And The Real Truth Is…

All of our ‘different’ religions are actually, and simply, different interpretations, that include purposeful misinterpretations,  of PRECISELY THE SAME THING.

All of them.  Everywhere.  No matter what we look like or how we practice it.  They are our ‘alternate same beliefs’.

A baby arrives in its purest most divine state.

Anything different is ‘false advertising’ only, for control purposes, ease of rule, and to evoke a sense of unity and belief that ‘what really matters is being taken care of’, that I go into in other writings.

You see, I always knew inside that if a baby grew into a child, who grew into an adult, who never had any contact with humans to tell him or her what to believe, then that human was by no way bad or ‘evil’.  Quite the contrary in fact.

Our Source – or whatever your word – speaks to us, in the form of thoughts given us, when we have a space for them.  This instruction is higher and more pure a GUIDANCE and more personally appropriate for that individual, than ANYTHING from another human’s work.

All written works, bibles – whatever your word – are all interpreted and written by humans, reinterpreted for distribution to the taste and flavor of another human, translated, reinterpreted etc.

They all contain truth.  They all contain stuff that really needs an overhaul as it is just confusing everyone.  There is no need for us to be continuing to use shaky or floppy words of many centuries ago, or doing actions that are irrelevant to us now in this time, now we know better.

There are definitive rules to life as a Human Being on earth.

It is for US, to choose all the best things, from each of our books/religions.  To use our knowings, our love and our commitment for the best we can be.   It is wonderful we have it all in writing so we can sort through it, and pick the most suitable things, change others, and add updated knowings.

We can easily use our human special skill ‘solution-seeking creativity’ to do this and I am keen to continue reading what I love from each of them, as certain celebrations and traditions in some of them, strengthen us and maintain us in health in better ways, and more reliable ways, than others.

The point of all our religions is to be the embodiment of them.  To BE love, and how can we be love and want to take from another or harm another at the same time?  This is proof it is not correctly interpreted, that it is illogical, and being used for the intent for something on this plane/earth.  I give credit and thanks though that we have up until this point fiercely protected our individuality from the take over by others without our best interest.  I give credit and thanks to all those who have followed their own inner knowings in maintaining cultural strengths, as without it, we could all be speaking English now, and our world’s state of health would be in a much worse state!!!!

There is such a thing as the Akashic Records as I like to call ‘The Records Of All Consciousness’.   To obtain ‘access’ requires a committed discipline and uncompromising way of living in truth, love and integrity.  There are those of us who have reached this ability within each religion, as religions are only as strong as the individuals within them, but it is they who have done this, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO with the particular faith or religion followed, led or represented.  They as individuals have chosen this path, and got it right!

All our religions have these human beings within them.  This does not make one religion better than another, it is simply the ‘container’ for them to be in, and they strengthen and hold the energy in return.  I do not follow any religion as I do not find them, as they are, adequate enough to do so.  They ALL – without exception – can be improved upon so that they really guide us and represent us!   I do my own spiritual practice and follow a way that I worked out gives me my best life possible while assisting earth with hers.  I consider I am a spirit being in human form, I live in respect of all life, and I consider myself and my home to be sacred space.

Life guidance should not be selective or secretive or tricky or full of confusing rules!  Ridiculous!  I feel even this in some way stems to the strategy of ‘removal of confidence’ , and there fore the need to make a big song & dance about what you do, to fulfill that need within you of achievement and respect, or as ego fulfillment, that a human should be able to feel aside from any job/career choice.

Life guidance should be easy, loving, supportive and respectful!  Anything else is vibrationally low.  We Human Beings ARE ENERGY beings.  Divine wish and love requires we have a high vibration.  Anything harmful, hate filled, or fear filled IS NOT divine wish at all.  Inside you already know that.

WE all have the same angels, where we have ourselves in a muddle is with our old books, our interpretation of our old books, as the old histories do not apply.  We are wiser now, we are needing to know more, and we are suffering the consequences of keeping ourselves stuck.  We are not letting our energy flow and doing what comes naturally to us.

To Be Human is to create, and the only reason we have the situations we do, is because we have not created another one!

Blessings 🙂 so what do thses guys have in commmon

Our Special Human Skill.

To be Human is to create. And by design, solution-seeking creativity is our specialty.

With our brain the size it is to enable the laying of new thought patterns and connections, we literally CAN CREATE ourselves out of anything!

Everything we humans are experiencing is the result of solution-seeking creativity, an individual’s, a community’s, a government’s, or a coalition of countries.  As we go, we create, for better or for worse.

All crime we know of,  is someone’s solution-seeking creativity, that is not acceptable for one of many reasons, bringing a negative reaction to the perpetrator to discourage it from being done again.

