Laugh And The World Laughs With You? :-)

More and more often when I laugh in public I hear someone say looking around “What’s funny?”

But laughter comes from inside us, and happy moments come from within.

Our laughter is dependent upon us, upon our interpretation and our receptivity to joy.  Each of these is dependent in turn,  on how much we keep ourselves a free channel, clear of old energetic debris that weighs us down.

The more healed we are of old issues, the lighter our vibe and the greater our ease at laughter.

The more pain and suffering we hold and release, the bigger our container for joy becomes.

And all suffering currently on this planet, if manoeuvred wisely, is enormous joy in the waiting. 🙂

Are You Voluntarily Reducing Yourself?

Are you voluntarily reducing yourself?

Are YOU making yourself less than you actually are?

If you know know it.
If you feel something…it is so.

In that moment it is irrelevant “how” you know/feel it, or “from what/which” source, “who else” does it and “what will they think”.

All of this is irrelevant, self-belittling, and requiring disciplining, ‘mind clutter’. 😉 It contradicts your inner wisdom, and is only programming absorbed since your birth, from the maintained and current ignorance around you.

It was seen as necessary to ridicule and ignore, to remove or reduce, our natural instincts and intuition, simply because they could not be understood within the ignorance of English.

As there was no means to understand these concepts when establishing society, they needed to be over-ruled, and the handy “nothing exists unless there is a tool by which it can be measured,” proclamation made in Victorian times, to quickly allow focus to be on economic development, served this purpose.

Of course they, and it, were WRONG, and your feelings and knowings are RIGHT for you, and have been all along. 🙂

War And Peace? Isn’t It War OR Peace?

Assalamu alaikum and Shalom to all of us in the middle east area!

I saw another interesting documentary on events happening in your part of the world. 🙂

Amazing beings kept ignorant to market weaponry is all I see, whenever I observe warring places now.
People maintained in their ignorance, to create a continued market for weapons.

Also, ridiculous borders that were never designed to work, but designed to allow continued success at further procurement, to add only to economic progress, under the guise of being helpful.

And don’t we all just want respect?   It is a natural part of our design and our human need…of course we do.

Battles are never with each other, but only inside ourselves.

The only ‘battle’ we ever have is our own Self realization.
A completely internal ‘battle’ with our own inner realization of ourselves.

And then it is the realization and acceptance of this fact, that enables the spreading of real peace.
Weaponry only creates the need for weaponry. 

Are we brave enough?

Brave enough to realize and accept that all this fighting has been in ignorance?

And don’t many of us who haven’t compulsory military service, go into armies/war partly attracted by a need for courage, camaraderie, strengthening of sexually energy from segregation, and to do something for our country?
Leaving aside for the moment the attraction of having your children educated, a steady paycheck, guaranteed career advancement, respect gained from a ‘title’, all of which were an enormous draw card for developing Britain.  My own British family all took this route.
Can you see how we were made dependent upon continued military actions being made necessary?

All of us wherever we are?  Our current societies DEPEND upon military involvement.

It takes much greater courage, camaraderie and all the above;) to stand on the edge of the unknown….

It is totally time we do something different, so we can do something appropriate!

We have been doing the same stupid thing for centuries, even though we have advanced our knowings/education/research in all other matters!
Can I remind you again that it is chimpanzees that need to have warring situations, as they do not have language?  😉

We can now even speak the same language as the people we are in a confrontation with! 😀 It is crazy not to just talk it out! 😀

No matter what your beliefs or lifestyle, if you are picking up, or holding an invention, created to harm another, all you are reduced to being IS A PAWN ON A CHESS GAME!

I know…..let’s play a better game that suits our design, and allows us to be the amazing creative beings we are!

Blessings 🙂

So If It Isn’t Anything ‘Race’ Or Appearance At All, WHAT Is It That Determines Human Beings?

So if it isn’t about our skin color, face and head shape, hair style or hair color, WHAT is it that determines us? 


As humans we ARE our language.

The ‘race’ word was just used for want of a better word, at the time there was a race on, to claim foreign lands and resources.

We are breeds of humans, defined by our language, and our vocabulary IS our ability.

The SIZE of our vocabulary is the size of our ability!   🙂

And The Real Truth Is…

All of our ‘different’ religions are actually, and simply, different interpretations, that include purposeful misinterpretations,  of PRECISELY THE SAME THING.

All of them.  Everywhere.  No matter what we look like or how we practice it.  They are our ‘alternate same beliefs’.

A baby arrives in its purest most divine state.

Anything different is ‘false advertising’ only, for control purposes, ease of rule, and to evoke a sense of unity and belief that ‘what really matters is being taken care of’, that I go into in other writings.

You see, I always knew inside that if a baby grew into a child, who grew into an adult, who never had any contact with humans to tell him or her what to believe, then that human was by no way bad or ‘evil’.  Quite the contrary in fact.

