When Pain Is All We Know.

Use add to pain!!used919059_10151343972956746_757466063_o (1)I know pain.  I have scars on my body that were put there by the hand of those in my own family trying to kill me, dating back to when I was only one year old.  

Many many more attempts and scars and frustrated punches later, I had pain inflicted upon me daily unless I was lucky enough to escape it, by consciously avoiding it at every turn.

 I became an expert on it from the life I then created for myself.  I can relate to the soft tissue pain from skin trauma to muscular pain, bone pain, nerve pain, all the ones in between, and the differences in ratios therein, with regard to pain threshold and intensity.  I became an expert on emotional pain, psychological pain and grief until I overloaded and numbed out, in a zombie- like depression.  I became an expert on how to ‘bear it’  or go through it, how to attract it, heal from it, then finally how to stop attracting it and be done with it!

Pain was an everyday experience for me and I learned a lot from the effort that was required on my part to change this in my life.  It took years.  It took years and years to realize that I was attracting it into my life, and how to stop it.  I came very close to not making it as I was in imminent real danger countless time.   My last near death experience was what it took.

Pain can be so familiar, trauma can be familiar, suffering, anxiety and stress can be familiar.  

But, when something is familiar, the bigger problem is… it becomes what we create, what we expect, what we imagine, what we anticipate and prepare for.  It is our entire container of perception.  And, by doing so, we create it!!!  

When all we know is pain, it can be really hard and extremely challenging to let it go.  It can be totally new to learn we do not need to feel it.  It can be a totally foreign concept to even consider that there can be a time when there is not regular daily pain.

It can seem impossible, that we are meant to feel pain,  we are meant to just take anything.  This was my experience.  I felt destined to feel it, that I was meant to, because I could cope, that it was ‘my lot’ in life to be in constant pain, that I and my feelings didn’t matter.  In fact my mother had ordered me “Consider yourself last, if at all.”

It can be extremely difficult to grow accustomed to knowing life doesn’t have to be that way.  We can be so familiar with pain that to not have any can be unheard of and unimaginable.  We feel it, so we subconsciously replace it with more.  The more pain we are used to, the more pain we can take, the more pain we feel we are meant to take.

My mother even commanded me I had to “grin and bear it” that I “should be able to stick a fork into my leg under the table and not show it on my face.”

The thing is…the important truth is…is that it is us who creates this pain for ourselves.  We are so familiar with it, we subconsciously require it, to return to our ‘norm’ to our ‘familiarity’.  How can we be delivered something that is not pain causing, if we do not allow for it?  WE must put effort into going against the flow of ourselves, within ourselves!

It requires strength and enough intellect to alter your own behavior, to consciously decide that is what you are going to do, and to act on it repeatedly.  Until no pain is the new familiar, then and only then does it takes less energy, when your being has achieved a new equilibrium.  At its most simplistic, it is all about energy management, and moving to a place of a raised energetic vibration, with new behavioral pathways created and reinforced inside your brain. 

There are techniques to free ourselves of residual pain-attracting energy held, and all ‘grief, hurt and distress’ held.   Some of it can be done without passing through our sensory systems again, but we need to be prepared feel it through, and there is nothing so bad or awful inside ourselves that we cannot take, for it is ourselves.  

Once we decide, and prepare for it in a quiet time and space taken  for ourselves to do this ‘transformational work’ , we can ‘watch’ it pass through us objectively.  It is nothing to fear, as it is just us, waiting to be loved and protected by us.  This is actually our job!   To feel it, and to revisit it, in a careful way, so that it may leave you FOREVER, does that not sound attractive?;)  Techniques I favor most are the subject of another writing, too involved for this overview article.

Do it for yourself, free yourself from all that unnecessary pain baggage!  Do it for me.  Do it for all of us.  Do it for our Earth.  🙂 

On a personal level:   Know that there is a bond between all of us who have experienced tremendous pain and suffering.  There is nothing to be ashamed of, after our pain causing experiences, we have this potential holding of  debris energy that can be traded in for growth, further strength and greater wisdom.  Any space that we create as it leaves us, is naturally replaced with white light vibration – the highest frequency vibration – enabling us to feel lighter with a greater capacity for joy.

