate sense.

Being cold, and needing to constantly be doing something to keep warm, sparked these of us on, to think of more ways to make things better…more ways to improve a hard gruellling situation. ¬† They were desperate, desperately unhappy, and with mentally ill royalty ruling over them!;) ¬†

My Aunt has a saying hanging in her kitchen, that I always covered with a kitchen towel when I was there. ¬†It read “If you want a helping hand, look at the end of your own arm.” ¬†This is still the very real belief underlying much in Britain. ¬†It is the most un-community minded, unhelpful ‘culture’ of people I have experienced. ¬†They did not ever have, in their entire history, an era of no violence. ¬† Countries invaded by Britain, often only needed to become violent in reaction to their experiences of Britain. To ‘out- do the British’ I call it.;) ¬† They have within their history, memories and behavioral practices and even entire philosophies, that are peaceful and healthy. ¬† Britain does not have this.

My Grandma had a large collection of dolls in National costume from all around the world. ¬†It was contained in special cabinets, in pride of place in her living room, and it further sparked my interest in how the history of the world and human development had taken shape. ¬†Britain’s National costume was only military uniforms, but the others showed wonderful designs of color and imagination, and definitely, many various roles and pride-filled activities, aside from warring behaviors.

Instead of relying upon them, relying upon English speakers, we need to be helping THEM. ¬†Instead of acquiescing to a false ‘better way’, we need to be guiding THEM. ¬†Instead of enabling more ignorance to be in place, we need to be knowing of ourselves. ¬†Instead of pandering to them, we need to be giving them direction.

It is just way easier to continue as is now with this warring, though it is not sensible, effective, respectful, knowledgeable or kind.  It takes courage to break away from what is familiar for us.  But this is what we need to do. It is ridiculous that we as a human species are carrying out activities more suitable to chimpanzees and allowing ourselves to decline in ability.

Everyone needs to consider this, as we all affect one another, our energy all overlaps, our activities all have consequence.  This just was not known of, or understood when the habit of warring was put in place.  It is a bad human habit, that needs to be nail biting or like picking your nose.  It is beneath us, and it is holding us back from what we actually, really came here on earth to do!

Blessings ūüôā

Leftover’s Anyone?;)

I mean really, even for a meal, is this anyone’s first choice?

Let’s get rid of the leftovers and serve up something new. ¬†Fresh and new! ¬† Something attractive and appealing to all our senses. ¬†¬†Let’s replace the leftovers and serve up a platter of gourmet all-culture specialty instead!¬†

You see this is not about a meal at all.  We are living in leftovers, lying in the leftovers, wading through, driving through, and enabling the leftovers.  We carry them around with us...everywhere.   

We are swimming in it, eating it, being intimate with it, and even learning it as new information!   Leftovers from ignorant structures created  and implemented by our ancestors.

Let’s replace them and serve up a platter of something fresh, something suitable for all our occasions, all our tastes, wants, needs and desires. ¬†Something suitable for now, and healthy too! ūüôā¬†

Out with the leftovers, and in with the new and improved!

WE made it up, lets make up something else instead.  We made it ALL up, for goodness sake!!!

To Be Human is to create, and solution-seeking creativity is our specialty! ¬†¬†That is when our brilliance comes out, when we are firing on all cylinders, unhindered by any rules and restrictions. ¬†It is when our intellect, our energy, our spirit, and our soul is all working to the maximum, and when all our biological components are activated. ¬†Nothing holds us back…no rules put in place, no dogma. ¬† We are suddenly free – arguably our freest ever feeling – when we are able to do what it is that we are born to do…to create. ¬†

We are at our most efficient at these times, in our ‘default’ setting.¬†¬†This is when we come up with all manner of schemes, all crime as we know it, is human solution-seeking creativity being put into place. ¬† Goodness knows this may still occur here and there as the situation we have is just not adequate for so many. ¬† Better surely, we harness everyone’s interest and energy to create something better, better, best!

Everything we have done as a species, and everything we are continuing to experience, has been the result of this solution-seeking creativity…an individual’s, a community’s, a government’s, a country’s or a coalition of countries.

 However, we have not yet put in place solution-seeking creativity for all of us and our planet.   We have not yet formed a coalition of human wisdoms!

That is what we need to do. ¬† Blessings ūüôā

There is no ‘No Consequence’

Much that we still do, dates back to when planet Earth was presumed flat.

Things could be dumped in bodies of water where ever, seas, rivers, because it would be¬†gone,¬†‘cleared up’, ‘suddenly tidy’.;) ¬†Or so it was thought in totally ignorance. ¬† Ignorance is not an insult , it is defined as ‘without knowledge or information.’

But, we know now, we are on a globe, a ball, a sphere.  We know a circle has no end at all, but is a continuum.

And we know,¬†that¬†what we put as ‘junk’ from one country will end up in another.

Pooh sticks. ¬† This was a game made up by Winnie The Pooh, from A.A Milne’s The House At Pooh Corner, first published in Britain, in 1928.

When characters Winnie the Pooh and Piglet played on a bridge, Pooh dropped sticks onto one side of the bridge, and then ‘lo and behold’¬†they appeared the other side! ¬†Piglet and Pooh loved this game!