Our Source – or whatever your word – speaks to us, in the form of thoughts given us, when we have a space for them.  This instruction is higher and more pure a GUIDANCE and more personally appropriate for that individual, than ANYTHING from another human’s work.

All written works, bibles – whatever your word – are all interpreted and written by humans, reinterpreted for distribution to the taste and flavor of another human, translated, reinterpreted etc.

They all contain truth.  They all contain stuff that really needs an overhaul as it is just confusing everyone.  There is no need for us to be continuing to use shaky or floppy words of many centuries ago, or doing actions that are irrelevant to us now in this time, now we know better.

There are definitive rules to life as a Human Being on earth.

It is for US, to choose all the best things, from each of our books/religions.  To use our knowings, our love and our commitment for the best we can be.   It is wonderful we have it all in writing so we can sort through it, and pick the most suitable things, change others, and add updated knowings.

We can easily use our human special skill ‘solution-seeking creativity’ to do this and I am keen to continue reading what I love from each of them, as certain celebrations and traditions in some of them, strengthen us and maintain us in health in better ways, and more reliable ways, than others.

The point of all our religions is to be the embodiment of them.  To BE love, and how can we be love and want to take from another or harm another at the same time?  This is proof it is not correctly interpreted, that it is illogical, and being used for the intent for something on this plane/earth.  I give credit and thanks though that we have up until this point fiercely protected our individuality from the take over by others without our best interest.  I give credit and thanks to all those who have followed their own inner knowings in maintaining cultural strengths, as without it, we could all be speaking English now, and our world’s state of health would be in a much worse state!!!!

There is such a thing as the Akashic Records as I like to call ‘The Records Of All Consciousness’.   To obtain ‘access’ requires a committed discipline and uncompromising way of living in truth, love and integrity.  There are those of us who have reached this ability within each religion, as religions are only as strong as the individuals within them, but it is they who have done this, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO with the particular faith or religion followed, led or represented.  They as individuals have chosen this path, and got it right!

All our religions have these human beings within them.  This does not make one religion better than another, it is simply the ‘container’ for them to be in, and they strengthen and hold the energy in return.  I do not follow any religion as I do not find them, as they are, adequate enough to do so.  They ALL – without exception – can be improved upon so that they really guide us and represent us!   I do my own spiritual practice and follow a way that I worked out gives me my best life possible while assisting earth with hers.  I consider I am a spirit being in human form, I live in respect of all life, and I consider myself and my home to be sacred space.

Life guidance should not be selective or secretive or tricky or full of confusing rules!  Ridiculous!  I feel even this in some way stems to the strategy of ‘removal of confidence’ , and there fore the need to make a big song & dance about what you do, to fulfill that need within you of achievement and respect, or as ego fulfillment, that a human should be able to feel aside from any job/career choice.

Life guidance should be easy, loving, supportive and respectful!  Anything else is vibrationally low.  We Human Beings ARE ENERGY beings.  Divine wish and love requires we have a high vibration.  Anything harmful, hate filled, or fear filled IS NOT divine wish at all.  Inside you already know that.

WE all have the same angels, where we have ourselves in a muddle is with our old books, our interpretation of our old books, as the old histories do not apply.  We are wiser now, we are needing to know more, and we are suffering the consequences of keeping ourselves stuck.  We are not letting our energy flow and doing what comes naturally to us.

To Be Human is to create, and the only reason we have the situations we do, is because we have not created another one!

Blessings 🙂 so what do thses guys have in commmon

My comments on the ‘Race / Intelligence’ debate on TV.

I was at first extremely surprised that this topic could still be warranted TV show coverage, than realised “Of course!”

None of what I am sharing here is common enough knowledge yet, as there simply has been no further investigation into ourselves, to bring light to this matter for popular interest! 

I find the more complex a ‘home’ language, the more intelligent the people. 

Language, distinguishes us as human beings, then the opposable thumb.  It is language ability that makes some humans more intelligent than others, not the concept of ‘race.’ 

The more languages we know the smarter we get.  The more words we know, the larger capacity that we contain within. 

As it is our very intent at thought, that creates the neuron synaptical pathways within our brain, the more we learn, the larger a framework – or word map  or shelving unit for storage;) –  we create inside ourselves.

Our vocabulary becomes the roots of our created reality tree. : )

The more languages we know, we effectively magnify our total neuron capacity.  A language is so much more than words you see… 

A language is also the knowing of what to say and when, customs, behaviours, culture, and so on.  Within the ‘shelving unit’ or ‘files’ inside our consciousness, we need make room, for the word of all those things, in another language.

I was very injured on time, which included a head injury resulting in a loss of consciousness.  The neurotest given me, by a specialist unknown to me, as the one that gave them the best idea of my pre-injury intellect, was one on pronunciation of words. 

