What Do You See?

We are all standing under the same sun.
We all see the same things -or relative versions thereof given our evolution – but how do you taint yours BEFORE you receive it?

Information passing through our eyes, runs through all our ‘familiarity files’ within our memory bank store, as an efficient information gathering automatic/subconscious, mechanism, BEFORE we choose our action.

What are you running through your viewing filters? What is your familiarity? What is your unhealed anxiety or personal/political issue?

Is it economic angles ‘how can I make a quick buck/$?
Is it habitual warring habits, suspicion and mistrust, self worthlessness so I better watch out, the old and still common British ‘kill or be killed’ and ‘overpower or be overcome’?

Or, is it self assured curiosity and wonder? And how can I spread even more joy and love and health? Remember the real point of all our collective bibles/religious writings is to do this.

Sure this last one isn’t common yet, but it only takes our consciously choosing it.
Otherwise, we are only acting on automatic, and being lesser than we are, to keep all our ridiculous and cosmically embarrassing situations happening! ūüėÄ

Warring Is For Chimps!



War never ‘solves’ anything. It never has. It never will.

All it does is inflict a greater force onto another.
It does not make energies well again.
It does not enable a return to health and well being of those that have been overcome.

Just violence, is chimpanzee behavior. Humans need to talk as we are more complex, and fortunately we have the special human language skill in order to do this.
There is no need ever, for humans to be ‘warring,’ because we have developed speech ability.

Chimpanzees cannot talk and literally cannot discuss their issues, so they have no other choice but to use violence when another tribe comes along.
Humans however can talk, and we can completely create the speech that is required for any situation.

And now, in 2013, we can even speak one another’s language, or even have google translate!;)

The English language historically, was always far inferior in oral tradition than other languages. ¬† And, with their chronic state of emotional ill-health and fear dominance, ‘to kill or be killed’ became their way of life. ¬†This is another example of ignorance that is still in place that requires our correction.

How fortunate it is that solution-seeking creativity is another of our special human skills! ūüėČ

WarringShhhhhmawwing come-on! ūüėÄ


WE Are The Rose.


Being prevented from speech development as a child enabled me acute insight into the purpose of human language.

I use language and words confidently.  I use all words in their precise true meaning, I do not use judgement statements, I do not imply, I do not insinuate, and I do not use sarcasm.

I choose words carefully, with silence in between.
I recognize that silence shapes our sound, magnifies our speech potential, and activates our word power, when we choose consciously to make use of silence.

With my words I create, for I am a Being Human.

Language and speech is our special skill, and I make full use of my specialty. I use my words to grow, and to bring growth of beauty and splendor to our precious earth.
If we speak of such things, do we not create them? ūüôā

I know that most people have not needed to learn of speech as I.

What we are not doing – as Humans Beings on mass on our earth – is using our speech specialty in a way that enhances our growth, her growth and brings beauty and splendor!

We are just as natural a part of our earth as this rose. A rose is a symbol of exquisite visual beauty and of strength. It has thorns for protection but also the sweetest, gentlest, aromatic essence in the center.
We are not unlike this rose, we only need to recognize, and learn to use, all that we have in our center.

Blessings. ūüôā

Violence Makes No Sense For Humans.

Use_6I read it as create!!!!  Be all it is we all are, to add to it all, give all our sprecila skills, strengths and abilities!As Human Beings we are not actually meant to be violent to each other, BECAUSE¬†we have language ability. We speak, there fore we are able to discuss anything, and especially nowadays, when we can literally speak one another’s language or know someone who can. ¬†Even in the very rare occasion that we don’t – such as tribes of natural people’s living in the Amazon – we can easily make do, with all that we now know about each other.

Chimpanzees, a close relative also in the Primate family with a reckoned 98% identical genetics to us, require violence.  Chimpanzees can be invaded by another group, and nothing short of violence sees that them living through an invasion. They may even kill one another, pulling each other apart with bare hands.  They are not able to speak about it.  They do not have brains that can allow this.  

