Laugh And The World Laughs With You? :-)

More and more often when I laugh in public I hear someone say looking around “What’s funny?”

But laughter comes from inside us, and happy moments come from within.

Our laughter is dependent upon us, upon our interpretation and our receptivity to joy.  Each of these is dependent in turn,  on how much we keep ourselves a free channel, clear of old energetic debris that weighs us down.

The more healed we are of old issues, the lighter our vibe and the greater our ease at laughter.

The more pain and suffering we hold and release, the bigger our container for joy becomes.

And all suffering currently on this planet, if manoeuvred wisely, is enormous joy in the waiting. 🙂

War And Peace? Isn’t It War OR Peace?

Assalamu alaikum and Shalom to all of us in the middle east area!

I saw another interesting documentary on events happening in your part of the world. 🙂

Amazing beings kept ignorant to market weaponry is all I see, whenever I observe warring places now.
People maintained in their ignorance, to create a continued market for weapons.

Also, ridiculous borders that were never designed to work, but designed to allow continued success at further procurement, to add only to economic progress, under the guise of being helpful.

And don’t we all just want respect?   It is a natural part of our design and our human need…of course we do.

Battles are never with each other, but only inside ourselves.

The only ‘battle’ we ever have is our own Self realization.
A completely internal ‘battle’ with our own inner realization of ourselves.

And then it is the realization and acceptance of this fact, that enables the spreading of real peace.
Weaponry only creates the need for weaponry. 

Are we brave enough?

Brave enough to realize and accept that all this fighting has been in ignorance?

And don’t many of us who haven’t compulsory military service, go into armies/war partly attracted by a need for courage, camaraderie, strengthening of sexually energy from segregation, and to do something for our country?
Leaving aside for the moment the attraction of having your children educated, a steady paycheck, guaranteed career advancement, respect gained from a ‘title’, all of which were an enormous draw card for developing Britain.  My own British family all took this route.
Can you see how we were made dependent upon continued military actions being made necessary?

All of us wherever we are?  Our current societies DEPEND upon military involvement.

It takes much greater courage, camaraderie and all the above;) to stand on the edge of the unknown….

It is totally time we do something different, so we can do something appropriate!

We have been doing the same stupid thing for centuries, even though we have advanced our knowings/education/research in all other matters!
Can I remind you again that it is chimpanzees that need to have warring situations, as they do not have language?  😉

We can now even speak the same language as the people we are in a confrontation with! 😀 It is crazy not to just talk it out! 😀

No matter what your beliefs or lifestyle, if you are picking up, or holding an invention, created to harm another, all you are reduced to being IS A PAWN ON A CHESS GAME!

I know…..let’s play a better game that suits our design, and allows us to be the amazing creative beings we are!

Blessings 🙂

Feelings : From Our Subconscious Self to our Conscious Self

Feelings are ours to use 🙂 from our subconscious Self, to our conscious Self.
They are not there to be disguised or ignored or distracted from or tricked into changing into another feeling. 😉  They are to experience, release and learn from.

Historic Britain had no understanding of ourselves and this included the point and purpose of feelings. They were something that only ‘got in the way’ and Britain’s style historically was always to ignore, ridicule, demean or outlaw something it was ignorant of. Consequently, in our societies, we are still behind even ancient other cultures when it comes to knowledge of our feelings.

I process my feelings with interest. I make a conscious decision to observe them, from a place of contentment. I exhaust them of everything I can learn before they leave me. Or, before I consciously negotiate their leaving me.

I am not a prisoner of them, or at their will, but I will always take heed of them. I accept them for what they are and I work with them, creating time and opportunity to reconnect into them when it is convenient for me to do so.

Ignoring this crucial information we are sending to ourselves with purpose, leads to illness. prevents growth. and prevents our experiencing a better life.
There is no such thing as an irrelevant feeling.

As I was born into a place of constant additional suffering, I am very experienced at management of feelings as I have had no other choice but to learn how to master them.
As we are energy, the cause of our feelings is named really well for they are, ‘energy in motion’ = ’emotion’.

Always allow your energy to flow…you are like the basket ball that can never touch the ground if you are still.
You must keep your energy moving, if you want to play this game of life – by the rules of our design – and play it well! 🙂

How Miserable Are You Content To Be?