I was told it did not matter whether I knew the word – or not – just how I chose to pronounce it.  From this, I also gathered  that language ability is the most accurate determiner of intellect used today scientifically.

In Australia last  year after school results were known, it was documented how much better ‘immigrant’ – or children with English as a second language – performed in the results.  It was the subject of a tv show also.

It was mistakenly believed that it was due to foreign children being better students, or having greater work ethics instilled in them, as to why they were smarter. 

Certainly these qualities assist, but they are simply smarter anyway because they know more words, their neuron capacity fills a greater space, than their ‘English- derivitive-no-other-language’ fellow students. 

Within the same language,  just say two people had the same vocabulary also, it becomes the greater creativity and other learnings undertaken, that then increase brain use and therefore capacity, leading to one being smarter than the other.

Before I studied us, I studied every animal I came across.  I noticed my pets, from mice to dogs, all became smarter the more I trained them.

‘Race’ was a simplistic way of classifying human beings into four groups: ‘Caucasian’, ‘Negroid’, ‘Mongoloid’ and ‘Asian’, according to physical appearance. 

There are many variations within a ‘Race’, and  I find that we are ‘Breeds’ rather than a race of four.   Breeds that are determined largely by language groups.

Certainly there are greater physical similarities between humans breeds found within those classification categories called ‘Race’, but on its own ‘Race’ is not adequate or sufficient.

To expand upon and improve the current classification order with Human Beings /Home Sapiens, I suggest in addition to the standard:

Kingdom; Phylum; Class; Order; Family; Genus; Species  we add: Breed; Language.  ( I don’t feel it even necessary to include ‘race’  though it could fit between ‘species’ and ‘breed’.)

When I meet someone I like to know their blood lines (heritage) on both side and their ‘home’ language.   I find this the most helpful information to know more of someone, and it has proven reliable and consistent.    

I have known, dated or befriended, all races and many breeds of humans.  It is their vocabulary and language quantity that makes them smarter than the rest.;)

I do not think a greater effort of classifying Human Beings was seriously entered into, as the motivation for it, came from fear and insecurity, rather than a position of loving curiosity.;) 

Classification was carried out with the intent to make possible, the justification for theft, of land, inhabited by people already.  

An outcome was desired, and then a reality contrived to make it possible.  People were found to be not worthy of consideration, because of their appearance.

Historically and traditionally, the British used ridicule or derogatory language words to ‘bring down’ those they feared, or felt threatened by.

It is a known strategy also within the military.   It has been demonstrated that a ridiculing, rather than a respectful or honourable way of treating people, leads to a more successful occupation or victory.

Soldiers are then assisted by a feeling of righteousness or ‘good triumphing over evil’ and these are helpful energies that can make light of hard work.

We know now in science, how it is important to be impartial when conducting studies.  My own scientific background taught me that studies undertaken objectively and with no attachment to the result, makes for the better , more reliable, and trustworthy result.

The concept of ‘Race’ to describe other breeds of humans came about from a need, not an objective observation.

The use of judgement words, such as “superior” and “inferior”, that are ‘solution- seeking creations’, demonstrate a very strong attachment to the result.

Definitely the ‘Race’ concept was brought into popularity at a time when another ‘race’ was on, the race to take over the rest of the lands on earth. 

To get the land that became ‘Australia’, Britain was in a competitive race by sea with France in the 18th century, which Britain ‘won’. 

Was it with such a fixed determination, that the word ‘race’ was so impressed into the minds of these folk, that they used the word ‘race’ here also?;)  Quite possibly.   

Maybe it was even a ‘slip of the tongue’ and they were referring to the ‘race’ to obtain lands in competition with another language group/breed.  Maybe it was from the British like, to ‘make life easier for yourself’, to use this new, common and frequently used word, ‘race’, to help name the other Peoples that had been discovered.

Historically, the English have always been, very fixated on physical appearance, how things look, and how things ‘appear to be’.

We must remember the “Might Is Right” jargon of the time, to validate a situation taken by force.  We know now, that it isn’t necessarily right at all, or clever to think so.

Using the invader’s common strategy of ridicule, it would be far easier, and upon seeing the advantage – coming quite naturally to them also, given their propensity for this, and also of ‘complaining’ – to discredit an entire populus, than to do it one at a time. 

Much easier to disempower a race of people, than to deal with these strapping, stronger, physically in better shape, ‘Equal Men’ one at a time!;) 

The English language is much more ‘word thick’ today than in the 18th century, and quite likely this is as complex a thinking process that occurred:

“Oooh golly…LOOK!!!.  Look at his spear… and he’s not wearing any clothes…”   

Then:  “Spear?  No gun?   Not very smart.   He’s not wearing any clothes….must be a lesser man than we.”

This sight would have been an enormous shock, and enormously threatening.  Familiarity at this time was to react from a place of fear, as the Britain they had left behind was a cold, poverty stricken, gruelling place of ill-health and misery. 