It makes no sense for human beings to be engaged in activities more suitable for another species entirely.  Our brains are the size they are, FOR our language ability, FOR our creation of language that we need to use. It is the very intent at thought that creates for us, the necessary neuron pathway. This is the reason it is the size it is,  It is designed to give us adequate ample space for whatever creation, of whatever we will need to say within our lives.  We always have the ability to create just the right thing to say for any situation. 

I honestly feel comfortable with humans of any language, and I prefer to learn of theirs, or do without a spoken one, rather than use any attempts at English. ¬†I do find French to be my natural ‘filler’ language as I learn one, as French is a natural language that can fit with others, English – as it is an intellectual construct rather than a natural language for us – does not fit with others very well at all. ¬†Before we shape anything into a word, we use a tone that carries meaning, and we can read faces/expressions/body language. ¬†Certainly our language does not separate us at all….more our vocabulary…whatever the language. ¬†When I travel, I tend to end up among those who have a similar vocabulary, and therefore a similar sense of priorities and interests. ¬†The language difference may make finding these people a little trickier, but difficult and impossible are not the same thing at all..or even anywhere close!

Our Vocabulary = Our Intellectual Reasoning Ability.  Imagine all the words you know and can use to speak with, in a bag.  Then imagine the size the bag would need to be, taking up space within your head. This, is then what you have available for considering something.

If the bag is little, as it was with my mother Рand I use that term in purely a descriptive sense Р you have room to consider only the basics, or what is in front of you directly.  This smaller size vocabulary is where you will find most root chakra, survival core behaviors of violence, such as gangs, mercenaries, hardcore violence.  Basic survival vocabulary.

The larger the vocabulary, the more complicated the reasons for violence need to be, for those humans to bond with it as an idea.  They need to be able to make elaborate excuses for such a basic survival core base chakra primitive activity, before it makes any sense to partake in at all.   The larger the vocabulary, more complicated ideas, reasons or excuses need to be given to engage people in it, such as is promoted when countries are at war or religions are at war.

Survival of something, is usually required for a reason, and also rewards of payment in some way, albeit a wage, allowance, guaranteed security or ‘career, guaranteed career or allowance for your spouse, guaranteed education for your children, ¬†respect, and or honour. ¬†

But really, there is nothing our language ability cannot solve. And, if respect is naturally returned to all humans – or naturally reclaimed as we do need to give it away – then what appeal do any of the above have for us?

Warring is just habitual. ¬†Warring is just familiarity, and has been going on for so long without reprieve that it is relied on as a mainstay for the economy. ¬†These are the reasons it is still occurring. ¬†It is a regular habit, and no one has looked at alternatives to this. ¬† The English language has relied upon violence – and invasion – in order to spread. ¬†The wives of soldiers were commonly teachers to be able to ‘educate’ new British colony people’s, as was the case in my own British family. ¬†My very brutal mother, was a soldier and a teacher.

The state of the world and countries as we know it, has formed out of a reliance upon violence, violent invasion. and continual warring. ¬†Countries actually engaged in combat are just the tip of the iceberg , or think of the combat as where the waves hit the shore, and the rest of the world is the ocean behind the wave. ¬† Many countries also are involved by benefiting in some way perhaps monetarily from supply and involvement. ¬†We tend to only hear reports about, or see on T.V the ‘front’, hands on part of it. ¬†These people can feel very isolated from the world, as though no one knows or cares.

Many situations we have going on in the world, are from decisions made in haste for assistance with a war. ¬†Entire people’s have been uprooted and placed in the lands of others, as an exchange for another countries assistance in a war. ¬†Then these people are at war against each other, even to this day! ¬†But, it was not even their doing to be moved around like pieces on someone’s game board! ¬†They were both equally disrespected historically and I do not consider their issue is with each other at all. ¬†Yes I am speaking of Palestine and Israel for this example.¬†

It just comes down to the simple reason that it is habit, and put in place by ignorance.  Our ancestors did not know enough about ourselves.  Warring and violence established as a way of life by our ignorant ancestors is still at play.  Ill-health, misery and poverty were the reasons fear-filled, minimal vocabulary human beings, travelled the world in search of more for themselves.  They had no other ideas, of how to better their situation.  They were very undeveloped inwardly, as they used all their available creativity on developing inventions.  Those of us in hotter countries than England, had greater opportunity for inner or self-development, as conditions were more suitable in a climate sense.

