Warring Is For Chimps!



War never ‘solves’ anything. It never has. It never will.

All it does is inflict a greater force onto another.
It does not make energies well again.
It does not enable a return to health and well being of those that have been overcome.

Just violence, is chimpanzee behavior. Humans need to talk as we are more complex, and fortunately we have the special human language skill in order to do this.
There is no need ever, for humans to be ‘warring,’ because we have developed speech ability.

Chimpanzees cannot talk and literally cannot discuss their issues, so they have no other choice but to use violence when another tribe comes along.
Humans however can talk, and we can completely create the speech that is required for any situation.

And now, in 2013, we can even speak one another’s language, or even have google translate!;)

The English language historically, was always far inferior in oral tradition than other languages.   And, with their chronic state of emotional ill-health and fear dominance, ‘to kill or be killed’ became their way of life.  This is another example of ignorance that is still in place that requires our correction.

How fortunate it is that solution-seeking creativity is another of our special human skills! 😉

WarringShhhhhmawwing come-on! 😀


Violence Makes No Sense For Humans.

Use_6I read it as create!!!!  Be all it is we all are, to add to it all, give all our sprecila skills, strengths and abilities!As Human Beings we are not actually meant to be violent to each other, BECAUSE we have language ability. We speak, there fore we are able to discuss anything, and especially nowadays, when we can literally speak one another’s language or know someone who can.  Even in the very rare occasion that we don’t – such as tribes of natural people’s living in the Amazon – we can easily make do, with all that we now know about each other.

Chimpanzees, a close relative also in the Primate family with a reckoned 98% identical genetics to us, require violence.  Chimpanzees can be invaded by another group, and nothing short of violence sees that them living through an invasion. They may even kill one another, pulling each other apart with bare hands.  They are not able to speak about it.  They do not have brains that can allow this.  

It makes no sense for human beings to be engaged in activities more suitable for another species entirely.  Our brains are the size they are, FOR our language ability, FOR our creation of language that we need to use. It is the very intent at thought that creates for us, the necessary neuron pathway. This is the reason it is the size it is,  It is designed to give us adequate ample space for whatever creation, of whatever we will need to say within our lives.  We always have the ability to create just the right thing to say for any situation. 

I honestly feel comfortable with humans of any language, and I prefer to learn of theirs, or do without a spoken one, rather than use any attempts at English.  I do find French to be my natural ‘filler’ language as I learn one, as French is a natural language that can fit with others, English – as it is an intellectual construct rather than a natural language for us – does not fit with others very well at all.  Before we shape anything into a word, we use a tone that carries meaning, and we can read faces/expressions/body language.  Certainly our language does not separate us at all….more our vocabulary…whatever the language.  When I travel, I tend to end up among those who have a similar vocabulary, and therefore a similar sense of priorities and interests.  The language difference may make finding these people a little trickier, but difficult and impossible are not the same thing at all..or even anywhere close!

Our Vocabulary = Our Intellectual Reasoning Ability.  Imagine all the words you know and can use to speak with, in a bag.  Then imagine the size the bag would need to be, taking up space within your head. This, is then what you have available for considering something.

If the bag is little, as it was with my mother – and I use that term in purely a descriptive sense –  you have room to consider only the basics, or what is in front of you directly.  This smaller size vocabulary is where you will find most root chakra, survival core behaviors of violence, such as gangs, mercenaries, hardcore violence.  Basic survival vocabulary.

The larger the vocabulary, the more complicated the reasons for violence need to be, for those humans to bond with it as an idea.  They need to be able to make elaborate excuses for such a basic survival core base chakra primitive activity, before it makes any sense to partake in at all.   The larger the vocabulary, more complicated ideas, reasons or excuses need to be given to engage people in it, such as is promoted when countries are at war or religions are at war.

Survival of something, is usually required for a reason, and also rewards of payment in some way, albeit a wage, allowance, guaranteed security or ‘career, guaranteed career or allowance for your spouse, guaranteed education for your children,  respect, and or honour.  

But really, there is nothing our language ability cannot solve. And, if respect is naturally returned to all humans – or naturally reclaimed as we do need to give it away – then what appeal do any of the above have for us?

Warring is just habitual.  Warring is just familiarity, and has been going on for so long without reprieve that it is relied on as a mainstay for the economy.  These are the reasons it is still occurring.  It is a regular habit, and no one has looked at alternatives to this.   The English language has relied upon violence – and invasion – in order to spread.  The wives of soldiers were commonly teachers to be able to ‘educate’ new British colony people’s, as was the case in my own British family.  My very brutal mother, was a soldier and a teacher.

The state of the world and countries as we know it, has formed out of a reliance upon violence, violent invasion. and continual warring.  Countries actually engaged in combat are just the tip of the iceberg , or think of the combat as where the waves hit the shore, and the rest of the world is the ocean behind the wave.   Many countries also are involved by benefiting in some way perhaps monetarily from supply and involvement.  We tend to only hear reports about, or see on T.V the ‘front’, hands on part of it.  These people can feel very isolated from the world, as though no one knows or cares.

Many situations we have going on in the world, are from decisions made in haste for assistance with a war.  Entire people’s have been uprooted and placed in the lands of others, as an exchange for another countries assistance in a war.  Then these people are at war against each other, even to this day!  But, it was not even their doing to be moved around like pieces on someone’s game board!  They were both equally disrespected historically and I do not consider their issue is with each other at all.  Yes I am speaking of Palestine and Israel for this example. 