It would have been overwhelming for them to see such a healthy, naked man so comfortable in his own skin, with such blatant sexual acceptance, when they were not allowed to mention their own body parts in polite company.;)   

A more ‘conscious’ (and intelligent?;))  group, given the same sight may have gone “Wow, how beautiful..look at their comfort with themselves and natural living skills.  What fine specimens and how fortunate to be able to live so freely in such a climate…”

Many of the English words to describe other people of differing breeds and origins have been banned popularly as they were found Internationally, to be derogatory, insulting and nonsensical to use.   (The energetic injury we get from words I go into in another writing.)

The English language has always been short of words, in comparison with others and has needed to add to its stock of words as it went along through history. 

It needed to adopt words from other languages, as those words simply did not exist, within its own language.  This made the people speaking it, therefore, intellectually, not as capable as those who’s languages had a greater- or more extended- vocabulary.

English is one of the more simplistic of all the languages, and why as a second language it becomes easy, as it is so much easier than a ‘home’ language. It also does not fit in well with the other languages, and I go into more detail in other writings.

My mother was Caucasian, the Race that classified the others, putting itself at the top.

My mother’s vocabulary was severely limited.  She operated in a very concrete fashion, fixated on what was in front of her.  She had trouble understanding much that was not obvious to her way of thinking.  She had enormous difficulty with abstract thought, and, or perhaps because, she was so regimented.

By this time language had been strictly controlled in English life.  Hard for other language groups to fathom – in English language society – the topics of sex, religion and politics, were not considered appropriate for social conversing: “There are three things you never talk about…” my mother told me.

Also, “social grooming & etiquette” had men and women, or ‘gentlemen and ladies’ given advice of topics of conversation to learn, for society.  For example, a young woman undertaking ‘social grooming  advancement’, may learn a conversation topic such as flower arranging.   

Thanks to the above language control measures, speaking had all but been disconnected from any idea of creating a reality for a human existence…;)

My mother’s social life was practically non-existent, had always been limited, and her life very structured and rigid. Her own creativity was severely and chronically stifled.

By contrast my father would take me as a baby to meet with his Hungarian friend.   Conversation would roll, and was like a lullaby to me, and when he wasn’t speaking his home language or singing, he was whistling while he worked.;)

At five years old I knew from my mother, that I was only half English, and that I was half Caucasian,  and half Mongoloid race.”   The tone of voice she used was derogatory, and in judgement, and she went on to say I would always be heavier than her.;)

She would look me over with narrowed eyes telling me my eyes were “too Chinesey”, my backside and face shape “too negro”, my head shape “too asian”.  She insinuated I was of lesser worth, because I had these ‘throwback’ characteristics.

Consequently I bonded with the world;) and I drew strength from all Peoples experiencing oppression, to add to my fairy tale and Dicken’s characters.  I considered myself an Albino Negro and Nelson Mandela became my hero.  

 My mother said  “the only thing you have going for you is the hair on your head”  referring to my blonde hair, while the rest of me she considered to be an evolutionary slip-up as I did not meet her specifics.  She would say desperately, wrenching her head around from side to side in the air as she spoke “Why is god punishing me, this way, to give me such a god-awful ugly child?” 

My mother struggled with her vocabulary.  Her conversation – and that is using the term generously – was limited to retelling of events in a listed way, retelling of a ‘story’, criticizing and using learned abusive words.  Some of these, most likely she had said to her as a child, and others were clearly military words and orders.

She absolutely was not able to use language to create her reality as she went along in a day, instead she relied upon using a set script, that she needed to fit to suit a circumstance.  This is very common, to what else I have noticed of the habit of the English language in England. 

Later in adulthood she learned to use the word ‘apparently’ and I noticed that it gave her more to do with a sentence.;)

I find the motivation to want to know, to determine intelligence in relation to ‘Race’, indicative of a lesser intelligence than not needing to know, or not ever getting that thought.

As we know more, other words have been introduced  in our categorising, such as ‘hispanic’.

As breeds of humans – as with breeds of dogs – we may have a propensity for something not occurring in other breeds of us, that is, a natural aptitude or tendency towards an activity or behaviour, or be more inclined to do things a certain way. 

Our language group gives us variation in our disposition also, and I go into more detail in ‘Living In Me. The Complete Guide to Being Human.’

The Law of Reincarnation, also enables us to be of different Race/Breed/Language, through our Soul’s evolution, when we manifest on earth, and of course we are still so much more, as I enter into in other writings.

In conclusion, whoever was being considered ‘less intelligent’ because of the way they appeared physically, was most likely more intelligent than the one deciding!;)    And many have needed to defend themselves in a second – if not a fifth language!

“Love the skin you ‘re in!”   Absolutely!   But also love your home language!  : )

The common question : “How Are You?” Is it working for us?