Now if a little bear and a piglet can figure out the movement of water, surely humans can?;)

Copernicus published his theories and calculations in¬†1543,¬†of how the Earth moved around the Sun and not the other way around, proving it’s shape.

But we, are still treating the Earth as though it is flat. ¬†Even though the evidence of us knowing of the movement of water is in children’s books in the previous century!

Common sayings: ¬†“What goes around comes around”, “He’ll get his” etc ¬†are evidence that we¬†know¬†there is¬†always¬†a consequence or a reaction to an action.

I saw a quote “We all reflect the same sun” and how true is. ¬† I found it a quote that had me feeling very bonded with the rest of humanity…as we are. ¬† Sure your part of Earth may be in ‘night’ as our planet turns, but the sun is the same. ¬†We are all part of the energy of the Earth, and what is required is that we know this, to alter our perspective and designs!

Altering our designs to incorporate new, current and ignored wisdom is not difficult.   

We made it up! ¬† We can make up something else!!!! ¬† To Be Human is to create, afterall…

And while the wiser of us know, we are even all interconnected energetically, basic systems of operation, are many¬†centuries out of date, regardless of scientific discoveries following undisputed scientific method. ¬†: )Amazing isn’t it? All of us. I am reflecting the same sun as you where ever you are. Hello!;)

Human Overview Update

  • 1.Why we have the situations of deterioration.
  • 2. History behind education system.
  • 3. What can easily be done to improve it.

We have the situation on the planet now, where people can perform tasks of society, but can have little  Рto no Рidea of how to be a human being, or of what this is.  As a direct result, we as a species and our planet, are suffering greatly.

This comes as no surprise to me at all.  

It is in fact completely obvious to me and was expected.  Our further deterioration is anticipated unless we instil in our own society, the means to learn of ourselves.

The education system as we know it was to prepare people to perform a task, or a function, so that they could be employable, for the development of a society within a country.

Human health and wellbeing was not investigated at the time any of the systems were instigated.  There was no consideration of  a greater consequence to any actions taken, or any ability to do this.

As economies themselves are suffering the result of mass ill-health, it would seem timely for simple Human Essentials Studies to be included within the standard education system.

Historically, in Britain, children were sent to work to perform many of the menial tasks.  In fact much of the Industrial might of England of the Victorian Era, can be said to have come from the children working in mines and factories!

It was considered an improvement, with the idea of increasing the chances of better employment for the child, to have them receive education.   This was  the beginning of the school system, to prepare for work only.

The school system as we know it, was not started with any idea of preparing developing human beings to be adult human beings.  It was not even started with a knowledge of what this was.

We have succeeded in creating a society that relies upon job training, and many people have achieved retirement plans, superannuation and well deserved world holidays.

My own British family are among the people holidaying around the world now. ¬†Their desire to travel and buy things in foreign countries creates jobs there also. ¬†They have retired, they are doing what they feel they should be doing at their age, and what they have been ‘taught’ to do.

The thing is Рand with love and respect to them Рthey have not the development and knowledge of what they are as human beings.  It is not even a subject they can speak on.  

My own mother was a teacher in Britain and in Australia, and she had no respect for children – by her own admission – or any idea of how to be a human.

We have a human health crisis and an Earth health crisis.  It is quite simple to me, what precautions need to be taken to prevent any further unnecessary deterioration.  And it is unnecessary.    

I would begin with immediate Human Being Essentials studies to be fit in the school systems already in place around the world.  The systems as we know them, do not need themselves to be changed Рmany if not all can remain.  It is only the energy and the approach that needs alteration. 

We have come a long way – Britain has come a long way – from the time when children were sent down mines and up chimneys do to the work an adult would not do. ¬†“People have children to do their dirty work” my mother told me. ¬†Yet still ¬†THE ‘EDUCATION’ SYSTEM IS WAY BEHIND.

We are not killed as a matter of course if we question what we are, and this was what happened historically. ¬†It is no longer seen as a direct threat to the throne or to the faith at rule. ¬†If anything it is seen as a rather cool progressive thing to do. ¬†Why not ‘raise’ our children? ¬†Why not give our children an advantage of knowing more about themselves?

I do not want anyone to need to experience the things that I did on my learning path. ¬†I am passionate about the education curriculums ‘Human Being Essentials’ that I am developing. ¬†I am passionate and committed to all young humans being able to know what they are – as much as they know how to care for their dog, or their favourite hobby!

The only reason we do not already know about ourselves, is due to historical fears of invasion, as our systems of society were formed.

The fear now, is what will happen further if we do not take care of ourselves in a more responsible manner. ¬†We can’t all sit around watching telly for the health tips of Dr Oz! ¬†Our children certainly can’t from school. ¬†

Do we really need to get through our school, get through all our preparation for society, and then, be able to find the time Рand expense Рto do our own extra curricular learning of what we are?  What it means to be a Human being? How to be a healthy one?  

Even just the word ‘Human’ is something many just cannot relate to! ¬†How telling is that!?

It is a joy and a privilege to have a body and a life, and, knowing how to live as a human being should come as no surprise.   We cannot care for ourselves if we are ignorant of ourselves.    : -)

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