On a global level :   From a place of pain-free inner peace and happiness, is where we create at our best, without preconceived judgement and past pain filled projections interfering with our ability to perceive clearly in the here and now.

Remember ‘We reap what we sow’?  Do we then not ‘Sow what we reap’?  Far more difficult indeed to suddenly change crops WITHOUT careful conscious decision-making and preparation.  The same with our pain.  

We are inside a nervous system for a purpose, and pain – which I define as an ‘unpleasant sensation’ – is information we are giving ourselves.   It is a message from our body and from our higher, more aware selves, to us the conscious one, that something is not quite right.   It is meant to cause us to take action, to do something to alter another thing, so we do not need to go through ‘it’ again.    

This, is when attracting more of the same becomes obviously an ignorant and ridiculous result!  : )

Blessings, Amelia

Talking ‘Bout Our Inventions : The Chair

  • 1. Natural rest positions for the human body
  • 2. What is ‘to sit’.
  • 3. All about  ‘the chair’
  • 4. The historic reason behind it, & original promotion.
  • 5. Healthy alternatives.

The ‘Chair’ invention is a just a sculpture we can ‘sit’ on.  

To ‘sit is to fold /bend ourselves into an unnatural resting position for us.  

Our natural sitting position is for us to fold our legs with our seat bone or pelvic base  perpendicular to the floor, and our buttocks forming a natural cushioning for us as our weight is held distributed, by the weight of our folded legs limbs in front of us.  

Our energy is able to flow unrestricted and evenly in this position.  Our head is upright, enabling a good vantage point to see all around us, our arms can rest in our lap, or be free to engage in whatever.

To sustian this position may require only a change in leg crossing, unless feet are able to be placed up onto a thigh, which can prevent any loss of fluid or energy circulation at all.

This is about as comfortable a resting position as is available to us in human form.  It is common to all human beings at all ages once a child can walk.

It is the position of choice for long periods of  non-standing or non full recline.  It is the natural position for meditations, asnd is still common in Western Society but mostly known as sitting ‘cross legged’ and restricted only to the children in schools, becoming less popular as someone ages, if never done again .

Extremely successful marketing is the reason our natural seated position has become a thing of the past.

Chairs were promoted and enforced in Britain and Western Europe,  by etiquette using the language to ” get ourselves off the floor so we did not look like savages.”  

Wood carving was enormously popular at this time, wood craftsmanship, wood carving tools created for purchase, tree felling, and mastery over the environment, to make use of that which was provided, without any strategies for long term management in place.

‘Governing by etiquette’ ‘having’ to have, being one of the ‘haves’ rather than the ‘have-nots’ was a powerful method of making sure people bought chairs.  They were a vital part of social structures, social gatherings, entertaining, and meeting.  It was noticed by all of your social status’ or ‘class’ whether you were able to afford the latest most popular chairs.

To make furniture to earn money;  to contribute to the economy;  to be a furniture maker.   These were considered at the time, with the knowledge available, more important than a human body being in a healthy rest position.

Sitting crossed legged cannot be beaten or improved upon by any invention as this ‘sit’ is just the natural way our legs fold.  People who have discomfort doing this, are those with other body health issues such as obesity, or another cause of inflexibility, which may be as simple as unfamiliarity with sitting without a chair!

We know now, that a healthy chair – or a chair that is comfortable for the human body, is a design that has us in an elevated kneeling position.

I never had a good relationship with chairs.  My life began with my mother making it clear that she considered the chair she let me sit on;) to be more valuable to her than myself!  These chairs were uncomfortable wooden adult chairs, the wrong height for a small child and without a cushion.  I wanted to kneel to raise my height to reach the table’s surface.  I was yelled at for endangering the chair with the possibility of being scratched by the buckles of my sandles and made to “sit back down properly child!

I would love aeroplanes to have us lie in a stacked tier structure, similar to something I saw on the movie the Fifth Element, when Bruce Willis  needed to travel to another planet.  Planes would be able to fit just as many people in, perhaps more, and certainly our bodies would be much more comfortable.

