We Know Mind, Body, Spirit, But What About The Shen?

The Shen is the aspect of us, the Human Being, that is indicative of what lies beyond.

The Shen is the shine, light or reflection we can see in our eyes.

The Shen resides in the heart chakra, and is visible when we look at something with love, or undertake an activity from a feeling of love. 

The Shen is the source of our greatest creativity.

The Shen is most visible in those of us who regularly do creative tasks from a position of love.  The Shen grows brighter and brighter, as it is regularly used.

When we tell a lie, the Shen is not visible at all, and the eye may appear to have a cloud or a dull veil thrown over it.

No one else in other dimensions will assist lies, so the absence of Shen – the absence of white light – demonstrates that you are operating on your own!

When we do an activity from our Shen, ALL that we are is enabled, so we are easily able to achieve things that may even surprise us – until we know where it comes from and grow accustomed to ‘the way’!

We have spirit guides and more who can enjoy contributing at these times, when we are in an innocence, and a purity about us, that has us holding ourselves in a fixed state of creativity, with an intent that is good for all.

It is at these times when The Shen is strongest in us.

It is at these times, with our Shen engaged, when we can literally achieve the ‘impossible’! : )

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