There is no ‘No Consequence’

Much that we still do, dates back to when planet Earth was presumed flat.

Things could be dumped in bodies of water where ever, seas, rivers, because it would be gone, ‘cleared up’, ‘suddenly tidy’.;)  Or so it was thought in totally ignorance.   Ignorance is not an insult , it is defined as ‘without knowledge or information.’

But, we know now, we are on a globe, a ball, a sphere.  We know a circle has no end at all, but is a continuum.

And we know, that what we put as ‘junk’ from one country will end up in another.

Pooh sticks.   This was a game made up by Winnie The Pooh, from A.A Milne’s The House At Pooh Corner, first published in Britain, in 1928.

When characters Winnie the Pooh and Piglet played on a bridge, Pooh dropped sticks onto one side of the bridge, and then ‘lo and behold’ they appeared the other side!  Piglet and Pooh loved this game!

Now if a little bear and a piglet can figure out the movement of water, surely humans can?;)

Copernicus published his theories and calculations in 1543, of how the Earth moved around the Sun and not the other way around, proving it’s shape.

But we, are still treating the Earth as though it is flat.  Even though the evidence of us knowing of the movement of water is in children’s books in the previous century!

Common sayings:  “What goes around comes around”, “He’ll get his” etc  are evidence that we know there is always a consequence or a reaction to an action.

I saw a quote “We all reflect the same sun” and how true is.   I found it a quote that had me feeling very bonded with the rest of humanity…as we are.   Sure your part of Earth may be in ‘night’ as our planet turns, but the sun is the same.  We are all part of the energy of the Earth, and what is required is that we know this, to alter our perspective and designs!

Altering our designs to incorporate new, current and ignored wisdom is not difficult.   

We made it up!   We can make up something else!!!!   To Be Human is to create, afterall…

And while the wiser of us know, we are even all interconnected energetically, basic systems of operation, are many centuries out of date, regardless of scientific discoveries following undisputed scientific method.  : )Amazing isn’t it? All of us. I am reflecting the same sun as you where ever you are. Hello!;)

Human Overview Update

  • 1.Why we have the situations of deterioration.
  • 2. History behind education system.
  • 3. What can easily be done to improve it.

We have the situation on the planet now, where people can perform tasks of society, but can have little  – to no – idea of how to be a human being, or of what this is.  As a direct result, we as a species and our planet, are suffering greatly.

This comes as no surprise to me at all.  

It is in fact completely obvious to me and was expected.  Our further deterioration is anticipated unless we instil in our own society, the means to learn of ourselves.

The education system as we know it was to prepare people to perform a task, or a function, so that they could be employable, for the development of a society within a country.

Human health and wellbeing was not investigated at the time any of the systems were instigated.  There was no consideration of  a greater consequence to any actions taken, or any ability to do this.

As economies themselves are suffering the result of mass ill-health, it would seem timely for simple Human Essentials Studies to be included within the standard education system.

Historically, in Britain, children were sent to work to perform many of the menial tasks.  In fact much of the Industrial might of England of the Victorian Era, can be said to have come from the children working in mines and factories!

It was considered an improvement, with the idea of increasing the chances of better employment for the child, to have them receive education.   This was  the beginning of the school system, to prepare for work only.

The school system as we know it, was not started with any idea of preparing developing human beings to be adult human beings.  It was not even started with a knowledge of what this was.

We have succeeded in creating a society that relies upon job training, and many people have achieved retirement plans, superannuation and well deserved world holidays.

My own British family are among the people holidaying around the world now.  Their desire to travel and buy things in foreign countries creates jobs there also.  They have retired, they are doing what they feel they should be doing at their age, and what they have been ‘taught’ to do.

The thing is – and with love and respect to them – they have not the development and knowledge of what they are as human beings.  It is not even a subject they can speak on.  

My own mother was a teacher in Britain and in Australia, and she had no respect for children – by her own admission – or any idea of how to be a human.

We have a human health crisis and an Earth health crisis.  It is quite simple to me, what precautions need to be taken to prevent any further unnecessary deterioration.  And it is unnecessary.    

I would begin with immediate Human Being Essentials studies to be fit in the school systems already in place around the world.  The systems as we know them, do not need themselves to be changed – many if not all can remain.  It is only the energy and the approach that needs alteration. 