Much that is being done today from someone’s/something’s creativity is bringing negative reactions, only, the one controlling the creativity is not experiencing it.  It may be beneficial for some of us, but not for all of us.   Sometimes it is very beneficial for some of us, and totally devastating for others of us.

All that is required, is for us to put in place for the first time, solution-seeking creativity for all of us, including our home planet.

All that is required, is for us to put in place for the first time solution-seeking creativity that incorporates all the knowledge we have available to us.

All that is required is for us to put in place for the first time solution-seeking creativity with the intent and the design for a big picture perspective.    NO more single country, economy, continent or language consideration, but a global, entire Earth management one.

We can lay claim to being Human Beings who are designed to create solutions for ourselves.   And we can lay claim to the fact that we as Human Beings know that we need to take the action that we are designed to take! 

How convenient for all of us that this solution-seeking creativity is our special skill! : )

Human Being Expert. Me? Oh Yes.;)

I have been studying the human being my entire life, at first, for my own very survival.  “I have studied the Human, in order that I might be one”, I heard myself say to a guy in Barcelona, who smiled.

The bookshelf in the family home in Hampshire, England, had the selection of authoritative nonfiction books of the time, such as ‘The Last Two Million Years” and other biology and medical dictionaries that I was reading before I started school. To understand, and make sense of the cruel nonsense around me, was my motivation, and to answer the eternal “Why was I born?” and “How can there be a God?” questions.

I was not permitted to speak as “children are to  be seen and not heard” so I was not given chance to develop normal speech, but then ordered to speak on command and made to alter my voice to one that was approved of.  This was so traumatic for me that I blocked it out, for years, only to be released when another significant trauma allowed it forth.  It explained my vocal difficulties all throughout my life, which has given me tremendous insight of what language is, it’s very point and purpose, and it’s role in determining us.

Allowed to read and watch TV, I became an expert observer, as the difference I noticed in a facial expression change, could make the difference between life and death for me.   Considered too ugly and an evolutionary backward step – as I did not look Caucasian enough – with eyes “too chinesey” and a face and body “too negro”,  she instructed my brother to kill me and I survived one attempt after another, and was constantly nursing injuries.

There was a seemingly endless list of ridiculous sayings that were followed to the letter, that I was governed by, such as not being “worth the clothes on my back” and “at the bottom of the pecking order.” I existed in an illusion of a ‘good home’, as my mother – who I knew as ‘monster’ cared enormously, and only, of how others viewed her.

What was really going on, did not matter at all, if nobody knew, she thought.  I learnt of why and how, and the consequences of this, to a life path.   I was told lies by her, with the insistence that it was true, which was just not a situation that was tolerable. It confused me and made no sense, so I learnt easily that truth, or “adherence to what is” as I define it, was vital to me and my development. She told me outright one time, in an attempt to sway me to her thinking, that “It didn’t matter what is, only what people believe, is”   She turned to me once after an event trying “THAT, didn’t happen. ” I knew to distance myself from her even further…

My father left me in very early years, in a place I only knew as ‘the crying room’ of a British childcare facility. Up until that point, he had been my primary care giver, and I was attempting to form speech from his Hungarian singing.  He was instructed to stop singing to me – I can still recall this clearly – and he moved to Australia to live with my mother’s Aunt on her orchard in Batlow,    In Australia, he could earn a higher wage than in England, and while he paid the mortgage, my mother ‘looked after’ the children.

It was a situation where how I held a knife and fork, was more important than the role of food intake.  No free self-expression was allowed me at all, but to ‘follow orders’.  As to an activity undertaken, as to the position I held my body in, to even what expression I was allowed to be holding on my face.
I was forced to sit for long periods of time, on a hard chair, staring into a mirror, until I could hold an approved fake smile, and hold my face, in an unnatural position, that she found the most ‘tolerable’.  So tormented was I from this, that I became very interested in the man known as “elephant man’ and I adopted his technique of covering his face with a cloth, to avoid torment.  The relief was short-lived in my case, with a mean toned “what face are you making under that, take it off!”

It was about ‘making a face’ instead of ‘being a face’. Is not our face to show our true expression?  It was all so obviously wrong to me. There was no idea of what was important, critical, sensible, necessary, unnecessary, ridiculous, trivial or nonsense, to life, at all.   And all of it done with a chronic superiority complex, and with a “you don’t know how lucky you are…”  I ran away at five yrs old but returned myself and unpacked my little case, as there was nowhere else to go.
Only a while after I had started school did the attempts on my life fade out, as her plan changed. My doing well at school, so she would look an even better mother, became the new one, so I would “earn my keep”.

I wanted to find out WHAT ON EARTH WAS GOING ON.   That my mother, or be it any human being, could have become like this, when I was surrounded by a natural world that had animals still exhibiting care and following a natural sense and order.

