Best Definition Of Meditation, Enlightenment & Nirvana Ever!

  • 1.Meditation defined in the most accurate and  clearest way I’ve come across, in 3 quotes, and explained even further by me.
  • 2.Enlightment process described, further defined.
  • 3.The feeling of Nirvana given context and described. 

I always had an issue with the definition of ‘Meditation’.  I’d heard it used and seen it written in all manner of contexts, some seeming contradictory.

I didn’t bother with understanding it, but did my own thing, going with what I knew inside and with what worked for me.  I read a description just now that is exactly what my experiences have been:
Initially, when you sit to meditate, you are not really meditating.  You are practicing concentration.  Using the classic definition, meditation begins when you are able to stop all thought in the mind.  So, until then, we practice.  We learn to focus the mind on a single object.  * 
For me it began with a curiousity.  My father meditated on the floor in the dark each evening, I discovered, from the time I resided with him in Australia at 9 years old.  I would join him, and we lay next to one another in slence, at my Great Aunt’s place in Canberra where he’d been living.
After that I was doing it more from determination.  Just like I’d tried all the tricks in case they really did work- like the wriggling your nose on Bewitched.;) I wanted to gain from this exercise if it really did work, as it sounded like it’d be a huge benefit.
So, I spent time trying to meditate.  I would lie down with my eyes closed and I would experience that.  I would do the noticing the thoughts.  I would do the trying to stop them.  I would do the noticing any space, then noticing when a thought came.
In time what happens is, it just gets easier and easier.  You train yourself, quite literally.  Awarenesses along the way occur as if by magic, as you are able to notice what else is going on around you that your thoughts and your focus on the physical reality are obscuring.
Then I ran into some challenges, as I was still at this stage attracting all manner of hardships, as my ‘I could get through anything, as my whole life experience has been suffering’ style, was still creating my reality.
In absolute desperation, when I really just wanted to die, I again did the meditating thing, but this time with a “I’m gonna get there or else, I can’t stand to be alive!” attitude.
It was then I realised I knew this place as the safe place I had to go to as a child, when life was too much.  I had just taken on the current adult words and descriptions in favour of my own. Well I didn’t have the words to describe my personal experience or knowledge yet of what it was.
With practice you will learn to pass through the gateway of the chakra into dimensions of light.  Beyond these dimensions of light lies the ocean of nirvana.  The result of true mediation is the stateless state of nirvikalpa samadhi or nirvana, when the individual self is absorbed into the Universal Self.   *
Words I will use, to use common English language words, so we can easily incorporate it into a knowing in every day life are:
What happens the more you meditate, when you do hold a thoughtless space, and when your awareness becomes such that you are aware you are moving your consciousness, is you can clearly see light.
You can see passage ways toward a light.   As you are able to hold a thoughtless space for a longer time, so you can go further along, toward the light.  
There are breaks or gateways where you go through a space of no light and suddenly, it is brighter and stronger as the light reappears.  I prefer the term ‘portal’ for these.  You need to pass through 3 to 5 of them – though it is not a space where you are counting!  Counting being a lower consciousness activity that involves the mind.
It IS a journey.  The longer you can hold a thoughtless space – and why it is a requirement – is, you need to travel in this state to get to where your consciousness feels to be floating in an ocean, or a cloud, or an area of absolute resonance, OF LOVE.
Whatever word you choose to best describe to you, will do, for a supportive comforting thing you cannot actually feel….;)
Floating is the way to describe it.  A warmth of feeling, but not temperature wise.  A smile comes on your face (actually it has come long before this) but here it is SO WIDE, and it is not in your conscious control, it has just happened as your energy has felt it necessary to do.
There is nothing else happening for you, except a feeling of the utmost peace, love, serenity and bliss, all wrapped up in a warmth light, that you feel has you wrapped up like in a snuggly doona/duvet.;)
It was in my state of determination and desperation “I am going there!!!”and getting there, that caused me to realize that this place is there for everyone.
I feel anyone can get there who wants to , and who knows how to, and is determined enough to.
It was my already knowing it was there, that made me able to stick it out. It was my feeling so terrible and not wanting to be alive, that gave me no other option but, to stick it out til I felt it.
During this time, I went there whenever I had the opportunity.  I was in a house where I had put string hammocks inside, as I found them the most comfortable thing.  I would climb into a hammock and I would go to the light.  I would have the intention, I made time, and that was where I was going to go.
You don’t just wake up one morning and ZAP! your enlightened…it’s an ongoing process.  Everyday brings another change. *1
I had always – since my early childhood experiences of suffering combined with church visits;)  – wanted, and intended to, attain enlightment.;)  
When meditating, when you reach as high as you have been able to go, there are times when light just enters you.  It gets brighter and whiter the closer to it you get, before you can feel it.  
The first time it  enters you by ‘cracking down’ it feels incredible.  I say cracking down as it looks just like  a lightning flash/bolt you may have seen on tv or in the sky.   There is a sudden warmth and flow about you and a joy, an incredible joy.
The light you see inside yourself is brighter than the light of the day, so it is really interesting to open your eyes and things are darker!  It makes you want to close your eyes again. : )
I wrote a chapter in my book  ‘Living In Me’ called  ‘Fast track to the light’,  where I explain more of my experiences, more specifics of the journey and a more detailed  ‘how to’.
It is very real this thing, this thing called joy, and unconditional unbelievable love, and divine light.  It is also there awaiting us at any time we choose to experience it.
I do not go there every day now, but only because I know it is there for me at any time.  
I am still experiencing all the changes and know how we are meant to bring to earth this light.  How it transforms us, betters our life experience, maximizes our potential and alters for better, the energy of our Earth. : ) 
* Quotes from Lucia Rene’s ‘Unplugging The Patriachy’ 2009, where she quotes her spiritual teacher.