Yes I have chairs, but I am able to sit cross-legged in them, or to recline in another way.  Those Japanese design ones that fold up and can also be a mattress are handy too.  Do spend some time, whatever you do, NOT sitting in a chair, to allow for even weight distribution, and healthy muscular growth around the core of your back, to enable you a good postural foundation.

Encourage your little ones to feel comfy sitting on the floor, with a special cushion or coloured mat in their room in favour of a little chair.  An unsupported core or back. really is necessary to develop the musculature  for good posture later in life, to develop good musculature of the spine and each vertebrae.

I am seeing so many children, and teenagers already with deformed sloping backs, stooped necks and rounded shoulders.  I consider it necessary to teach of posture in the ‘I Am Body’ part of my Human Being Essential curriculm. School does not teach them this yet, so a home set up that is conducive to healthy development is necessary.

Remember the jingle:  body care = no chair! : )

Comment to a comment I heard on The View on t.v.

  • comments to child abuse
  • more challenging lives examined
  • perspective and reasons given

I heard one of the ladies on The View say “child abuse murder’s the soul of the child”, and I lost my breath for a moment and need to share that it doesn’t at all.

Certainly healing is required, and can be non-progressive when falling into institutions that do not understand the larger workings behind things;)

The truth is, it can be exactly what our soul had chosen.

An enormous amount of behind the scenes organisation goes on, for our soul to manifest in this life, as us.

We choose our situation for manifesting.  I was aware of this when living in the abusive situation I was in.  I can clearly recall asking my guides  “why do I have this life again?  Oh yes…”  I was brought comfort from it, when there was none else available.

We do not choose each and every event that may occur, but we certainly choose our parents – our necessity for manifesting in the physical.  We must enter at conception, build our body around us, and be birthed here on Earth.

We choose our parents based upon a number of things, but mainly to enable us the very life path that we are requiring for this round of ‘The Growth Of My Soul Game’ on that glorious green & blue 3 dimensional realm called Earth, where we can touch and sense and get a life and a body.

Rather than a child’s soul being murdered through abuse, the soul aspect of that child, may be the strongest and most developed part.

We do not have a life that we are not ready for.  We deserve the life that we get for ourselves, in so far as we are seeking growth for us.  We are seeking to advance our soul’s development, to attend to healings and experiences that will bring us this growth.

It is the wiser ones, and the more advanced a soul, who is able to achieve for themselves, a more challenging game.

Forget role-playing Dungeons & Dragons…..we are living the game!;))  : )

What irks you most is where you are ripest for growth!

Have you ever had a thought that keeps coming to you, that you do not put there? 

Have you ever had something surprising enter your thought space, that has nothing to do with what you are doing?

Have you ever had a very upsetting memory enter your thought space after a period of fun, joy or sexual release?

I am guessing you are aware of this occurring, in what would be the space between the thoughts of your own choosing.

What is fabulous about the human body – one of a multitude – is the automatic tendency toward healing and these thoughts are coming to you with this purpose.  

You are ready to deal with the issue related to the thoughts, to process through and feel the feelings, in order that they are then released from your body and being.  As you are a continuing flow and movement of energy, as soon as there is opportunity for further release and growth within you, this happens automatically.  

Take some contemplative time to ask yourself what you need to learn from the thought. 

1. What is it telling you.  What are you telling you? 

2.What message does it bring?  

3.What action is required to be taken?      

4. Is there anything else you need to know from it? 

                 Then that’s it!  Be done with it!  Over! Gone!

It is as though you are a vessel with an opening to release what it is that does not serve you any more, feelings that you once had, aggravation that you once experienced.  It rises to the top of this vessel in order that it may spill over the side, just coming to your awareness when it reaches the top, so that you may facilitate its efficient removal. 

It comes and it comes, and greater joy may allow more of it.  When it is stuck or unexpressed for too long we are ‘depressed’.  It is a life long responsibility for us to maintain ourselves in energetic health, just as we know we will be sick if we stop excreting from our physical vessel, our digestive tract. 