  • 1.  What bad feelings do to our energy.
  • 2.  Releasing old stuck remnant emotions, for a better life, or ‘cashing it in’ for joy!
  • 3.  Tips on what life is all about.

How miserable are you content to be?  That’s what I want to know!

Cashing every bit in, allows you to contain that much more light.  releasing every bit of it from your energy allows you to be wiser fresher and renewed BECAUSE YOU WERE miserable.

‘Cashing it in’ for joy, is what you are enabled to do as a Human, when you have the energetic know how! 

All the misery you contain is of benefit to you exchanged, be it a little misery or so much that you cannot think of anything else.

In my case I could barely move I had so much in my energy, and did not want to be alive another second, so I didn’t have a choice but to learn how to clear it from me!

You see, we feel for a reason.  We come to earth to feel actually…that and many other reasons, but it’s a biggie.;)

We are here to live our lives, attaining the wisdom a full life can supply us with.

The AIM of life is to live.  

The POINT is the attainment of wisdom to further our development.

After we get to about 25 yrs, after we ‘get through’ our situation of manifestation, life becomes careful conscious decision-making.    

Life is calculated risk.  We alone make our decisions that form our actions.  We alone choice our words that create our reality.  And we alone monitor how much light we contain.

The amount of light we contain can be increased immediately upon ‘cashing in’ misery/pain/anguish/stuck energies.  Where this energy was, upon release, is replaced with joy – or white light frequencies.

The effects are a raising of your vibration.  The releasing of this stuck ‘bad’ energy (the pain/misery/fear/whatever undealt with emotion) is a lifting of the weight you may feel on your shoulders.   You will get a sudden ability to think of other things.  You may suddenly find your consciousness goes to things not thought of in ages as you have made space.  Suddenly other activities become attracted to your altered vibration.  WE ARE ENERGY, and as like attracts like, you may find you are quite changed with the choices you find yourself making.

There is no end to the amount of misery you can release.  There is no beginning set in stone with how much you need to accumulate before you release it.  WE are meant to be releasing it, not holding it around us like it is our favourite coat.;)

We are actually meant to – and quite able to, regardless of what we have been through – be living as if we have just arrived on the planet, in our adult form!  

Only you can decide when you want to learn tactics to remove it, to ‘cash it in’ to experience more of what life can offer you.

I plan to hold mass/group energy release celebrations, at gatherings I share information in the future.  Our sound is a very personal thing, as are our emotions.  However, it is also very natural to feel comfortable, and to do things differently when we feel part of a ceremony or ritual, or as part of a tradition as the Humans that we are.

In such a situation a group energy is formed, that we ourselves contribute to, and that alters our own.

I plan to hold such healings, where we can join together, single sex and mixed, for the purpose of releasing unwanted energies; of the glory of welcoming the replacement frequencies; 0f the glory of a tribal feel – a Human feel – to our celebratory healing!

When we are together like this, our sound merges, as does our emotional state.  Noo one can feel insecure or embarrassed or self conscious, as arguably we will not know where one of us begins….one of us ends…or the start of someone else!

I consider it a perfect way for us to bring about this change in ourselves as humans, just as we humans did in the past.

WE are still humans, or course, with human needs, and human energy, and we need to do energy clearing, just as much as we need to eat and excrete!

I hope to see, hear and feel you there!

I will also post some writings here with tips to release energies.  : )

I saw a sign that said ‘Life Is “Good”‘. It made me sad.

  • How are language use and our vocabulary can restrict our life experience.

Life can only be “good” at the very best with his sign.

I saw it printed in large letters hanging from the ceiling in a shop that sold well-being cards and household things in San Diego, but I felt sad when I saw it.  The saying “life is what you make it” is very true.

How we receive anything is completely our own.  Let me explain.  Have you ever said anything to somebody, who reacted to what you said in a completely unexpected way?   Perhaps they took immediate offense to what you said, when you meant no harm at all, or were even making a light hearted comment for a bit of fun?

When we have unresolved issues/past hurts that we still carry around as us in our energy, any event or stimuli, passes through our accumulation of experiences/data stored, that we have not cleared.

