The Tao Of Knickers.

 Mainly for women, to assist with candida/thrush issues, I explain historically what has come about with this invention, and the situation today. We can enjoy knickers, but not at the expense of our bodily health, and unfortuately this is occurring to an enormous number of women.

Knickers are an invention by what I call ‘cold country creativity’. 

Where we are on the globe pretty much determined where our creativity led us, and what the status quo is today in terms of who invented what, when. 

Some inventions are fabulous, others good, some not so good and really needing correction, and others completely unhealthy for us. 

Over time we have been known to eliminate some, and others get passed on from one societal representative/organisational body to another to deal with.  Some are perhaps considered in the ‘too hard basket’ and remain undealt with to this day.

Knickers or undergarments to enclose the genitalia of those in female form, were the invention of cold country creativity by humans who had poor health and hygiene by today’s standards. 

The main reasons for this invention originally, and continuing, are:

1. hygiene: 

In British history, infrequent washing, due to a lack of basic health care knowledge, had people really exist in a grubby state.  Undergarments were to keep outer garments clean and to need even less washing.  Heating of water was a costly and challenging thing to achieve, and clean water itself a challenge to come by.

A joke in England I recall from the 80’s, was the making sure you had clean underpants on “in case you were hit by a car” ! No other reason, but to avoid embarrassment if you needed to go to hospital etc!  Washing only once per week,  was a very common habit, that continues even now amongst some.

2. enclosing or covering:

Men can benefit from a support garment for their largely external genital organ, and it was felt wanted for women also to be covered.

A removal of our real sexual selves, was considered needed in a constructed society that favoured hard work over relating ability.  It was not considered appropriate at all, for women to be naked under their outer garments, and as many restrictions and coverings that could be had, were had.  Corsets, petticoats, etc all were part of this at some stage.

I consider the continuing Western societal need for a woman to be wearing knickers – when there is no health reason for her to do so – to be related to the reasoning given for women in other cultures and language groups, who are covered over their outer clothes also, and, some of whom are closed further physically by way of stitches to their genitalia.  

Certainly there are other historic reasons for these, and I cover them in another writing, but important to know the relation here, as it is simply a man/woman misunderstood, human thing also.

3. Sex accessory:

Knickers are sexy to men, and many designers of knickers are men.  As women, we can feel sexy in them.  We become a package to be opened, we tease and we keep suspense as to what lies beneath.  Far far sexier to have a thong or countless layers to remove, than just to appear fully naked.

Unfortunately for many women, a consequence of no air being able to circulate the yoni/vagina, is a change in temperature leading to an altered environment that is no longer suitable for the health needs of essential micro-organisms. 

This condition is called THRUSH, an uncomfortable condition that is: itchy, stinging, swelling, painful, discharging, discoloring, tacky, sticky, all or some or any of these.

Woman is an open thing.  If we all wore a cloth tightly over our mouths, we would develop adverse conditions there also.  We would develop adverse conditions affecting the health of favourable mouth micro-organisms – even if the cloth was cotton, bamboo or another natural fibre – if circulating air is what these micro-organisms require!

My experience of the development of thrush, is huge.  I had many instances of this condition before I figured it out. 

If I alter my body temperature by a couple of degrees only, I will need to do some anti thrush/candida measures pretty quick smart.  This can be achieved with slightly cooler than body temperature /luke warm water to bring the temperature down, perhaps a couple of drops of tea tree oil added into the water if an imbalance is suspected already.  A very weak solution bicarbonate soda works well to bring an immediate balance back 1:50 should be enough, creating a solution first of a level teaspoon dissolved in warm water.

Another brilliant natural solution you may have in the house already, to bring a quick return in your favour, is a douche prepared from the ‘Inner Health” dairy free powder.  A teaspoon in a bowl of body temp water is enough, then use a syringe or douche device to completely flush the vaginal channel.    Repeat as needed.

‘Inner Health’  is a common product available in capsules or powder to return an upset stomach to health.  Certainly the environments are not identical, but the organisms are favourable for a return to a healthy state vaginally, if not so severe as to need Canesten.  These brands are great for when antibiotics interfere with our natural inner bacterial states, and our vaginal environment is often equally affected by antibiotics, if not more so, than our intestines.

Also sea mineral salts can help – Amena’s Health Centre brand – use a 2.5 – 5mls  for a small bowl of body temp water.  – for when it is not so severe that the pharmaceutical ‘Canesten’ suppositories or syringes are a necessity.   This is an excellent douche if altered cells to the cervix are found in a pap smear.  Before he passed away from old age last year, Gerry Amena shared with me a few cases where douching with the sea salts had assisted  – as part of an entire healthy life change regime – the return to healthy cervix cells.