It just comes down to the simple reason that it is habit, and put in place by ignorance.  Our ancestors did not know enough about ourselves.  Warring and violence established as a way of life by our ignorant ancestors is still at play.  Ill-health, misery and poverty were the reasons fear-filled, minimal vocabulary human beings, travelled the world in search of more for themselves.  They had no other ideas, of how to better their situation.  They were very undeveloped inwardly, as they used all their available creativity on developing inventions.  Those of us in hotter countries than England, had greater opportunity for inner or self-development, as conditions were more suitable in a climate sense.

Being cold, and needing to constantly be doing something to keep warm, sparked these of us on, to think of more ways to make things better…more ways to improve a hard gruellling situation.   They were desperate, desperately unhappy, and with mentally ill royalty ruling over them!;)  

My Aunt has a saying hanging in her kitchen, that I always covered with a kitchen towel when I was there.  It read “If you want a helping hand, look at the end of your own arm.”  This is still the very real belief underlying much in Britain.  It is the most un-community minded, unhelpful ‘culture’ of people I have experienced.  They did not ever have, in their entire history, an era of no violence.   Countries invaded by Britain, often only needed to become violent in reaction to their experiences of Britain. To ‘out- do the British’ I call it.;)   They have within their history, memories and behavioral practices and even entire philosophies, that are peaceful and healthy.   Britain does not have this.

My Grandma had a large collection of dolls in National costume from all around the world.  It was contained in special cabinets, in pride of place in her living room, and it further sparked my interest in how the history of the world and human development had taken shape.  Britain’s National costume was only military uniforms, but the others showed wonderful designs of color and imagination, and definitely, many various roles and pride-filled activities, aside from warring behaviors.

Instead of relying upon them, relying upon English speakers, we need to be helping THEM.  Instead of acquiescing to a false ‘better way’, we need to be guiding THEM.  Instead of enabling more ignorance to be in place, we need to be knowing of ourselves.  Instead of pandering to them, we need to be giving them direction.

It is just way easier to continue as is now with this warring, though it is not sensible, effective, respectful, knowledgeable or kind.  It takes courage to break away from what is familiar for us.  But this is what we need to do. It is ridiculous that we as a human species are carrying out activities more suitable to chimpanzees and allowing ourselves to decline in ability.

Everyone needs to consider this, as we all affect one another, our energy all overlaps, our activities all have consequence.  This just was not known of, or understood when the habit of warring was put in place.  It is a bad human habit, that needs to be prevented..like nail biting or like picking your nose.  It is beneath us, and it is holding us back from what we actually, really came here on earth to do!

Blessings 🙂

Leftover’s Anyone?;)

I mean really, even for a meal, is this anyone’s first choice?

Let’s get rid of the leftovers and serve up something new.  Fresh and new!   Something attractive and appealing to all our senses.   Let’s replace the leftovers and serve up a platter of gourmet all-culture specialty instead! 

You see this is not about a meal at all.  We are living in leftovers, lying in the leftovers, wading through, driving through, and enabling the leftovers.  We carry them around with us...everywhere.   

We are swimming in it, eating it, being intimate with it, and even learning it as new information!   Leftovers from ignorant structures created  and implemented by our ancestors.

Let’s replace them and serve up a platter of something fresh, something suitable for all our occasions, all our tastes, wants, needs and desires.  Something suitable for now, and healthy too! 🙂 

Out with the leftovers, and in with the new and improved!

WE made it up, lets make up something else instead.  We made it ALL up, for goodness sake!!!

To Be Human is to create, and solution-seeking creativity is our specialty!   That is when our brilliance comes out, when we are firing on all cylinders, unhindered by any rules and restrictions.  It is when our intellect, our energy, our spirit, and our soul is all working to the maximum, and when all our biological components are activated.  Nothing holds us back…no rules put in place, no dogma.   We are suddenly free – arguably our freest ever feeling – when we are able to do what it is that we are born to do…to create.  

We are at our most efficient at these times, in our ‘default’ setting.  This is when we come up with all manner of schemes, all crime as we know it, is human solution-seeking creativity being put into place.   Goodness knows this may still occur here and there as the situation we have is just not adequate for so many.   Better surely, we harness everyone’s interest and energy to create something better, better, best!

Everything we have done as a species, and everything we are continuing to experience, has been the result of this solution-seeking creativity…an individual’s, a community’s, a government’s, a country’s or a coalition of countries.

 However, we have not yet put in place solution-seeking creativity for all of us and our planet.   We have not yet formed a coalition of human wisdoms!

That is what we need to do.   Blessings 🙂

There is no ‘No Consequence’

Much that we still do, dates back to when planet Earth was presumed flat.

Things could be dumped in bodies of water where ever, seas, rivers, because it would be gone, ‘cleared up’, ‘suddenly tidy’.;)  Or so it was thought in totally ignorance.   Ignorance is not an insult , it is defined as ‘without knowledge or information.’

But, we know now, we are on a globe, a ball, a sphere.  We know a circle has no end at all, but is a continuum.

And we know, that what we put as ‘junk’ from one country will end up in another.

Pooh sticks.   This was a game made up by Winnie The Pooh, from A.A Milne’s The House At Pooh Corner, first published in Britain, in 1928.

When characters Winnie the Pooh and Piglet played on a bridge, Pooh dropped sticks onto one side of the bridge, and then ‘lo and behold’ they appeared the other side!  Piglet and Pooh loved this game!

Now if a little bear and a piglet can figure out the movement of water, surely humans can?;)

Copernicus published his theories and calculations in 1543, of how the Earth moved around the Sun and not the other way around, proving it’s shape.