We have come a long way – Britain has come a long way – from the time when children were sent down mines and up chimneys do to the work an adult would not do.  “People have children to do their dirty work” my mother told me.  Yet still  THE ‘EDUCATION’ SYSTEM IS WAY BEHIND.

We are not killed as a matter of course if we question what we are, and this was what happened historically.  It is no longer seen as a direct threat to the throne or to the faith at rule.  If anything it is seen as a rather cool progressive thing to do.  Why not ‘raise’ our children?  Why not give our children an advantage of knowing more about themselves?

I do not want anyone to need to experience the things that I did on my learning path.  I am passionate about the education curriculums ‘Human Being Essentials’ that I am developing.  I am passionate and committed to all young humans being able to know what they are – as much as they know how to care for their dog, or their favourite hobby!

The only reason we do not already know about ourselves, is due to historical fears of invasion, as our systems of society were formed.

The fear now, is what will happen further if we do not take care of ourselves in a more responsible manner.  We can’t all sit around watching telly for the health tips of Dr Oz!  Our children certainly can’t from school.  

Do we really need to get through our school, get through all our preparation for society, and then, be able to find the time – and expense – to do our own extra curricular learning of what we are?  What it means to be a Human being? How to be a healthy one?  

Even just the word ‘Human’ is something many just cannot relate to!  How telling is that!?

It is a joy and a privilege to have a body and a life, and, knowing how to live as a human being should come as no surprise.   We cannot care for ourselves if we are ignorant of ourselves.    : -)

Rules For Being Human.

  • First bit is not written by me but by ‘Anonymous.   I have an idea who, but who am I to blow someone’s cover.;)  It is  excellent and I consider it well worth sharing here.
  • A few tips from me to put it into practice!.

You will receive a body.  You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period this time around.

You will learn lessons.  You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called Life.  Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons.  You may like the lessons or think them irrelevant and stupid.

There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error experimentation.  The “failed” experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that ultimately “works”. 

A lesson is repeated until it is learned.  A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it.  When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson.

Learning lessons does not end.  There is no part of life that does not contain lessons.  If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned.

“There” is no better than “here”. When your “there” has become a “here”, you will simply obtain another “there” that will, again, look better than “here”.

Others are simply mirrors of you.  You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself.

What you make of your life is up to you.  You have all the tools and resources you need.  What you do with them is up to you.  The choice is yours.

The answers lie inside you.  The answers to life’s questions lie inside you.  All you need to do is look, listen and trust.

You will forget all this.  By Anonymous.       

It may seem hard at first to trust that what you need to know lies inside you, but let me assure you that it does.  You are not alone by any means.

Get to know inside yourself.  Spend time exploring inside you.  It is a skill to navigate our consciousness, and has only been ridiculed or named as “hippy” or “new age” by those unfamiliar, and insecure with themselves, and seeking to feel better and on familiar ground again…until they don’t again.

Our ground is not familiar though, and feeble short-term attempts to feel secure on it, will only maintain the unhappiness, that is escalating and spreading in phenomenal proportions the world over.

We are so much more than we are currently being.  The only cure is for us to Be more! : )

‘Living In Me – the complete guide to Being Human’ excerpt

    I have been waiting to share this my entire life, or rather it seems that my life has been lived in order to share this.

Born the hybrid of enemies/cultures/language/political, the daughter of Hungarian Resistance fighter athlete choirboy who spoke from a number of languages, had lost both his parents before he was 10 yrs, was a prisoner of war, and who seemed to be ‘undercover’ his entire time with us, and Victorian England raised British military ex-servicewoman (acting Sergent Major)  turned teacher-librarian, I was born to write a study into the Human Being.

My parents existed together, and lived by the book, or so it would ‘seem to be’.  But which book?  They were on the shelves in the house these books.  I have many more of them in my collection now.

Born into abject cruelly, my mother made the novels of Dickens pale into insignificance, though they were a strength and companionship to me.  Reading was one of the few things I was allowed to do as a child.

I was born into a  curiosity of  “What Is The Point?   How Could This Be?   What Is This God Idea Then?   There Mustn’t Be One!   But I’ve Just Been Born!   Why Am I Alive? and  What Is The Meaning To It All?”