There was no illness to describe her’s in the Medical book.  She was only doing everything that she thought she should be doing.  And, everything that she thought she could get away with doing, to have the best life that she could have for herself.   I could see easily that she was a product of her teachings, of her time, and of her parents teachings.  I would intuitively know that insults she screamed at me, were ones given her as a child, as she did, obediently to the letter, ‘what she was told’ and ‘told of’.

So, I became an acute reader of the faces of my family, the eyes, tone of voice, of frequency, all behaviors, and of feelings,  in my need to determine truth and safety for me.  My brother had time alone with her, and I would know another idea was coming, and when she had planned his next action.  I grew able to easily determine a lying face from a truthful one.

My desperate seeking of this clarity, enabled me to learn of the real needs of the Human Being to sustain us in health, of the illusions that have caused these to have become forgotten, and the whys, the causes, and of the consequences of this.  In other words, what had happened historically, and why my family was the way it was.

I learned also, that the place I went to as a child to get away, is the place that people meditate for years to get to.   It is well worth it, as it gives you other information that can only be reached from experience of this.  It enables you to receive the rewards of heightened senses, giving an improvement all round in receptivity to life.
I learned that I read at 450words/min when I was 12, but that was the limit of the test, that was given only to pass time when it was raining one day at a`primary school in Australia.  I started school in England, where my knowledge of the work as the smartest child in the class only determined where I sat in the classroom, at the speedboat or rowboat table.;)

I learned that I can pick up languages faster than most, assisting my studies with my cross cultural ability, from the Hungarian/bilingual beginning I had as a baby.  Hungarian is not like any other language with its full range of sounds, helped also by my sound sensitivity, and my pitch ability as a singer and natural musician. Though I do not consider myself fluent in any language, save that the languages of love, music and dance, I can speak, or ‘pull’ from over twenty of them.  This has allowed me insight into other language groups of human studies, providing me with a broad base of how we differ as ‘breeds’.

I am a ‘sound healer’ also, since my life journey passed through into the meta-physical, and I learnt of how I was helped through so much, by the intuitive sounding I had done since in a cot, until forbidden to do that with a “Stop making that noise child.”  It helps me to realize the point of voice, of languages at their core vibration, and what this means to us.  I learned that I also had other intuitive healing abilities that had enabled me to effectively counteract/reverse/heal, a large number of the misguided ‘non-teachings’ I was ‘taught’.;)

Being an Empath is something I relate to being, and my sensitivities to energy, my being able to read and feel another’s energy, together with all I have studied and experienced, allows me to know what is missing in the education system and general knowledge.

A life that begins with orders to ‘consider yourself last, if at all”, required me to reach a stage of choice, and do a complete turn around, to not attract further events of suffering to me aka The Law of Attraction.  I have been through, & healed through, much.  Attracting another, but very severe car accident, saw me need to heal myself from extensive, severe, multiple injuries and I further learned of what was currently known and unknown of the human being, and more of myself.  This accident took me from University, but I had found tertiary education too limiting of my interests, so I designed my own studies, from my bed, which I included with my full-time physical rehabilitation.

My studies and reading I grouped into three sections; ‘What we know we are”, “Why things are the way they are”, and “What we really are”, to give structure to my task.  I take occasion to define words carefully.
I find many could now benefit from what I know, as it seems that Humanity itself is going through the very thing I had to figure out and sort out, as a young child, only on a much bigger scale!!;)
I continue this study throughout my life, which takes me far and wide, as committed journeys do.  As I am what assesses what I see, as it passes through the files behind my eyes, I find my perspective comes easily.  And, I also absolutely know, that difficult and impossible are not the same thing at all!

It brings me pleasure to share the tales, adventures and discoveries with you.  I would like to prevent anyone from needing to experience what I have, but to be able to share in the wisdom of it, so their own lives can be greater and easier.

‘The answer to the meaning of life, the Universe & everything’ is not 42, as the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy told us;), and we simply cannot caretake of ourselves and our planet, or live as intended, if we do not know what we are.

If we want a dog, we can read a book all about the dog, and different breeds of dog.  Where’s the book on Being Human?  My thought’s exactly;)

Amelia : )

Human Overview Update

  • 1.Why we have the situations of deterioration.
  • 2. History behind education system.
  • 3. What can easily be done to improve it.

We have the situation on the planet now, where people can perform tasks of society, but can have little  – to no – idea of how to be a human being, or of what this is.  As a direct result, we as a species and our planet, are suffering greatly.

This comes as no surprise to me at all.  

It is in fact completely obvious to me and was expected.  Our further deterioration is anticipated unless we instil in our own society, the means to learn of ourselves.

The education system as we know it was to prepare people to perform a task, or a function, so that they could be employable, for the development of a society within a country.