But we, are still treating the Earth as though it is flat.  Even though the evidence of us knowing of the movement of water is in children’s books in the previous century!

Common sayings:  “What goes around comes around”, “He’ll get his” etc  are evidence that we know there is always a consequence or a reaction to an action.

I saw a quote “We all reflect the same sun” and how true is.   I found it a quote that had me feeling very bonded with the rest of humanity…as we are.   Sure your part of Earth may be in ‘night’ as our planet turns, but the sun is the same.  We are all part of the energy of the Earth, and what is required is that we know this, to alter our perspective and designs!

Altering our designs to incorporate new, current and ignored wisdom is not difficult.   

We made it up!   We can make up something else!!!!   To Be Human is to create, afterall…

And while the wiser of us know, we are even all interconnected energetically, basic systems of operation, are many centuries out of date, regardless of scientific discoveries following undisputed scientific method.  : )Amazing isn’t it? All of us. I am reflecting the same sun as you where ever you are. Hello!;)

Our Special Human Skill.

To be Human is to create. And by design, solution-seeking creativity is our specialty.

With our brain the size it is to enable the laying of new thought patterns and connections, we literally CAN CREATE ourselves out of anything!

Everything we humans are experiencing is the result of solution-seeking creativity, an individual’s, a community’s, a government’s, or a coalition of countries.  As we go, we create, for better or for worse.

All crime we know of,  is someone’s solution-seeking creativity, that is not acceptable for one of many reasons, bringing a negative reaction to the perpetrator to discourage it from being done again.

Much that is being done today from someone’s/something’s creativity is bringing negative reactions, only, the one controlling the creativity is not experiencing it.  It may be beneficial for some of us, but not for all of us.   Sometimes it is very beneficial for some of us, and totally devastating for others of us.

All that is required, is for us to put in place for the first time, solution-seeking creativity for all of us, including our home planet.

All that is required, is for us to put in place for the first time solution-seeking creativity that incorporates all the knowledge we have available to us.

All that is required is for us to put in place for the first time solution-seeking creativity with the intent and the design for a big picture perspective.    NO more single country, economy, continent or language consideration, but a global, entire Earth management one.

We can lay claim to being Human Beings who are designed to create solutions for ourselves.   And we can lay claim to the fact that we as Human Beings know that we need to take the action that we are designed to take! 

How convenient for all of us that this solution-seeking creativity is our special skill! : )

Human Being Expert. Me? Oh Yes.;)

I have been studying the human being my entire life, at first, for my own very survival.  “I have studied the Human, in order that I might be one”, I heard myself say to a guy in Barcelona, who smiled.

The bookshelf in the family home in Hampshire, England, had the selection of authoritative nonfiction books of the time, such as ‘The Last Two Million Years” and other biology and medical dictionaries that I was reading before I started school. To understand, and make sense of the cruel nonsense around me, was my motivation, and to answer the eternal “Why was I born?” and “How can there be a God?” questions.

I was not permitted to speak as “children are to  be seen and not heard” so I was not given chance to develop normal speech, but then ordered to speak on command and made to alter my voice to one that was approved of.  This was so traumatic for me that I blocked it out, for years, only to be released when another significant trauma allowed it forth.  It explained my vocal difficulties all throughout my life, which has given me tremendous insight of what language is, it’s very point and purpose, and it’s role in determining us.

Allowed to read and watch TV, I became an expert observer, as the difference I noticed in a facial expression change, could make the difference between life and death for me.   Considered too ugly and an evolutionary backward step – as I did not look Caucasian enough – with eyes “too chinesey” and a face and body “too negro”,  she instructed my brother to kill me and I survived one attempt after another, and was constantly nursing injuries.

There was a seemingly endless list of ridiculous sayings that were followed to the letter, that I was governed by, such as not being “worth the clothes on my back” and “at the bottom of the pecking order.” I existed in an illusion of a ‘good home’, as my mother – who I knew as ‘monster’ cared enormously, and only, of how others viewed her.

What was really going on, did not matter at all, if nobody knew, she thought.  I learnt of why and how, and the consequences of this, to a life path.   I was told lies by her, with the insistence that it was true, which was just not a situation that was tolerable. It confused me and made no sense, so I learnt easily that truth, or “adherence to what is” as I define it, was vital to me and my development. She told me outright one time, in an attempt to sway me to her thinking, that “It didn’t matter what is, only what people believe, is”   She turned to me once after an event trying “THAT, didn’t happen. ” I knew to distance myself from her even further…

My father left me in very early years, in a place I only knew as ‘the crying room’ of a British childcare facility. Up until that point, he had been my primary care giver, and I was attempting to form speech from his Hungarian singing.  He was instructed to stop singing to me – I can still recall this clearly – and he moved to Australia to live with my mother’s Aunt on her orchard in Batlow,    In Australia, he could earn a higher wage than in England, and while he paid the mortgage, my mother ‘looked after’ the children.

It was a situation where how I held a knife and fork, was more important than the role of food intake.  No free self-expression was allowed me at all, but to ‘follow orders’.  As to an activity undertaken, as to the position I held my body in, to even what expression I was allowed to be holding on my face.
I was forced to sit for long periods of time, on a hard chair, staring into a mirror, until I could hold an approved fake smile, and hold my face, in an unnatural position, that she found the most ‘tolerable’.  So tormented was I from this, that I became very interested in the man known as “elephant man’ and I adopted his technique of covering his face with a cloth, to avoid torment.  The relief was short-lived in my case, with a mean toned “what face are you making under that, take it off!”