Not permitted to speak or make a sound, and ordered to remain still in uncomfortable sitting positions for extended periods, gave me opportunity to listen and observe everything, and I became very good at it.  Not much escaped my notice as I studied closely the members of my own family with the view to interpret.     ” : )

So Feelings Are Energy?

Life is easiest when seen as a giving, receiving and sharing of energy.

If we live where lies are told to us, and given no life guidance in which we can trust, it is in such conditions, that we are able to develop means – from our own creativity – to learn of, and satisfy our own real needs. 

It is easier, to learn of real human needs this way, from human wants and human desires.

This was my situation.  I learned that the only ‘control’ or ‘constant’ that I could trust, was to rely upon my own feelings for safety and for guidance, as I went about each day.  It was an easy realization for me to make, as simple as a) did it work for me and help me thrive?  Or b) did it harm me further?

What were these things known as ‘feelings’, I wondered as a small child.  

It is true that feelings are energy, that emotion is e-motion or energy in motion.

They were not considered important at all in Britain as the time.  To “grin and bear something” were instructions from my mother, as though feelings were a trivial, non consequential aspect of us.

Quite the contrary is true, however, and they are information – or communication – for us, specifically to notice, read, learn or make decisions from.  Ignoring feelings will result in us becoming unwell.

I like to repeat for readers the decision made in Victorian times, for economic growth, that “nothing exists unless there was a tool by which it could be measured”, as a reason for why feelings could so easily be ignored. 

What was unseen in Victorian times, was to remain unseen for a very long time. It is only relatively recently that such tools that can observe subtle or inner energies and auras have been developed.

It turns out that we reside inside our emotional body.   Our emotional body is part of our aura.  Our aura is the complete totality of us; where our unseen energy reaches to;  the energy our physical body is contained within.   

‘Feelings’ of the e-motion kind are not the same as messages given by nerve receptors to a specific point in the body, such as provided by neuron pathways.  It is just a vocabulary inefficiency that makes this a little unclear for us, to use the word ‘feeling’ rather than ‘sensing from a receptor’. I find I refer to these as ‘sensations’.

Feeling love, receiving love, and giving love.  That really is the mark of our achievements.  How well do we do those?  Which one do we do less well?  Use that as a guide to know what more to work on, to bring more joy to you.  To be here in the 3rd dimension – the physical – in the love/vibrational state of our source…that really what it is all about.   

Bringing a state of heaven to earth is written and spoken of in churches and gospels, but the above statement is what it really means.  The first time I came across the word ‘joy’ even was in a church song ( I loved to sing in them at our Christmas visits)   I had no idea what joy meant, I thought it was just a church word.;)

It is our responsibility to bring joy to the earth – it is not going to happen while we sit around and wait for it.   And those of us who have suffered the most, can contain the most joy.  How perfect that is.

I wondered why I felt so terrible when I was in close proximity to my own mother.  I became nauseous suddenly a few times, just from passing her in the hallway.  I became more interested in what I had heard referred to as ‘bad vibes’ and wondered what the cause of them could be.

The family home also had an energy or feeling to it that I could not relax in.  I could relate to the wording that I ‘could cut the energy with a knife” that was around my mother, and that filled most of the house. 

Ride the waves, feel happiness and delight or ecstasy, from whatever natural source, then expect any grief and anger feelings that may arise, as they leave you.  Welcome them, and welcome them leaving you.  It is simply the Law Of Energetics at work,  it is the efficiency or our design, bringing healing to us without conscious effort! : )

It is how we feel that matters, not so much what is actually happening.  Keeping myself in as joyful and relaxed state of being as I could, absolutely ensured my body heal well, after receiving many injuries in a car accident.  My cells were being newly formed, and I wanted them to be as well as possible, so I gave them as pleasant an enviroment to be formed in, myself!   Music is fantastic for this, as it can maintain our emotional state

Human health will continue to detereorate on a global scale without official recognition of the significance of our emotional wellbeing – the way we feel – to our physical framework, and the world we create around us.

Choose something today to do for yourself, our of loving kindness.  No other reason is required. : )

The Tao Of Knickers.