Human health and wellbeing was not investigated at the time any of the systems were instigated.  There was no consideration of  a greater consequence to any actions taken, or any ability to do this.

As economies themselves are suffering the result of mass ill-health, it would seem timely for simple Human Essentials Studies to be included within the standard education system.

Historically, in Britain, children were sent to work to perform many of the menial tasks.  In fact much of the Industrial might of England of the Victorian Era, can be said to have come from the children working in mines and factories!

It was considered an improvement, with the idea of increasing the chances of better employment for the child, to have them receive education.   This was  the beginning of the school system, to prepare for work only.

The school system as we know it, was not started with any idea of preparing developing human beings to be adult human beings.  It was not even started with a knowledge of what this was.

We have succeeded in creating a society that relies upon job training, and many people have achieved retirement plans, superannuation and well deserved world holidays.

My own British family are among the people holidaying around the world now.  Their desire to travel and buy things in foreign countries creates jobs there also.  They have retired, they are doing what they feel they should be doing at their age, and what they have been ‘taught’ to do.

The thing is – and with love and respect to them – they have not the development and knowledge of what they are as human beings.  It is not even a subject they can speak on.  

My own mother was a teacher in Britain and in Australia, and she had no respect for children – by her own admission – or any idea of how to be a human.

We have a human health crisis and an Earth health crisis.  It is quite simple to me, what precautions need to be taken to prevent any further unnecessary deterioration.  And it is unnecessary.    

I would begin with immediate Human Being Essentials studies to be fit in the school systems already in place around the world.  The systems as we know them, do not need themselves to be changed – many if not all can remain.  It is only the energy and the approach that needs alteration. 

We have come a long way – Britain has come a long way – from the time when children were sent down mines and up chimneys do to the work an adult would not do.  “People have children to do their dirty work” my mother told me.  Yet still  THE ‘EDUCATION’ SYSTEM IS WAY BEHIND.

We are not killed as a matter of course if we question what we are, and this was what happened historically.  It is no longer seen as a direct threat to the throne or to the faith at rule.  If anything it is seen as a rather cool progressive thing to do.  Why not ‘raise’ our children?  Why not give our children an advantage of knowing more about themselves?

I do not want anyone to need to experience the things that I did on my learning path.  I am passionate about the education curriculums ‘Human Being Essentials’ that I am developing.  I am passionate and committed to all young humans being able to know what they are – as much as they know how to care for their dog, or their favourite hobby!

The only reason we do not already know about ourselves, is due to historical fears of invasion, as our systems of society were formed.

The fear now, is what will happen further if we do not take care of ourselves in a more responsible manner.  We can’t all sit around watching telly for the health tips of Dr Oz!  Our children certainly can’t from school.  

Do we really need to get through our school, get through all our preparation for society, and then, be able to find the time – and expense – to do our own extra curricular learning of what we are?  What it means to be a Human being? How to be a healthy one?  

Even just the word ‘Human’ is something many just cannot relate to!  How telling is that!?

It is a joy and a privilege to have a body and a life, and, knowing how to live as a human being should come as no surprise.   We cannot care for ourselves if we are ignorant of ourselves.    : -)

How Miserable Are You Content To Be?

  • 1.  What bad feelings do to our energy.
  • 2.  Releasing old stuck remnant emotions, for a better life, or ‘cashing it in’ for joy!
  • 3.  Tips on what life is all about.

How miserable are you content to be?  That’s what I want to know!

Cashing every bit in, allows you to contain that much more light.  releasing every bit of it from your energy allows you to be wiser fresher and renewed BECAUSE YOU WERE miserable.

‘Cashing it in’ for joy, is what you are enabled to do as a Human, when you have the energetic know how! 

All the misery you contain is of benefit to you exchanged, be it a little misery or so much that you cannot think of anything else.

In my case I could barely move I had so much in my energy, and did not want to be alive another second, so I didn’t have a choice but to learn how to clear it from me!

You see, we feel for a reason.  We come to earth to feel actually…that and many other reasons, but it’s a biggie.;)

We are here to live our lives, attaining the wisdom a full life can supply us with.

The AIM of life is to live.  

The POINT is the attainment of wisdom to further our development.

After we get to about 25 yrs, after we ‘get through’ our situation of manifestation, life becomes careful conscious decision-making.    

Life is calculated risk.  We alone make our decisions that form our actions.  We alone choice our words that create our reality.  And we alone monitor how much light we contain.

The amount of light we contain can be increased immediately upon ‘cashing in’ misery/pain/anguish/stuck energies.  Where this energy was, upon release, is replaced with joy – or white light frequencies.

The effects are a raising of your vibration.  The releasing of this stuck ‘bad’ energy (the pain/misery/fear/whatever undealt with emotion) is a lifting of the weight you may feel on your shoulders.   You will get a sudden ability to think of other things.  You may suddenly find your consciousness goes to things not thought of in ages as you have made space.  Suddenly other activities become attracted to your altered vibration.  WE ARE ENERGY, and as like attracts like, you may find you are quite changed with the choices you find yourself making.