Waste product = what doesn’t serve us anymore and would benefit us to leave = human waste as feces = human waste as old stuck emotion.

Our energetic presence has been misunderstood and unrecognized historically, as it was not able to be observed with the human eye.  Fortunately there are wondrous techniques available now to assist the removal of this energy (also correctly named: stuck emotion, hurtful feeling, nasty association, emotional pain or agony).  

Tapping or Emotional Freeing Techniques work at physically stimulating energy points, sound releasing is a fave of mine, where you release the sound of your energy on the exhale of your breath and there is just venturing into it, allowing yourself to feel it through.  Give yourself a time limit, then a reward!    You can come back to it at any time.   You are then being the manager/mistress of your cells as you are meant to be.

Sexual energy use and the pleasure that creates vibrating throughout the body is an exceptional means to dislodge stuck energies, and quite the purpose!  I dedicate entire blogs to this, as there is so much more that needs to be shared regarding our sexuality.   

For me, I just allow time to do my energetic ‘housekeeping’ and auric cleaning.   At the moment I am needing to allow to leave me, energy from being pushed down stairs countless times as a child.  There was at no time that I was able to release this from me before, or at the time I was living in such danger, and it is ripe to leave me this week especially. 

 I have never had so many thoughts or memories of all the stair case falling enter my thought space before!   All it takes is for me to lower my head a distance, and my cellular memory is providing me with the association, when I was in that position, of what I needed to do quickly as I prepared myself to fall.   I am very pleased to be able to release it now.  I understand completely that my being is able to allow this to leave me now.

I have become very familiar with the process, I do not have any judgement of it as it leaves me, and I look forward to how I feel afterward.  I can feel an internal lightening, and I can feel joy take the place of the eager to be discarded or released, stuck, old, used, irrelevant, hanging about, passe, unwanted, unneeded….get it?;))…energy, in the form of emotion. 

It is not scary.  It is you, or rather, for your instruction. 

It is you wanting you to let it go.  It is you telling you it is strong enough, and completely ready, to do what must be done for it to go.   It is an act of self love, to give yourself the time and energy to release it, so that you can reap the rewards of the stuck energy being gone.   The more you have suffered, the more space inside you have created to receive as joy! x   : )

Being Human made easy – the body.

  • In brief, our main responsibilities while we are in flesh!

First lets understand that we are soul incarnate in flesh/ physical body, here, for the duration that our body can hold up and contain our activities, before it tires out and must cease.

We have responsibility to our:

1. respiratory system

2. digestive system

and women have in addition:

3. bleeding system.

When we get these right, the rest of the body pretty much takes care of itself.  Really.

All we need to do is breathe clean air, and to feed and water ourselves, with ample clean water, and small nutritious meals.  Making that which is nutritious, palatable, or delicious!   (This is why we have the abilities we do: the hands with opposable thumbs; the taste sensory equipment; the large brain and potential intellectual capacity; the harvesting, farming skills, confidence with  fire use for cooking to assist digestion etc).    

We need to be looking after our body like it was our favourite pet.;) Taking care of it, providing it with the nutrients our cells require for functioning, so that it can get us about.

 If you are in the form of woman, what has been termed ‘honouring your bleeding’, will insure you avoid cramps and other complications.  This is a system that is also in operation 24/7, not just a few days to a week per month.  It requires differing amounts of our energy throughout the month, and we are different chemically, each day, as our ‘cycle’ progresses within us. 

With food preparation, our creativity has got so out of hand;) -excuse the pun  but I couldn’t resist.  There is so much out there these days that I just call “food products”.  Items made from food.  Arguably these products are now more suitably called ‘art’, as they are far removed from something I would consider to be a food.  

I can enjoy looking at them in windows, I can admire the human creativity, the colours, aromas and craftsmanship, but I would not eat them.  I get no desire at all to put them inside me, to clog up intestines! 

 I go into our food needs further and expand on these basics in other writings.  Beginning at the beginning of our being, is required, so we can be reminded of our requirements, and of all our skills and attributes!

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