 Mainly for women, to assist with candida/thrush issues, I explain historically what has come about with this invention, and the situation today. We can enjoy knickers, but not at the expense of our bodily health, and unfortuately this is occurring to an enormous number of women.

Knickers are an invention by what I call ‘cold country creativity’. 

Where we are on the globe pretty much determined where our creativity led us, and what the status quo is today in terms of who invented what, when. 

Some inventions are fabulous, others good, some not so good and really needing correction, and others completely unhealthy for us. 

Over time we have been known to eliminate some, and others get passed on from one societal representative/organisational body to another to deal with.  Some are perhaps considered in the ‘too hard basket’ and remain undealt with to this day.

Knickers or undergarments to enclose the genitalia of those in female form, were the invention of cold country creativity by humans who had poor health and hygiene by today’s standards. 

The main reasons for this invention originally, and continuing, are:

1. hygiene: 

In British history, infrequent washing, due to a lack of basic health care knowledge, had people really exist in a grubby state.  Undergarments were to keep outer garments clean and to need even less washing.  Heating of water was a costly and challenging thing to achieve, and clean water itself a challenge to come by.

A joke in England I recall from the 80’s, was the making sure you had clean underpants on “in case you were hit by a car” ! No other reason, but to avoid embarrassment if you needed to go to hospital etc!  Washing only once per week,  was a very common habit, that continues even now amongst some.

2. enclosing or covering:

Men can benefit from a support garment for their largely external genital organ, and it was felt wanted for women also to be covered.

A removal of our real sexual selves, was considered needed in a constructed society that favoured hard work over relating ability.  It was not considered appropriate at all, for women to be naked under their outer garments, and as many restrictions and coverings that could be had, were had.  Corsets, petticoats, etc all were part of this at some stage.

I consider the continuing Western societal need for a woman to be wearing knickers – when there is no health reason for her to do so – to be related to the reasoning given for women in other cultures and language groups, who are covered over their outer clothes also, and, some of whom are closed further physically by way of stitches to their genitalia.  

Certainly there are other historic reasons for these, and I cover them in another writing, but important to know the relation here, as it is simply a man/woman misunderstood, human thing also.

3. Sex accessory:

Knickers are sexy to men, and many designers of knickers are men.  As women, we can feel sexy in them.  We become a package to be opened, we tease and we keep suspense as to what lies beneath.  Far far sexier to have a thong or countless layers to remove, than just to appear fully naked.

Unfortunately for many women, a consequence of no air being able to circulate the yoni/vagina, is a change in temperature leading to an altered environment that is no longer suitable for the health needs of essential micro-organisms. 

This condition is called THRUSH, an uncomfortable condition that is: itchy, stinging, swelling, painful, discharging, discoloring, tacky, sticky, all or some or any of these.

Woman is an open thing.  If we all wore a cloth tightly over our mouths, we would develop adverse conditions there also.  We would develop adverse conditions affecting the health of favourable mouth micro-organisms – even if the cloth was cotton, bamboo or another natural fibre – if circulating air is what these micro-organisms require!

My experience of the development of thrush, is huge.  I had many instances of this condition before I figured it out. 

If I alter my body temperature by a couple of degrees only, I will need to do some anti thrush/candida measures pretty quick smart.  This can be achieved with slightly cooler than body temperature /luke warm water to bring the temperature down, perhaps a couple of drops of tea tree oil added into the water if an imbalance is suspected already.  A very weak solution bicarbonate soda works well to bring an immediate balance back 1:50 should be enough, creating a solution first of a level teaspoon dissolved in warm water.

Another brilliant natural solution you may have in the house already, to bring a quick return in your favour, is a douche prepared from the ‘Inner Health” dairy free powder.  A teaspoon in a bowl of body temp water is enough, then use a syringe or douche device to completely flush the vaginal channel.    Repeat as needed.

‘Inner Health’  is a common product available in capsules or powder to return an upset stomach to health.  Certainly the environments are not identical, but the organisms are favourable for a return to a healthy state vaginally, if not so severe as to need Canesten.  These brands are great for when antibiotics interfere with our natural inner bacterial states, and our vaginal environment is often equally affected by antibiotics, if not more so, than our intestines.