It doesn’t make sense for a start! : ) I consider it is a major language error, given the extent of its use, the reason for language, and for what is attainable by us.   This is a thorough exam, with alternative suggestions!

It is  a question, that reduces  or completely separates us, from a state of ‘connection with all that is’.    It does not encourage, assist or enhance personal growth at all. 

It accurately could be called ‘the question of the unconscious’!   It is used as a learned enquiry into someone’s health, but really it is a demand.   It is telling someone what to say next, to explain themselves to you, and directing their consciousness on what to think.

What a developed consciousness feels is a ‘oneness’ with all other matter, and a lack of a vibrational ‘end’ between oneself and anything else, as everything that exists is vibrating.

In this state of oneness everything is felt, you are part of the ‘all’ of matter, and there is no ‘separate’ in existence for you at all. 

It is not possible in this state of heightened awareness – that is attainable by all – to decipher “How you are?”  as in this context, this question loses all relevance, and doesn’t even apply. 

 This state of ‘oneness’ is also where all senses and pleasures are heightened andwhere blissfulness is the reliable norm, so it is not something that you want to leave in a hurry……if at all.

To Be in the Present Moment is not a place from which it is possible to consider the question How Are You?

It may seem or feel like you are doing a kind and considerate thing  – as it is what you have been taught. 

But, to be reduced to need to explain yourself at speed in a grocery queue, to someone you do not know and may never see again, with a long line of people behind you??!    This does not validate you, or  your feelings! : )

To answer it truthfully and meaningfully does not fit this setting at all.   Imagine

“Thank you for asking, I am feeling hurried at the moment when I would really love to feel in a blissful state of oneness with the people in this queue;)” Or “Thank you, I am not feeling like I would most want to be feeling as I have a problem with the neighbours, so it is not as restful for me at home as I would like.  Frank was made redundant at work so finances are a bit of a struggle and Louise needs more textbooks for the seminar special study course which is causing us challenges..  how are you?”   You can see the shop worker’s eyebrows raising as really they have just been told to ask you as part of the continued misunderstanding of the appropriatness of the question to us.  Really they are just wanting to do their job, and wish you would finish so they can serve the next person, or get their lunch break!!

What about  just a change of a couple of words to make a non question:  “I hope you are well!”  Can you feel the difference?

It would be easier all round to give one another a greeting that fit the situation, than to ask them How Are You?

I go as far as say it is detrimental to a developing  consciousness, to be asking this regularly, and counter-productive to an attainment of a better understanding of life, what you are, and of the way your human life works.  All of these are a natural result of being in the present moment.

The state of attainment of serenity and bliss from feeling a ‘oneness’ with ‘all that is’ is the natural state for us.  This is simply the result for us when we learn to ‘drive’ ourselves, or how to Be ourselves.

Historically , I believe it is a question that began from ignorance,(ignorance;without knowledge) within developing society.

I believe it increased in popularity, with the increase in a ‘class’ structure, and when being able to ‘question’ someone at all, was a distinction of where you fit in the ‘ranks’ and how many subordinates (those beneath you) you had. 

Do not question me!” “Who do you think you are to question me?!”   were methods of control used, and who you could, and could not question, a mark of social rank.   To be able to ask questions freely of those in your rank/class – without reprimand – would have felt acceptable, camaraderic and even bonding experiences.

Let’s break it down:

“How”    Few fully understand what they are, so that alone is enough to make imagining ‘how’  impossible.;)  ‘How’ is to explain oneself, and to answer that literally, would be to explain the entire process of you manifesting in the physical and I haven’t been able to do that in one blog yet…;)

“are”     The verb “to be”.   ‘Being’ requires knowledge of what one is, in order they might  Be it, so ‘same as above’;)

“you”    Again requiring knowledge of what one is, knowing what is the ‘you’ or ‘me’, and what separates us. Also what joins us, and knowledge of when we are separate, and when are we one again.

The answer to this is a long explanation, and not in any way, shape, or form, ‘a greeting’.  It is a philosophical request, of a very personal nature, literally meaning ‘how did you manifest into this time and space to be before me’.

Do you really mean to ask this?  Do you want really to be questioning anyone when you meet or greet them?  What about a return to a real greeting of a gift of energy?  In most other languages greetings continue to be used.

In Australia I find “How are ya?”or “How ya going?”  has all but replaced a greeting of any kind. 

The “good day/morning/evening” was considered too British and a desire to be more relaxed and casual caused it to be dropped, and to keep just the second part – the enquiry into someone’s wellbeing.  Energetically though, this removed the greeting altogether.

So ‘How are you?’  is not really a greeting at all, but an enquiry. 

I best describe it as ‘a demand’ or a request to ‘explain yourself” to whoever wants to know! 