It was about ‘making a face’ instead of ‘being a face’. Is not our face to show our true expression?  It was all so obviously wrong to me. There was no idea of what was important, critical, sensible, necessary, unnecessary, ridiculous, trivial or nonsense, to life, at all.   And all of it done with a chronic superiority complex, and with a “you don’t know how lucky you are…”  I ran away at five yrs old but returned myself and unpacked my little case, as there was nowhere else to go.
Only a while after I had started school did the attempts on my life fade out, as her plan changed. My doing well at school, so she would look an even better mother, became the new one, so I would “earn my keep”.

I wanted to find out WHAT ON EARTH WAS GOING ON.   That my mother, or be it any human being, could have become like this, when I was surrounded by a natural world that had animals still exhibiting care and following a natural sense and order.

There was no illness to describe her’s in the Medical book.  She was only doing everything that she thought she should be doing.  And, everything that she thought she could get away with doing, to have the best life that she could have for herself.   I could see easily that she was a product of her teachings, of her time, and of her parents teachings.  I would intuitively know that insults she screamed at me, were ones given her as a child, as she did, obediently to the letter, ‘what she was told’ and ‘told of’.

So, I became an acute reader of the faces of my family, the eyes, tone of voice, of frequency, all behaviors, and of feelings,  in my need to determine truth and safety for me.  My brother had time alone with her, and I would know another idea was coming, and when she had planned his next action.  I grew able to easily determine a lying face from a truthful one.

My desperate seeking of this clarity, enabled me to learn of the real needs of the Human Being to sustain us in health, of the illusions that have caused these to have become forgotten, and the whys, the causes, and of the consequences of this.  In other words, what had happened historically, and why my family was the way it was.

I learned also, that the place I went to as a child to get away, is the place that people meditate for years to get to.   It is well worth it, as it gives you other information that can only be reached from experience of this.  It enables you to receive the rewards of heightened senses, giving an improvement all round in receptivity to life.
I learned that I read at 450words/min when I was 12, but that was the limit of the test, that was given only to pass time when it was raining one day at a`primary school in Australia.  I started school in England, where my knowledge of the work as the smartest child in the class only determined where I sat in the classroom, at the speedboat or rowboat table.;)

I learned that I can pick up languages faster than most, assisting my studies with my cross cultural ability, from the Hungarian/bilingual beginning I had as a baby.  Hungarian is not like any other language with its full range of sounds, helped also by my sound sensitivity, and my pitch ability as a singer and natural musician. Though I do not consider myself fluent in any language, save that the languages of love, music and dance, I can speak, or ‘pull’ from over twenty of them.  This has allowed me insight into other language groups of human studies, providing me with a broad base of how we differ as ‘breeds’.

I am a ‘sound healer’ also, since my life journey passed through into the meta-physical, and I learnt of how I was helped through so much, by the intuitive sounding I had done since in a cot, until forbidden to do that with a “Stop making that noise child.”  It helps me to realize the point of voice, of languages at their core vibration, and what this means to us.  I learned that I also had other intuitive healing abilities that had enabled me to effectively counteract/reverse/heal, a large number of the misguided ‘non-teachings’ I was ‘taught’.;)

Being an Empath is something I relate to being, and my sensitivities to energy, my being able to read and feel another’s energy, together with all I have studied and experienced, allows me to know what is missing in the education system and general knowledge.

A life that begins with orders to ‘consider yourself last, if at all”, required me to reach a stage of choice, and do a complete turn around, to not attract further events of suffering to me aka The Law of Attraction.  I have been through, & healed through, much.  Attracting another, but very severe car accident, saw me need to heal myself from extensive, severe, multiple injuries and I further learned of what was currently known and unknown of the human being, and more of myself.  This accident took me from University, but I had found tertiary education too limiting of my interests, so I designed my own studies, from my bed, which I included with my full-time physical rehabilitation.

My studies and reading I grouped into three sections; ‘What we know we are”, “Why things are the way they are”, and “What we really are”, to give structure to my task.  I take occasion to define words carefully.
I find many could now benefit from what I know, as it seems that Humanity itself is going through the very thing I had to figure out and sort out, as a young child, only on a much bigger scale!!;)
I continue this study throughout my life, which takes me far and wide, as committed journeys do.  As I am what assesses what I see, as it passes through the files behind my eyes, I find my perspective comes easily.  And, I also absolutely know, that difficult and impossible are not the same thing at all!

It brings me pleasure to share the tales, adventures and discoveries with you.  I would like to prevent anyone from needing to experience what I have, but to be able to share in the wisdom of it, so their own lives can be greater and easier.

‘The answer to the meaning of life, the Universe & everything’ is not 42, as the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy told us;), and we simply cannot caretake of ourselves and our planet, or live as intended, if we do not know what we are.

If we want a dog, we can read a book all about the dog, and different breeds of dog.  Where’s the book on Being Human?  My thought’s exactly;)

Amelia : )

Talking ‘Bout Our Inventions : The Chair

  • 1. Natural rest positions for the human body
  • 2. What is ‘to sit’.
  • 3. All about  ‘the chair’
  • 4. The historic reason behind it, & original promotion.
  • 5. Healthy alternatives.

The ‘Chair’ invention is a just a sculpture we can ‘sit’ on.  

To ‘sit is to fold /bend ourselves into an unnatural resting position for us.  

Our natural sitting position is for us to fold our legs with our seat bone or pelvic base  perpendicular to the floor, and our buttocks forming a natural cushioning for us as our weight is held distributed, by the weight of our folded legs limbs in front of us.  