Also sea mineral salts can help – Amena’s Health Centre brand – use a 2.5 – 5mls  for a small bowl of body temp water.  – for when it is not so severe that the pharmaceutical ‘Canesten’ suppositories or syringes are a necessity.   This is an excellent douche if altered cells to the cervix are found in a pap smear.  Before he passed away from old age last year, Gerry Amena shared with me a few cases where douching with the sea salts had assisted  – as part of an entire healthy life change regime – the return to healthy cervix cells.

In the Vulcana Women’s Circus, where I proudly can do a very teeny bit of what the other women can – I am always amazed at the beautiful, but severely constrictive and therefore body temperature raising  leotards and tights many of the women wear.  I practically get thrush just from looking at these clothes!;)

On a pamphlet I read about ‘thrush’ it said 90% of Australian women aged 18-24 find asking for thrush treatment embarrassing.   The pamphlet was to help these women to seek treatment without awkward embarrassment.  I read once somewhere that 3 out of every 5 Australian women may have thrush.

Whatever the real statistics, in a hot country like Australia, thrush is very common.  If there is no reason to be wearing knickers, feel comfortable to not wear them.  No one needs to know.

Women naturally occurring in hot countries wore loose garments, sarongs, grass/vine skirts, all allowing air to circulate.

Only when British (or French, or Dutch, but really another European ‘cold’ country competing with Britain for that country at the time) clothed folk, influenced by their own perceived and misunderstood superiority, visited and overwhelmed native inhabitants, did we have conditions arise when ‘cold country creativity’ clothes were largely forced on native Peoples in hot countries.   All manner of introduced illnesses and adverse effects occurred from a variety of different reasons.

There are Anion pads these days.  What these are, are sanitary pads that also release oxygen atoms.  So Yes, absolutely, the healthiest way to wear knickers, is to wear them with a liner of oxygen releasing material.  This completely counteracts the effects of wearing the knickers, as well as having enormous additional benefits.  As though you are not wearing knickers IS the healthiest way to wear knickers!

I do not wear knickers without an anion pad liner insert, as I will get thrush, unless I wear them for a very short time.

Fortunately I have my own supply of these Anion wonders as they are not available in shops.  There are an increasing number of folk becoming sales representatives as the healing benefits become more widely known.  They are the most superb sanitary invention available and they are developing more products all with women’s health in mind.  

If you need to wear jeans or other pants, putting a panty liner of kinds, in the crotch of these garments, can be a healthier alternative to wearing full knicker briefs.  

If you wear a skirt do you need to put on knickers at all…if no one will know?  It is actually largely because you are wearing something so close to your skin and natural lubrication, that your genital ‘mucous’ gets onto the gussets of your knickers, making you think you need them.  With circulating air, you remain clean.

Certainly there are times I want to be wearing knickers for protecting my clothes, for making me feel more protected from the outside world, to give a better line to my outfit, but not every day, and especially not without an oxygen releasing liner!

As women the health of our yoni/vagina is a huge determining factor in how we view of ourselves.  There is much to know about the wonder of us down there. 

Our yonis/vaginas are different and in other cultures – particularly Native American Indian wisdom’s – an enormous amount of research and learning is available for us, about how we differ according to the types of yonis there are.  Unlike the ignorance that resulted in them being covered up, they were given lovely names and insight resulted, in what it means to us, to have a certain type/shape/labia length/distance between parts etc.

But that is hot country creativity and wisdom, and more on that another time.  ‘Cold country creativity’ you are probably wearing, and possibly you live in a hot climate/country, so….get yer knickers off!!!    At least sometimes… : )


I saw a sign that said ‘Life Is “Good”‘. It made me sad.

  • How are language use and our vocabulary can restrict our life experience.

Life can only be “good” at the very best with his sign.

I saw it printed in large letters hanging from the ceiling in a shop that sold well-being cards and household things in San Diego, but I felt sad when I saw it.  The saying “life is what you make it” is very true.

How we receive anything is completely our own.  Let me explain.  Have you ever said anything to somebody, who reacted to what you said in a completely unexpected way?   Perhaps they took immediate offense to what you said, when you meant no harm at all, or were even making a light hearted comment for a bit of fun?