Suddenly you are expected to give them your full attention, and to have them direct your consciousness to wherever they direct it, like it is a piece of toffee on their stick.;)

Or, that your vastness, memory files, and complete storage of all that you are in your life so far, is no more than a magazine to be flicked through at their leisure!;)

It was never an appropriate enquiry, more an attempt as ‘seeming to care’ as it became more popularized and commercialized.   With loved ones, it still remains appropriate when time and setting allow for truth.

In Australia, common responses to it are ‘”Good.” ; “Good, howsyerself Good?” and “S’all Good” (It is all good). 

Considering a large % of the population is on medication for depression but still responds “Good”, demonstrates  that this verbal expression stays at the ”mind level’ rather than being a truth. 

It is not helpful to a situation of deteriorating/declining happiness to make irrelevant the very creative building blocks that words are, for us, when used as they are intended.

I also feel it is unkind, to use this enquiry so freely in an impersonal, commercial setting. 

There are people commonly now, who are dealing with bad feelings, and coping well, and to have their consciousness brought back suddenly without their choosing, to be reminded that prehaps they are not really the happiest at the moment, but not wanting anyone to know, or not wanting to feel it again for themselves – only leads to further disconnection from their own truth, and thus widens the gap from themselves and the chance to heal it.

Not using words in truth, maintains the status quo, contributes to it, assists your slide downhill, and definitely does nothing to assist it.;)

When words are said from the mind only –  as in mind, mouth, mind, mouth, mind, mouth’  – at no time, does it ever touch or connect with our true self. 

As an energy being, our centre, is located in our heart chakra, and is positioned approximately at the bottom of our ‘sternum’ – end of mid ribcage, for us.

It is the centre, as the chakra above our heads – that can not be seen by most human eyes –  is included, in this division.

When someone slows down their answer, taking a breath,  energetically their own consciousness includes the lower chakras. 

When someone answers more slowly, on their breath, the rest of theirself – without any knowledge of them/their names/the point , needing to be brought to conscious awareness, of the vessel of the forthcoming phrase. – automatically is connected and ‘driven’ right!

A variation of “How is your day?” understandably may have seemed to have been a correction of kinds, to a more caring, more modern approach, a ‘bigger ask’ even.  It does exactly the same removal from ‘the moment’ as the original. 

To leave the moment – where a developed consciousness is – to assess the entire day, though you are still in it, is not actually something that a human being need be doing, is not something that is healthy for a human being to be doing, and I am sure it is not even a natural human behaviour at all!

It is most likely a ‘construct’, imagined behaviour or ‘culture created from a loungeroom’  which is what  I began to call such behaviours some years ago.;))

I like to be in a nonthinking or Zen state whenever I can, as LIFE IS INCREDIBLE like that.  It is like being on the best drug without any side effects.  Colours are brighter, everything comes so close to my eyes it is like I can touch things that are miles away….all senses are heightened to the max.

Sharing ‘what is brought to mind’ from a zen or non-thinking state is completely possible, but accessing information, requires we turn the mind on, and this is what is necessary to answer a question.  The mind is ‘activated’ or turned ‘on’ ,when we need to access information, from ‘storage’ within us.

When I hear “how are ya?”  I interpret it within, as a greeting, and I lead or respond with a good morning/afternoon/evening or hello/heh etc. 

Greetings as understood as a gift of energy are wonderful.  Why do we wanting to make demands of one another?  Greeting with a gift rather than a demand/drain/requirement of energy, then allows for a restful sharing of what comes to mind for any or either or no one.

It begins a more natural way of relating.

It encourages a natural ‘bringing to mind’ from another’s sharing, that their presence enables you to experience.  You are given opportunity to express this natural verbal sharing, thus creating your reality, as the mirrors for this that you are for oneanother.

I guarantee that you will receive what is uppermost in this other person to share with you, specifically.  If they need to share ‘how they are doing with something’ you will hear it! : )

Gifts of energy greetings  come naturally when we meet friends, lovers. partners and kin, as we have an interest in keeping them vibrationally ‘up’ as that strengthens them and us.  We are strong when they are strong and well.  It is easier to see the relation that we have to oneanothers vibration when we break it done like this.

  So, you are meeting another human/energy being in the street.  The following are examples of ‘greetings’ that are gifts of energy. 

The experience becomes a mutually energizing exchange this way.  None are questions, demands, or reducers of energy.

Try following this method, and notice the changes in your own energy and feelings of those you meet. 

 Smile – the face shows it sees a delight (an ‘energy raiser’)  Nod your head perhaps, what else happens to your body as your energy moves?  Speak what comes to mind for you – a ‘sharing’ – from the presence/energy of this being/other.

 Remember to breathe down inside your solar plexus/diaphragm prior to speech, to assist you in connecting with yourself and what is true for you at that time – otherwise called ‘your Truth”.