There is no end to the amount of misery you can release.  There is no beginning set in stone with how much you need to accumulate before you release it.  WE are meant to be releasing it, not holding it around us like it is our favourite coat.;)

We are actually meant to – and quite able to, regardless of what we have been through – be living as if we have just arrived on the planet, in our adult form!  

Only you can decide when you want to learn tactics to remove it, to ‘cash it in’ to experience more of what life can offer you.

I plan to hold mass/group energy release celebrations, at gatherings I share information in the future.  Our sound is a very personal thing, as are our emotions.  However, it is also very natural to feel comfortable, and to do things differently when we feel part of a ceremony or ritual, or as part of a tradition as the Humans that we are.

In such a situation a group energy is formed, that we ourselves contribute to, and that alters our own.

I plan to hold such healings, where we can join together, single sex and mixed, for the purpose of releasing unwanted energies; of the glory of welcoming the replacement frequencies; 0f the glory of a tribal feel – a Human feel – to our celebratory healing!

When we are together like this, our sound merges, as does our emotional state.  Noo one can feel insecure or embarrassed or self conscious, as arguably we will not know where one of us begins….one of us ends…or the start of someone else!

I consider it a perfect way for us to bring about this change in ourselves as humans, just as we humans did in the past.

WE are still humans, or course, with human needs, and human energy, and we need to do energy clearing, just as much as we need to eat and excrete!

I hope to see, hear and feel you there!

I will also post some writings here with tips to release energies.  : )

Some Signs and Symptoms of Inner Peace.

  • This is perfect. I want to share it as is, and it is one of the many helpful notices I gathered on the way, that assisted me to know I was on the right track.  Maybe it will help you too. : )
  • We are meant to by design, and so are perfectly capable of, achieving inner peace.  As the manager/mistress of all our functions and abilities, it is a skill of ourselves that is totally within reach.  If bladder control is ‘kindergarten’ level Self Mastery, inner peace is ‘university’ level Self Mastery.;)  

Some signs and Symptoms Of Inner Peace

A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experiences.

An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.

A loss of interest in judging other people.

A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.

A loss of interest in conflict.

A loss of the ability to worry.

Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

Contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature.

Frequent attacks of smiling.

An increased susceptibility to the love extended by others as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it.


This is exactly what happens, and this writing describes the achievement very well.    I have had this stuck to my fridge for years now, after finding it in the Brisbane, Australia rooms of the brilliant New Zealand healer Heather Bruce.

Do you feel like this?  It is definitely something to look forward to!  : )

Best Definition Of Meditation, Enlightenment & Nirvana Ever!

  • 1.Meditation defined in the most accurate and  clearest way I’ve come across, in 3 quotes, and explained even further by me.
  • 2.Enlightment process described, further defined.
  • 3.The feeling of Nirvana given context and described. 

I always had an issue with the definition of ‘Meditation’.  I’d heard it used and seen it written in all manner of contexts, some seeming contradictory.

