The Real Reason ‘Marriage’ Was Invented.

  • Marriage defined,
  • how & why marriage was invented,
  • the argument against ‘gay’ marriage discussed in light of this,
  • the greater benefits of viewing all marriage energetically. 

For the last few days I have come across Gay Marriage discussions, the arguments for and against and I feel to share the reasons behind why the institution Marriage was brought into our societal structure to begin with, in Western – predominantly British European influenced – Society.  

As there was no understanding by those in positions of influence or rule in British society as it developed, of what  Being Human actually was, bodily acts such as sex had become viewed as distasteful by those in the middle and upper classes.

As more and more emphasis was on the mind, the development of society and the economy,  any distractions of bodily needs were controlled by language use and by etiquette (socially appropriate behaviors).

Clothing had developed to disguise even the body’s shape beneath, and feet and hands were kept covered, as much to hide the animalistic fingers and toes, as to protect against the cold.

There was much discussion and grave concern amongst those in power of what to do about the decline in reproduction – of the very people they wanted to have children.  Sex was still just as popular among the lower class.

The concept Marriage was invented to encourage procreation, as the ‘solution- seeking’ creativity.  To bring together the bodily act, with the sanctity of a church, so that people who knew nothing of themselves as sexual beings, would feel it was an honourable, godly, and patriotic thing to do.

“For God and Country to lay down and think of England”. To “‘do the dirty deed” It was your service and duty to your country, and it became an acceptable thing to do, was incorporated successfully into society, and Married people soon were given different considerations, standards of dress, etiquette and so on.

The bodily act had become considered so distasteful and misunderstood, that it was considered necessary to repopularise its necessity.  ‘Within The Sanctity of Marriage’ was the chosen creation for this.

A man – the father – gave his daughter to another man – she wore white,  as lacy as wanted, for purity, and a ceremony held in a church.  It was performed by a representative of God, as high as you own station in life ‘deserved’ be it a minister or a bishop.  How could anyone feel ‘dirty’ after that?   Everyone knew they would be having sex, it was out in the open, deemed acceptable and no need for gossip.   Sexual activity had successfully become part of an honourable betrothal.

So marriage was invented because the act of sex, of joining, of  divine Union had become so unpopular and misunderstood, and knowledge of anyone engaging in it, was used to degrade them and could lead to loss of station/ respect.   And yes, it was invented to encourage sexual relations between and Man and a Woman.

Gay/Homosexual people really just want it to acknowledged by their society, that they contribute to, and who is meant to represent them, respectful acknowledgement that they are now joined together, and are energetically in Union.   That they are now a couple.

Marriage for a Man and a Woman, would also be better served and more accurate, if it also was considered a Union of energy.  These two are now sustaining one another energetically, contributing to the lives of each other energetically, forsaking all others..

As marriage was invented to encourage sexual activity for child-bearing, it does need to be redefined if we are to expect Gay marriage to be accepted everywhere.  Many people who completely accept that some of us are gay/homosexual do not want to, or feel it appropriate, to need to be called into question to debate another’s right to engage in whatever sexual activity.  This is exactly what is required, however, due to the historical relevance of the origins of Marriage.

Energetic realization of Marriage would also make it easier to transition to a healthier attitude with regard to sexual activity, as discussion opened and receptivity increased.  Marriages would be more successful – be more easily successful, if understood in terms of energy.

For me Marriage is a commitment between two that they are now wanting to share their energy, for the better of each other.  Sustaining one another.  If one is weaker, both are weakened, and to strengthen your other, strengthens you.

Energetic realization, is the solution.  Energetic realization is the healing way to look at Marriage, regardless of who enters into it, Man & Man, Man & Woman, Woman & Woman.   Homosexuality has biologically causes, and while there are some people who are just living a homosexual life because it is easier for them, with the knowledge that they have, I predict we will have an increase in the numbers of us who are homosexual.

The growing baby gets all the necessary hormones to become a man, from within the mother,  and while we are in a health crisis, sometimes all the available nutrients for a baby, will not be available at their optimum levels for all.

What unites all Human Beings is our need and want to love, and to be loved.  Marriage is the way for society to regard two Human Beings, who are joined together energetically for the benefit of each other….and the society! : )

An energetic realization of being human,  can only bring solutions to every aspect of life shared. : )

About ameliapinter

Lover of life, love, joy and music and all that brings clarity to a planet in need. I was born into a living hell, where I was not allowed to speak -even to learn how- and I needed to employ military survival tactics as a toddler just to get around the house unharmed.;) I was forced to figure out life, or I was not going to survive, and I did so with completely unbiased eyes, as I could trust nothing that I was told by family who intended me harm. Figuring out what had caused my mother to not possess any natural maternal instinct, enabled me much insight. I wanted to be the best Human Being I could Be, and I wanted to know how. I ran away at 5 years old, but had no where to go, so I returned in secret, and stuck it out. I lived within her ignorant ways, while secretly studying what life was really all about...I saw my life was only a microcosm of what was happening large scale across the globe, inspiring me to share what I know. : ) Author, Philosopher, Transformative educator, Self Mastery educator, Empath, Healer, Singer & Musician. I am particularly interested in all languages, history, bringing an understanding t,o and mastery of, our feelings and thoughts; helping people attain inner peace to maximize their life experience; healthy sexual expression, development of consciousness, and in so doing, bringing a balance of our true selves operating in harmony on earth. I can provide the answers, my life has given me this. Many Blessings : )

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