Being cold, and needing to constantly be doing something to keep warm, sparked these of us on, to think of more ways to make things better…more ways to improve a hard gruellling situation. ¬† They were desperate, desperately unhappy, and with mentally ill royalty ruling over them!;) ¬†

My Aunt has a saying hanging in her kitchen, that I always covered with a kitchen towel when I was there. ¬†It read “If you want a helping hand, look at the end of your own arm.” ¬†This is still the very real belief underlying much in Britain. ¬†It is the most un-community minded, unhelpful ‘culture’ of people I have experienced. ¬†They did not ever have, in their entire history, an era of no violence. ¬† Countries invaded by Britain, often only needed to become violent in reaction to their experiences of Britain. To ‘out- do the British’ I call it.;) ¬† They have within their history, memories and behavioral practices and even entire philosophies, that are peaceful and healthy. ¬† Britain does not have this.

My Grandma had a large collection of dolls in National costume from all around the world. ¬†It was contained in special cabinets, in pride of place in her living room, and it further sparked my interest in how the history of the world and human development had taken shape. ¬†Britain’s National costume was only military uniforms, but the others showed wonderful designs of color and imagination, and definitely, many various roles and pride-filled activities, aside from warring behaviors.

Instead of relying upon them, relying upon English speakers, we need to be helping THEM. ¬†Instead of acquiescing to a false ‘better way’, we need to be guiding THEM. ¬†Instead of enabling more ignorance to be in place, we need to be knowing of ourselves. ¬†Instead of pandering to them, we need to be giving them direction.

It is just way easier to continue as is now with this warring, though it is not sensible, effective, respectful, knowledgeable or kind.  It takes courage to break away from what is familiar for us.  But this is what we need to do. It is ridiculous that we as a human species are carrying out activities more suitable to chimpanzees and allowing ourselves to decline in ability.

Everyone needs to consider this, as we all affect one another, our energy all overlaps, our activities all have consequence.  This just was not known of, or understood when the habit of warring was put in place.  It is a bad human habit, that needs to be prevented..like nail biting or like picking your nose.  It is beneath us, and it is holding us back from what we actually, really came here on earth to do!

Blessings ūüôā

When Pain Is All We Know.

Use add to pain!!used919059_10151343972956746_757466063_o (1)I know pain.  I have scars on my body that were put there by the hand of those in my own family trying to kill me, dating back to when I was only one year old.  

Many many more attempts and scars and frustrated punches later, I had pain inflicted upon me daily unless I was lucky enough to escape it, by consciously avoiding it at every turn.

¬†I became an expert on it from the life I then created for myself. ¬†I can relate to the soft tissue pain from skin trauma to muscular pain, bone pain, nerve pain, all the ones in between, and the differences in ratios therein, with regard to pain threshold and intensity. ¬†I became an expert on emotional pain, psychological pain and grief until I overloaded and numbed out, in a zombie- like depression. ¬†I became an expert on how to ‘bear it’ ¬†or go through it, how to attract it, heal from it, then finally how to stop attracting it and be done with it!

Pain was an everyday experience for me and I learned a lot from the effort that was required on my part to change this in my life.  It took years.  It took years and years to realize that I was attracting it into my life, and how to stop it.  I came very close to not making it as I was in imminent real danger countless time.   My last near death experience was what it took.

Pain can be so familiar, trauma can be familiar, suffering, anxiety and stress can be familiar.  

But, when something is familiar, the bigger problem is… it becomes what we create, what we expect, what we imagine, what we anticipate and prepare for. ¬†It is our entire container of perception. ¬†And, by doing so, we create it!!! ¬†

When all we know is pain, it can be really hard and extremely challenging to let it go.  It can be totally new to learn we do not need to feel it.  It can be a totally foreign concept to even consider that there can be a time when there is not regular daily pain.