I didn’t bother with understanding it, but did my own thing, going with what I knew inside and with what worked for me.  I read a description just now that is exactly what my experiences have been:
Initially, when you sit to meditate, you are not really meditating.  You are practicing concentration.  Using the classic definition, meditation begins when you are able to stop all thought in the mind.  So, until then, we practice.  We learn to focus the mind on a single object.  * 
For me it began with a curiousity.  My father meditated on the floor in the dark each evening, I discovered, from the time I resided with him in Australia at 9 years old.  I would join him, and we lay next to one another in slence, at my Great Aunt’s place in Canberra where he’d been living.
After that I was doing it more from determination.  Just like I’d tried all the tricks in case they really did work- like the wriggling your nose on Bewitched.;) I wanted to gain from this exercise if it really did work, as it sounded like it’d be a huge benefit.
So, I spent time trying to meditate.  I would lie down with my eyes closed and I would experience that.  I would do the noticing the thoughts.  I would do the trying to stop them.  I would do the noticing any space, then noticing when a thought came.
In time what happens is, it just gets easier and easier.  You train yourself, quite literally.  Awarenesses along the way occur as if by magic, as you are able to notice what else is going on around you that your thoughts and your focus on the physical reality are obscuring.
Then I ran into some challenges, as I was still at this stage attracting all manner of hardships, as my ‘I could get through anything, as my whole life experience has been suffering’ style, was still creating my reality.
In absolute desperation, when I really just wanted to die, I again did the meditating thing, but this time with a “I’m gonna get there or else, I can’t stand to be alive!” attitude.
It was then I realised I knew this place as the safe place I had to go to as a child, when life was too much.  I had just taken on the current adult words and descriptions in favour of my own. Well I didn’t have the words to describe my personal experience or knowledge yet of what it was.
With practice you will learn to pass through the gateway of the chakra into dimensions of light.  Beyond these dimensions of light lies the ocean of nirvana.  The result of true mediation is the stateless state of nirvikalpa samadhi or nirvana, when the individual self is absorbed into the Universal Self.   *
Words I will use, to use common English language words, so we can easily incorporate it into a knowing in every day life are:
What happens the more you meditate, when you do hold a thoughtless space, and when your awareness becomes such that you are aware you are moving your consciousness, is you can clearly see light.
You can see passage ways toward a light.   As you are able to hold a thoughtless space for a longer time, so you can go further along, toward the light.  
There are breaks or gateways where you go through a space of no light and suddenly, it is brighter and stronger as the light reappears.  I prefer the term ‘portal’ for these.  You need to pass through 3 to 5 of them – though it is not a space where you are counting!  Counting being a lower consciousness activity that involves the mind.
It IS a journey.  The longer you can hold a thoughtless space – and why it is a requirement – is, you need to travel in this state to get to where your consciousness feels to be floating in an ocean, or a cloud, or an area of absolute resonance, OF LOVE.
Whatever word you choose to best describe to you, will do, for a supportive comforting thing you cannot actually feel….;)
Floating is the way to describe it.  A warmth of feeling, but not temperature wise.  A smile comes on your face (actually it has come long before this) but here it is SO WIDE, and it is not in your conscious control, it has just happened as your energy has felt it necessary to do.
There is nothing else happening for you, except a feeling of the utmost peace, love, serenity and bliss, all wrapped up in a warmth light, that you feel has you wrapped up like in a snuggly doona/duvet.;)
It was in my state of determination and desperation “I am going there!!!”and getting there, that caused me to realize that this place is there for everyone.
I feel anyone can get there who wants to , and who knows how to, and is determined enough to.
It was my already knowing it was there, that made me able to stick it out. It was my feeling so terrible and not wanting to be alive, that gave me no other option but, to stick it out til I felt it.
During this time, I went there whenever I had the opportunity.  I was in a house where I had put string hammocks inside, as I found them the most comfortable thing.  I would climb into a hammock and I would go to the light.  I would have the intention, I made time, and that was where I was going to go.
You don’t just wake up one morning and ZAP! your enlightened…it’s an ongoing process.  Everyday brings another change. *1
I had always – since my early childhood experiences of suffering combined with church visits;)  – wanted, and intended to, attain enlightment.;)  
When meditating, when you reach as high as you have been able to go, there are times when light just enters you.  It gets brighter and whiter the closer to it you get, before you can feel it.  
The first time it  enters you by ‘cracking down’ it feels incredible.  I say cracking down as it looks just like  a lightning flash/bolt you may have seen on tv or in the sky.   There is a sudden warmth and flow about you and a joy, an incredible joy.
The light you see inside yourself is brighter than the light of the day, so it is really interesting to open your eyes and things are darker!  It makes you want to close your eyes again. : )
I wrote a chapter in my book  ‘Living In Me’ called  ‘Fast track to the light’,  where I explain more of my experiences, more specifics of the journey and a more detailed  ‘how to’.
It is very real this thing, this thing called joy, and unconditional unbelievable love, and divine light.  It is also there awaiting us at any time we choose to experience it.
I do not go there every day now, but only because I know it is there for me at any time.  
I am still experiencing all the changes and know how we are meant to bring to earth this light.  How it transforms us, betters our life experience, maximizes our potential and alters for better, the energy of our Earth. : ) 
* Quotes from Lucia Rene’s ‘Unplugging The Patriachy’ 2009, where she quotes her spiritual teacher.

Rules For Being Human.

  • First bit is not written by me but by ‘Anonymous.   I have an idea who, but who am I to blow someone’s cover.;)  It is  excellent and I consider it well worth sharing here.
  • A few tips from me to put it into practice!.

You will receive a body.  You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period this time around.

You will learn lessons.  You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called Life.  Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons.  You may like the lessons or think them irrelevant and stupid.

There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error experimentation.  The “failed” experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that ultimately “works”. 

A lesson is repeated until it is learned.  A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it.  When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson.

Learning lessons does not end.  There is no part of life that does not contain lessons.  If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.

“There” is no better than “here”. When your “there” has become a “here”, you will simply obtain another “there” that will, again, look better than “here”.

Others are simply mirrors of you.  You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.

What you make of your life is up to you.  You have all the tools and resources you need.  What you do with them is up to you.  The choice is yours.

The answers lie inside you.  The answers to life’s questions lie inside you.  All you need to do is look, listen and trust.

