What’s Up With The Economy?

  • 1. ‘Economy’ defined
  • 2. How did it start?
  • 3. The Four Big  Mistakes made with money
  • 4. A historical overview in brief.
  • 5. Problems with perspective.
  • 6. Our solution- seeking creativity!
  • 7. No need to fear.

“Economy” is an invisible noun.  In language, when we find a noun that is not a place, person or object, but the name of something invisible, we are made aware that it is a creative construct of human imagination.

 The economy is a fabulous example for an earlier writing, of our own creativity getting the better of us.  Definitely also an example of where we need to reign it in, and make the necessary adjustments to our own invention with our wiser and wider perspective.

A reminder of vocabulary, that  ‘nouns’ are places, people and things, and ‘proper nouns’ are names of these.

Making people reliant and subservient to money is something that was done historically by force.  It is something that was not planned in the long-term, with the long-term in mind, or with a picture of what the long-term may become.  It was done in a narrow and focussed way, in a way that would build a perceived strength of an individual country.  It was done without consideration of any consequences.

The largest sums/gold were mainly for exchange of arms.

To make people dependent on earning an income, they were forcibly evicted from their own homes and lands, unless they began to pay ‘taxes’ to the ‘crown’ or declared head of state/ruler, equivalent to our ‘rent’ and ‘rates’ words used today.

Mistakes with the Invention we call money.

1. the first mistake made with the invention called money or currency, is that it was given no use-be date.  I consider it a brilliant idea, to have a convenient form of exchange or trade, if you did not want my oranges, or I your beans.  Then to be able to exchange this ‘token’ for goods, and with a use by date clearly indicated.

2. the second mistake  made with money was when it was able to make its own money.  When it was given ‘interest’ making ability. This idea was a solution as it was wanted by others – who didn’t ‘own it’ to be used, and to attract more others to let them use it also.

3. the third mistake  made with money, was when things were ‘floated’ and sold off or privatized.  As money was wanted and needed even more so to be made available.

4. the fourth mistake made with money but linked to no. 3, is that money now makes money faster that a human can.

The economy was not designed  so that it could last as it is, and quite simply, it cannot.  It was designed without any forethought to consequence.   

It was designed and implemented by men, fully focussed on a project, and without an ability to ascertain consequence.  This is something someone in the form Man cannot actually do so well as  a Woman, and he is not designed to.   Man is the problem solver in the immediate here and now.  

Determining consequence is way easier for a woman to do, as her form enables her this. (See my series of writings on Men & Women Explained*.)

In some other cultures, such as Native American Indian tribes, those in the form of Woman decided/voted after the men, as it was considered that their job was to foresee and determine for the future generations.  

At this time historically, no women were involved in any of the decision processes in our predominantly English ruled society.  Or if there were, they were doing so more as a what I call a female- man*, or a woman figure-head only.

There was not the understanding of ourselves,as Human Beings and our abilities, as there is available today.  It was a society ruling and living in fear and suspicion and mistrust.  It was not a society capable of determining what was best all-round for all individuals and the organism earth as a whole.

There was intention to take in the larger picture, and an awareness that it was a good idea, but it was not humanly possible for these men to do.  The ‘largest’ picture they were able to comprehend, was that of the state – their own ‘state’.  Legislation by these men clearly indicates they wished for this , as representative of the very largest consideration possible to these people.  At this time in history, it was still unimaginable what the scale of the world was and if it was flat or another shape altogether.

The way I see it, bringing the largest perspective into it, that is easier for me in my form as a Woman, and with my knowledge of all that we are as Humans, I say let’s declare there is a problem, so that we can involve our solution-seeking creativity to sort it out.  While we are still fiddling around and trying to pretend to “balance” it, we can’t come to a real and proper solution.

There is nothing that we cannot do, to bring about a solution to something that came about, as a result of our own creativity.

To Be Human Is To Create.  It is where we are at our absolute best.  

As many of us already know, we attract things to us, as the vibrational energy beings that we are.  Wealth and abundance are not limited to our money invention, and nor is a state of lack.  Having the faith that we will attract to us, that which resonates with us, and keeping ourselves emotionally and energetically in good health, will see us through any perceived challenging time.  It is only ignorance (without knowledge) that has some people assume  the human invention ‘money’ is the only wealth there is!


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