Our energy is able to flow unrestricted and evenly in this position.  Our head is upright, enabling a good vantage point to see all around us, our arms can rest in our lap, or be free to engage in whatever.

To sustian this position may require only a change in leg crossing, unless feet are able to be placed up onto a thigh, which can prevent any loss of fluid or energy circulation at all.

This is about as comfortable a resting position as is available to us in human form.  It is common to all human beings at all ages once a child can walk.

It is the position of choice for long periods of  non-standing or non full recline.  It is the natural position for meditations, asnd is still common in Western Society but mostly known as sitting ‘cross legged’ and restricted only to the children in schools, becoming less popular as someone ages, if never done again .

Extremely successful marketing is the reason our natural seated position has become a thing of the past.

Chairs were promoted and enforced in Britain and Western Europe,  by etiquette using the language to ” get ourselves off the floor so we did not look like savages.”  

Wood carving was enormously popular at this time, wood craftsmanship, wood carving tools created for purchase, tree felling, and mastery over the environment, to make use of that which was provided, without any strategies for long term management in place.

‘Governing by etiquette’ ‘having’ to have, being one of the ‘haves’ rather than the ‘have-nots’ was a powerful method of making sure people bought chairs.  They were a vital part of social structures, social gatherings, entertaining, and meeting.  It was noticed by all of your social status’ or ‘class’ whether you were able to afford the latest most popular chairs.

To make furniture to earn money;  to contribute to the economy;  to be a furniture maker.   These were considered at the time, with the knowledge available, more important than a human body being in a healthy rest position.

Sitting crossed legged cannot be beaten or improved upon by any invention as this ‘sit’ is just the natural way our legs fold.  People who have discomfort doing this, are those with other body health issues such as obesity, or another cause of inflexibility, which may be as simple as unfamiliarity with sitting without a chair!

We know now, that a healthy chair – or a chair that is comfortable for the human body, is a design that has us in an elevated kneeling position.

I never had a good relationship with chairs.  My life began with my mother making it clear that she considered the chair she let me sit on;) to be more valuable to her than myself!  These chairs were uncomfortable wooden adult chairs, the wrong height for a small child and without a cushion.  I wanted to kneel to raise my height to reach the table’s surface.  I was yelled at for endangering the chair with the possibility of being scratched by the buckles of my sandles and made to “sit back down properly child!

I would love aeroplanes to have us lie in a stacked tier structure, similar to something I saw on the movie the Fifth Element, when Bruce Willis  needed to travel to another planet.  Planes would be able to fit just as many people in, perhaps more, and certainly our bodies would be much more comfortable.

Yes I have chairs, but I am able to sit cross-legged in them, or to recline in another way.  Those Japanese design ones that fold up and can also be a mattress are handy too.  Do spend some time, whatever you do, NOT sitting in a chair, to allow for even weight distribution, and healthy muscular growth around the core of your back, to enable you a good postural foundation.

Encourage your little ones to feel comfy sitting on the floor, with a special cushion or coloured mat in their room in favour of a little chair.  An unsupported core or back. really is necessary to develop the musculature  for good posture later in life, to develop good musculature of the spine and each vertebrae.

I am seeing so many children, and teenagers already with deformed sloping backs, stooped necks and rounded shoulders.  I consider it necessary to teach of posture in the ‘I Am Body’ part of my Human Being Essential curriculm. School does not teach them this yet, so a home set up that is conducive to healthy development is necessary.

Remember the jingle:  body care = no chair! : )

Man And Woman Explained 1. : ‘Female Man’.

  • 1 .Female man defined.
  • 2 .Why a Woman isn’t  a Woman too commonly.
  • 3. Introduction to some of our specific abilities and differences as Man or Woman.
  • 4. Other concepts in history that altered us
  • 5. Introduction to why things have remained unchanged and unimproved.

I proudly bring all my insights available to me from being in the form woman. I began my life raised  by a fierce ‘female-man’, and I was an impressive one myself for a time.  I  have activated and awakened Woman abilities and learnings, in numerous and diverse ceremonies, and at great time and money consuming expense!;)  I consciously keep my female man tendencies in restraint and consciously keep activated my Womanly abilites, even though it is sometimes difficult, exhausting and unwelcomed.  I do it because I know it is the way…

In an earlier writing I give reference to what I call ‘female man’ most prominent on Earth at this time in history, rather than ‘Woman’.  I am choosing to begin my series on Man, Woman Explained, with this topic, to free up my use of the term.

We do not have Man and Woman on the planet at this time.   We have male and female humans, and they are living all manner of roles, as there has been no guidance for many centuries.

A female man is found in the body or form of a woman, but is reduced in who she really is, and all that she may be capable of, as she is living only as that which a patriarchal society has determined her to be capable of.

There are reasons this has come about that I will expand on as I go into the series, but they are, in brief: the way political society was organised, with change being brought about only as people wanted- and were able to demonstrate- better treatment, respect, consideration as was being received by another.

Women demonstrated what they could do, that a man can do, and they are still doing it.   We have yet to demonstrate what we do, specifically.

Our own abilities available to us as woman remain inactive, and are actually suppressed by some of our non specialties being drawn upon mostly…

Other cultures know that it is Woman who can determine /perceive consequence far more easily than Man.  Her job is to determine for the future generations.  In traditional native American Indian cultures it was woman who had the deciding vote on such matters, after the men spoke, to ensure future generations were considered, and for the long-term health possibility of the community.  A year is 365 days, one after another, to a man.  To woman it is 12 cycles.