Examples of greetings using the English language follow, but if your own comes to you, it does so for a reason.  These are only to give you an idea :

 A joyous day to you Madam!  ; A glorious day to you Sir! ; Good morning/afternoon/evening!  ;   Hello! ;   Hey! ;    Good to see you! ;  You look lovely this sunny morning! ;   Wow you look great! ;    I am so glad to see you! ;  Lovely to see you! ;   Gorgeous day! ;   Meeting you always makes me smile! ;  You put a smile on my face! ;   I feel great to see you! ;   A sunny day to you whatever the weather! ; Feels good to see you! ;   It feels great to be in your energy again! *;   I feel good when I feel you! ;   It feels great to be around you/near you! ;   Heh, here we are again! ;   We are together again! ;  Great to be back in your energy *! ;   Great to reconnect (with you)!*;   This feel great! ;   Wonderful to be with you! ;   etc 

(* personal favourites)

Then share what comes to mind, if something does.  Do not feel the need to ‘talk for the sake of talking’ as this is belittling in the extreme, to what it is that you are. Try “I feel to share…”

1. Two energy beings (human beings) meet in the street, they make vibrational demands on oneanother’s time and energy, then part.

2. Two energy beings (human beings) meet in the street, they strengthen one another form their meeting.

Which do you do?  Which is it going to be? : )

I would love to hear any feedback to any changes you notice!  : ) 

What’s the point of Christmas? (or be it a ‘culturally different’ equivalent!)

The Point Of The Celebration Called Christmas Is To FEEL GRATITUDE.

Different cultures and faiths may have another story or dreaming or tradition or myth, but the point is the same.  Human Beings gathered together to maximise an energetic vibration that is of benefit to all on earth.  There is absolutely nothing negative about cultivating masses of this frequency.

At its simplest, it is a celebration to join us together in the vibration that raises us the most.

Gratitude is the single most important feeling to raise us, for ease of passage of our consciousness, through the ether. 

Feeling gratitude is the way we can most easily connect with our spirit guides, or anyone beyond the earth plane/3rd dimension. 

So we have it in this century, in Christian tradition, that people give one another gifts, that they place under a decorated tree.  The gift giving is simply to ensure the vibrational frequency of gratitude or thankfulness is reached.  When we join together to feel something we increase and hold more securely its existence.

 The decoration of the tree, is simply to create a sacred space by way of ‘ritual’.  Taking conscious effort to create a space, makes something more powerful in meaning, more powerful in its receptivity, and its strength.  A magnification or reinforcing of intent is achieved.

Intent is a very key aspect of much that we do.  Some have said ‘intent is everything’ but I calculate to be at least 40%, with the rest just made up of being there and doing something physical to bring it about.

When we make a space sacred, we put conscious thought there, we put energy there.  The more activities we need to do to ‘prepare’ the space, the stronger the ‘spell’ will be – the stronger our foundational ‘force’ so to speak, as we send it into the ether for creative purposes.

Trees to decorate, napkins, special this, special that, things brought out only for such rituals, incense, feasts, coloured lights, special music ALL to hold an energetic space and for no other reason.

It is irrelevant, what the story behind the creation of the feeling is.  The relevance is in the creation of the feeling.  It matters not at all, what you are celebrating.

As we have historically been separated by seas and languages, it stands to reason that we have different stories.  Some of the stories have intertwined, as travels and invasions and wars have been fought, but it is still  the same vibrational need we are serving, and honouring, and just as we should as good Human Beings!

My pondering on the meaning of Christmas began at a very young age. 

My mother would stand, ordering the placement of everything, to be exactly where she dictated.  Everything had to look ‘perfect’ to her.  She gave orders in very loud and mean toned voice and there were so many rules. 

This was repeated every year.  There was not allowed to be, any variation, from what she saw ‘intellectually’ or with her mind’s eye.  She insisted she knew what it ‘should’ look like, even when others had contributed to it. 

The decorations – the most gorgeous decorations I have seen –  only created a stressful association, as she stood over whoever placed them on the tree.  Orders had to be followed.  She commanded not just where, but even how to position them on the tree, with tinsel strands being counted, so you only had two in your hand at any one time.  

She literally removed any feeling of joy that had motivated me to be near the tree, or in the sacred space.  It felt awful to be a part of the Christmas preparation under my mother’s regime.  And yes, the tree would end up looking splendid, but at what cost? 

The area was barren of joy – even more so than the rest of the house.   It was an area of low vibration, of fear and of negative associations, and there existed the danger of being reprimanded again in some way.  Fear is the absence of love, and the most negative vibrational state we can ‘achieve’. 

Our tree also had to remain ‘perfect’ to my mother’s eyes the entire time it was up, and be taken down in the same regimented style.  I longed to experience a gathering of joy, and I am so grateful I was able to experience this with another family.  who I boarded with in my late teens, after a friend’s mother arranged an alternative for me with her neighbours. 