Think of  a computer, when we haven’t deleted things, or put them onto a separate hard drive.  The computer needs to put energy into starting it whole self up, so it can have ready every little bit we might need.  It will take longer to get ready to start, and there will be an obvious drain on the power as superfluous, unneeded or irrelevant files, slow and hinder the process.

All aspects of ourselves, also require energy in order we can receive anything.  It is our fixed design, so we can use our life wisdom, that has us check everything to keep us protected.  It is largely a subconscious scanning process that goes on, as all familiarities and associations contained within, are activated.

When we carry around our problems instead of regularly clearing them, the issue of past hurt is just as ready as our own eyes, to take in the information.

We do not and we cannot take it in, without it passing through all of the ‘files behind our eyes’.

My mother taught me this from the earliest years.  She would look at something- anything- and immediately respond with something critical and negative.  She did not see beauty in what she saw.  She was not able to.

Her receiving face would have narrowed eyes under a frowning forehead.  Her nose would be narrowed.  Her posture would be stooped, or noticing from sideways on, with a cranked neck to see properly.  Her verbal comment would use a flattened or dull tone of voice that was not pleasing to hear, from a mouth that was perhaps partially obstructed by a finger or not opened fully to speak.

These are all indicative behavioural responses to not fully being able to take in life.

An open-hearted being has wide eyes, and open nostrils to receive life, and to breathe life force energy in.  An open-hearted being has a forehead that is raised in interest and a stance or posture alignment that allows for a natural flow of unhindered inner energies, from a place of confident viewing.   An open-hearted being expresses a tone of voice that is energizing or invigorating to hear, with unashamed in delivery.

So severe was her condition, that she could see only faults when she looked into her own baby daughter’s face.  I grew so accustomed to screwed up narrowed eyes, that it was many years before I saw loving ones and experienced the phenomenal difference.

Life is incredible.   Life is magical.

It is how we receive it, that makes our experience of it so.  To be as fresh as if we just arrived on the planet is the way to live!

Skills to further heighten our senses are available to us…tbc!   : )

Holding Bad Feelings That Are Spoiling Your Enjoyment Of Life? Tips To Let Them Go!

  • managing our feelings
  • how and why our feelings affect us
  • what we can do to improve how we feel

Some folk wear bad feelings like they are their favourite coat;)  Or have them held tightly around them constantly like a doona/duvet so they are unable to freshly enjoy anything….

Hey I love this “get the attitude of gratitude!” or “the gratitude attitude!”  I saw the two words together on a video and I had never noticed how similar they are.  I think we can really popularize that – sounds kinda cool!   Or just “the attitude;)” when folk ‘get it”;)

Joy and gratitude are our natural state.  It is completely irrelevant how much healing we still feel we need to do, at any stage of our life, by however horrific an incident!

We are not the same thing as our feelings at all, yet too many of us are holding a bad feeling around ourselves like it is our doona/duvet, or wearing it everywhere like our favourite clothing.  Why?  No one has explained feeling management most likely.

People only ‘have problems’ because they are carrying them around with them the whole time.  We don’t need to do this.  We can leave them at home/the office/the garage til we’ve dealt with them, can’t we?

Feelings are ours to give us information.  What am I feeling at this time?  Oh ok.  What do I need to do?  Right. Thanks.

Then, let it go.  Returning to a gratitude state, where joy,wonder and delight are easy to experience.  Where sparking an interest in something is not a chore, but a regularly occurring occasion.

Our feelings reside as part of our energy being – in one of the outer energetic fields that surround our physical body.  When you are done ‘reading’ the feeling that is uppermost for you at that time, visualize it returning to an outer state of you, perhaps a couple of metres outside of you. 

It will sit in an invisible cloud on all sides of you, until it does not need to give you any further information, or until you clear it, if it holds for you unresolved  issues.  It is called our ’emotional body’.

It is completely separate from you.  It is for you.   You are its manager/mistress.  You do not need to be in consultation with it continuously.  Your job is to keep yourself in a self loving state of health and happiness. 

Balance between joyful episodes, achievement episodes, and time spent reading feelings and thoughts will do this.To spend all your time with your feelings, has you neglect other areas of self.

As joy is our natural state, and as the universe does not do ‘spaces’ , it is guaranteed that any bad, miserable, depressive, hurt, or fearful feelings you had stuck, will be replaced with joy/light!  I am able to feel/see it happen.