You will forget all this.  By Anonymous.       

It may seem hard at first to trust that what you need to know lies inside you, but let me assure you that it does.  You are not alone by any means.

Get to know inside yourself.  Spend time exploring inside you.  It is a skill to navigate our consciousness, and has only been ridiculed or named as “hippy” or “new age” by those unfamiliar, and insecure with themselves, and seeking to feel better and on familiar ground again…until they don’t again.

Our ground is not familiar though, and feeble short-term attempts to feel secure on it, will only maintain the unhappiness, that is escalating and spreading in phenomenal proportions the world over.

We are so much more than we are currently being.  The only cure is for us to Be more! : )

Talking ‘Bout Our Inventions : The Chair

  • 1. Natural rest positions for the human body
  • 2. What is ‘to sit’.
  • 3. All about  ‘the chair’
  • 4. The historic reason behind it, & original promotion.
  • 5. Healthy alternatives.

The ‘Chair’ invention is a just a sculpture we can ‘sit’ on.  

To ‘sit is to fold /bend ourselves into an unnatural resting position for us.  

Our natural sitting position is for us to fold our legs with our seat bone or pelvic base  perpendicular to the floor, and our buttocks forming a natural cushioning for us as our weight is held distributed, by the weight of our folded legs limbs in front of us.  

Our energy is able to flow unrestricted and evenly in this position.  Our head is upright, enabling a good vantage point to see all around us, our arms can rest in our lap, or be free to engage in whatever.

To sustian this position may require only a change in leg crossing, unless feet are able to be placed up onto a thigh, which can prevent any loss of fluid or energy circulation at all.

This is about as comfortable a resting position as is available to us in human form.  It is common to all human beings at all ages once a child can walk.

It is the position of choice for long periods of  non-standing or non full recline.  It is the natural position for meditations, asnd is still common in Western Society but mostly known as sitting ‘cross legged’ and restricted only to the children in schools, becoming less popular as someone ages, if never done again .

Extremely successful marketing is the reason our natural seated position has become a thing of the past.

Chairs were promoted and enforced in Britain and Western Europe,  by etiquette using the language to ” get ourselves off the floor so we did not look like savages.”  

Wood carving was enormously popular at this time, wood craftsmanship, wood carving tools created for purchase, tree felling, and mastery over the environment, to make use of that which was provided, without any strategies for long term management in place.

‘Governing by etiquette’ ‘having’ to have, being one of the ‘haves’ rather than the ‘have-nots’ was a powerful method of making sure people bought chairs.  They were a vital part of social structures, social gatherings, entertaining, and meeting.  It was noticed by all of your social status’ or ‘class’ whether you were able to afford the latest most popular chairs.

To make furniture to earn money;  to contribute to the economy;  to be a furniture maker.   These were considered at the time, with the knowledge available, more important than a human body being in a healthy rest position.

Sitting crossed legged cannot be beaten or improved upon by any invention as this ‘sit’ is just the natural way our legs fold.  People who have discomfort doing this, are those with other body health issues such as obesity, or another cause of inflexibility, which may be as simple as unfamiliarity with sitting without a chair!

We know now, that a healthy chair – or a chair that is comfortable for the human body, is a design that has us in an elevated kneeling position.

I never had a good relationship with chairs.  My life began with my mother making it clear that she considered the chair she let me sit on;) to be more valuable to her than myself!  These chairs were uncomfortable wooden adult chairs, the wrong height for a small child and without a cushion.  I wanted to kneel to raise my height to reach the table’s surface.  I was yelled at for endangering the chair with the possibility of being scratched by the buckles of my sandles and made to “sit back down properly child!

I would love aeroplanes to have us lie in a stacked tier structure, similar to something I saw on the movie the Fifth Element, when Bruce Willis  needed to travel to another planet.  Planes would be able to fit just as many people in, perhaps more, and certainly our bodies would be much more comfortable.

Yes I have chairs, but I am able to sit cross-legged in them, or to recline in another way.  Those Japanese design ones that fold up and can also be a mattress are handy too.  Do spend some time, whatever you do, NOT sitting in a chair, to allow for even weight distribution, and healthy muscular growth around the core of your back, to enable you a good postural foundation.

Encourage your little ones to feel comfy sitting on the floor, with a special cushion or coloured mat in their room in favour of a little chair.  An unsupported core or back. really is necessary to develop the musculature  for good posture later in life, to develop good musculature of the spine and each vertebrae.

I am seeing so many children, and teenagers already with deformed sloping backs, stooped necks and rounded shoulders.  I consider it necessary to teach of posture in the ‘I Am Body’ part of my Human Being Essential curriculm. School does not teach them this yet, so a home set up that is conducive to healthy development is necessary.

Remember the jingle:  body care = no chair! : )

Man And Woman Explained 1. : ‘Female Man’.