Man’s job is to focus on the here and now.  The problem solver, the protector, the competitor, attracted to the best for himself and his kin.  Woman’s job is to consider all of it, and to then determine its effect, and the appropriate cause of action, provided by the man. She is the connector, the nurturer, the perceiver of consequence.  Our bodies differ, our brains differ, our energy differs…

Such are our roles, such is our achievable balance and our perfect design.

In my life, chock-a-block with so many different experiences and different places, where I have had opportunity to do a range of things, and cross paths with many, I have learnt what I am able to do, because I am in the form of woman.   As I have grown, my observations have always been on building my knowledge about our species.

I have observed and studied a)  What else I can draw upon that the men around me can’t.  b)  What the men around me don’t seem to have available to them.  &  c)   What the men around me do not seem to know exists.  Or much of the current modern human world, for that matter!

A ‘lady’ and a ‘gentleman’ were other created historical constructs or ‘imaginings,’ changing natural behaviours and controlled by ‘etiquette’.  Our society has formed from these British and European constructs.  Other cultures are much less detached from Man and Woman roles, as their particular history has enabled them.

Margaret Thatcher was a superb female man.  In “The Iron Lady’ film starring Meryl Streep, in one scene she plays Margaret Thatcher even saying something like “the problem with society is more people are feeling now instead of thinking.”  She says “Thoughts are where it’s at.  Thoughts turn into words, words turn into actions, actions turn into habits…”

The thing is, that was a HUGE error of the time. It is feelings that govern our thoughts.   Feelings determine our thoughts.  Woman is the feeling specialist, where Man is the thinking specialist.   Sure we can do both these things, but we are better suited for one or the other, as is our design!

When I am needing to go into my mind, in answer to a man’s question perhaps, as he would do to another man, I can feel myself reducing my ability as a woman.  I can feel myself cutting off from what else I have available to me.

When I drive, I am aware I lose 10-15% focus when I am bleeding, as I am a cyclic being and I differ day by day within a month, as is my design.  Man is the day by day by day one of us, so he can do what needs doing, see around corners;) act fast and now.  He cannot make the best decision for everyone on his own, he is not designed to.  He cannot consider many things at once as his brain specialises on focussing, and is compartmentalized in structure.

A woman’s brain has many more connections going on.  Man’s job is to focus, woman’s job is to connect.  Of course we can do both of these things, but we do one better than the other. When we do only one thing…we do it better.  

We each specialise, we each do somethings better than the other, so that when we come together, we are even better than if we were our own.’

History made us need to do what we could, to better our situation then.   Our ancestors did not have another choice.  What was done then, was the best and only thing available at the time.   The problem is only that we  have not  had an opportunity to correct it yet.

tbc…The Man, Woman Explained series…. : ))

Marginalized Humans? YES!

People are living seriously marginalised existences from how we are designed to live.  Particularly in what is called ‘Western society’ and within the English language group, and this is contributing significantly to the global ill-health epidemic.

Work, home, T.V, dinner, bed.

Like the hamster and it’s toilet jar, the mouse and it’s wheel, the  rabbit with it’s hutch and outdoor run, we thought we had it right for us.  We thought we also knew what a human being needed for its life.  WE HAD IT WRONG.

Much of our needs were unrecognised due to reliance totally on findings from people and inventions – scientific equipment –  many centuries old.

Leonardo de Vinci had it only partly right.  Yes, our body is very much in structure as he studied and shared brilliantly, but he knew nothing of what we are, that cannot be seen with our eyes.

Charles Darwin, a master of classification, left room to allow for further information/data to come about, openly saying that it may lead to a change in conclusion to his.

These needs – our own human needs – remain unrecognised still, though we update zoo exhibits when we know better…

We have updated all the equipment we use.  We no longer use any of it, except to put it in museums for display purposes, or for teaching exhibits.  Let’s update our needs!;) 

Let’s update our knowledge of our Human Life Essentials! : )

(In other writings I go further into discussion of the ill-health condition I am calling ‘chronic deficiency syndrome’, and living a marginalized existence is contributory to this, as is a limited vocabulary.)

Hello everyone it is wonderful to be back.;)   I have needed to take time to rest and recover after a very interesting development of seizures in Hungary where I was unconscious for 4 days, and in hospital for 9 days total.   The whole experience was really good with everything I was able to learn…just allowing for my thinking ability to restore has taken patience, but it gives me so much more to be able to share! : )

Genital Circumcision – Shedding light. Why? How? And Now?

Excuse the word ‘shed’ it just came from the pen..er keyboard!;)  I feel it appropriate to discuss this further in light of the recent debate in San Francisco, and to share what I consider on it. 

I always wanted to know how such a practise of self harm came about and how did it become to be so popular, and this is what I found.

 Firstly,  As Salamu Alaikum to all my Muslim brothers.  It is with the highest respect and love that I write on this topic.  I write as a woman, and therefore  as a lover of Man, and I bring all of my insights to it that I have available to me, from my form Woman. 

Of course this practise is much more widespread than Muslim men only but I do focus on the origin, based upon my earliest findings, before I discuss other misunderstood reasons. 

I share this from a place of divine light, of ‘Universal Spirituality’, that I consider ascends current practises of faith, and as a Being of the divine light, the  root/origin of all Faiths and all constructed religious practises/activities/worships here on Earth.

I write to shed light on the root cause behind the habit of circumcision, and to explain how I do not feel a law to make it ‘banned’ is adequate, suitable or respectful.

This is about a sensitive as it gets, with an issue for a Man.