When we have unresolved issues/past hurts that we still carry around as us in our energy, any event or stimuli, passes through our accumulation of experiences/data stored, that we have not cleared.

Think of  a computer, when we haven’t deleted things, or put them onto a separate hard drive.  The computer needs to put energy into starting it whole self up, so it can have ready every little bit we might need.  It will take longer to get ready to start, and there will be an obvious drain on the power as superfluous, unneeded or irrelevant files, slow and hinder the process.

All aspects of ourselves, also require energy in order we can receive anything.  It is our fixed design, so we can use our life wisdom, that has us check everything to keep us protected.  It is largely a subconscious scanning process that goes on, as all familiarities and associations contained within, are activated.

When we carry around our problems instead of regularly clearing them, the issue of past hurt is just as ready as our own eyes, to take in the information.

We do not and we cannot take it in, without it passing through all of the ‘files behind our eyes’.

My mother taught me this from the earliest years.  She would look at something- anything- and immediately respond with something critical and negative.  She did not see beauty in what she saw.  She was not able to.

Her receiving face would have narrowed eyes under a frowning forehead.  Her nose would be narrowed.  Her posture would be stooped, or noticing from sideways on, with a cranked neck to see properly.  Her verbal comment would use a flattened or dull tone of voice that was not pleasing to hear, from a mouth that was perhaps partially obstructed by a finger or not opened fully to speak.

These are all indicative behavioural responses to not fully being able to take in life.

An open-hearted being has wide eyes, and open nostrils to receive life, and to breathe life force energy in.  An open-hearted being has a forehead that is raised in interest and a stance or posture alignment that allows for a natural flow of unhindered inner energies, from a place of confident viewing.   An open-hearted being expresses a tone of voice that is energizing or invigorating to hear, with unashamed in delivery.

So severe was her condition, that she could see only faults when she looked into her own baby daughter’s face.  I grew so accustomed to screwed up narrowed eyes, that it was many years before I saw loving ones and experienced the phenomenal difference.

Life is incredible.   Life is magical.

It is how we receive it, that makes our experience of it so.  To be as fresh as if we just arrived on the planet is the way to live!

Skills to further heighten our senses are available to us…tbc!   : )

What about us? Lets update the Human exhibit!;)

  • why it makes no sense to ignore our needs
  • what we have changed historically as we became aware of new information
  • how it is that ignorance is holding us back
  • humanity and human ‘what we are’ overview, in brief!

Our Societal construct, as we know it, and as we created it, requires us to continue to behave in ways that are alien to our natural state.

We also created zoos in the Victorian era, and we have been updating those exhibits as we know better, but our own remains largely unchanged!

There is only one zoo in the world, Perth zoo in Australia, that is realising the actual needs of our close relation the Orang Utan.  The entire exhibit was redesigned to accommodate these.

Let’s do the same thing for us.  Our societal construct is our exhibit by another name.

When I was a child I had the family pets to look after.  The animals were provided with their ‘appropriate housing’,  ‘appropriate diet’, ‘appropriate exercise’ and ‘appropriate attention’, as was known at the time for the species.

The hamster had his wheel and jam jar to poop in, that he went in backwards to do.  The guinea pigs and rabbit had their grass run, and straw filled hutch.  The cats had their own flap door in the kitchen door.  The birds had the aviary of  a suitable size and a nest box for breeding.

We know so much more about our own species now, and the Victorian standards of human husbandry;) are no more appropriate to us now, than DDT or cigarettes are to our health, or a metal cage is to an Orang Utan.  Most zoos have undergone changes to all if not most exhibits.  Let’s just update ours in the same style. : )

I am eager to share, how we differ from one another as breeds of humans and how absolutely detrimental it can be – let alone inappropriate – for someone of another cultural breed to be given facilities suitable for an Englishman.  Or for an Englishman in the particular level of self awareness common in England at that time.

Is a labrador the same as a terrier?  A cattle-dog the same as a chihuahua?  A poodle the same as a Siberian husky?   What about a wolf, fox and dingo..they are dogs too.  Personalities, strengths, weaknesses, qualities, needs – call them as you will, –  they vary from breed to breed.