It is a given.  There is nothing you can do to stop it occurring!   Light will take the place of the dark.  The joy registers universally as white light frequencies, the misery as non light.  Get it?  So doo-oo-oo it!;)        :  )

What about us? Lets update the Human exhibit!;)

  • why it makes no sense to ignore our needs
  • what we have changed historically as we became aware of new information
  • how it is that ignorance is holding us back
  • humanity and human ‘what we are’ overview, in brief!

Our Societal construct, as we know it, and as we created it, requires us to continue to behave in ways that are alien to our natural state.

We also created zoos in the Victorian era, and we have been updating those exhibits as we know better, but our own remains largely unchanged!

There is only one zoo in the world, Perth zoo in Australia, that is realising the actual needs of our close relation the Orang Utan.  The entire exhibit was redesigned to accommodate these.

Let’s do the same thing for us.  Our societal construct is our exhibit by another name.

When I was a child I had the family pets to look after.  The animals were provided with their ‘appropriate housing’,  ‘appropriate diet’, ‘appropriate exercise’ and ‘appropriate attention’, as was known at the time for the species.

The hamster had his wheel and jam jar to poop in, that he went in backwards to do.  The guinea pigs and rabbit had their grass run, and straw filled hutch.  The cats had their own flap door in the kitchen door.  The birds had the aviary of  a suitable size and a nest box for breeding.

We know so much more about our own species now, and the Victorian standards of human husbandry;) are no more appropriate to us now, than DDT or cigarettes are to our health, or a metal cage is to an Orang Utan.  Most zoos have undergone changes to all if not most exhibits.  Let’s just update ours in the same style. : )

I am eager to share, how we differ from one another as breeds of humans and how absolutely detrimental it can be – let alone inappropriate – for someone of another cultural breed to be given facilities suitable for an Englishman.  Or for an Englishman in the particular level of self awareness common in England at that time.

Is a labrador the same as a terrier?  A cattle-dog the same as a chihuahua?  A poodle the same as a Siberian husky?   What about a wolf, fox and dingo..they are dogs too.  Personalities, strengths, weaknesses, qualities, needs – call them as you will, –  they vary from breed to breed.

Fixated upon appearance, the ‘solution seeking creativity’ of the time had Human Beings classify other Human Beings according to their superiority.  The self declared ‘superior’ ones classified the others as less superior (surprise surprise!) or inferior, based upon their appearance – largely their facial features and skin colour – and by what inventions that had created.

To be human is to create certainly, and where we are geographically on the earth is the decisive factor in where our creativity leads us.  Where we are geographically, and who invented what, at whatever stage of life wisdom, largely explains every situation we find ourselves in!!

‘Obviously’ to them;) the humans who had demonstrated themselves as superior would be entitled to take the belongings and land of the inferior ones.  This ‘solution seeking creativity’ ,aka plausible fiction,;) was for England, when mass poverty, ill-health, and a rise in population had them wanting to seize other lands for themselves to spread out on.   They knew of no other solution and the race to take control of other countries began, in competition mainly with other European countries.

Movements to improve, and to further degrade situations for people, had words like ‘race’ and ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ used.   There has not been much progress in descriptions of ourselves since this time.

I’d love to bring us up to date!

Aside from our differences as the breeds that we are, our Human society requires us to also ignore our energetic reactions to one another as Man and Woman.  Just as much in the English language group as in Islam, though means and methods are undisputedly different.

Our Human society requires us to intellectualize and control natural behaviours, then to ‘act out’ a role or a script.  So very British, and so very old and out of date British, and never actually suitable, ever, even for Britain!

Humanity is simply unable to thrive as long as this continues.  As long as we are required to ignore what we mostly are, our needs cannot be realised or fulfilled wide scale, and we will continue down the pathway of deterioration and decline that we are on. : )

All About An Apology.

  • Apology defined
  • Why they work
  • Apologies as energy
  • How to maximize an apology
  • Tips to make speaking one easy

An apology by way of saying “I am sorry” is a gift of energy, to someone who has received an energetic injury.