As I am a woman,  a lover of man, and  I do not have a penis/lingam,  I feel it puts me in a good position to be completely unbiased and objective.

Just as a man can claim to have had much more intimate involvement than a woman on the subject of women’s breasts,;) as a woman I have naturally had much more intimate involvement with body parts of men, than other men. 

I assisted a friend who was doing her Masters on this topic here in Australia, with the collection of data, so I feel able to discuss my findings, my knowledge of her results of her studies, and all my discoveries along the way.

Definitions used for this are ‘intact’ for uncut/uncircumcised, and ‘cut’ men sometimes for circumcised.

HISTORY:   The topics of Human sexuality and religious beliefs are very much intertwined as one demonstrates our understanding and comfort of ourselves, and the other how we act out our beliefs.

The earliest texts I could find gave reference to collecting foreskins, and impregnating women, by (soldiers of) kings of other lands.  This is how invasions of the day were carried out.

It was common place, when invading other lands, to bring back evidence of killings.  Most of us may be familiar – from  the U.S  ‘WildWest’  movies, of the act of ‘scalping’ by Native American Indians.  I am not suggesting for a minute that these movies are true accounts of events, but more to remind you of a system of collection of part of a human body, as evidence of enemy slain.

If you had to collect a human body part, what is the smallest most convenient part of a slain man to choose?  An ear?  Head scalp? Or foreskin?  Right, foreskin!   Far cleverer to collect these.  In Hungarian language the word for foreskin is ‘skalp’, pronounced shh-calp.

Many more of these you can fit in your bag, more conveniently, less bloody, yet they still completely act as evidence that they were once part of a whole man.  It really is the ideal part of a male enemy to collect, when taking finger prints is out of the question, and so more sensible all round.  I have found this part of the world to be very smart, and this is clever indeed.

What these invading men would also do – or perhaps the leader of, is to impregnate as many women as possible during these invasions.  Again, what a clever bit of thinking when you are only focussed on taking over lands.  Make the next kin your own!  Of course it is not the choice of a developed conscience, but we are talking historically and of quite ancient times that were much different to now.

I  find this is also one of the root causes of women being covered over, and perceivably repressed and oppressed, but is more a case of men not trusting or respecting one another, than of only disrespecting their women.  It is also why the practise of completely, or partly, sewing up the genitalia of woman began, and still continues.

If you grow up with reference books that speak of the history of impregnating women, ‘solution seeking creativity’ can see the invention of many deterrents such as covering your women, keeping set schedules for their whereabouts and contacts, keeping them out of view of other men, sometimes physically altering them to make a man unable to impregnate one of he tried.

These are simply different interpretations of the words, and different behaviours chosen as necessary to carry them out, by the humans that read them.  This is precisely the same reasoning as many different variations to be found in Christianity now – many ‘offshoots’, so to speak as interpretations of the bible.

I can easily imagine smart, proud men using their human ‘solution seeking creativity’ and deciding they would rather remove their foreskin themselves than give another tribesman the glory. 

I can easily imagine the eventuality of removing them on new-born bubs as it became a standard practise, as much kinder, easier and more straight forward to do it then, as it had become part of the communities practise by this time. 

VIBRATIONAL CONSEQUENCE:  That it continues to this day, is a wonderful example of us continuing to react from an energetic  place of fear – though ‘fear’ as such, may not be felt anymore at all. 

It vibrationally is still fear though – or the absence of love to be exact,  so therefore does the same thing universally as from direct fear.  We know now from widespread Law Of Attraction familiarity, that this is not the way to a place of peace, joy and love.

Holding the intent of love and trust in fellow-man, is not an obvious thing to do at all, when your penis is mutilated and your ability to receive the pleasure that is your’s diminished since soon after your entry into the physical realm/Earth.  

While books can bring much knowledge and wisdom, they are also exactly what holds us in the past. 

Many books were brought out to assist in the governing of people, chosen at the time by leaders of their lands, and their advisers, if any.

Books were made available without forethought of consequence, some mass-produced and paid for by a ‘crown’ or ‘leader’, for ease of ‘ruling’ at that time. 

A way of rule that was decided as the best for the system of society operating at the time, of that particular city/area/country.


Unlike what has been suggested in San Francisco, approaching the subject and answering it historically, and with reassurance is what is required I find.  Otherwise it is only, and exactly, another man in a position of authority and of a ruling other than the man’s own, having a say in this man’s family.   That is precisely the origin of the issue.

The issue as I see it, I repeat, is of trust of other men.  If a man does not demonstrate an understanding of the origin of circumcision, it’s meaning for those who practise it, and why it continues to this day, it is only a reinforcement of the issue of mistrust, for this man by way of a Law, to order it forbidden

Another man in assumed authority, will be determining a boy child’s appearance, and of his not following his father’s honoured practise of men in his family line.   For another man to determine this may be felt to be disrespectful to the point of being humiliating, to a healthy sense of pride.

A law to stop this practise by force, will not do as good as an understanding of the need to hold the intent of love and trust to create ones reality, and explaining it. 

Better it is part of a discussion explaining why it is not  agood idea anymore to be living a path of fear and mistrust, with everything that the Law of Attraction can now demonstrate.  Explaining that there is absolutely no reason to fear the original reasons for the beginning of  circumcision, and a respectful understanding given to the inner processing required by a people going through transformation.  A phasing out period explained as beneficial and incentives offered to those parents who allow their boys to remain intact.


Not knowing the pleasure that it removes, men who have been circumcised can have no knowledge of what they are missing.