It can seem impossible, that we are meant to feel pain, ¬†we are meant to just take anything. ¬†This was my experience. ¬†I felt destined to feel it, that I was meant to, because I could cope, that it was ‘my lot’ in life to be in constant pain, that I and my feelings didn’t matter. ¬†In fact my mother had ordered me “Consider yourself last, if¬†at all.”

It can be extremely difficult to grow accustomed to knowing life doesn’t have to be that way. ¬†We can be so familiar with pain that to not have any can be unheard of and unimaginable. ¬†We feel it, so we subconsciously replace it with more. ¬†The more pain we are used to, the more pain we can take, the more pain we feel we are meant to take.

My mother even commanded me I had to “grin and bear it” that I “should be able to stick a fork into my leg under the table and not show it on my face.”

The thing is…the important truth is…is that it is us who creates this pain for ourselves. ¬†We are so familiar with it, we subconsciously require it, to return to our ‘norm’ to our ‘familiarity’. ¬†How can we be delivered something that is not pain causing, if we do not allow for it? ¬†WE must put effort into going against the flow of ourselves, within ourselves!

It requires strength and enough intellect to alter your own behavior, to consciously decide that is what you are going to do, and to act on it repeatedly.  Until no pain is the new familiar, then and only then does it takes less energy, when your being has achieved a new equilibrium.  At its most simplistic, it is all about energy management, and moving to a place of a raised energetic vibration, with new behavioral pathways created and reinforced inside your brain. 

There are techniques to free ourselves of residual pain-attracting energy held, and all ‘grief, hurt and distress’ held. ¬† Some of it can be done without passing through our sensory systems again, but we need to be prepared feel it through, and there is nothing so bad or awful inside ourselves that we cannot take, for it is ourselves. ¬†

Once we decide, and prepare for it in a quiet time and space taken ¬†for ourselves¬†to do this ‘transformational work’ , we can ‘watch’ it pass through us objectively. ¬†It is nothing to fear, as it is just us, waiting to be loved and protected by us. ¬†This is actually our job! ¬† To feel it, and to revisit it, in a careful way, so that it may leave you FOREVER, does that not sound attractive?;) ¬†Techniques I favor most are the subject of another writing, too involved for this overview article.

Do it for yourself, free yourself from all that unnecessary pain baggage! ¬†Do it for me. ¬†Do it for all of us. ¬†Do it for our Earth. ¬†ūüôā¬†

On a personal level:   Know that there is a bond between all of us who have experienced tremendous pain and suffering.  There is nothing to be ashamed of, after our pain causing experiences, we have this potential holding of  debris energy that can be traded in for growth, further strength and greater wisdom.  Any space that we create as it leaves us, is naturally replaced with white light vibration Рthe highest frequency vibration Рenabling us to feel lighter with a greater capacity for joy.

On a global level :   From a place of pain-free inner peace and happiness, is where we create at our best, without preconceived judgement and past pain filled projections interfering with our ability to perceive clearly in the here and now.

Remember ‘We reap what we sow’? ¬†Do we then not ‘Sow what we reap’? ¬†Far more difficult indeed to suddenly change crops WITHOUT careful conscious decision-making and preparation. ¬†The same with our pain. ¬†

We are inside a nervous system for a purpose, and pain – which I define as an ‘unpleasant sensation’ – is information we are giving ourselves. ¬† It is a message from our body and from our higher, more aware selves, to us the conscious one, that something is not quite right. ¬† It is meant to cause us to take action, to do something¬†to alter another thing, so we do not need to go through ‘it’ again. ¬† ¬†

This, is when attracting more of the same becomes obviously an ignorant and ridiculous result!  : )

Blessings, Amelia

The Power of Words.

wordbrilloiant discussion qWORD ONE!!!!!!  USE SOON

We bring what we say into our lives.

Whether we ‘spend’ our words on the subjects of war, death or control, or on subjects such as love, peace, togetherness, joy and good health.

What we give our breath to, our essence, our energy, our intent and then formulate into a series of words with meaning, ACTIVATES it.  This vibration creates more of the same vibration.