An energetic injury, or anything that has caused hurt or pain emotionally, requires energy to heal.   This energy comes from our own being, but can be dramatically assisted by energy from another, or may be delayed if none is forthcoming when it is perceived required, or known how it would assist.

Every time we see,  hear, or hear-of, the individual who has caused us harm, it is a drain on our energy if any feelings arise that  need to be dealt with.  A “sorry” or an apology removes this from happening, as we are able to remove ‘the warning’ of them from our being.

It is our wisdom, by way of memory associations, that gives us reminders of who to keep away from.  Our whole organism assists us in keeping ourselves well.

The word ‘apology’ as a descriptive statement after the fact.  To say “I apologize’ is not actually itself an apology at all”  An apology is an expression of regret for any action that caused someone to be energetically injured.

“I am sorry for all and any of my actions that have caused you harm( and I love you).” is wording that I suggest, to maximise the healing strength of this much needed and FREE energetic wonder! : )

Energetic responsibility is all an apology is.  Some cultures/language groups are able to make apologies freely available.  Others guard them as though their very sense of self worth depended upon them never needing to say the word “sorry”!

Unfortunately due to complication from economic responsibility that may result from lawsuits, compensation claims, and the like, recognition that we require verbal sound frequencies from just hearing the word “sorry” has not been realized.

I find that my habit of using the word “sorry” as well as “pardon” when I miss what someone has said, had an enormous effect on my own healing, as in my own family no one said the word.  My mother even had to go so far as to lie to insist that what had occurred – that required her to say sorry – hadn’t even happened!!

Please release yourself from any intellectual judgement that may come to you, and try saying it as often as needed.

I found it a useful technique in my own healing to at first use the word “sorry” in place of “pardon” when I misheard or missed what another had said.  “Sorry” was so not used in my family home, that my mother even had to deny the occurrence of what had happened that required her to apologize in the first place!

All it is, is energetic responsibility.  We are energetic beings, and it is as helpful and as healing to say, for our own learning needs and personal growth, as for the one who needs to hear it.  : )

Time For Energetic Realisation!

  • Introduction to human beings as energy
  • Introduction to historical influences affecting our incorrect viewpoint, and dismissal of feelings
  • Introduction to how men and women differ

Is a change to knowing ourselves as an energetic organism so hard?  I think not and feel not!  We have only had a vague dismissal of it as we are all so fundamentally human, us Human Beings…;)

Though feelings supposedly didn’t exist, they are one of the most important descriptions to add to a court case when it is being heard.

We all love a love story, and love is a feeling…  But feelings having ‘no tool by which they could be measured’, and an emphasis on a patriarchal and logical ‘thinking’ dominated society, put feelings out of context in Britain.  It is important to note, that the English language, trails behind the others, in terms of energetic realisation and in vocabulary of it.

Historically women and folk of other cultures, were allowed a more active and acknowledged role  in the English man’s societal structure, but not one that contributed, or brought any changes to, its structure, to incorporate a more appropriate and balanced view of life.

There was not the knowledge at that time of the roles of each of our sex, or the qualities and strengths offered by those from other cultures/language groups.

Woman were allowed consideration and given the vote, as they proved themselves to be able to do some things, as well as a man. Still to this day, a woman is determined to be that which a patrichal society declares her to be capable of.

She is yet to be truly appreciated for what she herself is, by society, that a man is not.  This is precisely the balance and consideration that our life giving planet requires.  We as human kind are part of the greater energetic being that is the organism, Earth, and we also have a guardianship role.

Both sexes from other cultures/language groups, similarly, were declared capable enough to be incoorporated into English man’s societal structure, and given the vote, after proving that they could do some things as well as an Englishman.

Yet songs about love are as popular today as they were when the foundations of our society was being formed.   Feelings are something that we have let drive us and leed us astray;) be we Man Woman, Englishman or otherwise.

There came a distinct time in political history, when it was actually considered that the English man ‘had it sorted’, and there were no further changes to the structure and organisation of the political party system, from then on.  Parties and policies changed but the organisation did not.

Many years later only, women and both sexes from other cultures and language groups were allowed involvement.  As a woman it is plainly obvious to me that the system was lacking from the very beginning.

As a woman it is easy for me to see how much has led to the situations we have happening at the moment.  With all due respect to my fellow-man – I am a lover of men!- a woman’s imput is needed, to ensure the longterm health and wellbeing of all concerned.

