My Mother I knew as “Monster” And This Is My Mother’s Day Special.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!   All celebrations are a very good thing, and essential for our health and joy bringing,  whatever our reason, culture and faith, be they different, contradictory, or the same. 🙂

How we all feel is important to me, so I feel to share for those of us who may not be feeling as ‘good’ as they think everyone else is…or how they should feel, ‘if only things were different’…it is all as it is meant to be however. 😉

One thing I know about is how it makes you feel on Mother’s day growing up, when your own mother is a monster.  For those of you unfamiliar with my story, my mother had sadistic paraphilia and was evil in the true sense of the word ‘seeking personal benefit from harm.’  She felt pleasure from causing distress, discomfort and pain, and went to enormous lengths her entire life to manipulate the thoughts and beliefs of those who knew her, as people not knowing of what she really did was necessary for her pleasure, and symptomatic of her illness.

A ‘Mother’ was not something I thought that she was, as the word is also an adjective denoting care taken, ‘to mother’ something, is to nurture, so the word ‘monster’ for her, was a natural alternative for me as a child, for that was how I saw her and how she made me feel.

I certainly know what it feels like on Mother’s day – and all the days leading up to it – with all the reminders, cards, gifts, advertisements, special projects in school class…when you have a really horrible mother.  And some of us do. 🙂

Our parents serve the purpose of playing their part of enabling us here on Earth, to do what we are meant to do.  Not all of us will find it easy to relate to them.  Some of them will have no idea of the larger picture, and the need for more developed souls to be present on Earth at this time of the dawning of great change.  Certainly there are those of us who are parents now, who are more conscious than our own parents, and these children we are helping to be the containers of greater light.

For many of us though – particular young near-adults – I feel there are probably many more challenges at relating to our parents, now, than ever.

What I know now, is for those of us who are challenged with how we do manifest on this earth realm, ours is do find out later what specific gifts we have to share.  I promise you we will have joys that others who are not so challenged initially, will not.

In the meantime, wise up to the vibration that is our truth, and the raw component of what really matters. 😉

Keeping a higher vibration..and maintaining a higher vibration is what matters.  Celebrate mother’s day as a day to celebrate, but do not let it get you down.  Or celebrate it as a day we think of mothering, of nurturing, of The Goddess mother, or of Mother Earth.  Know your mother was terrible and not a good example of what you are celebrating, but that is just the way it was for us. 🙂 Remind yourself that it is your role and path, to do something different.

Or get creative! 🙂  As Humans we ARE our creativity and maybe you can choose another mother figure from the mother’s of friends, or some other idea you come up with. 😉  I took Mother Earth as my mother and it strengthened my bond with all nature, then a family I lived with in my late teens, then I created a family through children I sponsored.  We just need to feel an energetic support, if there is a void we feel that are own ‘mother’ does not adequately fill for us.

I love that there is a day for Mothers.  I love all special days where we can evoke gratitude in ourselves and each other.  A state of Gratitude is a higher state for us, and where I like to reside as my norm, as do many others who know ‘the way’. 😉

I love Mother’s day as a day for us to feel a special bond with our babies, our families,our friends who have babies, and our species as we grow, develop,and evolve into our wisest healthiest and happiest Selves. 😀


About ameliapinter

Lover of life, love, joy and music and all that brings clarity to a planet in need. I was born into a living hell, where I was not allowed to speak -even to learn how- and I needed to employ military survival tactics as a toddler just to get around the house unharmed.;) I was forced to figure out life, or I was not going to survive, and I did so with completely unbiased eyes, as I could trust nothing that I was told by family who intended me harm. Figuring out what had caused my mother to not possess any natural maternal instinct, enabled me much insight. I wanted to be the best Human Being I could Be, and I wanted to know how. I ran away at 5 years old, but had no where to go, so I returned in secret, and stuck it out. I lived within her ignorant ways, while secretly studying what life was really all about...I saw my life was only a microcosm of what was happening large scale across the globe, inspiring me to share what I know. : ) Author, Philosopher, Transformative educator, Self Mastery educator, Empath, Healer, Singer & Musician. I am particularly interested in all languages, history, bringing an understanding t,o and mastery of, our feelings and thoughts; helping people attain inner peace to maximize their life experience; healthy sexual expression, development of consciousness, and in so doing, bringing a balance of our true selves operating in harmony on earth. I can provide the answers, my life has given me this. Many Blessings : )

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