Fixated upon appearance, the ‘solution seeking creativity’ of the time had Human Beings classify other Human Beings according to their superiority.  The self declared ‘superior’ ones classified the others as less superior (surprise surprise!) or inferior, based upon their appearance – largely their facial features and skin colour – and by what inventions that had created.

To be human is to create certainly, and where we are geographically on the earth is the decisive factor in where our creativity leads us.  Where we are geographically, and who invented what, at whatever stage of life wisdom, largely explains every situation we find ourselves in!!

‘Obviously’ to them;) the humans who had demonstrated themselves as superior would be entitled to take the belongings and land of the inferior ones.  This ‘solution seeking creativity’ ,aka plausible fiction,;) was for England, when mass poverty, ill-health, and a rise in population had them wanting to seize other lands for themselves to spread out on.   They knew of no other solution and the race to take control of other countries began, in competition mainly with other European countries.

Movements to improve, and to further degrade situations for people, had words like ‘race’ and ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ used.   There has not been much progress in descriptions of ourselves since this time.

I’d love to bring us up to date!

Aside from our differences as the breeds that we are, our Human society requires us to also ignore our energetic reactions to one another as Man and Woman.  Just as much in the English language group as in Islam, though means and methods are undisputedly different.

Our Human society requires us to intellectualize and control natural behaviours, then to ‘act out’ a role or a script.  So very British, and so very old and out of date British, and never actually suitable, ever, even for Britain!

Humanity is simply unable to thrive as long as this continues.  As long as we are required to ignore what we mostly are, our needs cannot be realised or fulfilled wide scale, and we will continue down the pathway of deterioration and decline that we are on. : )

All About An Apology.

  • Apology defined
  • Why they work
  • Apologies as energy
  • How to maximize an apology
  • Tips to make speaking one easy

An apology by way of saying “I am sorry” is a gift of energy, to someone who has received an energetic injury.

An energetic injury, or anything that has caused hurt or pain emotionally, requires energy to heal.   This energy comes from our own being, but can be dramatically assisted by energy from another, or may be delayed if none is forthcoming when it is perceived required, or known how it would assist.

Every time we see,  hear, or hear-of, the individual who has caused us harm, it is a drain on our energy if any feelings arise that  need to be dealt with.  A “sorry” or an apology removes this from happening, as we are able to remove ‘the warning’ of them from our being.

It is our wisdom, by way of memory associations, that gives us reminders of who to keep away from.  Our whole organism assists us in keeping ourselves well.

The word ‘apology’ as a descriptive statement after the fact.  To say “I apologize’ is not actually itself an apology at all”  An apology is an expression of regret for any action that caused someone to be energetically injured.

“I am sorry for all and any of my actions that have caused you harm( and I love you).” is wording that I suggest, to maximise the healing strength of this much needed and FREE energetic wonder! : )

Energetic responsibility is all an apology is.  Some cultures/language groups are able to make apologies freely available.  Others guard them as though their very sense of self worth depended upon them never needing to say the word “sorry”!

Unfortunately due to complication from economic responsibility that may result from lawsuits, compensation claims, and the like, recognition that we require verbal sound frequencies from just hearing the word “sorry” has not been realized.

I find that my habit of using the word “sorry” as well as “pardon” when I miss what someone has said, had an enormous effect on my own healing, as in my own family no one said the word.  My mother even had to go so far as to lie to insist that what had occurred – that required her to say sorry – hadn’t even happened!!

Please release yourself from any intellectual judgement that may come to you, and try saying it as often as needed.

I found it a useful technique in my own healing to at first use the word “sorry” in place of “pardon” when I misheard or missed what another had said.  “Sorry” was so not used in my family home, that my mother even had to deny the occurrence of what had happened that required her to apologize in the first place!

All it is, is energetic responsibility.  We are energetic beings, and it is as helpful and as healing to say, for our own learning needs and personal growth, as for the one who needs to hear it.  : )

Time For Energetic Realisation!

  • Introduction to human beings as energy
  • Introduction to historical influences affecting our incorrect viewpoint, and dismissal of feelings
  • Introduction to how men and women differ

Is a change to knowing ourselves as an energetic organism so hard?  I think not and feel not!  We have only had a vague dismissal of it as we are all so fundamentally human, us Human Beings…;)

Though feelings supposedly didn’t exist, they are one of the most important descriptions to add to a court case when it is being heard.