It is all energy, it is all continually vibrating resonance. ¬†It is all teeny weeny particles outside of our human field of vision. ¬†Not yet common knowledge, only due to one of the ignorant rulings of Victorian era Britain “nothing exists unless there is a tool by which it can be measured.” still underlying the framework of all our societal structure.

Either energy raises to a higher more loving vibration: a + vibration, lighter and higher and faster moving, or, it lowers to a more fear, hate, loathing, distress vibration:  a Рvibration, low and dense.

A ‘spell’ that we are more familiar with from tales of witches, is nothing more than a carefully chosen series of words spoken with intent. ¬†Our own words have this affect. ¬†We ourselves activate our ability, ¬†by consistency to speaking our truth. ¬†This is called having integrity with our word. ¬†

As humans we have speech as our special ability.  For too many years from ignorance only, many of us have lost the connection of what this actually means for us.  I am passionately committed to reminding us, I have lived my life to do this and I fully believe we as a species need to learn HOW TO SPEAK all over again!   

It is our speech ability Рor lack thereof Рthat is behind much of the inadequate, or superficial relating, between ourselves.  If we can talk about something, to reach an understanding with honest tone and well chosen words THERE IS NOTHING WE CANNOT SOLVE.  This applies equally to an issue in a nuclear family as it does to one of global consequence between countries of different languages/faiths/cultures. 

Choose your words as though your life depended upon it.  This is the truth in a nutshell!  

Always remember that silence is better than a word not chosen carefully and spoken in truth, and claim for yourself the confidence to do this. ¬†Raised as I was in total lies, with a mother ¬†who advised me that ‘it did not matter what was really happening, but only what you had others believe’, made it easy for me to see how that choice had stunted her development and ability. ¬†I chose a path of total truth and distanced myself from her as much as I could.

Speak as though your words were creating your reality, creating what is going to happen in your life next, and of the quality of that.  

I promise, these efforts only give way to a whole series of more beneficial rewards that await you as you develop self mastery!;)

¬†ūüôā ¬†Blessings.¬†

Leftover’s Anyone?;)

I mean really, even for a meal, is this anyone’s first choice?

Let’s get rid of the leftovers and serve up something new. ¬†Fresh and new! ¬† Something attractive and appealing to all our senses. ¬†¬†Let’s replace the leftovers and serve up a platter of gourmet all-culture specialty instead!¬†

You see this is not about a meal at all.  We are living in leftovers, lying in the leftovers, wading through, driving through, and enabling the leftovers.  We carry them around with us...everywhere.   

We are swimming in it, eating it, being intimate with it, and even learning it as new information!   Leftovers from ignorant structures created  and implemented by our ancestors.

Let’s replace them and serve up a platter of something fresh, something suitable for all our occasions, all our tastes, wants, needs and desires. ¬†Something suitable for now, and healthy too! ūüôā¬†

Out with the leftovers, and in with the new and improved!

WE made it up, lets make up something else instead.  We made it ALL up, for goodness sake!!!

To Be Human is to create, and solution-seeking creativity is our specialty! ¬†¬†That is when our brilliance comes out, when we are firing on all cylinders, unhindered by any rules and restrictions. ¬†It is when our intellect, our energy, our spirit, and our soul is all working to the maximum, and when all our biological components are activated. ¬†Nothing holds us back…no rules put in place, no dogma. ¬† We are suddenly free – arguably our freest ever feeling – when we are able to do what it is that we are born to do…to create. ¬†

We are at our most efficient at these times, in our ‘default’ setting.¬†¬†This is when we come up with all manner of schemes, all crime as we know it, is human solution-seeking creativity being put into place. ¬† Goodness knows this may still occur here and there as the situation we have is just not adequate for so many. ¬† Better surely, we harness everyone’s interest and energy to create something better, better, best!

Everything we have done as a species, and everything we are continuing to experience, has been the result of this solution-seeking creativity…an individual’s, a community’s, a government’s, a country’s or a coalition of countries.

 However, we have not yet put in place solution-seeking creativity for all of us and our planet.   We have not yet formed a coalition of human wisdoms!

That is what we need to do. ¬† Blessings ūüôā

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