  • 1 .Female man defined.
  • 2 .Why a Woman isn’t  a Woman too commonly.
  • 3. Introduction to some of our specific abilities and differences as Man or Woman.
  • 4. Other concepts in history that altered us
  • 5. Introduction to why things have remained unchanged and unimproved.

I proudly bring all my insights available to me from being in the form woman. I began my life raised  by a fierce ‘female-man’, and I was an impressive one myself for a time.  I  have activated and awakened Woman abilities and learnings, in numerous and diverse ceremonies, and at great time and money consuming expense!;)  I consciously keep my female man tendencies in restraint and consciously keep activated my Womanly abilites, even though it is sometimes difficult, exhausting and unwelcomed.  I do it because I know it is the way…

In an earlier writing I give reference to what I call ‘female man’ most prominent on Earth at this time in history, rather than ‘Woman’.  I am choosing to begin my series on Man, Woman Explained, with this topic, to free up my use of the term.

We do not have Man and Woman on the planet at this time.   We have male and female humans, and they are living all manner of roles, as there has been no guidance for many centuries.

A female man is found in the body or form of a woman, but is reduced in who she really is, and all that she may be capable of, as she is living only as that which a patriarchal society has determined her to be capable of.

There are reasons this has come about that I will expand on as I go into the series, but they are, in brief: the way political society was organised, with change being brought about only as people wanted- and were able to demonstrate- better treatment, respect, consideration as was being received by another.

Women demonstrated what they could do, that a man can do, and they are still doing it.   We have yet to demonstrate what we do, specifically.

Our own abilities available to us as woman remain inactive, and are actually suppressed by some of our non specialties being drawn upon mostly…

Other cultures know that it is Woman who can determine /perceive consequence far more easily than Man.  Her job is to determine for the future generations.  In traditional native American Indian cultures it was woman who had the deciding vote on such matters, after the men spoke, to ensure future generations were considered, and for the long-term health possibility of the community.  A year is 365 days, one after another, to a man.  To woman it is 12 cycles.

Man’s job is to focus on the here and now.  The problem solver, the protector, the competitor, attracted to the best for himself and his kin.  Woman’s job is to consider all of it, and to then determine its effect, and the appropriate cause of action, provided by the man. She is the connector, the nurturer, the perceiver of consequence.  Our bodies differ, our brains differ, our energy differs…

Such are our roles, such is our achievable balance and our perfect design.

In my life, chock-a-block with so many different experiences and different places, where I have had opportunity to do a range of things, and cross paths with many, I have learnt what I am able to do, because I am in the form of woman.   As I have grown, my observations have always been on building my knowledge about our species.

I have observed and studied a)  What else I can draw upon that the men around me can’t.  b)  What the men around me don’t seem to have available to them.  &  c)   What the men around me do not seem to know exists.  Or much of the current modern human world, for that matter!

A ‘lady’ and a ‘gentleman’ were other created historical constructs or ‘imaginings,’ changing natural behaviours and controlled by ‘etiquette’.  Our society has formed from these British and European constructs.  Other cultures are much less detached from Man and Woman roles, as their particular history has enabled them.

Margaret Thatcher was a superb female man.  In “The Iron Lady’ film starring Meryl Streep, in one scene she plays Margaret Thatcher even saying something like “the problem with society is more people are feeling now instead of thinking.”  She says “Thoughts are where it’s at.  Thoughts turn into words, words turn into actions, actions turn into habits…”

The thing is, that was a HUGE error of the time. It is feelings that govern our thoughts.   Feelings determine our thoughts.  Woman is the feeling specialist, where Man is the thinking specialist.   Sure we can do both these things, but we are better suited for one or the other, as is our design!

When I am needing to go into my mind, in answer to a man’s question perhaps, as he would do to another man, I can feel myself reducing my ability as a woman.  I can feel myself cutting off from what else I have available to me.

When I drive, I am aware I lose 10-15% focus when I am bleeding, as I am a cyclic being and I differ day by day within a month, as is my design.  Man is the day by day by day one of us, so he can do what needs doing, see around corners;) act fast and now.  He cannot make the best decision for everyone on his own, he is not designed to.  He cannot consider many things at once as his brain specialises on focussing, and is compartmentalized in structure.

A woman’s brain has many more connections going on.  Man’s job is to focus, woman’s job is to connect.  Of course we can do both of these things, but we do one better than the other. When we do only one thing…we do it better.  

We each specialise, we each do somethings better than the other, so that when we come together, we are even better than if we were our own.’

History made us need to do what we could, to better our situation then.   Our ancestors did not have another choice.  What was done then, was the best and only thing available at the time.   The problem is only that we  have not  had an opportunity to correct it yet.

tbc…The Man, Woman Explained series…. : ))

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