A man’s focussed attention ability and problem solving is very compartmentalized.  He likes, and requires, things to be dealt with individually, singularly, and in a given set form and structure.  Life is not like that however.

Life needs Man to use exactly the skills that he has, in consultation with Woman.  She can, can far more easily:

1.  determine consequence, a woman can naturally hold a larger perspective and picture for consideration.

She is naturally able to easily hold together what is harvesting where and when, is connected to the earth and moon rhythms and is herself a cyclic being, altering and changing according to where she is in her bleeding rhythm.  Man is structurally, and necessarily, a day by day by day being.

2.   a woman has healing knowledge available to her, to keep the community in health, as well as greater ease at receiving ancestral wisdom from her intuition and her secondary connection to the light, that comes from her womb space.

3. a woman does not have playing inside her the very drives that can prevent a man from considering the best outcome for all concerned.

It is a man’s role to be hardwired to get what he can for himself and his, as he is the protector.  A woman is hardwired to care for those around her, as she is the nurturer.  Man is thinking dominant, woman is feeling dominant.  Balance is key for survival.

In another writing I specifically name the time in British history and explain in more detail, to demonstrate the inadequacies of the structure that our own party system is based upon.  I do so simply to show that there is no need to be holding onto it.  I do so to show that we can do much better now.

Now, we have the education and literacy and knowledge spread across so many people and counties, that was not available to the ones who formed the structure we are living by.  It would be so easy to create, and to implement, a system that truly honours us as the amazing species that we are, and that can lead us to grow and thrive.

A consequence of much that has gone before, is that we have many living in the bodies of women as what I term ‘female men’.  This is only because they and their families and communities have not yet had the opportunity and learning to embrace ‘woman’ and allowed comfortably for her development.

Fortunately we have a huge feminine wisdom movement growing in strength internationally.  There is no need for anyone to fear the development of a woman being all that she is needed to be.  Woman is the lover of men, and I can assure all men, that when they have experienced a woman, they will never want a ‘female man’ ever again!

Let’s leave behind that which is seeing us decline.  It is stupid and ignorant not to do so, and a whole lot more fun to see us and our planet progress to thrive!  As we are meant to do.  As is completely possible to do! : )

All About Joy!


“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”

~ Irish Proverb.


I love this!  Here is basic true human wisdom speaking of JOY again!  Eat, sleep, work, play – gives us all we need. Play and pleasuring are serious requirements. 😉


Give yourself a dose of joy, as efficiently as you have a meal or a rest. Find what it is for you, find as many as you want. 🙂

Joy is essential as it refreshes us and energies us. It is a feeling that lifts us and lightens us inside, and we operate at our best and most efficient as an organism, in this state.

It is a feeling that requires no effort, gives us only energetic gain, and we experience it from whatever delights us personally. This could be from any pleasant activity or from something simply perceived or observed that we find beautiful or delightful.

We require joy, to balance that which does take effort during the day, such as that enormous pile of dishes, laundry, paperwork, mowing, building….anything not joyful. 😉

We need joy to counteract the drain on our energy of anything that occurred during the day, be it something hurtful, unpleasant or tedious. We need joy to balance that which may require energy to remove from us, such as grief, anger or any emotional pain release.

Regular joy, enables the activation of healing episodes. Allowing yourself to express stuck energies, brings about the creation for the potential for even further joy to be held within. The space we make, can be then taken by joy. The joy is held within our being, in the form of white light frequencies.

When we are experiencing joy, our eyes open wider, our forehead raise and we open within our central energetic channel, so the energy can all flow, with easier access to and from our heart chakra. So we can maximize our experience and take more of it in.

We may feel lighter physically, we may find moving effortless, or we may move faster. We may experience or ‘see’ joy or light enter us in the form of an internal lightning, particularly if we are in a high meditative state.

Joy only begets joy. Our joy causes joy in everyone around us and experiencing us. Or inspires healing, if they feel fear, and this is their step on the path toward joy.

Remember to eat, drink, rest and to experience ample regular episodes of joy.


What is your joy?

1.  Find it.  2.  Do it!   3.  Administer it in regular doses! 😀


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