So what is God exactly?

Gosh much confusion this word has caused!  Using the singular word ‘God’ without clear definition, is very misleading and doesn’t quite work – as history and popular culture would show us!

It is actually a misuse of a term that when used as it was originally, denoted different deities for worship and ritual as part of the guidance system used by many different communities.  This made perfect sense, and most all cultures and language groups had such tales, myths, legends or ‘dreamings’ that all worked with this purpose.

It was taken from such a situation, and used in its singular form “God,” more as a creative solution, for persuasion purposes, over those who were now subjects of  ‘ the crown’, necessary to be ruled over, and obedient to a society.

The term God used in this way was so to be a convincing  ‘all superior,’ over the other many gods and goddesses from guiding faiths from anywhere else.   It was a human idea, used for control purposes, at a time historically when there was much fear and invading of other lands, and competition for lands and wealth.

However, when we use God in the singular and as is most commonly used the world over now, we are actually still describing a system, not a single big all-powerful deity.

As intent, or what we mean when we say something, is the magic needed, I am not under any circumstances saying that your meaning when you use the word God, is invalid in any way.

If the word God works for you, as what ever you uphold, that is precisely what it is.  We can only use what ever name we have and know, at the time.  It is ourselves, who attaches with intent, the association.

If we are to use God in this context, I believe it works completely, if the definition for it used, is Governance O’er Dimensions.  Sorry about the ‘o’er’ instead of over, but I did used to sing in choirs and there was always an o’er in something that was so much nicer to sing!  Much of this singing as a child was in churches too, so for me o’er already has a friendly association to the idea.;)

Certainly there is a place we came from, and where we go when we leave the physical dimension, aka planet Earth, and what I mostly choose to call Universal Source.

There is a source of sense and wisdom and all that is- when it isn’t here, though much of it is never here, and what ‘governs’ here.

There is a source of light.  Divine Light. Pure white brightest light that you can actually reach if you are determined enough or if you need to enough, or if you pass over there into it – no matter how briefly.  You can attract more of this light into you, by your own choices and you can source a supply of it as regularly as you feel to, once you know how.

There is a kind of ‘shopping centre complex’ about it to this system;), and one reason why I jokingly think we feel so comfortable in shopping centres!.  Without the shops of course;) but like any large coorporation structure we create here.

There are many rooms and many different folk, and layers and levels and different places to be, and you always know where you next have to be, and who is letting you know that. It is extremely organised.  There are layers and levels within each area and you absolutely are accompanied where ever you go, or are awaited.  That is GOD.

You are energy remember, and when you are there, you are in a returned state of being and knowing, and ‘held’ in a constant frequency or vibration, that we know as love.

Universal source I feel says it better, but again, it does not matter if you have no word at all.  It is where and what you know, inside yourself, whether you know it yet or not!;)

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