There is no ‘No Consequence’

Much that we still do, dates back to when planet Earth was presumed flat.

Things could be dumped in bodies of water where ever, seas, rivers, because it would be gone, ‘cleared up’, ‘suddenly tidy’.;)  Or so it was thought in totally ignorance.   Ignorance is not an insult , it is defined as ‘without knowledge or information.’

But, we know now, we are on a globe, a ball, a sphere.  We know a circle has no end at all, but is a continuum.

And we know, that what we put as ‘junk’ from one country will end up in another.

Pooh sticks.   This was a game made up by Winnie The Pooh, from A.A Milne’s The House At Pooh Corner, first published in Britain, in 1928.

When characters Winnie the Pooh and Piglet played on a bridge, Pooh dropped sticks onto one side of the bridge, and then ‘lo and behold’ they appeared the other side!  Piglet and Pooh loved this game!

Now if a little bear and a piglet can figure out the movement of water, surely humans can?;)

Copernicus published his theories and calculations in 1543, of how the Earth moved around the Sun and not the other way around, proving it’s shape.

But we, are still treating the Earth as though it is flat.  Even though the evidence of us knowing of the movement of water is in children’s books in the previous century!

Common sayings:  “What goes around comes around”, “He’ll get his” etc  are evidence that we know there is always a consequence or a reaction to an action.

I saw a quote “We all reflect the same sun” and how true is.   I found it a quote that had me feeling very bonded with the rest of humanity…as we are.   Sure your part of Earth may be in ‘night’ as our planet turns, but the sun is the same.  We are all part of the energy of the Earth, and what is required is that we know this, to alter our perspective and designs!

Altering our designs to incorporate new, current and ignored wisdom is not difficult.   

We made it up!   We can make up something else!!!!   To Be Human is to create, afterall…

And while the wiser of us know, we are even all interconnected energetically, basic systems of operation, are many centuries out of date, regardless of scientific discoveries following undisputed scientific method.  : )Amazing isn’t it? All of us. I am reflecting the same sun as you where ever you are. Hello!;)

About ameliapinter

Lover of life, love, joy and music and all that brings clarity to a planet in need. I was born into a living hell, where I was not allowed to speak -even to learn how- and I needed to employ military survival tactics as a toddler just to get around the house unharmed.;) I was forced to figure out life, or I was not going to survive, and I did so with completely unbiased eyes, as I could trust nothing that I was told by family who intended me harm. Figuring out what had caused my mother to not possess any natural maternal instinct, enabled me much insight. I wanted to be the best Human Being I could Be, and I wanted to know how. I ran away at 5 years old, but had no where to go, so I returned in secret, and stuck it out. I lived within her ignorant ways, while secretly studying what life was really all about...I saw my life was only a microcosm of what was happening large scale across the globe, inspiring me to share what I know. : ) Author, Philosopher, Transformative educator, Self Mastery educator, Empath, Healer, Singer & Musician. I am particularly interested in all languages, history, bringing an understanding t,o and mastery of, our feelings and thoughts; helping people attain inner peace to maximize their life experience; healthy sexual expression, development of consciousness, and in so doing, bringing a balance of our true selves operating in harmony on earth. I can provide the answers, my life has given me this. Many Blessings : )

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