A study into circumcision was carried out in Brisbane Australia by Gillian Bensley as part of her Masters thesis.  Gillian asked all the sexually active women she knew to assist her in the collection of data, over a given period, asking willing ‘intact’ and ‘cut’ sexual partners, questions on sensitivity. 

I was more than happy to assist, as I have always considered sexual behaviour as demonstrative of our acceptance and knowledge of ourselves, historically and traditionally, and an enormous determiner of our state of mind/health/attitude through the ages. Studying human sexuality has necessarily been an enormous part of my research into ourselves.

A simple questionnaire was structured for the men, asking for responses to which named parts of themselves, were the most sensitive, on a relative scale.

For those men who had a foreskin, the foreskin – or the inner lips/mouth of the foreskin more specifically – were the most sensitive part, without deviation from this.

Intact men named their foreskin mouth as the most sensitive, then the foreskin itself, then the head/glans of the penis, thirdly.

Circumcised men named the glans/penis head the most sensitive, most often, but some had no area of greater sensitivity at all, naming the shaft/body of the penis the most sensitive.  This is easily the result of the penis being knocked around inside trousers etc without any protective coverage.

Additionally, having a foreskin, enabled what I am calling here a ‘secondary stimulus’ as the penis/lingam was massaged doubly by the action of the foreskin itself, as it moved within the vaginal channel of the  woman, heightening the pleasure a man experienced in intercourse .

 The men questioned – quite sadly in some cases I found – had only ever known, what they had known.  They had only ever experienced their sexual sensitivity through an altered/ mutilated penis.  The part of the potential greatest sensitivity for them, had been removed them, due to a fear centuries old. 

Some men had penises that were bent out of shape from being cut awkwardly, that were left or right directional when erect.  Others had scar tissue causing multicolouration or a candy-stripe pole look to the shaft, and one man’s penis had a red raw colour to it, from the scar tissue being pulled so tight. 

Some had no sensory variation, more like when a man wears a condom, with the effect of a reduction in sensitivity to locations and an overall evening out of sensation.   Circumcised men are also less likely than intact men, to want to wear a condom due to the desensitizing effect they already experience.  This raises the futher issue of increased transfer of venereal diseases and other sexually transmitted complications, from circumcision, rather than as with an intact man who may feel no reluctance to use a condom.

HERE my brothers, is where we are meant to enjoy our bodies with ALL of our senses we have available to us.  We are meant to be able to receive the further rewards that come through them, for a life well live. 

Without our full sensibility, we cannot receive the rewards that GOD, Allah, The Divine Source is giving us, for our pleasure.

Spiritual practises reward us through our senses, and do not ever seek to limit them, that is purely a human doing.  Your GOD only wants your pleasure.

HYGIENE ARGUMENT:  Certainly there has been a direct cause between ill health and poor hygiene, especially throughout British history.  Knowledge is filtering through the language groups and spreading through the countries and I feel greater awareness of the importance of being clean is much more common place than in the earlier centuries. 

Excuses of hygiene used,  for circumcision continuing, are simply that, excuses, and ignorance is being replaced with knowledge of adequate self-care.  We are Human Beings after all, and I really think we can learn to wash ourselves properly, though certainly reasons of ‘historical ‘inadequate self care’, need be acknowledged so they can be rectified.  They are no reason to cut a piece of your body off in the 21st century!;) 

Human beings are more than capable of adequate self-care.  If an Orang Utan can do something, a human being can do better, and actually contains the potential to do better…if they only knew! 

Learning to wash is the solution, not chopping a piece of you off.   Sexual health clinics have shared of the need to tell young men to “go and wash that thing, then I’ll take a look at it;)”  telling of very unclean penises, offensive smells, serious inflammation and of foreskins stuck down with smegma (penile mucous).

Women get a similar mucous build-up under the skin of the clitoral glans or head ‘clitoral hood’ and it simply requires a moving of the skin in the washing/bathing practice.  

Historically some humans have been in the dark about their own bodies, for reasons of ignorance and insecurity of the time, depending on the figure-head/system in rule. 

This was particularly so in Britain, and  I completely relate to feeling an ignorance about a body you are in!  My mother only ever referred to that part of my body in the vaguest terms possible and then only once, with a stern cold and uncomfortable:  “have you washed in-between your legs?”!!!!    That  part of my body was not even given a name by her!  Some healing that took me.;)


I find that a Law to stop the practise of circumcision, will most likely continue the practise in possibly less comfortable and respectful places, as it simply is not an attractive idea when put this way. 

Stopping it by force will not do as good as an understanding of the need to hold the intent of love and trust to create our reality, so we can foresee a likely end result.  Explaining it and discussing it, is what is needed.


1.Humans are capable of keeping themselves clean. Teaching our boys about their bodies, and of self-care/body caretake habits.  More needed in cold countries than hot ones as creativity moved in different ways, but more on this in another writing.

 2. Continuing the vibration of love and joy not of fear.  Intent has a huge meaning universally, and it is a universal truth, that continuing to remove a part of your body because of an outdated fear, continues the vibration of those fears (absence of love) into present day.  There is only love, or the absence of it.

3. Being a Human adult with an adult attitude toward your own sexuality.  Feeling comfortable with your own body parts, understanding what they are for, and how to use them to give yourself access to all your (god given) pleasures.  Learning to relate sexually as best you can for the purpose of satisfying (to estactic;) sexual union with a woman.(god;governance o’er dimensions)

Language is all it takes, and we as humans specialize in it.   It was at one time our highest evolution, and now our developed consciousness is, so let’s put it all together, for the benefit of ourselves and all life!       : )

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