In the Vulcana Women’s Circus, where I proudly can do a very teeny bit of what the other women can – I am always amazed at the beautiful, but severely constrictive and therefore body temperature raising  leotards and tights many of the women wear.  I practically get thrush just from looking at these clothes!;)

On a pamphlet I read about ‘thrush’ it said 90% of Australian women aged 18-24 find asking for thrush treatment embarrassing.   The pamphlet was to help these women to seek treatment without awkward embarrassment.  I read once somewhere that 3 out of every 5 Australian women may have thrush.

Whatever the real statistics, in a hot country like Australia, thrush is very common.  If there is no reason to be wearing knickers, feel comfortable to not wear them.  No one needs to know.

Women naturally occurring in hot countries wore loose garments, sarongs, grass/vine skirts, all allowing air to circulate.

Only when British (or French, or Dutch, but really another European ‘cold’ country competing with Britain for that country at the time) clothed folk, influenced by their own perceived and misunderstood superiority, visited and overwhelmed native inhabitants, did we have conditions arise when ‘cold country creativity’ clothes were largely forced on native Peoples in hot countries.   All manner of introduced illnesses and adverse effects occurred from a variety of different reasons.

There are Anion pads these days.  What these are, are sanitary pads that also release oxygen atoms.  So Yes, absolutely, the healthiest way to wear knickers, is to wear them with a liner of oxygen releasing material.  This completely counteracts the effects of wearing the knickers, as well as having enormous additional benefits.  As though you are not wearing knickers IS the healthiest way to wear knickers!

I do not wear knickers without an anion pad liner insert, as I will get thrush, unless I wear them for a very short time.

Fortunately I have my own supply of these Anion wonders as they are not available in shops.  There are an increasing number of folk becoming sales representatives as the healing benefits become more widely known.  They are the most superb sanitary invention available and they are developing more products all with women’s health in mind.  

If you need to wear jeans or other pants, putting a panty liner of kinds, in the crotch of these garments, can be a healthier alternative to wearing full knicker briefs.  

If you wear a skirt do you need to put on knickers at all…if no one will know?  It is actually largely because you are wearing something so close to your skin and natural lubrication, that your genital ‘mucous’ gets onto the gussets of your knickers, making you think you need them.  With circulating air, you remain clean.

Certainly there are times I want to be wearing knickers for protecting my clothes, for making me feel more protected from the outside world, to give a better line to my outfit, but not every day, and especially not without an oxygen releasing liner!

As women the health of our yoni/vagina is a huge determining factor in how we view of ourselves.  There is much to know about the wonder of us down there. 

Our yonis/vaginas are different and in other cultures – particularly Native American Indian wisdom’s – an enormous amount of research and learning is available for us, about how we differ according to the types of yonis there are.  Unlike the ignorance that resulted in them being covered up, they were given lovely names and insight resulted, in what it means to us, to have a certain type/shape/labia length/distance between parts etc.

But that is hot country creativity and wisdom, and more on that another time.  ‘Cold country creativity’ you are probably wearing, and possibly you live in a hot climate/country, so….get yer knickers off!!!    At least sometimes… : )


About ameliapinter

Lover of life, love, joy and music and all that brings clarity to a planet in need. I was born into a living hell, where I was not allowed to speak -even to learn how- and I needed to employ military survival tactics as a toddler just to get around the house unharmed.;) I was forced to figure out life, or I was not going to survive, and I did so with completely unbiased eyes, as I could trust nothing that I was told by family who intended me harm. Figuring out what had caused my mother to not possess any natural maternal instinct, enabled me much insight. I wanted to be the best Human Being I could Be, and I wanted to know how. I ran away at 5 years old, but had no where to go, so I returned in secret, and stuck it out. I lived within her ignorant ways, while secretly studying what life was really all about...I saw my life was only a microcosm of what was happening large scale across the globe, inspiring me to share what I know. : ) Author, Philosopher, Transformative educator, Self Mastery educator, Empath, Healer, Singer & Musician. I am particularly interested in all languages, history, bringing an understanding t,o and mastery of, our feelings and thoughts; helping people attain inner peace to maximize their life experience; healthy sexual expression, development of consciousness, and in so doing, bringing a balance of our true selves operating in harmony on earth. I can provide the answers, my life has given me this. Many Blessings : )

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