Christmas was my favourite time of year as I so enjoyed giving.  However, I was becoming increasing disturbed by how I was caused to feel when it involved giving to my own family.  A little girl can only do her very best for so long, at planning and thinking up gifts, doing what she feels she is supposed to do, if it always resulted in disappointment and lowering of her vibration/removal of joy/sad feelings.  

There came a time when I felt the need to stop giving my mother gifts, for my own wellbeing, and as I felt responsible for the part I was playing in her ill-health.  I felt that my going along with her performance each Christmas, was condoning it, and was playing a part/participating, in its creation.

I considered that if I stopped giving her gifts it may cause her to consider a different behaviour, that it would encourage a different behaviour.  I hoped that she would be given cause to reflect,  to heal, and that it would be seen as a consequence of her actions.  It certainly was not doing me any good to be treated in such a manner consistently, and my inner guidance led me to create my own healing options.

I tried all manner of different ideas and things, over many years, for many of my mother’s behaviours.  None with any results that improved the quality of either of our lives, and I had no other alternative but to part ways.

Deprivation is a fabulous teacher, as we get smack in the face, the reasons for things!  It is precisely my deprivation of joy, at times such as Christmas, that ensured that I experienced how relevant it is.  It is in my deprivation of feeling any gratitude or thankfulness directed toward me at Christmas, that enabled me to feel how wrong that was.     

Gratitude.  That is what it is all about!  We can feel gratitude that Human Beings of other faiths/cultures/language groups are doing their bit, in their own style, to raise the vibration on earth.  

Arguing over whose ‘story’ is better than anyone else’s, that brings about the joy, and still remnant while misunderstandings remain, is actually ridiculous, and caused from ignorance (without knowledge).

 Survival against fear fulled ideas, viewed with full focusof what was infront, instead of also involving the larger picture, is the reason that judging one another’s beliefs for superiority began.  I am extremely sensitive to any misfortune caused from righteously and honourably serving one’s beliefs, that may have led to honourable injury or even death.

It is only a bigger perspective that is missing, and actually traditionally it was woman who had the role in this, and why there is movement happening across the globe to bring about a balance, with each of us able to contribute our specialties!

Why we celebrate for joy is universal – bigger even than humans! – and to be arguing over what story, and whom, is also an embarrassment when viewed with a galactic perspective! : )

Blessings to one and all.  Celebrate.  Dance. Sing.  But most important feel gratitude!  For life, the sun, the grass, the birds, the air, each other…

It is not about what you are eating or what you are wearing.  It is not about anything involving any inventions of ours.  It is about core human feelings, and we all have those!!! : ) 

Make Christmas an entire GRATITUDE DAY, if you can’t for twelve days!!  : )

I Think Therefore I Am? No.

  • correction of an historical human error that holds us back.

I feel,  I think,  I speak,  I create, therefore I am.

This is actually far more accurate, than the original ‘I think therefore I am’ if we must condense us down to one sentence at all.;)

So much has been based upon the ‘”I think” therefore I am’ claim,  for me to comment on its correction.

I feel.  We had it only partly right.  It is our feelings – or emotional body – that governs our thought process. We feel first, and what we are feeling, will largely – if not solely – determine what we are going to think of.

I speak.  For me, it was my not producing a sound, that made my mother feel more comfortable with my existence.  It was when I began to make sounds that were starting to be speech, that she made plans for my demise.  For me to speak, made me undeniably exist.

Our sound is our very life essence, and our greatest creative tool.  Our voice is our soul and our life force carried on our breath, as it passes through the unique instrument that we are.  The internals of our face and skull, I liken to the inside of a shell that we can blow into on the beach.

I create.  ‘To be Human is to create’ absolutely.  We do our creating from our feelings, and our feelings determine what we will think of creating.  We create our lives with our speech from our word choice and speech habit.  We create our world around us from our opposable thumb ability enabling us dexterity and productivity with our hands.

We create our world around us, according to how we feel.  It is not what happens to us, but how we feel about it, that will be the determiner on everything that we do.  How we are able to manage our feelings will be the determiner of life events and life on earth. : )

Contrived Belief Correction No. 1.

  • correcting an historical human error

The first contrived Belief that needs correcting within our selves so that it may lead to greater understanding and health awareness of all that we are, and of our planet is:

1. the Victorian England era imposed “Nothing exists unless there is a tool by which it can be measured.”  A joint purpose powerful economic raising tool and to dispell anything that may distract from hard work, so that it might be ridiculed and labelled “fandangle black magic”.


1. Much exists that is unable to be determined with the human eye.   Though there are tools that can now measure and determine subtle energies these days.  Specifically here I am speaking of electromagnetic rays; inner energy; auras; chi; ki; chuloquai; sexual energy.

We are an energetic organism.  It is these energies, that can not usually be seen with our eyes, that largely control the existence and health of the parts that we can see.

The planet earth is an energetic organism, that we are a part of.

These facts were not able to be observed, so that they may be included, historically, in any plans for, or in any structures of human society.  


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