We all love a love story, and love is a feeling…  But feelings having ‘no tool by which they could be measured’, and an emphasis on a patriarchal and logical ‘thinking’ dominated society, put feelings out of context in Britain.  It is important to note, that the English language, trails behind the others, in terms of energetic realisation and in vocabulary of it.

Historically women and folk of other cultures, were allowed a more active and acknowledged role  in the English man’s societal structure, but not one that contributed, or brought any changes to, its structure, to incorporate a more appropriate and balanced view of life.

There was not the knowledge at that time of the roles of each of our sex, or the qualities and strengths offered by those from other cultures/language groups.

Woman were allowed consideration and given the vote, as they proved themselves to be able to do some things, as well as a man. Still to this day, a woman is determined to be that which a patrichal society declares her to be capable of.

She is yet to be truly appreciated for what she herself is, by society, that a man is not.  This is precisely the balance and consideration that our life giving planet requires.  We as human kind are part of the greater energetic being that is the organism, Earth, and we also have a guardianship role.

Both sexes from other cultures/language groups, similarly, were declared capable enough to be incoorporated into English man’s societal structure, and given the vote, after proving that they could do some things as well as an Englishman.

Yet songs about love are as popular today as they were when the foundations of our society was being formed.   Feelings are something that we have let drive us and leed us astray;) be we Man Woman, Englishman or otherwise.

There came a distinct time in political history, when it was actually considered that the English man ‘had it sorted’, and there were no further changes to the structure and organisation of the political party system, from then on.  Parties and policies changed but the organisation did not.

Many years later only, women and both sexes from other cultures and language groups were allowed involvement.  As a woman it is plainly obvious to me that the system was lacking from the very beginning.

As a woman it is easy for me to see how much has led to the situations we have happening at the moment.  With all due respect to my fellow-man – I am a lover of men!- a woman’s imput is needed, to ensure the longterm health and wellbeing of all concerned.

A man’s focussed attention ability and problem solving is very compartmentalized.  He likes, and requires, things to be dealt with individually, singularly, and in a given set form and structure.  Life is not like that however.

Life needs Man to use exactly the skills that he has, in consultation with Woman.  She can, can far more easily:

1.  determine consequence, a woman can naturally hold a larger perspective and picture for consideration.

She is naturally able to easily hold together what is harvesting where and when, is connected to the earth and moon rhythms and is herself a cyclic being, altering and changing according to where she is in her bleeding rhythm.  Man is structurally, and necessarily, a day by day by day being.

2.   a woman has healing knowledge available to her, to keep the community in health, as well as greater ease at receiving ancestral wisdom from her intuition and her secondary connection to the light, that comes from her womb space.

3. a woman does not have playing inside her the very drives that can prevent a man from considering the best outcome for all concerned.

It is a man’s role to be hardwired to get what he can for himself and his, as he is the protector.  A woman is hardwired to care for those around her, as she is the nurturer.  Man is thinking dominant, woman is feeling dominant.  Balance is key for survival.

In another writing I specifically name the time in British history and explain in more detail, to demonstrate the inadequacies of the structure that our own party system is based upon.  I do so simply to show that there is no need to be holding onto it.  I do so to show that we can do much better now.

Now, we have the education and literacy and knowledge spread across so many people and counties, that was not available to the ones who formed the structure we are living by.  It would be so easy to create, and to implement, a system that truly honours us as the amazing species that we are, and that can lead us to grow and thrive.

A consequence of much that has gone before, is that we have many living in the bodies of women as what I term ‘female men’.  This is only because they and their families and communities have not yet had the opportunity and learning to embrace ‘woman’ and allowed comfortably for her development.

Fortunately we have a huge feminine wisdom movement growing in strength internationally.  There is no need for anyone to fear the development of a woman being all that she is needed to be.  Woman is the lover of men, and I can assure all men, that when they have experienced a woman, they will never want a ‘female man’ ever again!

Let’s leave behind that which is seeing us decline.  It is stupid and ignorant not to do so, and a whole lot more fun to see us and our planet progress to thrive!  As we are meant to do.  As is completely possible to do! : )

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